Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Detroit bombing :

Article :

Does anyone take this SHIT seriously ??

"Govt admits that it knew about its staged event weeks before it happened "

"Govt intelligence agencies attempt to cover up sloppy false-flag event by claiming that it recieved intelligence prior to the event"

"Govt stages sloppy false flag to justify its incursions into the Yemen "

Why is this event being described as a "bombing" when no bombs were detonated ?

The use of the word "Bombing" is a word to be used in the past tense that implies that a bomb went off so if a bomb didnt go off then the use of the word bombing is clearly incorrect.

More doublespeak !!


If this individual wasnt known to have explosives stuffed up his arse then the incident could have been blamed on an inflight meal !!



No oil in the Yemen as they are poor in resources and everything else and are heavily in debt to the International MotherFucker Fund who have been making demands on them because they cant pay it back and forcing them to surrender to all sorts of unreasonable demands and attempting to sieze what little assets they have in return for the non payment of debt.They have also been subject to years of being harrassed by Western Economic Hit-Men and because they are not co-operating with the International Mafia Fuckers they are being attacked by the Obama administration over spurious associations with AL-CIAda.

Also now Faux News are trying to link this event with IRAN.

If any of you cant see through all this nonsense then you are terminally fucking stupid and i pity you as well as having utter contempt for you.

QUICK !! Rollout those Body Scanner X Ray machines !!

Everyone get Cancer from repeated exposure to X Rays !!

Everyone line your clothes with Tinfoil and use Tinfoil Hats to Fuck up the machines !!

Shiny side facing out as well - Very important !!

Send that Radiation back to where it came from !!

These machines will also lower sperm counts and that type of thing.

The Department of Homo/Heterosexual Salaciousness/Security/Homeland Insecurity/Heightened Security/[DHS] are going to love this what with all the minimum wage sex offenders and Paedophiles and other assorted filth that they employ are going to be enjoying themselves now what with scanning all those adults and children !!

Hegelian Dialectic.

I cant be bothered with this Horseshit for now but i will be back.

Trashy Slanted Fortean Times article :

The New Information Age :

[It seems like you cant read the article anymore without registering your details with the FT website.No prizes for guessing what they can do with themselves.....Read the terms and conditions in "About registering" and decide for yourselves.]

The FT website is the only website i know where you cant browse the content without registering.

Fortean Times has always been a disappointment to me .

Spot the Lefty :

I am not entirely sure who this Imbecile Robin Ramsay is as i have never heard of him prior to myself reading this article but i would like to read more of his articles as they are very entertaining but its quite clear just which team Robin Ramsay is batting for.

Its hardly what you would describe as objective and objective journalism.

So Yes Robin the old information age is dying as the internet has opened up new paradigms of information so you yourself have to learn to differentiate between truth and bullshit by doing research and using critical thinking in order to do so.

Perhaps Robin is just too used to being spoonfed information from official and accredited sources like mainstream media because Robin cant think for himself so he would rather let someone else do that for him.

Stupid Cretin.

" Who's a pretty boy then ? - Who's a pretty boy then ! - MSNBC say that the Norway Spiral was a failed Russian missile launch - MSNBC say that the Norway Spiral was a failed Russian missile launch - Who's a pretty boy then ? - CNN say global warming is caused by CO2 - CNN say global warming is caused by CO2 - Who's a pretty boy then ? - MSNBC and the WHO say Swine Flu will kill you so get your vaccination ! - MSNBC and the WHO say Swine Flu will create an epidemic that will kill millions ! - MSNBC and the WHO say Swine Flu will create an epidemic that will kill millions ! - Who's a pretty boy then ! - Fluoride and Aspartame have provable and demonstrable benefits to emotional and physical health - Fluoride and Aspartame have provable and demonstrable benefits to health - Who's a pretty boy then ? - The IPCCs climate predictions are accurate and not at all biased - The IPCCs climate predictions are accurate and not at all biased - Who's a pretty boy then ?........"


Poor little Robin.It must be very hard work being so feeble minded but then the kind of political system we live under could not function without the massed ranks of feeble minded useful idiots like Robin Ramsay.

Solution - Third Way [Talk about subtlety....] Robin : Think for yourself ! Use critical thinking or learnt to recognise that mainstream accredited sources LIE.

This is provable and is FACT.

Has anyone else noticed that there is virtually NO difference between mainstream media and satirical news sites like The Onion or even the Day Today or even Brass Eye ?

I am not entirely sure wether intelligence is a blessing or a curse in todays society.

US Senator Harry Reid:

If it looks like a Nazi - Talks like a Nazi - Thinks like a Nazi and acts like a Nazi you can be certain that it is a Nazi.

He does rather have the look of a Nazi Scientist or war criminal about him.

Us Senator Harry Reid otherwise known as the Angel of Death a bit like Mengele or one of those types.

Wanted for crimes against Humanity !

Shut Up Slave and take your painkillers because you are no longer economically viable and you are past your productiveness so NO treatment or operations for you !!

Its Fascism so shut up complaining you stupid slaves and instead be a happy productive little citzen/slave as big govt will look after you.

What choice do you have ?

None so Shut Up !

The curious thing about this US "socialised" Healthcare issue is that EVERY SINGLE TIME i posted a comment about it on the PP forum that was pointing out certain facts about socialised healthcare in the UK and private sector healthcare in the UK which despite the fact that the NHS is mismanaged by Govt departments my comments were praising the system we have in the UK and how the NHS and healthcare in general in the UK involves the trivial matter of the patient having the CHOICE of wether to have private or NHS treatment it was deleted.

Curious really.

Obviously that choice that you have in the UK is relative to yourself being able to afford private healthcare but you cannot deny that choice exists in the UK rather than in the US where you have NO CHOICE.

Also the NHS works in conjunction with the private sector and sometimes this can be a good thing or a bad thing particularly when the UK taxpayer finds that they are subsidising the private sector which falls roughly under the description of mismanagement.

Its typical that the morons in the OBama administration chose not to study the UK health system because they could have learnt a lot from it and based their own socialised healthcare system on it but of course since they are inherently stupid they think they no best when they dont.Stupidity and Delusional behaviour and arrogance always work together rather like love and marriage or low pressure weather systems that involve strong wind , cloud and rain.You cannot seperate them apart.

This Nazi SlimeBall Fascist Reid rams this bill through congress and adds various clauses to it in private meetings that involve "For all eternity to come..." clauses just like the Nazis and the EU have used in the past.

NO discussion - NO debate.

Will Senator Harry Reid have to wait up to 18 months for an operation for example ?

Of course not !

How many more facelifts will that filthy decrepit Botoxed Hag Pelosi have that are paid for by taxpayers ?

Probably loads.

Typical Liberal sucking off the TIT of the public purse from the cradle to the grave.


Heres an article that explains this BS :

Regarding "for all eternity to come" clauses history proves that there is NO such thing.

How long did Hitlers T4 clauses last ?

Only as long as the Hitler adminstration was in office as they were junked soon afterwards once Hitler had left office which is why i talk about arrogance and stupidity.

After all its only Legislation and no matter how often these arrogant and delusional Cunts pass this kind of rubbish it doesnt have any superiority over the guidelines that are clearly outlined in the US constitution but as i have often said in the past this kind of political garbage have a complete disregard for decency - publiclly while in office or otherwise and a complete disregard for the Law of the land [Constitution] which is meant to rein in this kind of filth that are in office in the US but they circumvent it instead.

Fucking Nazi/communist Filth.

After pride and hubris and arrogance we will see a fall.

Just you wait and see.......

Those who fail to learn from the lessons of the past will repeat it and they will go the same way as all the other tyrannical filth that litter the history books.

This is partly why certain individuals that are historical revisionists like to rewrite history.It wont make any difference as its futile as the sleeping giant that is the people is starting to wake up .

Besides the Internet makes historical revisionism and state control of the flow of information redundant.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Interesting google search :


This is how the ClimateGate files became available to everyone.The emails werent hacked from personal /private computers at all as they all came from one of the 32 million unsecured file servers whose contents are all easily accessible using a google search such as the above.It is perfectly safe to do the search yourself and click on any result and open any file and read it.

You can find all sorts of things and the search results just go on and on and on.....

This is not illegal either and you can access .gov and .mil files this way too.

Its not illegal to click on any google search result.

Theres loads and loads and loads of Mp3 files as well.

Nothing illegal and no hacking involved.

All this Bollox about Russian or Chinese hackers and criminality just makes me laugh but some like the idea of that because it somehow sounds more exotic or mysterious.

Its curious how Govts talk about arresting and prosecuting "Hackers" when its the fault of Google.If a server is unsecured then no hacking has taken place because there was no security and hacking involves breaking through security protocols and firewalls or any electronic security and there is no content available on google that requires a password for access so there was NO hacking involved.

Stupid Sheeple babbling on and getting things wrong as usual...................

* * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
+++ * * *
* .
* . . * *
. . *
. . * * * * Merry Xmas !!
. .
. . * * *
. . . . . * *
. * * *
. * * * *

That was supposed to be a xmas tree and snow but it doesnt seem to have translated at all.

Oh Well

never mind.....

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The scariest video you will ever see !!

I couldnt post this comment in the comments section of Youtube because the word count is too long and its blocked for whatever reason.

The argument /choice in that video is flawed and its not a "silver bullet".

It only applies to the theory/hypothesis that climate change [it should be AGW or ACC] is caused by human activity and its saying that its better to do the wrong thing if AGW turns out be false because the result of that is only more govt,more taxation,and a reduction in manufacturing etc etc as opposed to do nothing resulting in the hypothesised end of civilisation.

It doesnt address the theory/fact that its a natural cycle or phenomena.It mentions the fact that "Climate Change" [AGW] could be false but stops there.The point i am making here is it doesnt cover the angle that climate change is natural and therefore unpreventable.

Heres another addition to that apparently flawless reasoning :

Why not use sound science that isnt being skewed to justify a social engineering/political agenda and do the RIGHT thing as regards policy making and taxation rather than doing something that is based on furthering a political agenda that is revenue collection or a racket.

That would make more logical sense to me and the argument in the video does not take into account the corrupt political system and the names and organisations that are involved in the apparent choice that we have to make.

Not to mention that the whole argument there is basically a huge what if ?

Thats not really a strong enough argument to justify handing over more power to govt and more draconian measures as a result because its not based on sound science.

Another angle is it doesnt achieve anything to continue with Cap and Trade if the science it is based on turns out to be spurious because you end up with the negatives like bigger govt and taxation plus what you will be effectively doing is stealing or directing resources and cash away from legitimate enviromental problems that are going on.

Finally we dont have a choice regarding Cap N Trade and Green EuroTaxes which the EU themselves admit will be used to “Rebuild the economy” when i thought that the revenue was to be used for enviromental purposes.


Lets say we all do the right thing and all support Cap and Trade [despite it being based on spurious science] then how do we know that our cash in the form of tax revenue isnt being misappropriated given the names and nature of the organisations involved ?

Nice try with the video but its a Fail because it doesnt take enough or any factors into consideration and besides i dont buy into making decisions based on fear because that can lead to very poor or unsound judgement.

