Thursday, 20 November 2008


I plan to send Xmas cards to the British Humanist Association.

They will bin them because its religious and Christian etc etc.

I will laugh then because they probably dont realise that it is a Pagan festival .It was hijacked by Christianity.

Or do they denounce Paganism as well ?

One would think so.

They would have to denounce Pantheism as well which they probably do so sending them Xmas cards will annoy them anyway .I dont care as the end result is the same.

What i want to know is do they celebrate Xmas at all ?

If the answer to that question is Yes then they have no business doing so unless they just want to enjoy themselves anyway and go with the flow rather like having ones cake and eating it .

I will laugh then as well.

How many atheists denounce Xmas and dont participate in it ?

"Dont worry ,there probably isnt a GOD so relax and enjoy yourselves and be a Hypocrite and enjoy a Christian/Pagan religious festival !".

"Why believe in God ?" Personal choice might be one reason.

I have got them by the Bollocks this time unless they stop attacking Christians/Xmas while still participating in it.

Santa Claus is rooted in paganism.

Only Christians/Pagans/Pantheists can legitimately celebrate Xmas.

LMMFAO @ Humanists !

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