Monday, 28 February 2011

The hypocrisy/pretence of US/Nato Humanitarian Foreign Interventionism:

Here we go again..........

Who else is tired of all this ??

Who else is tired of the likes of the Trilateral Commission and the Council Of Foreign Relations and The Foreign Policy Initiative[successors to the PNAC] and the Military Industrial Complex and International bankers using the US military as its own private military force for hostile pre-emptive strikes and occupations of foreign countries under the pretence of Humanitarianism and all of the above initiating and exploiting war as a racket ??

War packaged as "Humanitarian Intervention" is easier to sell apparently and in any case its been decided that "Humanitarian Intervention" is the way forward.

Yes this is about oil.

No its not about Nigerian Yellowcake and WMDS and Chemical/Biological weaponry.

Hardly anyone is mentioning that Libya is a A VERY IMPORTANT TRADE ROUTE between Africa and the Middle east etc so that is the main interest in Libya with oil taking a second place and yet another US military base in the region as once the US military are placed within a nation they never ever ever leave.

Hardly anyone mentions the fact that there is a vast underground lake under the desert in Libya and water is the next resource that is to be controlled by the above individuals and organisations.

Thats another thing you wont find mentioned by the MSM.

It seems to me that having that amount of US military hardware circling the US does not amount to a Humanitarian mission unless you count the bombing and maiming of Libyan civilians and military and contamination by Depleted Uranium etc etc as Humanitarian objectives in order to expand the NWO empire.Its not there for nothing and they arent about to turn around and go home but its astonishing that there is very little resistance within the military against this kind of activity but everytime a top US General speaks out against it thet are publicly stitched up and discredited and discarded with hit pieces featured in the likes Esquire magazine.

Of course in todays Double/Newspeak Humanitarianism means anti-Humanitarianism.

Humanitarianism = Genocide/Collateral Damage but i am sure that they will think that the price of genocide is worth it.Like i said life has no value to the above named individuals and organisations.

How is the US/UN Humanitarian program going in Haiti ?

Either very well or disasterously depending on your viewpoint.

Double plus good.Reverse speak is a Psy-op[Psychological manipulation] btw that is meant to distract and confuse you and an attempt to redefine what is acceptable or unnacceptable in terms of policy.

The fact is there hasnt been and will be no worthwhile revolutions in the Middle East/North Africa etc as every one of them will be hijacked by the above named individuals and organisations.

The Libyans have clearly stated that they do not want the "Humanitarian" assistance of the US.

Will that make any difference ?

Of course not as the request will be denied as they will get US "Humanitarianism" wether they want it or not and not forgetting the obligatory IMF loans to help them rebuild their economy.Thats an Oxymoron if ever there was one.

You wont find this is talked about very much in the MSM.

The likes of filth like Hitlerian Clinton hovering over Libya like vultures just make me want to vomit especially when i hear her sanctimonious mealy mouthed hypocritical soundbites that pay lip service to freedom and democracy and human rights and internet freedom etc etc etc.

Heres an example :

“We’ve been reaching out to many different Libyans who are attempting to organize in the east and, as the revolution moves westward, there as well,”

Yes of course you have because when you are not busy sabotaging the US there you are sabotaging and infiltrating a foreign country you have no legitimate business in.

Yes of course you have because you are arming and funding the opposition to Gadaffi and instigating counter-insurgencies etc.

That statement is worthy of exanding upon in its own right.

The likes of Clinton have becomes so open and brazen about their activities.They dont even try to hide it anymore.They cant hide it anyway as it always gets pointed out.

It was Hilary Clinton who commented how convenient it is to have the CFR just around the corner from the White House.

How is Hilary "reaching out" amongst Eastern and Western Libyans ?

Through the Central Instigation Agency of course.

Heres a quote from the sellout Moron Sarah Palin reiterating the mainstream NeoCon party line:

“ We should not be afraid of freedom, especially when it comes to people suffering under a brutal enemy of America,”

Except when its the US of course.

There are those who say that any intervention should be sanctioned by the UN while forgetting that the UN is a corrupt and criminal organisation and besides the above named dont require approval of the UN which was demonstrated by the Iraq debacle and anyone who claims otherwise is naive in the extreme.The UN doesnt mind imposing sanctions that in the past have killed half a million Iraqis as a direct consequence as one example yet the military is already circling Libya which seems to rule out the imposition of UN sanctions as sanctions will not occur at the same time as an occupation as sanctions are usually a precursor to military intervention that are long and drawn out over months and years to weaken the civilians and military prior to an occupation so it must be that the US[figuatively speaking] consider Libya weak enough for an immediate occupation.

How many times has the UN not intervened in Humanitarian disasters ?

At least a dozen times which proves that the UN are not impartial.

The fact is that if the US enter Libya without being sanctioned by the UN and the fact its approved by the "Leaders" of the G20 shows that they are all part of the agenda and in on it all.None of them will object as they are all part of the NWO agenda.

