Thursday, 28 August 2008

Martin Luther King

This is the real voice of Equality.

Accept no imitation or Obama frauds.

He was too good to last.

Notice that this speech isnt Divisive or Racist.Its all inclusive.

Alex Jones:

Not sure what to make of Alex jones but alarm bells are ringing.

I am not sure that shouting hysterically and acting like a deranged idiot at rallies where a load of hippies were congregating in an attempt to levitate the Federal Reserve building is a very good advertisment for anyone who is interested in plausible conspiricies and FemaCamps etc as its interesting to note that hardly any of the info in EndGame for example has been disproved.

I have watched his 20 minute monologues and unless he is playing up to the camera he comes across as emotionally unstable and hysterical like he has got psychological problems.Some of his behaviour is extreme and slightly disturbing to watch.

Its rather like someone who complains about stuff but never has anything positive to add or a solution to a problem.

Also i cant stand people who shout and raise their voice as Alex Jones does rather a lot like a deranged Idiot.

I rant but i rarely raise my voice.

So i believe Alex Jones and his followers are just another Cult with Alex jones being the Personality as Alex Jones attracts Loonies which in turn discredits the truth movement away from Rationality and over to the tin foil Hat wearers which is the perfect way to stop the whole thing being taken seriously by anyone else not forgetting of course all those who are lazy thinkers with closed minds who wont take anything seriously as they are in denial of reality or who want to preserve their own idea or view of what reality is to them.

The denial of Reality in the face of it is Cognitive Dissonance which is just simple predicatable psychology and worthy of its own dissertation sometime as its highly effective and whats more it is self imposed by the individual without any external assistance.

Fema Camps exist.That is fact so is all the rest like RFID.

Yet at the same time i believe that there is a reverse psychology going on here otherwise why make a film that points out facts but paints a picture that is so utterly depressing and hopeless if not to reinforce a mindset that says that you will never defeat it as its too big.

At no point in that film does it offer any real solutions to a very bleak picture which although i say it is fact what it really is is just a sequence of events that would logically follow each other into the worst worse case scenario ever as if to say the future is set in stone.

The ultimate in Pessimism.

I also think that although i will defend the individual parts of this film rather like Zeitgeist ,EndGame because of its bleakness and the way the info is presented is or could be very damaging to younger viewers or anyone who is easily disturbed in the way a lot of individuals were during the Cold War .

No rational solution is presented to the viewer.

And each time Alex Jones makes a film it is bleaker than the last.

Alex Jones i think is officially sanctioned [possibly] to spread this message of bleakness and i have watched instances where he is inviting everyone to potentially riot under certain circumstances in an attempt to overthrow the forces of darkness which is actually irresponsible and dangerous.

Rioting should not be the first choice of solution .Rioting isnt a solution at all.

So the jurys out at the moment but i dont take him that seriously .He is just a conduit for information.

I rarely visit his website.

There is something that is intrinsically not right about Alex Jones and Prison Planet and Infowars etc.

I was just reading a very interesting article that was deconstructing Alex Jones but it suddenly went off onto a Christian tangent which saved me at least half an hours worth of reading text.No need to go any further.

Alex Jones causes Psychological confusion and his bleak messages are both a form of psychological warfare while informing you that "there is a war on for your mind" which is true but he is bombarding the viewer with more of it which is wrong.

Just another personality who attracts followers.



No doubt alex Jones and his Followers are closely watched by government and are all on watchlists or just lists of Subversives.

Nothing is what it seems.

One must never stop questioning.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Faulty boiler update:

There comes a point in life where one has to admit that one does not know everything and in some cases actually knows nothing about a particular subject so the best thing to do then is to seek the advice of a professional who is highly qualified to answer any question about the subject and is able to diagnose a problem and then offer a correct solution.

The subject is Gas Boilers.

The problem is a gas flame that cuts out once hot water is running after a few seconds.But sometimes it doesnt.

3 seperate engineers said it was the PCB [circuit board] while not actually investigating the cause of the problem.

"Its the PCB.."

"Its the PCB..."

"Its the PCB ..."

So after taking their advice which was simple enough i bought a new circuit board and replaced it with the new circuit board which is an idiot proof operation that takes 1 hour fully expecting hot water at the end of it i find i am back to SQ one again and i am the proud owner of a new spare circuit board at the cost of 150 quid that was to replace the old circuit board that wasnt defective anyway as the fault is still present and i am going to have another Cold shower.Its like being at school all over again as that happened a lot there as well.Its character building apparently but luckily its summer and not winter and too a certain extent i enjoy a cold shower as i feel amazing afterwards.

