Friday, 26 October 2007

Girlfriends house:

The house by the road with the pool terrace is where one of my first girlfriends house if i can call her that in Cooden near Bexhill.When i lived in Hastings i got to know all these rather nice girls who were very middle class.Bloody nice posh totty.They all used to come over at weekends because Cooden has nothing going on for them.It doesnt even have a town centre.I think the town centre is a post box not forgetting the train station.

I went out with a girl called Leander for a short while.Its her house in the pic.I went to her house once on a saturday and met her mum at the same time.I had been told that her mum ,Valda was a complete and utter snob.

Anyway her mum just thought i was some bit of rough as i looked a bit scruffy and when it got to the evening it was clear that she just couldnt wait to get rid of me.Her Mum kept overemphasising how it was very important for Leander to concentrate on her schoolwork and education etc and not get distracted as it was costing rather a lot of money.Basically they didnt want me to know their Princess.So her Dad offered to give me a lift home to Hastings.

"Oh tell me Peter whereabouts in Hastings do you live ? " She asked in the snottiest condescending manner as if she was royalty.

So i said St.Helens Park Road.

Oh How jolly nice !! Thats Lovely !!! Thats Where our friends the Archer - burtons live !!!!

It was just funny how in that short space of time her attitude changed just because of a post code.

I never really saw her again after that thanks to her snotty mum.

Spooky Halloween story:

This happened in a place called St.Helens Woods in hastings .I used to live there in St.helens Park Road which is on the doorstep.

Myself and 2 friends decdided to go for a nightwalk up to the woods as was the case sometimes. It was summer ,warm and very still.

We went to a place called the Black Pond which is in a field with a circle of oak trees in it which are very old indeed.The whole place just feels very old and mysterious and is my favourite place to go to there.It is next to two very old trackways.

Moving on to the event: We had been in the field for about 45 minutes when we sat down under one of the trees.We were in the middle of the field facing upwards to the higher end of the field which ended with a very old iron fence and woods the other side. I think it was just after midnight by now. After a while i noticed something moving up by the fence on the other side of it.So i watched it as i was very curious by now as to what it was.It seemed to be very large and obviously a dog and quite stocky.A bit like a rottwieller and roughly about twice the size or more.It had quite short hair that was jet black. Now,those eyes,they were glowing a sort of dark orange colour.Although they glowed,no light shone out of them at all.If you want to scare yourself a bit then light 2 cigerettes,turn all the lights off,look at the burning ends of them and it will give you an idea of what they looked like in the dark. It was moving about a lot for about 10 minutes and it seemed to be watching us as it was moving up and down and loking at us inbetween the bars in the fence.After another few minutes it just seemed to disapear or maybe we just couldnt see it anymore.We were sitting about 50- 70 feet away from it when it was there. So i said to the others "did you see what i just saw?' to which James said yes. So i asked what that was. He then described exactly the same as what i had seen. I didnt say a word about anything while it was happening as i was too busy watching it. Steve who was also there didnt see anything at all and was unaware of anything.
We left very shortly after and went back to mine just down the road.
I didnt feel scared at all when i saw it, more curious really although i am in no doubt it was demonic in nature. It is what is known as an Elemental . These sightings are never common,in fact they are very rare indeed, but there are recoreded sightings of these things all over the british isles.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Ignorant belligerant fucktards at the petrol station:

Yesterday i was filling up at the petrol station.4 pumps were out of action so there were queues inevitably which means waiting for an available pump.

Along comes ignorant belligerant fucktard white trash white van man who pullsa up behind me and starts honking his horn and shouting at me to move.

Move where ? i say.

No answer except more honking of the horn and being shouted at to move.

[slightly beginning to lose patience] i thought i would ignore him and he might shut his mouth.

Oh no thats not going to happen. Out of the van he gets and knocks on my window.

So i wind down the window. Then he starts: "Will you fucking move out of my way! "

My answer: No i cant fucking move.There is nowhere to fucking move to.Cant you fucking see ? What the fuck to expect me to do ? There is a queue. I have to wait.So do you.What makes you so different ?