Besides climate change is real and its AGW or ACC that is still being debated so i wish these people would be more specific because arguing against Climate Change is ignorant and inane as opposed to arguing against AGW or ACC which is perfectly valid as its subject to scientific study and research.

Science is not a lottery so comparing it to one is inane because if a decision was based on sound science there wouldnt be any risk or the risk would be significantly reduced.

So what if this soft Puppy is concerned that ManBearPig or the Carbon Monster is hiding under his bed and giving him nightmares ?



Besides the whole video is a sales pitch for flogging books so the creator of the video wants me to spend time distributing it and creating free advertising.

Fuck OFF you Bonehead.

Friday, 20 November 2009


For those who would like to see the 1079 emails and 72 documents proving the junk science that has been used to promote the Man Made Global Warming theory for years…. here you go. All files neatly packaged in a little zip file for you all.


Another update to the previous article :

All this has made my year and its like Xmas has come round early.

Its all unfolding as i type.

Telegraph article :

Updates to previous article :

That was a very fast response to the previous article .

Todays Guardian article :

BBC article :

I havent even had time to read any of this yet but it will be very interesting watching what happens.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hadley Climate Research Unit Disclosure :


I interrupt this programme with some news that has just come in :

Now thats gone and done it !!

There needs to be a lot more of this kind of activity.


I love the Internet.

Update : The CRU have verified this info as being accurate.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A song of No hope and No Change :

This was the previous version to the Obama song before it was amended or partly reworded.I have written quite a few of these now just an exercise in creative writing.

There’s a sound of No Change
Blowing in the chemtrails
It’s a sound that started long ago

By those who plan to kill your dreams
Fighting against freedom
With a passion of No hope of better days

They had a scheme
They had a plan
for an enemy to divide this nation together as one

The journey begins with indoctrination
implementing an agenda
And hijacking a nation

Obama is the president
A house of corruption upon Capitol hill
Will be his residence

Darknesss in their hearts
And plans to
To divide and conquer

To scheme
To create a New World Order
Not just in our land
But all over the world
By destroying sovereignty and borders

” Yes we can…..
Make a difference
If we unite
Together and install the Globalist New World Order ”
THe people they will follow
Like lambs going to the slaughter

This is the scheme
This is the Abomination
With its plans to ruin this nation
By bankruptcy and bailouts
And Greenback hyperinflation

The journey begins with subjegation
And exploitation of the poor
To shaping a never ending war
And total disregard for law

There’s a Kenyan fake messiah
An actor and a liar
His voice will be the media
Hope and change will be the mantra
Of a new Globalist empire

Do you hear the sound

Of Tyranny

Do you hear the sound

Of children singing his name ?

Do you hear the sound

Of voices shouting “HAIL OUR GREAT LEADER” ?




The Barack Obama Elementary indoctrination School


Original version :

There’s a sound of Change
Blowing in the wind
It’s a sound that started long ago

By those who dare to dream
Fighting against the loss
With a passion of hope of better days

They had a dream
They had hope
for a friend to bring this nation together as one

The journey begins to education
Unlocking every door
Shaping a better tomorrow

We are sons and daughters
Of promise
Of school like a city upon a hill

Lights inside our hearts
And hope to [unintelligible]
To rise and conquer

To dream
To make a difference
Not just in our land
But in the world

Yes we can
Make a difference
If we unite
Together and take

I am the dream
I am the hope
I am the bridge that’ll bring this nation
Together as one

The journey begins to education
Unlocking every door
To shaping a better

There’s [unintelligible]
If I teach you believe
My voice will count
My voice will be heard

Do you hear the sound
I am the dream
Do you hear the sound
I am the hope
Do you hear the sound

Yes we can.

The Barack Obama Elementary School


“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls upon them makes an impression.” — Dr. Haim Ginott (teacher, child psychologist)


Obama song :

Inspired by this:

and many others like it here is a song if the above could be loosely described as a song or the words to that i wrote because i had nothing better to do that was inspired by the kind of songs that are sung on a daily basis by children in elementary schools in the United States.

There’s a sound of No Change
Blowing in the chemtrails
It’s a sound that started long ago

By those who plan to kill your dreams
Fighting against freedom
With a passion for "Change"
and No "Hope" of better days

They had a scheme
They had a plan
for an enemy to divide this nation
All together as one

The journey begins with indoctrination
implementing an agenda
And hijacking a nation
Indemnity and indentured servitude
and violation of its constitution

Obama is the president
A house of corruption upon Capitol hill
Will be his residence
The end of Liberty ,democracy and opportunity
will be a historic precedent

Darknesss in their hearts
And plans to
To divide and conquer
To scheme and instigate
To create a New World Order
Not just in our land
But all over the world
By destroying sovereignty and borders

” Yes we can…..
Make a difference
If we unite
Together and install the Globalist New World Order ”
THe people they will follow
Like lambs going to the slaughter

This is the scheme
This is the Abomination
With its plans to ruin this nation
By bankruptcy and bailouts
And Greenback hyperinflation

The journey begins with subjegation
And exploitation of the poor
To shaping a never ending war
And total disregard for law

There’s a Kenyan fake messiah
An actor and a liar
His voice will be the media
Hope and change will be the mantra
Of a new Globalist empire

Do you hear the sound

Of Tyranny

Do you hear the sound

Of children singing his name ?

Do you hear the sound

Of voices shouting “HAIL OUR GREAT LEADER” ?




The Barack Obama Elementary indoctrination School


Obama the musical should be out by Xmas.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stupid Irish Fucks :

I can accept the fact that they voted yes in principle but it was an uninformed and ignorant vote and a vote that was heavily influenced by economics and bought off with lies and silver tongued politicians and Monnet professors/advocates that are rife and scaremongering from the voteYes brigade plus that idiotic ignorant fat ugly Prick Brian Cowan.

Not to mention Dick Roche who is sellout slime who like to slander people like myself by saying that i/we come from the same gene pool as the BNP .

As far as i can tell this comment was directed at No voters also but its really all about sellout career politicians wanting to keep hold of their fat paychecks and privelages provided for them by taxpayers who endlessly pay ever increasing amounts of cash into a financial black hole that has not been audited in 15 yrs.

The other point in this is they had built their economy upon EU development loans and low tax rates and foreign/big business but their economy crashed the same as everyone elses so they had no choice but to cling to the security blanket that is the EU in the hope of more loans but the problem is they have no control over their own tax rates anymore because thats one of many a multidude of things that they just signed away so when EU unilateral tax rate harmonisation happens in the near future the very thing that was the incentive to attract foreign investment and big business will be removed so there goes their economy if the EU wide Corporate tax rates are unfavorable to the aforementioned big business and if so then given the nature of big business and globalisation then Ireland might not seem such an attractive country to invest in.

11 budget surpluses in a row until 2009 which resulted in a 22 billion defecit.

This is an example of how Bankers work.Get the individual or country into debt and dependant on loans with strings attached and snared in a trap and then they own and control entire countries.

Its also a vote of no confidence in the govt because people were fed up with the incompetents that they voted for so they think that the grass will be greener on the other side by being ruled by Germans instead but i dont think that this will be the case.Time will tell......

Its also a historic event and i do have reason to believe that this election was deliberately timed to coincide with a country and people that are somewhat under duress like everyone else is with the economic and employment situation what with people having serious concerns about their jobs and future.


The legal reassurances that were the concessions given to Ireland in return for the second referendum were not finalised or attached to the Lisbon Treaty at the time of the yes vote being announced.

Wether these are going to be added later or wether the fact these legal articles were not attached at the time of ratification which i assume is as soon as a yes vote is announced makes them redundant i have no idea right now.

No self respect and no pride and a voting mass that celebrates its own collective stupidity after it has sold itself out to a Napoleon/Reich dictatorship.

What happened to the fighting Irish ?

Some of these ignorant and un/misinformed and cowardly Irish actually think that the recession they are suffering right now was caused by voting No in the last referendum !

Absolute stupidity.

So wave goodbye to your own voting power and influence and just about everything else because you have condemned yourself to being an insignificant uninfluential and powerless backwater of a centralised EUSSR dictatorship and condemned everyone else in Europe to the same thing.

There goes 1000 yrs of history without even a whimper.

Sold down the river.

The reality of this stupidity will become apparent soon enough but its always tragic to watch others throw away their freedom and sovereignty.

Lets have another referendum to get a No vote !!

Too late as you have been led astray like good little sheep.You have been suckered.

You think you will be better off ?

You will be worse off as all the cash that you were having shovelled at you will now be shovelled in the direction of Turkey etc but you will be required to pay more of your own taxes to the EU each year so you will be worse off but worse of because you are throwing your own money away by giving it to one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet.

There have already been employers like Coca Cola cutting wages by 50 percent apparently.


For the record though for the benefit of all you slow witted ignorant slanderous name callers i am not against the EU in principle with integration and trade but i dont and never ever will go along with the destruction of sovereignty and collectivism which is what this is all about plus the fact its the NWO.

The EU as it is needs to be reformed before it turns into a nightmare situation.

Most dont understand what that means but you will when it starts .

Stupid Irish Traitors and Pussies.

To those that voted No then that demonstrates that at least a third of the Irish population are capable of independent critical thought and have some backbone.

Welcome to the post-democratic European Unelected Sellout Socialist Republic.

May you all reap what you have now sown.

Tiocfaidh Ar La

Having said all that there are other factors to consider :

Was the vote rigged ?

Was pencil only used on the voting cards for a reason when it should always be ink ?

I laughed when i found that one out.Pencil on voting cards ? Did alarm bells fail to go off when pencil was stipulated and not ink ? Why should a voting card be discounted if its crossed with ink ?

FFS !!

Who was doing the counting ?

Were the votecounters subjected to oversight ?

Ballot boxes left unguarded all night before the vote count the following morning ?

Ballot boxes are supposed to be delivered by Garda @ 7.00am on the morning of the voting day but this time they were delivered 48 hours prior to the election to the private residences of polling/returning officers before they were forwarded to the polling stations.

This breach of procedure was reported by a number of honest returning officers but the complaints were officially disregarded out of hand .

These were poll results that were in and counted on 2/10/2009 22.00 hrs that were taken from The Irish times :

County … Yes / No

Donegal1 35 65
Donegal2 36 63
Sligo 43 57
Mayo 38 62
Galway W 46 54
Galway E 47 53
Clare 52 48
Limerick W 44 55
Limerick E 46 54
Kerry N 40 60
Kerry S 42 57
Cork SW 44 56
Cork NW 46 54
Cork SC 45 55
Cork NC 36 64
Waterford 46 54
Tipperary S 47 53
Tipperary N 50 50
Kilkenny 50 50
Wexford 44 56
Wicklow 50 50
Kildare S 49 51
Kildare NS 55 45
Kildare N 55 45
Offaly 56 44
Longford W Meath 46 54
W Meath 44 56
W Meath 51 49
Louth 42 58
Cavan 45 55
Roscommon 46 54

Dublin Regions

How many pencil rubbers did they get through while it took them seemingly ages to count the votes up ?

Voting fraud ?? :

All i can see now from the same source is a Pie chart.Thats what you always get .Pie charts

Last minute flip-flopping of course .....

Its not who votes its who counts the votes - Stalin .

It matters not who you vote for its who we tell you that has won that really counts - Stalin .