This strikes me as incompetence and wrong information by highly qualified professionals who at the expense of thousands per year in Corgi registration fees and exams have failed to diagnose a simple Non-Volatile shutdown problem and i have had time and money wasted by wrong ,careless and sloppy disinformation.

The manufacturer who have been helpful so far should be able to diagnose the gas flame cut out code AO1 and provide a solution i hope.

But i just get sick and tired of the culture of incompetence that is everywhere.

Unfinished Hot Potato :

"I'm not sure that's done you any favours. Especially that last bit."

Why because the Racists were Black that i was targetting and not White Nazi supremacists instead ?

Well just wait as they are next for the Chop as well and i will post the results here and i will engage them online and post the results here.

Try not to Wet The Bed all you PC liberals as i have had plenty of debate online with quite a few African Americans as well on the subject of race and politics as well.None of them have taken any exception to my comments in those debates.

FFS !!

Those were racial stereotypes.There are racial stereotypes everywhere.Everytime i watch a film particularly Hollywood films there are racial stereotypes in it.

They are not a good thing but they reflect reality to a large extent .Because of what i am i fit a load of racial stereotypes that are typical of what i am but also a few more that dont fit the stereotype but thats the nature of generalisations.

The amount of times when questioned about where i come from which is lots of places but i say i was born in Africa they say "What South Africa ? ". NO not south africa. I was born in Kenya but we did live in South Africa for a while but my father left because he was unhappy about the political system there and didnt like having Black servants and the apartheid and everything else.

So i say NO not South Africa because i dont want the association with Racism ,apartheid etc and also because i wasnt born there anyway.ITs the assumption on the part of others that because i am white i *must* be South African.That pisses me off.

I have also been told to "Fuck off back to where i came from !!" a few times by Whites in the UK who think i am Australian or German/Scandinavian or whatever they think.I get the Australian thing as well.A surfer or something like that when i have never surfed and dont know how to.

Whats more i have never had to take so much shit from the indigenous population of any country as much as i have had living in the UK.

and whats more 99% of the Shit i have taken is/was from the English White population exclusivly.I have never had any shit from Blacks ,Asians,Indians or anything else.

That says something really.

And whats more i have never had so much shit from any population in any country like i have had here.

Persecution. Did you get that ?

I spent a third of my life living in different countries and moving here and there all over the world and i grew up and went to school with a whole load of nationalities and races and i lived on an Island next to New Guinea where i went to school with the native population in straw huts with sand on the floor and i ate their food and i ate Bananas and Coconuts and mixed with them all the time despite the "differences" wherever i was.

So my whole background is multicultural so based on life experiences i know a little bit about how to integrate with Blacks or whatever.

So enough of the knee jerk PC liberal overeaction to a bit of straight talk as you or anyone else dont know me well enough to pass judgement.All you have to go on is a few comments that were careless and stupid.Thats all you have.

Get an Education. [Not Mr Timson or Ush Or Wod or ButtonMan or Tordelback who already have one who condemned my comments but who ARE the voice of reason ] but others who WANT to think or look for reasons to say PW *IS* a Racist and who wont have it any other way No Matter What.

I detect a Prejudice.

Prejudice is alien to PC Liberalism or do you pick and choose your prejudices as and when ?

If you refuse to hear someone out or take their word then you are not worth talking to .

Why would i hate or have prejudices against a race that i have never been wronged by or oppressed by ?

Why would i adopt a dislike of a particular race for no reason that is different to what i am ?

Why would i support a deliberate policy of Divide and Rule ?

Thats what Racism ultimatly is.Divide and Rule.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Unfinished Backgrounds/Landscapes:

Dead Heroin addict friend:

I just found out today that someone i used to know died a few years ago now from Heroin use but i dont have the exact details.

Tragic and a waste.

The friend was a very talented musician and artist and a warm wonderful person ruined by drug use.I only found out accidentally in conversation as i wasnt told about it by anyone.

The last time i saw Simon was in the street a few years ago when he was in an absolute mess from all the heavy Heroin abuse .I was talking to Simon for a couple of minutes but in the end i had to walk away as it was too depressing and disturbing.

He called out in the street "Peter dont walk away from me !! Come back !! " but i didnt and i never saw him again.

I dont feel good about that but i cant turn the clock back.

A waste of a life.

Very talented musician [Bass player ] and i remember once saying to Simon play the bass line to this song or that song and everytime it was correct and in time.Spirits in The Material world was absolutly spot on.

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll is bad for your health especially the drugs.I have always been anti drugs on the whole especially hard drugs although i admit to chasing the dragon twice but it didnt have any effect really that i remember and i never touched it again.