His reply : "You couple of fucking cunts , you couple of fucking queers etc etc heard it all before etc etc boring etc etc and threatening violence.

My reply : If i was you i would go and get back in your van and shut the fuck up.Shut up and fuck off unless you want that hole in your face filled. Go away !!

I think my words of advice sank into his thick ignorant skull and he left me alone after that.

How i hate these types of people.I just despise them.I always get called a queer by them for some reason.Just because i dont look or talk like them then i must be.

Maybe its because i am better looking, talk better, have courtesy and manners,and am not a piece of trash like them.That must be it.

The most disturbing thing about these people is that there are millions and millions of them everywhere.

As long as they stay out of my way then i am happy.

Fun and games with the great british public at the petrol station:

Saturday, 20 October 2007

make your own ketchup:

Chop 3 cloves of garlic finely.

fry gently until done.

add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes

add tomatoe puree [generously] sugar [2-3 teaspoons],honey [3 teaspoons],wine vinegar[a dash].lemon juice[a dash],sea salt. black pepper to taste.

Simmer in a pan for a short time [15 mins] then liquidise until smooth.Simmer gently further and reduce until sauce thickens by way of reduction until the consistency of ketchup.

Add chilli to taste if you like things hot.


I just read the latest post on Steves Blog on the Bog and i feel compelled to add some of my thoughts on the subject of drinking and other enjoyable pastimes.

The government in this country is beginning to seriously get on my tits.I am getting a little bit sick of the nanny state and so are a lot of others.I do not accept in any way the government intruding into my life ,my lifestyle,my spare time,my habits and vices when i choose to go to bed or the colour of my underwear on any particular day or the food i choose to eat.

So here we go: Stay the fuck out of my life and dont dare to presume to tell me how to live and all the rest of it.You leave me alone and i will leave you alone.Simple.

Collectivly you are nothing more than parasites in my opinion stealing from the populace while lording it over them in some sort of sub feudal fashion.

What i cannot accept and will never accept are liars and hypocrites.Hypocrisy is the last refuge of those who are weak.Weak is what politicians dare to tell me how much i can and cannot drink for example while at the same time you dont mind the tax revenue of course.

You yourselves have about 7 different bars to drink from in the house of commons all subsidised by the tax payer to the extent that you only pay 1970s prices for it.

Liars ,cheats and hypocrites>

Just who are your guidelines on healthy drinking aimed at?

Fair enough drinking in excess has become a social ill these days with certain sections of the public in this country but i dont fall into your demographic so go and sort them out instead and save your preaching for th0ose who cant seem to behave themselves after a few.By the way you politicians yourselves fall into the same category as those cretins anyway.Why do i say this ? How do i know?

well i have seen you and members of your political party that chooses to pollute the town with your presence every 4 years ago for conferences which translates to an exercise in eating and drinking as m uch as you possibly can in the space the space of 4 days.I saw one or a few of you throwing up outside of the grand hotel while you were pissed.Not to worry,some underpaid minion will clear up after you.

So listen Mr weak willed parasitic establishment yes person hypocrite if i want your advice i shall ask for it .Until then fuck right off and dont come back as you are the last people i will look to for guidance on anything .

If you wish to save money then cut back on some of your own expenses like free private health care for example courtesy of the tax payer.

Isnt it funny that you are all so busy telling everyone else what to do that you neglect your own duties as public servents and running the country.

I havent been to a doctor for anything worse than blocked ears in 20 years so obviously i know about good health so charge me directly for healthcare in future.I already have a private dentist instead of NHS so i am saving you money anyway.

What does a politician do when they are ill ? They go and see a private consultant and the tax payer pays for it.Thats what happens.They dont even use the NHS system at all.I know a bit about this is i have known a couple of private consultants in my time.

Isnt it funny that politicians only see things in terms of pounds ,shillings and pence and nothing else?

How much is my life calculated to be worth according to politicians when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? 50p ?

How much is my life worth when compared to a parasite in a suit [politician] when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? Probably about a thousandth of the cost of a politician.

I dont like low class chav thug scum.I dont like fat people who stuff their faces.I dont like drug addicts and junkie scum.I dont like people who cannot drink responsibly and cause havoc on the streets and abuse NHS staff i n A+E.