It was a done deal and the EuroTrash were not going to let an unfavorable referendum result stop the EUSSR project.

Hitler would be proud and saluting to his 70 year old Nazi wet dream finally coming true.

There could only be one result and that was Yes.

I actually feel slightly sick after watching a video of Barosso thanking Ireland for the Yes vote and realising that i am now ruled by Barosso.

It will be Preident Blair very shortly .

I am sure that this wont be the last we will hear about this........

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fascist Police State USA :

Its official :

What more evidence do you need ?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Paid/Professional/RentA Trolls :

Just spent a worthwhile couple of hours bashing paid obnoxious activist trolls on a political forum.What fun that was even though its like an inhumane sport but if they are being paid to try and disrupt and spread bullshit and create bad feeling and not to mention a certain amount of entertainment value then its only fair that they should earn their pay by being challenged and called out and outed online.

There has been a rash of these lately but they must really like being publically humiliated and i enjoy humiliating them.

They dont like the forum yet they keep coming back and posting comments that are full of slander and insults and generalistions.

Wheres "Amon Ra" ?? I keep calling his name but he isnt answering anymore.I guess he bit off more than he could chew.

I usually redirect them to Democratic Underground/ThinkProgress/ which are more condusive to their needs.Direct them back to who is paying them.

Govt/Intelligence agency/Mossad operatives "intelligensia" are chickenfeed.

One was persistant though and it took 15 posts to shut him up .Good thing i am persistant.

If they have my details on file then i dont care particularly.Let them try it....

They have an unfortunate but predictable habit of not replying to my questions online which is an admission of failure on their part.

A typical example is RJP3 whose myspace page and profile i found after a quick search:

This is the Myspace profile of a juvenile 18 yr old with a Mickey Mouse law qualification from a Mickey Mouse college and who attended a Mickey Mouse school.

"I am bobby and i am awesome !...."

I posted this link and his name multiple times on various threads so that everyone can have a look at it themselves and laugh like i did.

Whoever is paying him to post his Crap might as well employ Mickey Mouse as he would probably be better at Trolling than this waste of space.I wouldnt pay this waste of space 10p and if i did i would want a refund.

If i have nothing better to do and i come across more of these hateful ,disruptive and attn seeking little govt loving Sociopathic Cunts then i am going to go all the way with them and rip them to bits and use every bit of venom and ferocity i can relentlessly and run them out back to where they come from.Once i get my teeth into something i wont stop.

These are not misunderstood people who dont fit or people who just dont understand.These are hateful ,and slanderous little cunts that are traitors that deserve everything that is going to be coming to them.They are not worth saving .

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Pigfaced Bullshitter disinfo video :

"Putting out "

A name and more info would be good.

If she is not scared of “putting it out – Ok?” then she shouldnt be scared of proving that she is in the military.

It looks like she has just bought a khaki Tshirt and a hat and stuck a bluetooth headset or headphones on as that is supposed to look more authentic.

She is right about the vaccine but her intent is to deceive.I also got tired of hearing her saying “Ok ?” and i dint like her slightly condescending tone and she looks a bit like a Pig.

Actually go and look at her Youtube channel.

She is categorically not in the military and certainly not a soldier.She is just one of those Youtube community people with her own little following of subscribers.

Watch the way she looks around and then avoids eye contact with the camera and at one point signals to someone by looking at them and then almost smiles just before she gives out the information.Then she does that weird thing with her mouth and then her eyes wander all over the place.

All this is indicative of the fact that she is lying about being in the military and about the info she is providing.I can see she is lying.

Has anyone seen the rehearsals and simulation exercises involving roadblocks ?

I find it hard to believe that no one has seen them.

If she was worried about “putting this out” then she should have given out her name and rank except that would have just read as unknown.Since intelligence agencies and govt are going to see this anyway then she has blown her cover by making the video so there is no point in not giving out her details.

She didnt though because she is lying and she looks like a Pig and i dont like her eyes and i dont respect people who put out disinformation .

I might have to post some comments on her youtube channel and video .

“If something happens to me…” and all that crap i bet she wont provide her details if it is requested.

Bullshit pigface woman.

All she has done is trot out a well known conspiracy scenario or a possible scenario as if its highly classified information and there is enough disinformation already.

Everyone is going to be tagged with Phoenix Jr Transmitters.Just look at the document and the transmitter at the end of the video.

It looks like something that was found inside a Xmas cracker.

What a laugh.

Fucking Bullshit.

Propaganda/Psyops tecniques :

Its a long article :

If you listen,watch or read mainstream media or listen to politicians or surf the web then you will be familiar with most of these principles and if you read the article you will learn about others that you may not have been aware of or you might not have been aware of any but once you read the article you will be a lot better off because you will have a clear understanding of propaganda tecniques.

Preety important and worthwhile i would say unless you like or want to be led by the nose without realising it.

The professional trolls who frequent certain forums try to use these tecniques to debunk or ridicule but very badly so anyone who does understand this stuff just lays waste to Trolls and disinfo agents like the Gay Atheist Popular Mechanics types or certain types of political activists or the lunatic sector of the Green movement or James Randi Atheist types amongst many or even conspiracy theorists can be guilty.

I just like to keep it simple and stick to the facts.

The debate is not over.....

These are all means to confuse and distract and disorientate the not so streetwise.

Propaganda shapes opinions which becomes consensus because consensus in some cases does not have to be able to quantify itself with facts.

“Truther” came out of the CIA Handbook on Psychological Guerrilla Warfare.

Thursday, Sept 17th, 2009


“Propaganda Techniques” is based upon “Appendix I: PSYOP Techniques” from “Psychological Operations Field Manual No.33-1″ published by Headquarters; Department of the Army, in Washington DC, on 31 August 1979


Knowledge of propaganda techniques is necessary to improve one’s own propaganda and to uncover enemy PSYOP stratagems. Techniques, however, are not substitutes for the procedures in PSYOP planning, development, or dissemination.

Techniques may be categorized as:

Characteristics of the content self-evident. additional information is required to recognize the characteristics of this type of propaganda. “Name calling” and the use of slogans are techniques of this nature.

Additional information required to be recognized. Additional information is required by the target or analyst for the use of this technique to be recognized. “Lying” is an example of this technique. The audience or analyst must have additional information in order to know whether a lie is being told.

Evident only after extended output. “Change of pace” is an example of this technique. Neither the audience nor the analyst can know that a change of pace has taken place until various amounts of propaganda have been brought into focus.

Nature of the arguments used. An argument is a reason, or a series of reasons, offered as to why the audience should behave, believe, or think in a certain manner. An argument is expressed or implied.
Inferred intent of the originator. This technique refers to the effect the propagandist wishes to achieve on the target audience. “Divisive” and “unifying” propaganda fall within this technique. It might also be classified on the basis of the effect it has on an audience.


Appeal to Authority. Appeals to authority cite prominent figures to support a position idea, argument, or course of action.

Assertion. Assertions are positive statements presented as fact. They imply that what is stated is self-evident and needs no further proof. Assertions may or may not be true.

Bandwagon and Inevitable Victory. Bandwagon-and-inevitable-victory appeals attempt to persuade the target audience to take a course of action “everyone else is taking.” “Join the crowd.” This technique reinforces people’s natural desire to be on the winning side. This technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their interest to join. “Inevitable victory” invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already, or partially, on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is the best course of action.

Obtain Disapproval. This technique is used to get the audience to disapprove an action or idea by suggesting the idea is popular with groups hated, feared, or held in contempt by the target audience. Thus, if a group which supports a policy is led to believe that undesirable, subversive, or contemptible people also support it, the members of the group might decide to change their position.

Glittering Generalities. Glittering generalities are intensely emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that they carry conviction without supporting information or reason. They appeal to such emotions as love of country, home; desire for peace, freedom, glory, honor, etc. They ask for approval without examination of the reason. Though the words and phrases are vague and suggest different things to different people, their connotation is always favorable: “The concepts and programs of the propagandist are always good, desirable, virtuous.”

Generalities may gain or lose effectiveness with changes in conditions. They must, therefore, be responsive to current conditions. Phrases which called up pleasant associations at one time may evoke unpleasant or unfavorable connotations at another, particularly if their frame of reference has been altered.

Vagueness. Generalities are deliberately vague so that the audience may supply its own interpretations. The intention is to move the audience by use of undefined phrases, without analyzing their validity or attempting to determine their reasonableness or application.

Rationalization. Individuals or groups may use favorable generalities to rationalize questionable acts or beliefs. Vague and pleasant phrases are often used to justify such actions or beliefs.

Simplification. Favorable generalities are used to provide simple answers to complex social, political, economic, or military problems.

Transfer. This is a technique of projecting positive or negative qualities (praise or blame) of a person, entity, object, or value (an individual, group, organization, nation, patriotism, etc.) to another in order to make the second more acceptable or to discredit it. This technique is generally used to transfer blame from one member of a conflict to another. It evokes an emotional response which stimulates the target to identify with recognized authorities.

Least of Evils. This is a technique of acknowledging that the course of action being taken is perhaps undesirable but that any alternative would result in an outcome far worse. This technique is generally used to explain the need for sacrifices or to justify the seemingly harsh actions that displease the target audience or restrict personal liberties. Projecting blame on the enemy for the unpleasant or restrictive conditions is usually coupled with this technique.

Name Calling or Substitutions of Names or Moral Labels. This technique attempts to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda campaign as something the target audience fears, hates, loathes, or finds undesirable.
Types of name calling:
-Direct name calling is used when the audience is sympathetic or neutral. It is a simple, straightforward attack on an opponent or opposing idea.
-Indirect name calling is used when direct name calling would antagonize the audience. It is a label for the degree of attack between direct name calling and insinuation. Sarcasm and ridicule are employed with this technique.
-Cartoons, illustrations, and photographs are used in name calling, often with deadly effect.

Dangers inherent in name calling: In its extreme form, name calling may indicate that the propagandist has lost his sense of proportion or is unable to conduct a positive campaign. Before using this technique, the propagandist must weigh the benefits against the possible harmful results. It is best to avoid use of this device. The obstacles are formidable, based primarily on the human tendency to close ranks against a stranger. For example, a group may despise, dislike, or even hate one of its leaders, even openly criticize him, but may (and probably will) resent any non group member who criticizes and makes disparaging remarks against that leader.

Pinpointing the Enemy: This is a form of simplification in which a complex situation is reduced to the point where the “enemy” is unequivocally identified. For example, the president of country X is forced to declare a state of emergency in order to protect the peaceful people of his country from the brutal, unprovoked aggression by the leaders of country.

Plain Folks or Common Man: The “plain folks” or “common man” approach attempts to convince the audience that the propagandist’s positions reflect the common sense of the people. It is designed to win the confidence of the audience by communicating in the common manner and style of the audience. Propagandists use ordinary language and mannerisms (and clothes in face-to-face and audiovisual communications) in attempting to identify their point of view with that of the average person. With the plain folks device, the propagandist can win the confidence of persons who resent or distrust foreign sounding, intellectual speech, words, or mannerisms.

The audience can be persuaded to identify its interests with those of the propagandist:

Presenting soldiers as plain folks. The propagandist wants to make the enemy feel he is fighting against soldiers who are “decent, everyday folks” much like himself; this helps to counter themes that paint the opponent as a “bloodthirsty” killer.