Brighton apparently has the highest or second highest death rate from hard drugs in the UK but i dont know if that is correct.I can think of places that are potentially a lot worse.If thats what they want to do to themselves there isnt *anything* you can do to stop them unless they want to stop themselves ultimatly but for some even if they want to stop there are a lot of different reasons why they cant stop taking it.The only thing you can do is remove them from the enviroment they are in and detoxify them.

I think Simon had extended times when he wasnt on it and then relapsed over and over again.

One cant judge another but they must be weak if they cant help themselves but like i say i dont know wehat is going on in their minds or what drives them to do it but its terrible for their families and friends.There is help available if they want but a lot slip through the net.Its like no one could ultimatly stop Kurt Cobain or anyone else killing themselves unless you watch them 24 hours a day.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Finito ! :

Unfortunately a bit of something or other that was smouldering landed on it and burnt a hole in it which needs a repair.


UUUuuuh.....UUh....UUUUh...... uhh ...... UUUUUhhhh...overrides guilt by association...UUhh...uh.. and there is...uuuuh.....nothing .....debating.....the..uh....Issues....uh...that have been my far....the Teleprompter is......UUUUUUHHHH this over yet?....UH...can i go now?....Kids dont smoke Crack causes permanent brain damage and speech....UUUUh....problems.....UUuh..UHH...UUUHHH...UH...someone help me out here !!!....UUUh..........uh...............

Thursday, 21 August 2008

More Art:

Boiler repair guy:

Each time i have a seperate boiler technician round to fix the boiler the estimate for the repair and the replacement part the cost of said spare part goes up expotentially.

First of all the spare part costs 160 Quid .

Next time its 175.00

Next time its 210.00

So following this pattern or mathematical formula that i dont understand after another half a dozen estimates the price of the spare part will be 300 quid or so.

Yet if i ask nicely of the repair guy to produce a receipt dated correctly to prove that the money i am paying them has been spent and not pocketed their attitude changes completely.

Well sorry i am not lining their pockets or paying their mortgage or paying for them to go to Disneyworld Florida with their kids by paying them money obtained by deception.They might get away with it elsewhere but not here.I wont stand for it.

So i am buying the spare part online for 140 quid incVAT and i will do it myself as it just involes changing a circuit board over to another.


I have heard reports that an Ex - Girlfiend of mine has been asking of me and has probably heard that i am moving back.Her younger sister was too.

I would love to see the ex again as TBH i havent ever stopped thinking about her all that time.I havent seen her for 10 - 15 years ago as she moved away and i did later on.Her later boyfriend was/is an absolute Tosser and insecure with it as his behaviour towards her and myself when she was present was pathetic.

I dont think she is with him anymore but i could be wrong but what i was told was she has 3 kids now and has "Filled Out".Actually now i think about it she has left him and i heard quite negative things about him and i always knew he was no good and i was right.

Its going to be a shock when i see her again again thats for sure.I was very nearly kicked out of the family home aged 16 because i spent so much time at her flat that she rented very close to the art college as she was a student and 2 years older than i was.I first saw her at a place called The Crypt where everyone went on Friday and Saturdays and she was dancing to something or other and she looked like Madonna in about 1985.I just thought "I dont know who she is but i have to talk to her which i did.

I saw another girl who i knew from the age of 12 who lived close to where i lived but who was always just a friend unfortunatly.I was in a pub in the Old Town in Hastings and i saw her at the bar and couldnt believe it.I bought my drinks without her noticing i was there but i thought at the same time "Please come and sit outside where i am " and sure enough she did.

I made the first move as she didnt know i was there and she just said "Peter!!... i cant remember your second name .... You look really good !!!! "

She wasnt exactly going to forget.

"Well what did you expect ??!! and by the way so do you !!!"

It turns out she had just got married [Drat and DoubleDrat] and i met her partner there and then as well and he seemed alright but quiet and reserved and unassuming and i rather got the impression she is the dominant half of the relationship.If thats the case a relationship with her may not work from my point of view as i dont assume or play subordinate roles in relationships.Never.I dont or would never dominate either.I just want my equal and nothing else.I cannot be controlled by women but i am housetrained.

Trivia :

Every night i check to see whats on TV just in case there may be a film to watch or the 1% chance that there may be something else of interest.

Each night when i look at the listings on ITV [not that i would lower myself to watch retarded Shite on ITV ] its always "NightWatch with Steve Scott".

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

Nightwatch with Steve Scott

When will they just Fuck Off with that Banal repetitive Shit ?

Who the Fuck is Steve Scott ?

If i havent heard of him then he isnt worth knowing about.

He looks like an Estate Agent or some faceless office drone or a low level politician but as it turns out he is an ITV Hack/JournoTard and potentially lower down the food chain than an Estate Agent.

