Wednesday, 26 November 2008

3 solutions :

1:Credit Unions.

2:Exiting the EU and the removal of New Labour from office.Civil servants/Whitehall can run the country for the time being with oversight while "New" Labour are investigated.

3:Liberating the deposits in illegal offshore slush funds.This presents its own problems because the overseas slush funds may well make up a large amount of an offshore/foreign banks investment portfolio and actual existing assets.


Lets say that there is 5 trillion USD held by a bank in Germany as a part of the missing 27.5 trillion [Hillary Clinton Childrens Charity] then demanding that 5 trillion back from the bank in Germany because it was stolen will obviously not be very good for the economy of Germany or the banks account holders so it seems like the answer is for the US taxpayer /US interests[the taxpayer] to have a 5 trillion share in that bank as ownership is transferred.They would each own shares that were not bought and sold and a percentage of that would either be paid out in dividends to each shareholder or used to fund government spending in the US .Not possible as it will take out a huge chunk of taxes paid by that bank into the German Economy.So really the money is locked into the system and cant be moved so transfer of ownership is the only solution without wrecking the worldwide economy even more.

I am not an economist so i have no real idea about the implications of recovering offshore funds and the effect on a foreign countries economy that would be the result of it.

"WE must inject large amounts of money into the economy NOW to get the economy moving again !" Fair enough if it means cashflow for businesses and factoring etc.No problem with that but if it means that private individuals should increase their own personal debt then its fucking stupid and irresponsible and anyway they dont want to borrow because the Govt and the media have already scared the shit out of them and now they want to save money NOT borrow more.

Stupid Govt proves that it hasnt learnt a fucking thing and thinks that just throwing more cash at the problem as it exists is going to change anything when they have done NOTHING to stop the problem at source.

They would have been better off giving each taxpayer 12,500 each to spend/invest in the economy according to their own investing /spending habits.They want us to spend our way out of a recession but they want us to borrow more money to spend.However if even part of that 12,500 each is invested/deposited in Banks then the banks are recapitalised anyway to an extent and then that money is lent out again anyway and so it goes on unless banking practices are regulated.

STOP Fractional reserve lending and INCREASE the rate of interest payable by banks to account holders/investors so that they get a decent return on their investment instead of all those ridiculously low derisory rates of interest that have been the industry standard since this bullshit began.

Really WTF was all that about ?

That came out of nowhere.

It drove investors away from Banks and into Property which because of low interest rates and easy lending created an unsustainable house price bubble.

Banks will make less money .So What ? WHO gives a F about Shareholders anyway ?Fuck them all except we are ALL shareholders but dont expect any dividends at the end of the year.Socialism/Marxism/Nationalisation doesnt pay out dividends to investors except the govt who keeps the money.

"This is a good investment for the UK taxpayer" .

Stupid fucking Twats.Cut the Income tax rates you Morons for a year or so.2% of the rate of income tax for the average earner.That shouldnt make that much difference to public spending as this Govt wastes so much Fucking money anyway [Another story].

You wont even see their accounts .


Alistair Darling what a prize Prick he is.

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