Presenting civilians as plain folks. The “plain folks” or “common man” device also can help to convince the enemy that the opposing nation is not composed of arrogant, immoral, deceitful, aggressive, warmongering people, but of people like himself, wishing to live at peace.

Humanizing leaders. This technique paints a more human portrait of US and friendly military and civilian leaders. It humanizes them so that the audience looks upon them as similar human beings or, preferably, as kind, wise, fatherly figures.

Categories of Plain Folk Devices:

Vernacular. This is the contemporary language of a specific region or people as it is commonly spoken or written and includes songs, idioms, and jokes. The current vernacular of the specific target audience must be used.

Dialect. Dialect is a variation in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary from the norm of a region or nation. When used by the propagandist, perfection is required. This technique is best left to those to whom the dialect is native, because native level speakers are generally the best users of dialects in propaganda appeals.

Errors. Scholastic pronunciation, enunciation, and delivery give the impression of being artificial. To give the impression of spontaneity, deliberately hesitate between phrases, stammer, or mispronounce words. When not overdone, the effect is one of deep sincerity. Errors in written material may be made only when they are commonly made by members of the reading audience. Generally, errors should be restricted to colloquialisms.

Homey words. Homey words are forms of “virtue words” used in the everyday life of the average man. These words are familiar ones, such as “home,” “family,” “children,” “farm,” “neighbors,” or cultural equivalents. They evoke a favorable emotional response and help transfer the sympathies of the audience to the propagandist. Homey words are widely used to evoke nostalgia. Care must be taken to assure that homey messages addressed to enemy troops do not also have the same effect on US/friendly forces.

If the propaganda or the propagandist lacks naturalness, there may be an adverse backlash. The audience may resent what it considers attempts to mock it, its language, and its ways.

Social Disapproval. This is a technique by which the propagandist marshals group acceptance and suggests that attitudes or actions contrary to the one outlined will result in social rejection, disapproval, or outright ostracism. The latter, ostracism, is a control practice widely used within peer groups and traditional societies.

Virtue Words. These are words in the value system of the target audience which tend to produce a positive image when attached to a person or issue. Peace, happiness, security, wise leadership, freedom, etc., are virtue words.

Slogans. A slogan is a brief striking phrase that may include labeling and stereotyping. If ideas can be sloganized, they should be, as good slogans are self-perpetuating.

Testimonials. Testimonials are quotations, in or out of context, especially cited to support or reject a given policy, action, program, or personality. The reputation or the role (expert, respected public figure, etc.) of the individual giving the statement is exploited. The testimonial places the official sanction of a respected person or authority on a propaganda message. This is done in an effort to cause the target audience to identify itself with the authority or to accept the authority’s opinions and beliefs as its own. Several types of testimonials are:

Official Sanction. The testimonial authority must have given the endorsement or be clearly on record as having approved the attributed idea, concept, action, or belief.
Four factors are involved:

Accomplishment. People have confidence in an authority who has demonstrated outstanding ability and proficiency in his field. This accomplishment should be related to the subject of the testimonial.
Identification with the target. People have greater confidence in an authority with whom they have a common bond. For example, the soldier more readily trusts an officer with whom he has undergone similar arduous experiences than a civilian authority on military subjects.

Truther came out of the CIA Handbook on Psychological Guerrilla Warfare 290509banner

Position of authority. The official position of authority may instill confidence in the testimony; i.e., head of state, division commander, etc.

Inanimate objects. Inanimate objects may be used in the testimonial device. In such cases, the propagandist seeks to transfer physical attributes of an inanimate object to the message. The Rock of Gibraltar, for example, is a type of inanimate object associated with steadfast strength.

Personal Sources of Testimonial Authority:

Enemy leaders. The enemy target audience will generally place great value on its high level military leaders as a source of information.

Fellow soldiers. Because of their common experiences, soldiers form a bond of comradeship. As a result, those in the armed forces are inclined to pay close attention to what other soldiers have to say.

Opposing leaders. Testimonials of leaders of the opposing nation are of particular value in messages that outline war aims and objectives for administering the enemy nation after it capitulates.

Famous scholars, writers, and other personalities. Frequently, statements of civilians known to the target as authoritative or famous scholars, writers, scientists, commentators, etc., can be effectively used in propaganda messages.

Nonpersonal Sources of Testimonial Authority:

Institutions, ideologies, national flags, religious, and other nonpersonal sources are often used. The creeds, beliefs, principles, or dogmas of respected authorities or other public figures may make effective propaganda testimonials.

Factors To Be Considered:

Plausibility. The testimonial must be plausible to the target audience. The esteem in which an authority is held by the target audience will not always transfer an implausible testimonial into effective propaganda.

False testimonials. Never use false testimonials. Highly selective testimonials? Yes. Lies (fabrications)? Never. Fabricated (false) testimonials are extremely vulnerable because their lack of authenticity makes them easy to challenge and discredit.


Incredible truths. There are times when the unbelievable (incredible) truth not only can but should be used.

Among these occasions are:

When the psychological operator is certain that a vitally important event will take place.

A catastrophic event, or one of significant tactical or strategic importance, unfavorable to the enemy has occurred and the news has been hidden from the enemy public or troops.

The enemy government has denied or glossed over an event detrimental to its cause.

A double-cutting edge. This technique has a double-cutting edge: It increases the credibility of the US/friendly psychological operator while decreasing the credibility of the enemy to the enemy’s target audience.

Advanced security clearance must be obtained before using this technique so that operations or projects will not be jeopardized or compromised. Actually, propagandists using this technique will normally require access to special compartmented information and facilities to avoid compromise of other sensitive operations or projects of agencies of the US Government.

Though such news will be incredible to the enemy public, it should be given full play by the psychological operator. This event and its significance will eventually become known to the enemy public in spite of government efforts to hide it. The public will recall (the psychological operator will “help” the recall process) that the incredible news was received from US/allied sources. They will also recall the deception of their government. The prime requirement in using this technique is that the disseminated incredible truth must be or be certain to become a reality.

Insinuation. Insinuation is used to create or stir up the suspicions of the target audience against ideas, groups, or individuals in order to divide an enemy. The propagandist hints, suggests, and implies, allowing the audience to draw its own conclusions. Latent suspicions and cleavages within the enemy camp are exploited in an attempt to structure them into active expressions of disunity which weaken the enemy’s war effort.

Exploitable vulnerabilities. Potential cleavages which may be exploited include the following:

- Political differences between the enemy nation and its allies or satellites.

- Ethnic and regional differences.

- Religious, political, economic, or social differences.

- History of civilian animosity or unfair treatment toward enemy soldiers.

- Comforts available to rear area soldiers and not available to combat soldiers.

- People versus the bureaucracy or hierarchy.

- Political differences between the ruling elite, between coalitions members, or between rulers and those out of power.

- Differences showing a few benefiting at the expense of the general populace.

- Unequal or inequitable tax burdens, or the high level of taxes. The audience should be informed of hidden taxes.

- The scarcity of consumer goods for the general public and their availability to the various elites and the dishonest.

- Costs of present government policies in terms of lost opportunities to accomplish constructive socially desirable goals.

- The powerlessness of the individual. (This may be used to split the audience from the policies of its government by disassociating its members from those policies.) This technique could be used in preparing a campaign to gain opposition to those government policies.

Insinuation devices. A number of devices are available to exploit these and similar vulnerabilities:

- Leading questions: The propagandist may ask questions which suggest only one possible answer. Thus, the question, “What is there to do now that your unit is surrounded and you are completely cut off?” insinuates that surrender or desertion is the only reasonable alternative to annihilation.

- Humor: Humor can be an effective form of insinuation. Jokes and cartoons about the enemy find a ready audience among those persons in the target country or military camp who normally reject straightforward accusations or assertions. Jokes about totalitarian leaders and their subordinates often spread with ease and rapidity. However, the psychological operator must realize that appreciation of humor differs among target groups and so keep humor within the appropriate cultural context.

- Pure motives. This technique makes it clear that the side represented by the propagandist is acting in the best interests of the target audience, insinuating that the enemy is acting to the contrary. For example, the propagandist can use the theme that a satellite force fighting on the side of the enemy is insuring the continued subjugation of its country by helping the common enemy.

- Guilt by association: Guilt by association links a person, group, or idea to other persons, groups, or ideas repugnant to the target audience. The insinuation is that the connection is not mutual, accidental, or superficial.

- Rumor: Malicious rumors are also a potentially effective form of insinuation.

- Pictorial and photographic propaganda: A photograph, picture, or cartoon can often insinuate a derogatory charge more effectively than words. The combination of words and photograph, picture, or cartoon can be far more effective. In this content, selected and composite photographs can be extremely effective.

- Vocal: Radio propagandists can artfully suggest a derogatory notion, not only with the words they use, but also by the way in which they deliver them. Significant pauses, tonal inflections, sarcastic pronunciation, ridiculing enunciation, can be more subtle than written insinuation.

Card stacking or selective omission. This is the process of choosing from a variety of facts only those which support the propagandist’s purpose. In using this technique, facts are selected and presented which most effectively strengthen and authenticate the point of view of the propagandist. It includes the collection of all available material pertaining to a subject and the selection of that material which most effectively supports the propaganda line. Card stacking, case making, and censorship are all forms of selection. Success or failure depends on how successful the propagandist is in selecting facts or “cards” and presenting or “stacking” them.

Increase prestige. In time of armed conflict, leading personalities, economic and social systems, and other institutions making up a nation are constantly subjected to propaganda attacks. Card stacking is used to counter these attacks by publicizing and reiterating the best qualities of the institutions, concepts, or persons being attacked. Like most propaganda techniques, card stacking is used to supplement other methods.

The technique may also be used to describe a subject as virtuous or evil and to give simple answers to a complicated subject.

An intelligent propagandist makes his case by imaginative selection of facts. The work of the card stacker in using selected facts is divided into two main phases:

- First, the propagandist selects only favorable facts and presents them to the target in such a manner as to obtain a desired reaction.

- Second, the propagandist uses these facts as a basis for conclusions, trying to lead the audience into accepting the conclusions by accepting the facts presented.

Presenting the other side. Some persons in a target audience believe that neither belligerent is entirely virtuous. To them propaganda solely in terms of right and wrong may not be credible. Agreement with minor aspects of the enemy’s point of view may overcome this cynicism. Another use of presenting the other side is to reduce the impact of propaganda that opposing propagandists are likely to be card stacking (selective omission).

Lying and distortion. Lying is stating as truth that which is contrary to fact. For example, assertions may be lies. This technique will not be used by US personnel. It is presented for use of the analyst of enemy propaganda.

Simplification. This is a technique in which the many facts of a situation are reduced so the right or wrong, good or evil, of an act or decision is obvious to all. This technique (simplification) provides simple solutions for complex problems. By suggesting apparently simple solutions for complex problems, this technique offers simplified interpretations of events, ideas, concepts, or personalities. Statements are positive and firm; qualifying words are never used.

Simplification may be used to sway uneducated and educated audiences. This is true because many persons are well educated or highly skilled, trained specialists in a specific field, but the limitations of time and energy often force them to turn to and accept simplifications to understand, relate, and react to other areas of interest.