Cheap TV.

Watching Police driving round faceless shit streets on shit estates and garbage areas arresting endless amounts of low life small time petty hoods,wannabe gangsters and Chavs and various examples of Human Dross and Garbage.

Whats to like ?

If he likes the Police then he should go and join them instead.

I can just imagine movie voiceover guy voiceing "NightWatch with Steve Scott" in that deep american voice.

I keep expecting to see a vigilante character in a long black leather coat driving a souped up car with blacked out windows , wheel rims,3 exhausts and an arsenal of lethal home made weaponry in the trunk but i get someone who tags along with the Police like some useless bit of extra luggage.

Fuck Off ITV with your lowest common denominator CRAP.

I am glad ITV are a commercial TV channel instead of being funded by licence payers as i would object as i would think Fuck paying for that Shit.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Russia vs Georgia :

As the never ending chessgame of world politics and the power mad cockroaches who play it continues , concerning russia and Georgia and the West/US continues this is the way i see it.

The Cockroaches in the west know that the public is getting bored with "War on Terror" and all that Bollocks they need another common enemy to defend us from and keep us from peace so we are back to the Cold War.


This business over missile defence shields has been going on for months or even the last year or so .Both sides are doing it.Iran has a lot to do with this as well.

I also think that SaakashvilLiar was coerced or pushed into attacking S.Ossettia by the US to provoke the reaction from Russia which was very predictable.

The reaction from Russia provoked another reaction that was also just as predictable.Surrounding Eastern European or former Soviet countries that have not already joined Nato all suddenly want to plus the fact that existing Nato countries all want to allow US missile defence/detection bases on their soil to form another Iron Curtain against Russia without any of them having to defend that decision as they will all say "look what happened in Georgia" due to the spin given by the media .


Its all about creating the pretext to pursue the agenda.

Some of these countries dont even have a real military or even any aircraft yet if they join Nato and are attacked Nato is ultimatly obliged to defend all these backwater garbage countries.

If Russia places its own Iskander short range missiles in other neighbouring countries the West does and doesnt have a problem.

Just be glad that Iskander only have a range of about 400KM and are only conventional warheads not Nucleur.

Iskander missiles are very very good indeed but they are not an anti missile defence system at all in themselves as they only are any good for land based targets.

And dont forget the Russians have one of the very best intelligence agencies on the planet and know everything that is going on.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Obama/Muslim ? :

Question : How do you find out if Obama is a Muslim or not ?

Answer: Either force him to eat Porky The Pig OR Inform him that Muhammad was a False Prophet and that Jesus was the only son of the one true god that being God and Christianity is the only true religion.If Obama really is a Christian then he will not have a problem with any of that.

The guy is a liar and a very bad one at that because if you know anything about all the different ways of analysing and watching the body language ,eyes,tone of voice,speech, and most of all the eyes you should realise he is lying.

Ok in itself to be fair Obama cannot disprove a negative but there is loads of eviodence that says otherwise so it seems a bit dumb to continue to lie in the face of all that as the more he does that the worse it will be for him in the end.

Plus the fact only WEAK people lie.

A strong person would explain themselves and the lies and put closure on the matter and be done with it.

We prefer our Gods in the west to have a non specific generic name.

Its not the issue of what someones religion is if they are running for a presidency because really Religion here in the west has no place in politics although it has to be said that the 2 seem to have become a bit mixed lately as if to say any president or Prime minister who openly states that they are a Christian it somehow how gives them extra legitimacy and even elevates them to a certain extent and a covenient get out clause or a crutch to lean on .

I fully expect that if i said i hear voices in my head that were messages from God saying go and burn down the house next door and i acted upon those voices i would be sectioned.

YET it seems to be alright for Tony Blair to say that God influenced his decision to go to war with Iraq.

Think about it.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


My year and a half old boiler has a fault that is a minor fault that is easily corrected.For the last week i have been having cold showers.I called Ariston to get the name of recommended boiler engineers to fix it.

I get the name of 1 engineer in Worthing whose telephone is either constantly engaged or i get a voicemail from some woman who sounded like a Chav saying he is on Holiday and will be back on the 4th of August .It is now the 13th of August.No reply to my voicemail messages that i have to somehow fit into the 8 to 10 seconds i am given.

No reply.

His name is Dean Widows.

Deans Widow.

Perhaps he is dead ?

Anyway fuck Ariston.

Very Sloppy.

I know some who does it locally who is 98% recommended online as a boiler engineer.

who answered my voicemail this evening and who will fix it tomorrow.

