Monday, 24 November 2008

Chickens come home to roost for Labour Darling :

Idiot Labour /liberals screw things up AGAIN !

I havent got the inclination or the time for this now.

However its pleasing to be proved correct yet again as events unfold and theres much more to follow.

New Labour are an anathema to me and really to cut to the chase they will be/already are the reason for the downfall of this country and whats worse is that this seems to have been deliberate and systematic.I am not buying the opinion that is the result of a series of unfortunate events and incompetence.This government needs to be removed fromn office and be subjected to CRIMINAL investigation.A chancellor of the UK who for nearly 10 years followed a fiscal agenda that had failure written all over it while at the same time repeatedly saying that "There will be no return to boom and bust".

To make matters worse GB is now offering "Solutions" to a problem that he is the cause of.Unbelievable but sadly true.A trillion of worth of borrowing from the Bank of England repayable with interest.

This government not only needs to be investigated for criminality in its policy making and hidden agenda [subversion of the UK by Common Purpose etc etc] but it also needs to be audited and investigated for fraud.

WTF have they been doing with money for the last 11 years ?

There is a MASSIVE black hole in the accounts of the treasury concerning public spending.This government sold off all the UKs gold reserve years ago.ALL GONE.

I had the feeling for years that this government was sucking this country dry and i smelt a Rat and i was right.

Its simply astonishing what is happening right now and there is too much to take in right now and its implications.Too much to assimilate .

Really though that budget is a fucking joke it really is.The scale of the borrowing and the bailouts is astonishing.Despite the huge amounts of money being doled out to banks its astonishing that these organisations are not being subject to troubleshooting etc.No word from government that the way that banks do business is not being subjected to scrutiny and investigation and much stricter regulation.Its just business as usual OR the banks are almost refusing to lend to businesses for example when they have been given the cash for exactly that reason.These organisations have not yet been investigated for fraud and criminality.

This is what happens when cash is given to banks without conditions being imposed.

For example in the US Citibank that has just been bailed out is now imposing an interest rate of approx 29.9% APR !!.Unbelievable really considering everything that is happening.Interest rates and banking/Lending policy/practice needs *regulating*.

I could make a better job of running things than these idiots.

The fact that the taxpayer has a huge bill stuck on them for all this is just unbelievable.

The way i see it is this :There is such a thing as an offshore US slush fund that originally set up for defence of the US against Russia/USSR or alternatively to fund an anti Russian agenda [destabilisation of by various means].The "Cold War" ended and ther funds were misappropriated and left in bank accounts and invested and moved around here there and everywhere until today when its value is estimated to be somewhere between 70 and 100 trillion USD.This "Slush Fund " may be unique to the US OR it may have had cash deposited in it from other countries that were also sharing the same agenda concerning Russia or more likely they have their own offshore slush funds using the same principles of offshore banking and investment.

So i say let them dip into their offshore slush funds and bail everything out at NO cost to the taxpayer.

What amount are we looking at here ?

Lets say...about 5 trillion.

Not much really when you consider the amounts of money i am talking about.

So HOW much UK taxpayers money has been siphoned off into offshore slush funds ??

This all needs investigating but it wont happen as the political mafia and the Bankster Mafioso are in control.

Obama appoints the President of the FED Tim Geithner as US Treasury Secretary .

Anyone got any spare change they can /cant believe in ??

Whats the upshot of all this ?? The economic downfall of the US and the UK and Europe and their full assimilation/re-organisation into NAFTA and the EU respectively as a [globalist] response to the contrived "Credit Crunch" SCAM.

Global problems need global solutions.

The taxpayer pays for the scam and really the amount of debt and future taxation of everyone is going to lock the UK/US into decades of economic slavery and hardship which will curtail any future economic recovery for decades.

All countries need their GDP so we will see everything under the control of the state.

And this is a solution ??

Its a Hegelian Dialectic.

Brave New World.

Fucked over by Communitarians/the Left.

Fucked over by the immoral and sick and perverted and i always found it curious how the Labour party has such a high ratio of Paedophiles in their party and these are just the known Paedophiles in the rank and file/membership of the party and that just one example.

Obama will pass abortion legislation that permits aborting late term pregnancies to the extent that if a baby is subjected to a late term abortion then survives the procedure its life can be terminated immediately after its birth.


The Left never have any regard for life historically or otherwise.

I can hardly look at them anymore but listening to them is tolerable and necessary.

I have already given a solution in this post and its easy.

We are all SO fucked.

And what are YOU going to do about it ?

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