Simplification has the following characteristics:

It thinks for others: Some people accept information which they cannot verify personally as long as the source is acceptable to them or the authority is considered expert. Others absorb whatever they read, see, or hear with little or no discrimination. Some people are too lazy or unconcerned to think problems through. Others are uneducated and willingly accept convenient simplifications.

It is concise: Simplification gives the impression of going to the heart of the matter in a few words. The average member of the target audience will not even consider that there may be another answer to the problem.

It builds ego: Some people are reluctant to believe that any field of endeavor, except their own, is difficult to understand. For example, a layman is pleased to hear that ‘”law is just common sense dressed up in fancy language,” or “modern art is really a hodgepodge of aimless experiment or nonsense.” Such statements reinforce the ego of the lay audience. It is what they would like to believe, because they are afraid that law and modern art may actually be beyond their understanding. Simple explanations are given for complex subjects and problems.

Stereotyping is a form of simplification used to fit persons, groups, nations, or events into ready-made categories that tend to produce a desired image of good or bad. Stereotyping puts the subject (people, nations, etc.) or event into a simplistic pattern without any distinguishing individual characteristics.


Change of Pace. Change of pace is a technique of switching from belligerent to peaceful output, from “hot” to “cold,” from persuasion to threat, from gloomy prophecy to optimism, from emotion to fact.

Stalling. Stalling is a technique of deliberately withholding information until its timeliness is past, thereby reducing the possibility of undesired impact.

Shift of Scene. With this technique, the propagandist replaces one “field of battle” with another. It is an attempt to take the spotlight off an unfavorable situation or condition by shifting it to another, preferably of the opponent, so as to force the enemy to go on the defense.


An idea or position is repeated in an attempt to elicit an almost automatic response from the audience or to reinforce an audience’s opinion or attitude. This technique is extremely valid and useful because the human being is basically a creature of habit and develops skills and values by repetition (like walking, talking, code of ethics, etc.). An idea or position may be repeated many times in one message or in many messages. The intent is the same in both instances, namely, to elicit an immediate response or to reinforce an opinion or attitude.

The audience is not familiar with the details of the threat posed. Ignorance of the details can be used to pose a threat and build fear.

Members of the audience are self-centered.

The target can take immediate action to execute simple, specific instructions.

Fear of change. People fear change, particularly sudden, imposed change over which they have no control. They fear it will take from them status, wealth, family, friends, comfort, safety, life, or limb. That’s why the man in the foxhole hesitates to leave it. He knows and is accustomed to the safety it affords. He is afraid that moving out of his foxhole will expose him to new and greater danger. That is why the psychological campaign must give him a safe, honorable way out of his predicament or situation.

Terrorism. The United States is absolutely opposed to the use of terror or terror tactics. But the psychological operator can give a boomerang effect to enemy terror, making it reverberate against the practitioner, making him repugnant to his own people, and all others who see the results of his heinous savagery. This can be done by disseminating fully captioned photographs in the populated areas of the terrorist’s homeland. Such leaflets will separate civilians from their armed forces; it will give them second thoughts about the decency and honorableness of their cause, make them wonder about the righteousness of their ideology, and make the terrorists repugnant to them. Follow-up leaflets can “fire the flames” of repugnancy, indignation, and doubt, as most civilizations find terror repugnant.

In third countries. Fully captioned photographs depicting terroristic acts may be widely distributed in third countries (including the nation sponsoring the enemy) where they will instill a deep revulsion in the general populace. Distribution in neutral countries is particularly desirable in order to swing the weight of unbiased humanitarian opinion against the enemy.

The enemy may try to rationalize and excuse its conduct (terroristic), but in so doing, it will compound the adverse effect of its actions, because it can never deny the validity of true photographic representations of its acts. Thus, world opinion will sway to the side of the victimized people.

Friendly territory. Under no circumstances should such leaflets be distributed in friendly territory. To distribute them in the friendly area in which the terrorists’ acts took place would only create feelings of insecurity. This would defeat the purpose of the psychological operator, which is to build confidence in the government or agency he represents.

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The Logic of Inquiry: Rhetorical Devices

Both inductive and deductive arguments, even when properly formed, may result in invalid conclusions if the terms of the argument are not properly formed. The study of these sorts of errors (called “fallacies”) is called “rhetoric.” There are seven main fallacies:

Fallacy of Relevance: The argument does not relate to the issue it is supposed to be addressing.

Ad hominem (“personal attack”)—“If you can’t argue the case, argue against the person making the case”

Ad bellum (“appeal to force”)—“Might makes right.”

Ad ignorantium (“appeal to ignorance”)—“You can’t prove it’s not true, so I’m right,” or, as Bart Simpson puts it, “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me. You can’t prove it.”

Ad misericordium (“appeal to pity”)—“If you don’t fund this project, hundreds of people will be thrown out of work.”

Ad populum (“appeal to the gallery”)—“All the polls support this position.”

Ad vericundium (“appeal to authority”)—“Smith & Jones (1997) say this is the way to go.”

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“false cause”)—The Latin words mean “It came after this, so it must be because of this.” For example, “Students moved in, and there went the neighborhood.”

Accident & Hasty Generalization: This fallacy occurs by moving from the group to the individual (when the group characteristic is not universal), and from the particular to the universal. For example, “People in this neighborhood have incomes above $100,000; you live in this neighborhood, so your income must be above $100,000” may or may not be true—it depends on whether the group characteristic (“income above $100,000”) is a universal (“in order to live in this neighborhood, you must have an income above $100,000) or a generalization (“the average income in this neighborhood is above $100,000”). Similarly, “This crow is black, so all crows are black” may or may not be true—if all birds in the family “crow” must have black feathers, then it is true; but if the color of the feathers is accidental (e.g., can there be albino crows?), then it is not.

Complex Question: This fallacy occurs when two (or more) questions are combined into one, such as “Have you stopped beating your children yet?” This assumes two questions—“Have you ever beaten your children?” and “If so, have you stopped beating your children?”

Begging the Question: This fallacy occurs when the answer to a question assumes what the question was asking in the first place, rather than providing proof (circular reasoning). For example, “Your work does not meet performance standareds because it is unsatisfactory.” (And why is it unsatisfactory? Because it fails to meet performance standards!).

Irrelevant Conclusion: This is similar to begging the question, except that a conclusion is offered which appears to answer the question, but it does not necessarily come from the data which were offered in evidence. For example, “Look at all the effort I am putting forth; of course I’m an effective manager!” (as if effort and effectiveness were the same thing).

Fallacy of Ambiguity: A shift in the meaning of the middle term creates the appearance of a valid argument:

Equivocation: The same term is used, but with different meanings (“All men are mortal. Jane is not a man. Therefore Jane is not a mortal.”)

Amphiboly: The grammatical structure itself permits different meanings (“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like an apple”)

Accent: Emphasis changes the meaning (“You did something right!” –implying that you usually don’t).

Excerpted from URSI 609–Applied Quantitative Analysis by Tony Filipovitch

(The claim that there are seven main types of fallacies, followed by a listing of only six is how it appears in the original. I’m not sure if this is a gaffe, a clever joke, or an example of one of the types of fallacies (Perhaps a fallacy of ommission.)

The Logic of Inquiry: Rhetorical Devices

Both inductive and deductive arguments, even when properly formed, may result in invalid conclusions if the terms of the argument are not properly formed. The study of these sorts of errors (called “fallacies”) is called “rhetoric.” There are seven main fallacies:

Fallacy of Relevance: The argument does not relate to the issue it is supposed to be addressing.

Ad hominem (“personal attack”)—“If you can’t argue the case, argue against the person making the case”

Ad bellum (“appeal to force”)—“Might makes right.”

Ad ignorantium (“appeal to ignorance”)—“You can’t prove it’s not true, so I’m right,” or, as Bart Simpson puts it, “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me. You can’t prove it.”

Ad misericordium (“appeal to pity”)—“If you don’t fund this project, hundreds of people will be thrown out of work.”

Ad populum (“appeal to the gallery”)—“All the polls support this position.”

Ad vericundium (“appeal to authority”)—“Smith & Jones (1997) say this is the way to go.”

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“false cause”)—The Latin words mean “It came after this, so it must be because of this.” For example, “Students moved in, and there went the neighborhood.”

Accident & Hasty Generalization: This fallacy occurs by moving from the group to the individual (when the group characteristic is not universal), and from the particular to the universal. For example, “People in this neighborhood have incomes above $100,000; you live in this neighborhood, so your income must be above $100,000” may or may not be true—it depends on whether the group characteristic (“income above $100,000”) is a universal (“in order to live in this neighborhood, you must have an income above $100,000) or a generalization (“the average income in this neighborhood is above $100,000”). Similarly, “This crow is black, so all crows are black” may or may not be true—if all birds in the family “crow” must have black feathers, then it is true; but if the color of the feathers is accidental (e.g., can there be albino crows?), then it is not.

Complex Question: This fallacy occurs when two (or more) questions are combined into one, such as “Have you stopped beating your children yet?” This assumes two questions—“Have you ever beaten your children?” and “If so, have you stopped beating your children?”

Begging the Question: This fallacy occurs when the answer to a question assumes what the question was asking in the first place, rather than providing proof (circular reasoning). For example, “Your work does not meet performance standareds because it is unsatisfactory.” (And why is it unsatisfactory? Because it fails to meet performance standards!).

Irrelevant Conclusion: This is similar to begging the question, except that a conclusion is offered which appears to answer the question, but it does not necessarily come from the data which were offered in evidence. For example, “Look at all the effort I am putting forth; of course I’m an effective manager!” (as if effort and effectiveness were the same thing).

Fallacy of Ambiguity: A shift in the meaning of the middle term creates the appearance of a valid argument:

Equivocation: The same term is used, but with different meanings (“All men are mortal. Jane is not a man. Therefore Jane is not a mortal.”)

Amphiboly: The grammatical structure itself permits different meanings (“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like an apple”)

Accent: Emphasis changes the meaning (“You did something right!” –implying that you usually don’t).

Excerpted from URSI 609–Applied Quantitative Analysis by Tony Filipovitch

(The claim that there are seven main types of fallacies, followed by a listing of only six is how it appears in the original. I’m not sure if this is a gaffe, a clever joke, or an example of one of the types of fallacies (Perhaps a fallacy of ommission.)

TOR:Anonymity online :

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Glenn Beck :

Glenn Beck [ex-Communist News Network [CNN] now Fox] is the face of the controlled opposition to what is going on in the US today regarding the violation of the US constitution and the Federal Reserve etc etc etc.

Mainstream media hijacks the constitutional,Tea protest,anti federal govt etc etc movements and just regurgitates common talking points without addressing the serious issues that need to be addressed.

The way i see it he has appointed himself or others have appointed him to be the official mouthpiece and head of the growing number of people who are just sick and tired of the present political system as a channel for it.

Loads and Loads of Liberals attended that protest but he ignores them .

He isnt paid 50 million dollars a year for nothing.


His opinion is strictly controlled and paid for.He says what he is told to say by the Central Instigation Agency [CIA]

Mainstream media is getting back all those viewers who havent got the intelligence to go to independent media to find out what is going on.