Its like trying to get blood out of a stone trying to get anyone to do anything even if its to their advantage.There are 2 others i know who could join the company i am joining to write out their CV [work related only] so it can be viewed by the company so that they can get work from this company as part of my team and never ever have to look for work ever again with the very real possibility of working on royal Palaces and stately homes and that sort of thing.They say they are very keen on this idea.

Only thing is i asked one of them 2.5 months ago and so far i have got nothing in reply.Nothing.

Well sorry position is now closed.


Too Late.

The other who i am working with on a conversion of a flat as he is the Architect designing the scheme who i gave the job of designing the scheme to who i am helping to get his scheme approved by the council planning and conservation dept because it is fraught with problems if you dont know the correct procedure and all the formalities who i have also offered half of the physical building work involved to says:

"I hate having to put my life down on paper.I just dont like doing it...."

I have asked 3 times now and still havent got it.


The friend who is an architect is very talented but lacks self motivation and drive to do anything for him self and is incapable of finding his own work and always has to be fed work by others like myself.He has been so short of work that he has to work with this guy i know who is also a loser jobbing builder and who will never be anything.My friend who is the architect cannot stand working with the guy who is the jobbing builder as he is a nightmare to work with for various reasons so i offer him a way out and he does not reciprocate.

So i dont know really.

Head-Wall-bang!-Head-Wall-bang!and so on.

So it seems to me like my Dad always says "People are losers because thats what they choose for themselves and thats the position they choose for themselves but dont listen to their whining .Its their own fault.They make their own choices in life so they made their own bed so they can lie in it" and that sort of thing.

Quite true really.

Like a close friend i knew who died .This person ended up homeless because of relationship problems etc who was it iturned out very ill with Leukemia but didnt realise it at the time.He thought he had ME."Mark you must get yourself checked out and get a second or third opinion and get treatment and see a specialist.I might as well not have bothered.

He was homeless so i put him up at mine for a while but thats alright up to a point as i dont have much space here and no spare bedroom.This guy was unemployed because he was on sickness benefit.So i lined him up with a flat from a landlord i knew who takes DHSS and housing benefit as most landlords dont accept DHSS and only take tenants who are working.I even gave him the money for a deposit to secure the flat.

He lost or spent the money [nearly a 1000 quid ] and never went to look at the flat ."Have you been to look at the flat yet Mark ??", "No but have you seen this article in UFO REality magazine ? Its really interesting etc etc ...""listen i dont give a Fuck about aliens and UFO Reality Magazine... Please go and see the flat and secure it because you cannot continue to sleep rough ".this fell on deaf ears and he continued to sleep rough in St Anns Wells gardens in winter which weakened him and exasipated his condition which resulted in him ending up in hospital where he want through some awful symptoms that affected his brain [as the Leukemia spread the most there] and then lapsed into a coma and a day or 2 later was dead.

Very sad and i still miss him and all because the stupid idiot wouldnt listen or do anything to help himself even when it was given to him on a plate.

So i dont feel any guilt or whatever as i did everything i could except physically force him to go to a specialist and take the flat.


People have their own free will and in the end you just let them do things their own way.

So even when i hand them a golden opportunity on a plate they still dont act on it.

I dont know what to do with them.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Get This Wag The Dog Shit out of my face.

The Hypocrisy and Spin of the Western Media or at least all of the media i have read watched or listened to is infantile and sickening.

The Hypocrisy of Bush and McIforgetwhatdayitisCain is sickening.

"There is a little land far far away that is fighting for its right to be free " says that Geriatric Alzeimers victim McCain.

Well there is another little country far far away fighting for its freedom that is called Iraq.

How about that you Senile old ChickenShit CUNT ?

One Foot in the grave.I wish it was Both.

"Today the killing goes on ...."

Carry on telling bedtime fairy stories to the Fucktard audience thats listening to you.

Not the killing in Iraq though .Thats alright.Thats different.

Obama is curiously silent.

I dont like the look of his eyes.The eyes never lie.[Saakashvili]

I wonder how the "Ethnic Cleansing" is going ?

The West or anyone else wouldnt give a Fuck about Georgia if it wasnt for Oil Pipelines.

I dont know what the main export of Georgia is at any other time but at the moment it s export is Bullshit.









The events of the last few days have bought out all the war Fantasists and War Junkies out of the woodwork Twattling on about bringing on WW3 onlne.I cannot understand the mentality of anyone who would wish for WW3.

There is something very wrong with a lot of Humans.

Monday, 11 August 2008



Add up Obama , Berzinski, Saakashvili and you get war.

Its a long story but to keep it short this war has been started by Berzinski.Russia is defending itself and has a right to do so.

Saakashvili is the president of a little country that has to defend itself against the Russian Bear that is now very angry.

