Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Intrum Justitia :

Had a call from IJ and a very pleasent and polite female employee was on the other end.No point bawling her out at all as she is just doing her job and she isnt getting paid to listen to any of my swearing and ranting and i believe in politeness and civility and respect for others [unless provoked] and she sounded alright and listened to what i was saying which was for them to request the details of the so called debt from Paypal and forward them to here.No problemo.Call centre staff are easy to get along with if you know how.Its not her fault anyway.

Its curious that IJ are not given those details when hired to chase the debt that is assumed to be existing therefore placing IJ call centre staff in the firing line from someone like myself who may be justifiably annoyed.She sounded like she has heard it all before .

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