The objective is to round up all the sheep who oppose the Obama administration and get them all back on board the Republican Neocon bandwagon to ensure that the voters dont start to ask too many questions along with the realisation that the endless endless merry-go-round of left wing/right wing mainstream politics is non representative.

Its very important for them to vote for the next NWO Shill in the next election therefore ensuring a continuation of the two headed one party unrepresentative system.

His job is to control them and manipulate them and stir up their righteous indignation and anger whenever it is necessary and personally and politically expedient like the Sept 12th protest.

Listening to Glenn Beck is like listening to the monkey intead of the Organ grinder but if that is the wrong idiom or i misquoted an idiom that is incorrect then WTF does it matter anyway ?

Faux News is paying 50 million a year for a fucking Monkey called Glenn Beck.

Some of his opinion and observation is correct but he is Shilling for the Republican Party/NWO/CFR and is just working the system.

Round and round and round and round and round and round and up and down and up and down and up and down and round and round the merry-go-round we go !!!

Hold on tight children !!!!!

And now the bad news :

So what if its Fox News ?

STFU and just listen to what Judge Napolitano is saying as he is usually correct.

Handover the US economy to the FED wholesale.

Fascism - The merger of banks and corporation and Govt.

Why not try debating and pushing/promoting this handover of power to the FED at Town Hall meetings instead of a Federal Hall meeting and see how far you get MrPresident ?

Totally predictable and EXACTLY what i expected.

Actually its pathetic.

Why not give the root cause of the current economic problems more power and control over the US and world economy.They dont outwardly directly control worldwide economic policy and banking practices but they have a huge amount of influence over it but covertly they actually control it directly and indirectly.

Now what could possibly be wrong with this proposal ?

What could be/is beneficial to everyone about this proposal ?

I have only just been informed about this but i cant wait to hear the spin and the official Govt justification for this proposal.

The 40,000+ US based factories and businesses that have moved overseas to China in the last year arent going to be affected by this proposal thats for sure.

Its going to be interesting................

Obama Healthcare Challenge :

Answer/Solution :

This guy knows what he is talking about .


The woman who knew/sang too much :

I thought i would post this 2 yr old video which is of interest because yet another Bin Laden tape that has been released just the other day.

Hard to believe that the assasination was 2 years ago as time flies but this is why she was assasinated and it was planned and executed to appear that the assasination was the work of a terrorist organisation and its also why the scene of the assasination was "cleaned up" by UK by Intelligence + Scotland Yard operatives who were flown over to Pakistan .

The crime scene was powerwashed down and not actually investigated.


Its Wag The Dog time again !!

Sky news article :

Its pathetic that Bin Laden/Al-CIAda is wheeled out every time that things are not going well in the Homeland/Fatherland [extreme sarcasm].

The same old mindless drivel every time .

"CIA voice recognition technology confirms that the voice on the tape is Bin Laden.."

"More on this breaking story as we get it ...."

It just gets boring and predictable in the end but those who are currently in control will wheel out Osama Bin Laden or produce tape after tape as it justifies the War On Terror Geo-political Agenda and they will carry on doing so for as long as they remain in control.

All very convenient really when you consider that the geopolitical war machine is now expanding into Pakistan and Somalia on the pretext that AL-CIAda are operating out of those 2 countries.

To use an analogy Truth debunkers commonly use against those who are critical of the official version of events on 9/11:

If there is a 50 million USD reward on his head and the most sophisticated and well funded and resourced intelligence agencies on the planet that are apparently looking for him you would think that he would either have been captured and/or that someone might have ratted him out by now but apparently not.

He is dead FFS.

Its a Hegelian Dialectic.

If anyone cant see or understand this then they are a Muppet .

Maintain the heightened state of alert and threats to national security and in turn justify increased military spending and a continuation of the aggressive and unpopular US/UK foreign policy.

Where the fuck is the Stop The War coalition now that the Obama adminstration is in the White House ?

Nowhere as the Messiah is in the White House now and the Messiah so decrees that the occupation of Iraq must continue indefinately.

Pathetic Hypocritical Fuckwitted Dingbats/Moonbats.

Unfortunately the intelligence agencies always forget or neglect to look in the White House and never ever seem to investigate the CFR , the BilderBerg Group ,the Trilateral commission etc which would be where i would be looking as there are plenty in there who would give up information on the names and wherabouts of the real terrorists.Some of the members of these organisations are also complicit in terrorist activities.

And so the bullshit and stupidity continues......

WTF does it matter what i think anyway ?

As after all its the NWOs planet.

I just live on it.

At least in the short term it is but long term predictions indicate otherwise.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Sept 12th 2009 protests :

This is just the beginning.

This is what the Operation Mockingbird Muppet Media dont show you :

[ignore the Glenn Beck link in one of the videos as it really doesnt have that much to do with Glenn Beck as Glenn Beck is bought and paid for Media Muppet who is trying to claim that he is behind this protest which is absolutely not the case]

Saying that it is all about Glenn Beck just implies that no one can think independently without being told what to do by mainstream media .

Change you can believe in :

The George Sore-Ass Think Progress followers got it all wrong as well as they always do as they dont seem to understand that this protest and movement is not about left/right politics but they have a Racism fixation and are only interested in allegedly offensive placards that deface the messiah and complaining that the majority of the protestors are white which is hard to avoid considering that Whites make up the largest sector of the population so by default there are going to be more whites than Blacks or hispanics but of course they ignore the blacks and hispanics or whatever who attended this protest and who work hard spreading the message that this protest is all about.

They were there but by default they were fewer of them .

Stupid morons.They have a fixation with Racism and Color and they are the idiots who just wont shut up and stop talking about it which proves that their philosophy creates more and perpetuates division because their politics are ultimately divisive.

Theres no reasoning with George Sore-Ass followers as they complain about Racism and complain about divisions and complain about how Whites dont integrate with blacks and all the rest of it but when a movement that is all inclusive and non discriminatory is growing and demonstrably uniting everyone under one cause which is to take down the NWO and out of control Federal govt that is nothing more than a Fascist organisation that bends over to Bankers and big business and which is destroying personal freedom and liberty and which has collectivly stolen from and sold out the people that it falsely claims to represent they dont like it.

Its all about Freedom and NOT all about Healthcare and the criticisms of the Healthcare scheme are on the whole a reflection of the distrust of the Obama adminstration.

Its all about purging the political system of the criminal filth who inhabit it that dont reprresent us anymore and think that they can treat us like rubbish and get away with it.

Sore-Ass followers have 2 choices.They can either join in or they just become part of the problem as they are becoming increasingly irrelevent.

Its difficult to reason with idiots.

Anyway close on 2 million attended this protest but its worth considering that this has just started and for every individual who attended there are 10 + more who couldnt attend for whatever reason not to mention X amount of the silent majority who havent even voiced their opinion yet on forums or by attending protests.

I just wish i was there instead of here because the majority seem to be either too passive or are too zombified or apathetic to ever change anything.

This is just the beginning....

Saturday, 12 September 2009

One hundred reasons to vote NO in the second Irish lisbon treaty Referendum :

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation."

-Jean Monnet, 'Founding Father' of the EU, and Rothschild frontman, in a letter to a friend on 30th April, 1952.

First of all though is an Irish govt propaganda poster .

If you want more opportunuities then vote yes !!

Theres nothing like a dumbed down bit of propaganda that sexualises the Lisbon Treaty to get the proles to vote YES !!









As an antidote to that here are 100 reasons not to vote YES to the EuroTrash who are pushing the Lisbon treaty on everyone :

Apologies but there are no dumbed down slogans,pictures,primary colors,music or ringtones or posters or sexualised propaganda just facts that may be of interest.

ADD sufferers are recommended to read this in small chunks as 100 points may be too much to assimilate all at once.

If you are not interested then dont read them and instead go and busy yourselves with watching TV or catching up with the latest gossip and photos in a celeb culture magazine or go back to fiddling with your mobile phones or go back to your coloring books but remember to keep the colors inside of the lines.

Central EUSSR Planning you can trust :

1. The European Union has already created massive pockets of unemployment, with countries such as Spain – who have ratified Lisbon – suffering with unemployment rates of 18%. Why should Ireland sign up to a failing European Union?

2. About 450,000 people are unemployed, crushed by cuts, taxes, mortgage payments, on top of public bank-bail-outs and yet, the politicians who brought this upon Ireland are also asking for trust over the Lisbon treaty.

3. MEPs claim up to €1,000,000 in expenses each term, while massive job losses continue on an everyday basis.

4. Ireland remains a full member of the EU without the Lisbon treaty, and is in fact economically and politically better off without the treaty.

5. If Ireland votes No, she will continue to have access to Europe’s single market – the Lisbon treaty is concerned more with intensifying European government, using a constitutional document, which will crush trade, jobs and industry in Ireland .

6. Foreign investment has actually increased since Ireland voted No last year.

7. Under the Lisbon treaty, the EU can levy taxes on Ireland for the first time.

8. 150,000 Irish jobs, at least, are under threat through direct employment in multinational companies. Since Lisbon will interfere in taxation and the low corporate tax rate, those multinationals will simply leave for lands with lower corporate tax rates.

9. Lisbon will not aid the recession – to the contrary, it will make it worse.

10. The Lisbon treaty allows big business to import cheap labour and undercut Irish workers, in much the same way as it has done in labour disputes in the UK and the Nordic countries.

11. The EU has created a programme for Ireland to cut public spending, enforcing tough cuts on ordinary people who are trying to make a living wage in difficult times.

12. As Minister Brian Lenihan has said, massive and uncontrolled immigration of EU labour into Ireland helped to c au se the crash. Overseas workers now make up almost 20% of Ireland ’s unemployed.

13. Lisbon hands full control over immigration and asylum policy to the EU, under Article 79, for workers inside and outside the EU – from England to India .

14. EU politicians have falsely assured people that on Lisbon, they are protected from EU changes to the law on abortion, taxation and defence, but those assurances are not part of the Lisbon treaty (Judge Frank Clark, Chairman of the Referendum Commission) and are not EU law – so Lisbon would in fact lead to changes on abortion, taxation and defence.

15. Under the Charter of Fundamental Rights, attached to the treaty, the EU Court will decide on laws relating to abortion, raising children, marriage and euthanasia. It removes the voice of the Irish people on those issues.

16. Lisbon weakens Ireland in the European Union: while countries such as Germany double their voting power to 17%, Ireland ’s voting power will be reduced from 2% to 0.8%. It means Ireland will have no say over key issues.

17. Lisbon would drastically reduce Ireland ’s place in the European Union. It would reduce Ireland ’s representation leaving her completely isolated. There are new provisions to put EU law-making on a pure population size basis, just as in any unitary or federal state. At present, big states have 29 votes each in making EU laws and Ireland has 7 – a ratio of 4 to 1. Under Lisbon , EU laws would be made by a majority of the EU member states as long as they have 65% of the total EU population between them. Instead of the big states having 4 times Ireland’s voting weight, as it is now, this change to a pure population basis would give Germany 20 times Ireland’s weight and France, Britain and Italy 15 times each.

18. Lisbon means that Ireland loses the right to veto harmful measures in over 60 areas. If a proposal comes up that Ireland cannot abide by, it will not have the power to block it, as she will have given up her veto.