Saakashvili started it.

Saakashvili is not as innocent as he makes himself out to be on the news reports that have been on TV.

Its all part of the effort on behalf of Berzinski and the west to flame a war with Russia and China.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Friday, 8 August 2008

Different ideaologies - Same psychology and Mindset:

Forwards together !!

Mandatory Homosexuality for everyone !

History repeats itself because people never learn or change.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I love drawing these characters and never get tired of them.

I love these characters and they have taught me to draw and now i just cant let them go.

Not interested in drawing Humans either or more like i cant.

They are from a 2000ad strip called Meltdown Man that is my fave 2000ad of all time.

Massimo Belardinelli would be proud if only he was still here.

Perhaps i am being guided by him beyond the grave.

All i need to do is sequence stuff in boxes and i am away + my backgrounds need just a bit more and i need to speed up and concentrate as my attention span wanders far too much at home but never at work so i need to look at it as work.

The only problem is physical work means i am fucked when i get home and i cant draw if i am tired at home.

Meltdown Man part 2 one day.

Plus Massimo drew beautiful Dinosaurs in Flesh 2 which i will get to work on at some point.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Who do you think you are kidding MRS Hitler if you think we are on the run :

To understand the EU and Angela Merkel one must first understand Wagner.

If you know anything about Hitler then you will know what i mean by that.

How to Mop The Floor with Pro EU Socialist German Imperialists:

The subject was the near riots in the EU parliament.


Well thank you.Your timing is impeccable considering what i have been saying about the EU in the ThatcherThread.

This happened some time ago but sadly is not an isolated incident either and the rerason that it happens is because it is corrupt and undemocratic and those who are protesting and on the verge of rioting are those who disagree with its machinations that are ultimatly Evil.

They have achieved what Hitler senior could not achieve by rampaging across Europe by stealth via endless interminable legalities that they have attempted to impose on the people of Europe without their consent and even without their knowledge and it will ultimatly fail because of that.

What these Eurotards need to understand is what the video is saying.

NO to a Centralised Undemocratic Power Structure

and YES to a 27 Self Governing Nation States within a trading block .

Abolish the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Deutschlander:

Everyone protesting there has extremistic politcal views.

- extremistic nationalists
- extremistic socialists
- extremistic libertarian

You can find politician with idiotic docmatic idealisms everywhere in the whorld.

Posted 1 day ago by "Datenschleuder" (R) Germany


What every single on of them ?? All political extremists ??

Obama chose Germany for a reason .Birds of a feather stick together and all that .

The Socialists in the US just love the Socialists in the EU.

Further to that the EU have shown their true colours by not treating the Irish with any respect whatsoever and proposing yet another referendum where they will be urged to say YES
or alternativly ignore their own rule of law and continue with the Lisbon Treaty regardless and totally disregard the democratic process what little of it there is.

The arrogance of these people is unbelievable especially that Fat Fuck from spain called Barotta and Sakorzy.

Gordon Brown is yet another weak little poodle who was coerced into not offering the UK a referendum.

Its falling apart and they know it.

[rumour has it that Angela Merkel is the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler.Its a conspiricy theory but an interesting one.Lots of info on the web].

Its part of a bigger game plan like Nafta which was also introduced by stealth and no democratic process whatsoever.Its the only way they can do it.but since it wasnt imposed on everyone by force then the EU cannot uphold it by force either and ultimatly will have to admit defeat.

In short though as of right now they have the power to do exactly what they like if the Irish had voted YES.

And believe me what is now a Benevolent Dictatorship will not continue being Benevolent for very long and if other examples of this today and history proves anything it proves that i am correct.

Centralisation on that scale ultimatly does not have good intentions.

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

Mr Deutshlander:peterwolfthefirst:

Yes, all these individuals demonstrating there are have extremistic political views:

They consist of absolutistic socialists from Denmark, absolutistic nationalists from the Netherlands, absolutistic libertarians from England... and so on.
You always have these idiotic folks around - everywhere.

I don't care about Obama and I am my political views are not dominated by Socialistic ideas. This has nothing to do with the discussion.

The Irish vote has been treatet with respect.
No one is forcing them to ratify the treaty!
It is just that the democratically voted representatives of other nations have different opinion than the Irish people.
*Direct* democracy is is no constituational right in most member states for good reasons.

You want to decide on the treaty? Vote the party that represents your interests!

Posted 1 day ago by "Datenschleuder" (R) Germany

Quoted comment by easyrob33: fuck europe! england is stronger alone. we dont need eastern block gypsies, and eastern muslims invading us, we have enough here allready to get rid of. look what the muslims are doing to france and holland and belgium....fuck that! its bad enough here now!