The fact is though like it or not they are here to stay and by default they have a right to healthcare by being citzens of the UK.Thats what makes this country unique in that respect .The NHS was given to the people of this country as a reward for enduring the hardships of the war etc.Its not there as some plaything for politicians to fuck about with and sabotage to the extent that it is falling apart.Its there for the people.Stupid ,fat or whatever.

What an insult that politicians have actually sat there and calculated everyones cost to the state as if they are some sort of expense in which to cut back on in future.

Tonight i am going to drink the amount that it suits me to drink.I will be the judge of how much i can drink not anyone else.No doubt i will exceed the guidelines of the namby pamby lightweight nanny state.Thats just tough but i never asked for the advice in the first place.Fuck all that 1.5 units shit as well.

I take care of my own health and have always done so.

Monday, 15 October 2007

the Ghost of Lawrence Olivier:

This is a pic of the house that Lawrence olivier lived in until the time of his death.

The house is in an address called royal crescent.

This is a 5 min walk from where i live and coincidentally my uncle lived there a long time ago.

I was walking past the house after Lawrence Olivier died when i looked up at the house and on the first floor balcony i saw Lawrence olivier staning on the balcony leaning forwards and leaning on the handrail of the balcony staring out at the sea.


3 days ago i fell through a hole in a floor resulting in this large bruise that looks like some sort of huge cancerous mole type thing.I have never seen anything like it.

Today i was knocked off my bike and thrown into the road by a car that just did not want to stop no matter what.So i end up with another bruise in the opposite place to the other in the space of 3 days

Weird .

And another !


Thursday, 11 October 2007

Why i cant work with idiots:

Today i walked away from a project as i ran out of patience.It was all about economics and how so called business people fail to grasp the concept of investing in order to then save themselves a lot of money.The project is a disaster.It is a disorganised ,untidy, unplanned ,chaotic fuck up of a project due to the entire workforce and *the management* of course.Where would we be without management ? Well probably a lot better off and a lot further forward in the project.This is what happens when people play with things that they just dont understand.Its almost completely unsalvagable.It is a grade one listed building but it a wreck now.

For example if you are for no good reason going to remove all the architectural detailing like skirtings, architraves,window shutters etc then it is standard practise to number and photograph everything so that you can reinstate it to where it belongs instead of having to do your own detective work like matching up nail holes in an effort to work out what goes where.Also it doesnt help at all if you just stack up all the aforesaid fittings in random places scattered all over the site .What happens then? One of your labourers will tidy up or throw it all away.In the best case scenario it will be scattered around everywhere and no one will know what belongs where any more.

As if all that wasnt bad enough you have the destruction of all the ceilings and plasterwork mouldings. This neednt have happened in the first place if they had any sense.Instead they let a labourer attempt to strip the heavy embossed victorian paper off the ceiling instead of leaving it alone as it is a feature in itself.The labourers were so aggressive in their attempts to remove it that they destabilised the entire ceiling so much so that it collapsed and fell to the floor.We are talking a ceiling expanse of 50 foot by about 30 feet.There were bits of plasterwork scatterd about everywhere.Its a disaster.

Also they same to have an obsessive compulsive disorder about stripping everything of paint.this takes an enormous amount of time and they are using Peel Away at 30 quid for a small tub.They have got through enormous amounts of it.They also didnt know that you have to neutralise it with Vinegar either.They dont seem to know anything at all.

Everything they have done is arse about face.

The upshot of it all is that with their lack of knowledge and their attitude of save a penny ,end up spending a pound financial sense they have ruined the whole project.

For 90 quid an hour for probably 40 hours work that would have totalled 3600 quid [5000 to them] i could have saved them 100,000 quid.Perhaps a lot more than that.There would also be a lot more of the building left as well.

It doesnt take much to work out how stupid they are with money.

Then after all that they cant *afford* the cost of reinstating it .It shouldnt have come down in the first place.

They have done their best to sabotage themselves and the project financially and otherwise.They are required by law to reinstate everything that they have destroyed or lost.Its going to cost a lot to reinstate it.