19. The treaty is a new European Constitution, which by law, will have superiority over the Irish Constitution. If it is accepted, the Irish people will give up their constitutional rights under the Irish Constitution and be subject to very different constitutional arrangements under the European Constitution.

20. Under Lisbon, Europe assumes a new position over Irish national security: Article 61F pushes for the development of Super-Union cooperative arrangements, under which, the drive towards federalist cooperation is first supported actively by the Union for measures going beyond EU law, and second that such super-Union cooperative agreements will in turn become EU law.

21. Ireland will abandon its traditional criminal justice procedures, since the Lisbon treaty will establish a massive and “fundamental change” to the structure of the European Union: it will abolish the pillar structure and move police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters to the EC treaty, thus enabling Ireland’s police and justice system to be fully subject to Union interference. This will have serious implications bec au se decision-making on police and judicial cooperation would no longer be intergovernmental and it will be subjected to European decisions.

22. European Commission proposals on inheritance law would prevent farmers passing on family farms as a single working unit. If the Lisbon treaty is ratified, that will come into effect.

23. The loss of the state’s veto on trade and services such as health and education in the Lisbon treaty would lead to a significant weakening of the protection for public services.

24. Ireland ’s EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy claimed that that 95% of EU member states would have voted No like Ireland did, had the treaty been put to a vote in other countries.

25. A Yes vote would not only jeopardise farm succession rights but would also lead to a massive influx of Turkish farmers into the European Union.

26. The Lisbon vote is also a vote on Turkish accession. It allows for a country of 75 million people to enter the EU, which would in fact double the number of farmers Ireland has, while also retaining the Common Agricultural Policy budget at existing levels.

27. The Secretary-General of the Commission, who is an Irishwoman, Catherine Day, was instrumental in concealing from the general public the intention of the European Commission to harmonise inheritance and succession law.

28. The European Commission interfered directly throughout Irelands’ referendum process and even through the use of a web-site, particularly with critical comments on the ‘Farmers for No’, a group breaking away from the Irish Farmers’ Association, which is backing a Yes vote.

29. Is a Yes vote not merely a reflection of big finance from companies such as US multinational, Intel, spending several hundred thousand euros backing the Yes campaign?

30. Irish fishermen will continue to having to struggle to survive financially while being forced to dump their catches at sea bec au se of fishing quotas, and have higher operating costs bec au se of the rules under the Common Fisheries Policy.

31. Brussels ’ fishery policies blatantly favour non-EU imports and fleets of larger EU member states.

32. The Lisbon vote is not about being at the heart of Europe or about being good Europeans. It is about the kind of Europe that Ireland wants.

33. Lisbon will be implemented to limit Ireland ’s right to encourage Foreign Direct Investment, interfering in both tax advantages offered to foreign companies as well as conditions on state aid. Given the substantial number of Irish people employed by foreign companies in Ireland , handing over all this power to the EU is a dangerous step for Ireland .

34. Declaration 17 on Primacy, attached to the Lisbon treaty, makes transparent that EU law succeeds Irish law in all existing and new areas covered by the Treaties, giving away and transferring Ireland ’s historic and democratic constitutional rights and freedoms.

35. The increased militarisation of Europe is of great concern to many people who would prefer to see Ireland retain neutrality. In the referendums on Nice , Ireland was assured that a European Army would never happen, but now the basis for a common defence policy and EU battlegroups are in place. Lisbon looks toward a ‘progressive framing of a common Union defence policy’.

36. Pro-life laws will be overruled if Lisbon is passed, as it will only take one court case (such as the D case, funded by the Irish Family Planning Association) to come before the European Court of Justice. The ECJ will overrule on this. The Irish Government will have its hands tied since there would be absolutely nothing it could do to reverse the European decision, or indeed reverse Lisbon .

37. Ireland already has the the Maastricht protocol, drafted to protect Ireland’s pro-life amendment (Article 40.3.3), but this would be knocked down in the European Court, whose heightened powers under the Lisbon treaty would rule over that, or other, protocols, once the Charter of Rights attached to Lisbon came into effect.

38. Lisbon threatens the freedom of conscience, expression and worship. The Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland have already denounced the European Commission’s planned Equal Treatment Directive as “wholly unacceptable” bec au se they said it would force Christians to act against their consciences. The Catholic Bishops say the Directive will result in sharply curtailing the rights of religious liberty and freedom of expression.

39. Voters should reaffirm the decision they had made in the first referendum in June last year bec au se “nothing had changed” in the treaty. People voted for a better deal for Ireland and Europe . Almost 1,000,000 people or 53% of the electorate rejected the Lisbon treaty on June 12th 2008. The Treaty was itself already abandoned by Europe, as the EU Constitution, in 2005, when both France and the Netherlands rejected it in referendums. It is entirely undemocratic.

40. Lisbon expands the range of political situations in which European military forces can intervene. Under Article 28B, Lisbon will represent another grave step towards the federalist vision of a European fighting force.

41. The European Commission’s trade agenda promotes free trade, yet irrespective of the costs to European family farms and rural communities, or the world poorest communities and countries. Lisbon gives the EU exclusive competence over commercial policy, including the negotiating of international trade agreements.

42. Ryanair Chief, Michael O’Leary, provided comments in support of the Lisbon treaty, but Irish voters need to ask themselves, does Ireland really want a Ryanair Europe?

43. A second No vote would strengthen the hand of any Irish government seeking to negotiate a better deal for Ireland and the EU.

44. The Lisbon treaty is the work of Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy, along with Silvio Berlusconi, Jose Manuel Barroso and Nicolas Sarkozy.

45. What would happen to employees of companies such as Waterford Glass or SR Technics, given that the Lisbon treaty imposes restrictions on state aid which might supposedly ‘distort’ the market?

46. Since concerns over Irish neutrality and European militarisation were a key reason for voting No in the first referendum, according to the Irish Times and TNS surveys in May and June 2008, why should the Irish people accept the Lisbon treaty take two?

47. Ireland is voting, in reality, on behalf of 500 million Europeans. Ireland is the only state, out of the 27 EU member states, to have a referendum.

48. The reason why Ireland has a referendum is important: if the treaty is ratified it would transfer powers from the Irish Constitution to the EU and Irish law requires that any changes to the Constitution must be subject to a referendum. The Irish people gained this right bec au se an ordinary Irish citizen, Raymond Crotty, took his case to the Supreme Court in 1986 to guarantee this right, in the case of EU treaties.

49. The Charter rolls back workers’ rights by failing to include a cl au se requiring the recognitions of trade unions.

50. Ordinary Irish people would be denied their basic rights in the workplace. The ECJ, basing its judgements on the Charter, has recently ruled against Swedish workers’ rights. In the Vaxholm case, the Latvian company Laval wanted to use Latvian workers in Sweden but would not agree to Swedish pay and conditions. Swedish unions opposed this treatment. The Euoprean Court ruled that the union could only act to ensure the Swedish minimum wage was paid and go no further. Other Swedish employment agreements could not be imposed. It puts pressure on Irish workers to move towards minimum wage levels or risk losing their jobs. A No vote to Lisbon can be used to obtain a social Protocol which would outlaw these unjust verdicts of the EU Court .

51. Under the terms of Lisbon , the European judicial body, Eurojust has now had its remits and powers hugely increased, affecting Ireland ’s own power over judicial investigations. The Lisbon treaty introduces an Article which increases Eurojust’s remit and powers. The body’s mandate is also extended into the types of crime it can investigate.

52. Lisbon expressly provides that the European judicial body, Eurojust may have the power and the responsibility to initiate criminal investigations and also the power to initiate prosecutions, even though the prosecution would be conducted by the Irish national au thorities, under the supervision of the European Public Prosecutor.

53. The Lisbon treaty provides for the creation of a super-prosecutor, a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), to combat crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union . It will have the power to order national police forces to initiate investigations. It will assemble all the evidence in favour or against the accused and will be responsible for conducting and coordinating prosecutions. It will have jurisdiction over the Irish enforcement au thorities.

54. The treaty stresses that national parliaments will be under a definite European legal obligation to ensure that they comply with proposals and legislative initiatives in judicial cooperation in criminal policy and police. Is this the future of Irish justice?

55. A new Article under Lisbon proves that whilst the European Union is willing to freely pass on the personal crime-related data of Irish citizens around the 27 member states, it will not allow for sufficient data protection safeguards.

56. A new provision allows the Union to establish super cooperation involving all the member states’ competent au thorities, including police, customs and other specialised law enforcement services in relation to the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal offences (Article 69f), above and beyond Irish control over law enforcement.

57. Lisbon confirms the EU commitment to the development of common asylum policy expressly stating on Article 63 that “The Union shall develop a common policy on asylum …”. Since there is no veto power and the measures are adopted through the co-decision procedure, the Irish suffer a reduced influence in not only having a say in the development of an EU common asylum policy, but in being barred from developing its own independent asylum procedures.

58. Lisbon weakens Parliament as it formalises the fact that Irish legislators will be unable to act in a particular area once the European Union has already acted. Since that is the case, Irish parliamentarians will not be able to legislate under key areas specified under Article 2C, such as internal market practices, social policy, economic, social and territorial cohesion, agriculture and fisheries, environment, consumer protection, transport, trans-European networks, energy, areas of freedom, security and justice, common safety concerns in public health matters, research & technological development, international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. What voice will Ireland have to change those polices after Lisbon ? A vast range of activity, which should be under the remit of the Irish Government, will be handed over to EU control.

59. Lisbon threatens higher energy bills, since the basic control of national energy policy is actively transferred from member states to the EU. The new Article 176A specifies the European Union’s massive push toward a harmonised common energy policy. Such a move is bad for Ireland and bad for Europe , and the global marketplace of energy resources. It does nothing to serve in the interests of further liberalisation of the energy market – in fact, anti-competitive measures have been shown to have an obvious effect on increased business costs and consumer bills.

60. Lisbon will threaten Ireland ’s energy security given that Lisbon will have a huge impact on the ability for Ireland to determine its own competitive energy policy. This will prevent it from being able to guarantee flexibility to US contracts and interests in the UK , as it will for any other member state. This will lead to huge instability in (rather than guaranteeing) the security of supply and also insecurities in the foreign policies of both the EU and the US in terms of their cooperation and agreements with oil-rich Middle Eastern countries.

61. The detailed entitlement of rights – embodied in the Articles of the Lisbon treaty and the new Charter of Fundamental Rights – will represent a massive change in the way in which the Irish people are governed and who they are governed by.

62. There is a new definition of European citizenship in the Lisbon treaty which will provide each citizen with a real dual citizenship: Union citizens and citizens of their national states. However, Irish citizens do not trust the European institutions, there is no European demos, nor could the Irish people have loyalty to it, or identify with the creation of a European-wide demos. A Yes vote is a vote against democracy.

63. Irish policy on Iraq , Afghanistan and Kosovo will be transferred to a new European foreign minister. Ireland will not have a say on key foreign policy issues. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy represents a severe danger to an independent Irish foreign policy. He or she will be appointed by the European Council, acting by a qualified majority vote and with the agreement of the President of the Commission. It is an immense threat to the independence of Ireland in determining its own foreign policy, since this treaty essentially creates a European Foreign Minister, claiming to work on Ireland ’s behalf throughout the European Union. Negotations on behalf of the Irish people will be held on the other side of Europe without the slightest involvement of an Irish representative or official.