That of which you speak of is all deliberate policy of Tony blair and Co to deliberatly destabilise this country prior to its assimilation into Europe and an attempt to weaken and demoralise the Indigenous opoulation.

Mass immigration always has this effect and its the Number 1 way to destabilise a country.

It does not make sense to have unchecked immigration and it doesnt make sense to have an open door immigration policy either and it does not make sense to alienate the population of the host Nation to the degree that has happened so far.

This is not Racism it is Common Sense.

cheap immrant labour is not good for them but they dont mind working for peanuts but it has terrible effects on the rest of the working population where for example i work in construction and immigrant labour has reduced the average rate of pay for a painter or a labourer or plasterer for example to less than it was 10 years ago yet the cost of living goes up and up.I dont work in that sector of the industry because to all intents and purposes it is fucked because of it.I work in a different cector to that so i have avoided all that.

The welfare state panders to Immigrants and ignores the indigenous population because they are low priority and all this stuff is making a lot of people very angry.The silent majority if you like and they are all totally fed up with the way this country is runned by the EU and the Pro EU Labour Party.This goes right across the board.

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Myself:do not believe you and its common practise with the left to label anyone who does not agree with your hive mind mentality to be labelled as extremists and a threat to the state or the greater good.

Well NO and because Direct Democracy is not a right for us in this country when were promised that it would be it is going to become a problem and something is going to have to be done about it.

We are not going to take this Shit lying down so Be Warned.

Rather harsh dont you think that the citzens of the UK have no rights to decide what and where there country should be going in the future ?

to be treated with utter disrespect and to be lied to and cheated and to be told what to do or whatever by a bunch of Pro European corrupt socialist politicos who are just so much cleverer than us and feel that it is ok to make decisions like that on our behalf that are against our best interests in order to proceed with a predetermined gameplan and hidden Agendas ?

The EU JUggernaut rolls on regarless of what the people think as hardly any of them have been asked and saying that we have democratically elected politicians who hgave been coerced into being pro EU or are in on the scam is good enough then you really do have another thing coming.The people of Europe HAVE NOT been even consul;ted and the EU is an Imposition that No One or the vast majority wants or Needs.
We only have fringe parties that represent our interests because the main 3 parties have been bought out or have sold out.They are all pro EU in the main so drop the glib comments as you are either out of touch or you are in on the scam and a Socialist Drone as well but as you say yourself what suits one coutry does not suit another so i say you can keep EU "Chancellor" Angela Merkel and your german style socialism because We Do Not Want It.

Say NO to German Socialist Imperialism.

Say NO to Centralised Europe.

Say NO to the Extreme Absolutist EU

Idiotic Folks Everywhere you go indeed.

Idiotic Folks who dont read their history books and never learn.

Yes and we all know why we dont have direct democracy in most member states dont we Mr Deutschlander ??

Deutschlander Uber Alles !!

All hail Our Glorious Chancellor !!

I see right through it all and its one of my missions in life to expose you all for what you are any chance i get like right now.

And finally the UK does not want or need an Extra Judicial Death Sentence/shoot to kill policy in

certain situations either.

We do not want EU Police Stations in our country when we already have our own police force and we dont all want to wake up one day with Tanks and EU Police Military checkpoints on our street corners asking for our papers please.

You should have learnt your lesson when you loist WW11 but instead you are trying to infiltrate our entire political system with people who are placed there who are already Pro EU and who have undermined the democratic process in this country and the rest of Europe.

Look that one up but no doubt you are already aware of it.

And finally i ask you specifically to answer the following question directly :

How exactly is a centrally governed undemocratic EU better than 27 individual Nation States within a trading block ?

I want to hear you defend the undefendable MrDeutschlander and i am directly calling you out on this>

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Hmm sounds alot like america. must just be a coincidence

No coincidence.

There is NO coincidence.

Its a gameplan.

Someone else:

*) Of the countries which held a referendum, I was mostly shocked by the "no" of the Irish. Why you ask?
Well Ireland was on the list of 3rd world development countries in the 70's and thanks to their membership of the EU and the BILLIONS(!!) of Euro's that were pumped into Ire, they now have what is refered to as the "Celtic Tiger Economy". From Zero to Hero!
But then again, if you read my above post you'll know that the referendum was rejected, not because of its contents, but because of the poor performance of their OWN government. And yes, the nationalist elements made handy use of that and of the fact the the EU has communication problem.


Still none of you Pro Eu people will not answer my question.

Wrong about foot and Mouth as well.

all thjat the EU has to offer is Cash that they throw at other member states as they see fit.Where does all that money come from ?

Taxpayers thats what .

