Saturday, 15 November 2008

GW Bush is a scapegoat :

GW Bush is a scapegoat to a certain extent especially from the Libs who say this and that about Bush constantly yet you cant do the same about Obama.

Anyway whatever ,my point is why attack Bush specifically when there are all the other Neocons who in my view are far far worse than Bush.

Bush didnt plan anything and personally apart from being in a position to authorise attacking/invading Iraq by default as POTUS.The real architect behind all of it was G Bush senior and the other core half dozen PNAC Neocons.The idiot Libtards all seem to forget about them but they cant help it seems .Their stupidity imean.

I cannot think of a single instance of a Lib attacking or vilifying Donald Rumsfeld or Richard Perle or Paul Wolfowitz or Dick Cheney or any of the others.

Uneducated idiots.

An example : Donald Rumsfeld is personally responsible for Aspartame being in the food chain as an alternative to sugar.

Look it up yourself.

And if you eat or drink anything that contains Aspartame then stop before you ruin your own health.Avoid chewing gum.

"* Aspartame is being identified by a growing number of researchers and physicians as an underlying cause of chronic ill health in America and other countries throughout the world.

* It interacts with other substances such as pharmaceutical drugs to produce adverse reactions.

* All metabolites of aspartame (formaldehyde, methanol, diketopiperazine and formic acid) are toxic to the human body and are especially toxic to the brain.

* Aspartame comprises over 80 percent of consumer complaints filed with the FDA.

* The FDA has generated a list of 92 symptoms associated with aspartame consumption that include nausea, dizziness, irritability, insanity, blindness, deafness, weight gain and death.

* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that 500,000 people each year simply "drop dead" for no apparent reason from what it labels "sudden cardiac death."

* Dementia among all ages (especially the elderly) and learning disabilities among children, in the U.S. and abroad, have been skyrocketing since 1981."

As of today, the number of scientific and studies showing that aspartame is, indeed, an underlying cause of chronic physical and mental illness and death out number studies proving its safety by at least 400 to zero. Proof of this fact can also be determined by what happens in many cases when people stop using aspartame: Their chronic symptoms disappear."

Personally i never touch eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners in it as apart from the health risk it tastes disgusting.

Avoid saccharin too which is a byproduct of oil refining IIRC.

This is similar to fluoridation of drinking water which has NO benefits to health whatsoever.

The water supply should not be used for the mass dumping of industrial waste.

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