64. The major role played by the Union itself in the international arena has now been consolidated with the Lisbon treaty, in contrast to Ireland and other member states, whose power on foreign policy is now reduced to a secondary au thority of a subsidiary province.

65. The Lisbon treaty establishes the post of a new EU Foreign Minister, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The new post changes the nature of the relationship between Ireland , the other member states and the EU. Heads of State and Government will no longer represent their countries on the international stage.

66. There will be a new President of Europe, sitting in the European Council – such a substantial transfer of more political power to EU level, through the new President of the European Council eliminates the ability of member states to conduct their own independent foreign policy.

67. Lisbon places an obligation on member states that they uphold EU “common positions” in UN forums. Ireland will be obliged to present the common foreign policy position as its own position, when attending the UN Security Council. Ireland would be on the UN Security Council primarily to represent the EU’s position, not its own interests.

68. The intention of the European Union to develop a common European army is obvious.

69. Lisbon turns the EU into a global political actor in its own right. It transfers Ireland ’s powers to sign treaties with other states over to the Union . It will allow the Union to increase the role it plays on the international stage and to promote its interests above Ireland ’s values. The Union acquires the right to conclude international agreements. The Union will gain the rights to conclude treaties, to submit claims or to act before an international court, to become a member of an international organisation, and to enjoy certain immunities.

70. Ireland will in fact sign a blank cheque if it gives the go-ahead to the treaty. Lisbon introduces “simplified revision procedures”, meaning that the treaty is self-amending. Ireland will no longer have referendums bec au se amendments will be made without any further need for treaties or ratification procedures. Article 48 (6) has been called the “ratchet cl au se” and allows treaty amendments to be made without the necessity of a new, amending treaty and ratification. The supposed intention of this provision is to simplify the revision of the treaties. It will completely remove the Irish people from their say over Europe . The simplified but wholly undemocratic revision procedures represent a significant increase in the power of the Union, at the expense of Ireland .

71. The Union will further interfere with Irish employment and social policies. It is not a surprise that Ireland records low (and stagnated) growth, since Europe already coordinates a number of economic and employment policies. The agreement to certain provisions in this treaty is to put the opportunities and jobs (now and in the long term) of the Irish people at great risk.

72. The EU will gain powers over controlling Irish industry, health, education, sport, culture, civil protection and tourism. This is an intolerable state of affairs for the Irish people, which will cost the Irish economy billions.

73. Lisbon reduces the meaning of a green passport to a mere symbol. Under the EU’s freedom of movement legislation, Lisbon provides the right for Ireland to adopt provisions concerning passports, identity cards, residence permits and other documents applying to the movement of EU citizens.

74. Lisbon is entirely contrary to Ireland ’s wishes, given that in economic turmoil, when Ireland may have difficulty implementing one-size-fits-all EU legislation, the European Commission now gains the power to immediately impose penalty payments. The European Court of Justice will impose a lump sum on Ireland when she has not implemented a Directive.

75. If Ireland does sign up to Lisbon , it will not then be able to opt-out of super-Union policies which have been developed between a select number of member states. Lisbon demands that a number of member states can work ever-closer in “enhanced cooperation” on a particular policy (based largely on existing Article 10 TEU). If Ireland is not involved in the enhanced cooperation, she will be compelled to adopt the measures as if they were normal Union measures – Ireland will have had no say in the binding nature or the content of the measure.

76. Lisbon really is a blank cheque in more ways than one – one provision allows the Union to create its own powers (beyond the Treaties) in order to pursue Union objectives, under Article 308, so that if the Treaties have not provided the necessary powers for a certain action, the Council, acting on a proposal from the Commission can adopt any appropriate measures it feels necessary. Quiet often, they will not be in Ireland ’s interest. Lisbon states that the Commission only has “to draw national Parliaments’ attention to proposals based on this Article”, rather than requiring any form of proper national agreement or consent. Ireland will be writing a blank cheque on policies, it can ill afford to sign up to.

77. How can Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Foreign Minister Brian Cowen have agreed to such a bad deal when they signed up to the EU Constitution in 2004, now repackaged as the Lisbon treaty?

78. Instead of the Irish Government deciding who Ireland ’s Commissioner is, under Lisbon , it will be Germany , France and the United Kingdom deciding. Lisbon results in a shift from a bottom-up process for appointing EU Commissioners to a top-down one that benefits other and larger EU states. The Irish Government’s White Paper ignored that fact. The promise of EU Prime Minister’s or Presidents that every member state will continue to have its own national Commissioner after Lisbon is false.

79. Lisbon , by law, would give the European Union a Constitution in the order of a supranational European federal state. It would be superior to the Irish Constitution and laws in all the areas covered by the Treaties.

80. Lisbon puts the competition rules of the EU market above the right of Irish trade unions to enforce pay standards higher than the minimum for migrant workers – so whilst it reduces the power of Irish labour, it reinforces the power of migrant workers.

81. Those who vote Yes for Lisbon often warn of Ireland ’s isolation in Europe . This is false on every count. The political reality is that if Ireland votes No, the Czech Republic and Poland will, in turn, halt ratification of the treaty, since they are waiting to see what Ireland does. Given the status of legal challenges, Germany may not have ratified the treaty either. The next UK Government, which must be elected by next May, will also introduce a Bill on its first day in office to hold a referendum on Lisbon in the UK and recommend a No vote to it. That will give Ireland ’s fellow neighbours in Northern Ireland the chance to vote on Lisbon too.

82. A No vote on Lisbon would open to a new and genuinely more democratic EU, to be embodied in a new set of arrangements which would repatriate powers back to the member states, as Europe ’s original 2003 Laeken Declaration envisaged, along democratic lines.

83. A No vote would stop the march towards an EU federal superstate that would be run on most undemocratic lines, under the total dominance of the elites of the larger EU states, namely Germany , in tandem with their officials in the Brussels Commission.

84. The European Commission is spending some 1.5 million euros on a spurious information campaign in Ireland , supposedly aimed at giving Irish people more information on the EU, but in fact swaying their votes in the Lisbon referendum re-run on Friday 2 October toward a Yes vote.

85. The European Commission has created a massive bill-board advertising campaign across Ireland, cinema advertising that is directed especially at Irish women and young voters, the holding of meetings and seminars and the use of web-sites. Does Ireland , a free county, support the indoctrination of its youth with political messages?

86. The European Commission’s supposed “information campaign” is programmed to go on into 2010, as if it were an everyday exercise, but its l au nch in Ireland recently was set up to taint and influence the outcome of the Lisbon referendum in Ireland .

87. Those involved in the Yes campaign, such as the Commission itself and Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin writing in the Irish Independent, seem to have given advice under the mistaken impression that a “double majority” of number of member states plus a qualified majority of votes does not exist already for making EC/EU laws, when it actually does. Their statements have thereby concealed the reduction of Ireland ’s voting weight.

88. The European Commission, in supporting the Yes campaign in Ireland, has been wrong to suggest that human rights matters such as inheritance rights for Irish farmers would or could not be affected in a European Union, after it signed up to Lisbon. Farmers’ inheritance rights would be affected.

89. On human rights in general, the Irish people will have their rights set out in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which along with the treaty, will be made legally binding for EU citizens. This means that all human rights issues would in principle fall within the remit of the European Court of Justice in the immediate future.

90. Ireland ’s ratification of the Lisbon treaty would give the 27 judges of the EU Court of Justice the power to decide sensitive matters over human rights, property rights and inheritance rights for the first time, as a consequence of new EU citizenship, entailing EU citizens’ rights and duties within the new European Union after Lisbon .

91. Czech President Vaclav Kl au s has stated that the treaty would undermine Czech sovereignty, and so refuses to sign it. The same is true of Irish sovereignty. Kl au s later said, in respect of the Irish people, “… the Lisbon treaty is dead, bec au se it was rejected in a referendum in one of the member states.” Irish democracy and sovereignty are paramount. Are the Irish people prepared to give it away?

92. Ireland would have great support if it does say No. For example, Poland ’s President Lech Kaczynski says he will not sign the treaty until it is passed in Ireland .

93. The Government has wrongly claimed it has assurances on important Irish concerns – they are not assured at all and will be pushed through in the distant future without any treaty ratification now. The Irish Government is claiming that the Decision of the European Council on 19 June 2009 and the promised Protocol incorporating that Decision which is to be attached at some future date, will significantly limit the effect of the treaty of Lisbon on certain provisions of the Irish Constitution and will define what the effects of that treaty are on future Union competence in relation to key Irish assurances. The Decision does not change the Lisbon treaty, as it stands, and it imposes such a restriction on the European Court of Justice in the future without proper treaty ratification now.

94. The Irish Decision of the European Council on 19 June 2009 states that the future Protocol “will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the treaty of Lisbon” , but the Lisbon treaty is not yet in force and if the treaty of Lisbon does comes into force, the European Court of Justice would be free to interpret the Irish Decision in the opposite sense – for example, it would insist that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights can affect the articles relating to the right to life, the rights of the family and rights in respect of education set out in the Irish Constitution. A Protocol, even if it is to be attached to some future treaty, indicates that a substantive treaty change is intended (in contrast to say a Declaration, which does not). This dishonesty must be met with a No vote.

95. The Irish Decision of the European Council on 19 June 2009 is not a real or legal assurance as the European Court of Justice will rule over the terms of this Decision, that the treaty makes no changes on taxation, for example, unless the member states have agreed to that by a normal treaty ratification process. The Irish Decision is a substantive treaty change requiring re-ratification of the Lisbon treaty.

96. The Irish Decision of the European Council on 19 June 2009 falsely claims to be in Ireland ’s interest by limiting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in relation to specific aspects of the Lisbon treaty, even though the Court is the only legal body competent to decide on the interpretation and application of the Treaties. The Irish people have been deceived on this and should vote No on the basis of this disturbing but substantial confusion.

97. Despite Ireland ’s economic turmoil, the Irish people will be subject to changes and notable increases in direct and indirect taxation, even though false assurances have been made to the contrary. Under Lisbon , Article 311 TFEU would allow the EU to impose its own taxes by unanimous agreement. Article 113 TFEU requires harmonisation of legislation on indirect taxation for a new purpose, “to avoid distortion of competition”, and would enable the European Court of Justice to rule on tax matters accordingly. Any assurances made by the Irish Government on taxation are false and have no legal effect.

98. The Irish Government will be limited in its power over tax measures in difficult economic times bec au se of Lisbon . The treaty asserts, under Protocol No 27 (On the Internal Market and Competition), that the EU could vote down national tax measures if they can be regarded as c au sing distortion of competition on the internal market.

99. Ireland needs obvious constitutional safeguards from Lisbon and cannot sign up until it has achieved them. For example, on 30 June, the German Constitutional Court in judging concerns over the Lisbon treaty has forbidden the German President from signing the treaty until the German Parliament adopted a law which would safeguard the involvement of their Parliament in future EU decision-making. Other EU countries have sought constitutional safeguards. Should Ireland not also reject Lisbon until it can insist upon the protection of its own Parliament, the voice of the Irish people?

100. Democracy.