Its enough to make me want to tear my hair out.

I find people who refuse to listen absolutely exasperating not to mention their skewed warped and perverse logic.Its easier just to walk away and throw in the towel.If they call back i am not interested as i dont like being pissed around etc.

I am sick and tired of helping people with their broken down buildings and i am sick of working for them.

So thats it. I will find another income or just work for english Heritage or do my own projects.

I am sick of waiting to be paid.I want paying immediately like you do in a shop.I am sick of them pulling the rug from under my feet.I am sick of people who watch too many TV property programmes and think they know it all.I am just sick of depending on someone else for work.Their are just too many outside factors to take into consideration and i dont like not being in control of something as i dont trust others to not fuck things in some way for whatever reason.If i am in control of a project i know whats going on.If some other fuckwit is in control of it then i dont and thats when the problems start.Its simple.

So i have had enough. Thats it. Goodbye.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Depression is a serious business:

Today is the first day i have felt "normal" since last friday which is about a week ago.It just came out of nowhere although it may have been the time of the think that i lived with that for 3 years a long time ago is unbelievable really.when it was at its worst a long time ago when i thought it couldnt get worse i could feel myself on that downward spiral sliding down it.I dont subscribe to medication or whatever as i dont take pharmaceuticals under any circumstances.that serious bout of depression was a one off anyway as i had never ever been depressed before that or since until this last week.

Last night i slept for 17 hours in total.My record is 23 hours.Yesterday i went to work but that doesnt always help because the work is not challenging in the least so there is nothing to think about except my own thoughts so i end up thinking the wrong things and get even more depressed than i was i woke up and feel fine as if nothing was wrong but i am not going to work as i dont want to rock the boat at all.I am going to stay at home and be creative instead.Thats apart from going up on a friends roof to fix a leak.That should only take an hour.This evening i am going to go out for a drink at the Ram Inn at Firle just to get out for a bit.They have a beer garden that is alright.

Depression kills off any writing i wanted to do but doesnt kill off drawing luckily.

My father ever the sympathetic type says "Dont worry son ,all the best people get depression"Not sure what that is supposed to mean but thats what i was told anyway.
Its alright for them they spend most of their time abroad somewhere.Theres not much to be depressed about if you can do that and go anywhere you want anytime.They go away somewhere then come back for a week or 2 then they need a break and go away again.Well i am stuck here and can only dream of going back to New guinea which is what i did this morning funny enough except its never the same in a dream.Its always different and a bit weird in some way yet i always know its New Guinea.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I am taking leave of the messageboard for now.Its just a distraction really as i have to concentrate on other things now.Also all in all it has been a bit of a disappointment too.Why is it that if there are so many boarders especially new boarders ,then why dont any of them post anything ever ?Its always the same boarders day after day [myself included of course] that post and very rarely anyone else? Why ? The new boarders dont have to ask anyone if they can post.Just bloody post something ! Say something ! The messageboard is fairly lively during 9 to 5 office hours then its pretty dead.It is effectively owned by the same individuals who must post while they are working next to a computer.Weekends are like a ghost town there as well.Why is this? I dont get it.The messageboard needs new blood which it has but none of them do anything and get involved.Lurking on messageboards is a bit pointless as you can do that without actually joining anyway.

All in all i joined just as an experiment really or just as an experience.Its not one that i want to get involved in again really.Thats why i havent joined anymore.One was enough.On the plus side it got me into drawing so thats not a bad thing.Is there anyone there that i would like to meet at a Con ? I think not.Is there anyone there who wants to meet me at a Con? Again i think not.I will just end up spending hundreds anyway if i do go .Another plus to it all is reading 2000ad again as well.

i would be lying if there wasnt something said that put my back up a bit recently.Or rather not something that was said although it was indeed said,it was more like an underlying attitude that was present nearly all the time.

One last point : Why virtually no women? Thats a bit of a bore.i dont really like all male enviroments very much.It reminds me of being back at school again.Its a real pity that.One of the girls on the board left very recently unfortunately.I dont see why that 2000ad should be a male comic but the girls obviously think otherwise !!! and who am i to argue with them ?