Taxpayers who pay into it via there governments.

So you indirectly answered my core question indirectly.

Add up the amount of EU subsidies that Ireland has received and then you will know exactly how much it costs to sell out a nations sovereignty.

Yet it failed and the Yes Campaign was a deceit in Ireland as it is everywhere and its got every reason to do with a nation not wanting to lose its independence and neutrality etc and more than likely does have a lot to do with the failures of its own government who were themselves pushing for a yes vote for reasons i have already stated above but the y cant have been that bad if the Irish still voted no and the best that you can do is fill up a bus full of children to tour the counrty urging everyone to vote YES and to maximise the potentiasl of all those ignorant uninformed blind Yes votes.

You are all a failure .Just admit it.

You dont like the fact that the Irish took the money and ran .

Plans for European domination aborted unless you choose to move the goalposts which i fully expect you will.

And stop including the populations of countries because they are not party to all this as i keep saying .
I have worked with Eastern Europeans from time to time on building sites.Great people nearly all of them but i didnt notice any of them working any harder than anyone else who was English.They just do the same work for less money but not always as the payscales for some trades were the same as for an English Carpenter or whatever which is the way it should but our government would rather have a 2 tier economy ./

The EU does have a communication problem indeed.

It lies.

And i dont care where MR Barossa is from either and if you hadnt created this unwanted Monolith then you wouldnt have to be trying but failing to defend it.

How to Streamline the EU :Abolish it .

You waste and Squander HUGE amounts of taxpayers

Your books have never been Audited because you know you cannot account for billions and billions and billions and billions that has been siphoned off EU member states as it is unaccounted for.

You Lose

Game Over.


Signing off for now but the campaign will continue.

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LOL! You're very funny!

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Friday, 1 August 2008

Say NO to Bejing.

Remember Tianemman Square.

No Dog and Cat Chow Mein and NO Dog and CAT Fly LI either thanks very much.

Stuff it up your arse Liu Jianchao

And the same goes for that 4 eyed comb over Cunt in the picture.

Hiu JianCUNTao.

Dirty sadistic Murdrers.

And shame on "ethical" Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett for tasking money that has blood on it unless you want to give the money to PETA for example as they dont need the money as they have enough already so dont give me that "We are artists and have to take the money as we need the work" Shit either.It was like /Chines propaganda that film they did that just tries to paint a pretty innocent picture of China Aaaah look at the cute little Monkey and all the rest of it.

I wont burn any Blur or Gorillaz CDS that i have but i will never look at these 2 in their same way but i dont care much for Jamie hewlett anyway and never have done.


Oh i forgot the Chinese say they have cut the rate of state sanctioned violence and murder and Capital Punishment by half as a compromise for the West so they turn a blind eye to their brutality and human and animal abuse.

Its not enough and whats more they cant censor my posts at all so Fuck You you Yellow murdering Animal Abusing sadistic Fascist MotherFuckers.

Have a Fucking Piece of THIS.

And now i am going to cut and paste monkey myself so here goes and i havent even started:

The Chinese can isolate themselves as much as they like for all i care.

However as long as western multinationals choose to invest money over there and exploit the workforce to produce everything and export it back halfway across the planet and turn a blind eye to the regime then it will never happen.

"Oh but without them you would never have all your cheap goods ".

I dont want their cheaply made consumer crap anyway and i am sick of Made In China Made in China Made in China Made in China.As if it is so unprofitable to make stuff in the UK or The |US as if 5.52 UK minimum wage is far too expensive for a multinational or whatever to produce goods.

Bring the jobs back home and stop supporting these Cockroaches.

Shove it up your Arse Liu Jianchao as i am sitting here typing and i can write and say what i like and there is nothing you can do about it .I am trying to sabotage the Olympics as well but i dont have evil motives unlike yourself who does.

Fuck Them.

and it pleases me to read that the house of representatives is condemning them and that the US is sheltering chinese political Activists and it even pleases me that GW Bush has been talking to them as this is what in my opinion The Us should be doing and there should be more of it as it will improve the US standing in the moral if they take the moral high ground.

Good stuff.

And i dont hear Obama saying very much about China and the Olympics but i guess the Chinese are not a minority and i guess he has his hands full with racial issues etc at home to pay any attention to that.Too busy talking about himself and use the world stage to condemn china .

What is there to lose ?

Nothing.Why worry about "upsetting" China when they contribute nothing to the rest of the planet except exploit it anyway?

Business and investment by the West in China will still go on regardless as without it they would be back to tending their Paddyfields and subsistence farming.

The whole planet should have said NO to Bejing and the Chinese should never have been offered them in the first place.

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I am angry about stuff at the moment.