The UN will approve "Humanitarian Intervention" anyway.

Have the UN ever done anything about the use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq ?


I can hear the soundbites already:

"Humanitarian assistance" - "Airstrikes against key Libyan Military Instillations" - "Libyan Pro-Gaddafi Military Forces have been defeated in the north of Libya"- "Stockpiles of Nigerian Yellowcake" - "US Drone Airstrikes in the south of the region etc etc"....................

Its also laughable that Hitlerian Clinton and David CaMoron are both talking about imposing a No-Fly Zone over Libya enforced by the US/NATO of course which is clearly about claiming the territory with air superiority.

Its also clear that CaMoron and Clinton get their orders from the same place.CaMoron has received a Memo outlining what UK Foreign Policy will be regarding Libya courtesy of the Council Of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission etc etc.

"Never let a crisis go to waste as it allows you to do things that were previously not possible"

How much longer must this be tolerated ?

Not much longer as it goes as people are wising up to this kind of thing compared to 10 years ago but in any event an authoritarian regime doesnt ask for or require approval from the people it doesnt represent.

You dont approve of invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or Libya ??

FUCK YOU as we will do it anyway.

You dont approve of yet more taxpayer funded overseas Militarism and Defence expenditure while the US has been bankrupted and subjected to IMF Austerity measures ??



How is "Hope and Change" working out for you all ??

After all the Obama adminstration[figuratively speaking] is instigating civil unrest in the US due to its economic terrorism and divide and rule policies and sexually assaulting its citizens as an act of dominance over them and controlling the food supply and the policy of generating fear and just about everything else so its ironic/hypocritical that Barry Obama was claiming that Gadaffi has no legitimate right to rule anymore since Gadaffi inflicts violence against Libyans to subdue them.


Raise the double standard.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


These type of comments as in @Cessna[top comment] are fairly typical and i dont reply to it on the basis of being an over sensitive PC reactionary but with plain truth as it was just totally idiotic and i am not about to let Bullshit get in the way of F A C T.

Once an area becomes economically disadvantaged wether its White or Black or whatever color then crime and violence and anti-social behaviour levels go up and up to varying degrees and this isnt subject to argument as it is fact as its only the causes that are subject to debate.

Look at Thatchers Britain during the UKs de-industrialisation programme to see how entire healthy communities and estates degenerated into no go areas due to chronic unemployment etc etc and the truth is that citizens reward society in the way that society rewards citizens and the present degenerate and criminal and corrupt system is reflected by a degenerate society.

David Cameron can witter on about his Collectivist "Big Society" ideas all he likes but until the fundemental causes of an economically/politically/morally bankrupt system are addressed then its all just empty shallow rhetoric courtesy of an empty suited career sellout politician that is willfully out of touch with reality.

Any elected govt that consistently refuses to address the core problem within society wihich is namely the predatory and exploitative and criminal and fraudulent debt slavery privatised banking system is about as much use to me as something which has absolutely no fucking use at all.

Society as a whole pays the price and is punished financially and every which way possible by a fraudulent criminal banking system happily assisted by spineless empty suited career politicians.

So thats a monumental F A I L for the fake Conservative/Liberal Lapdog Coalition Sellout Muppet party as they will not benefit society in any way whatsoever.These are also the types that right reports and calculate what various things add to society in terms of "Value".Everything is broken down and analysed to calculate its societal "Value" in terms that are financial.

So on that basis it would not be very difficult at all to reports several pages long or more that calculate and assess the societal financial value of the LibCON Coalition Muppet Party.

I dont bother focussing very much on the UK as i am resigned to the fact that its more or less a lost cause that is mostly inhabited by spineless cowardly Sheeple who just dont seem to care and willingly participate in the sham of a system.People who dont want or deserve to be free are not usually free.

I focus on the US instead its still a cause worth fighting for and the US people have much more fighting spirit in them as they also have a cause to fight for and thats where the action is and the US really is The Last Stand.

Sometimes i wonder exactly why it is i bother but if i didnt bother then there wouldnt be any point meanwhile the majority will continue in their own sweet way.

Friday, 25 February 2011

FEMA-Price IQ Evaluator/Decider:

Thats an example of black humor.

BTW thats "Black" as in dark humor not race based humor just in case there are any oversensitive reactionary PC types lurking around.

The Guillotines that are allegedly stored in Illinois/Montana are part of an unsubstantiated rumor as i have seen no real evidence of their existence from any source apart from online hearsay so who knows but i dont see that mass beheadings are the way to go but these days anything is possible.

The same with FEMA camps that are on the same lines as concentration camps.They are located by GPS positions apparently but for some odd reason there have been no pictures taken of them that have been uploaded online and since the locations are documented then why no pictures of them ??

Stadiums will double up as FEMA camps as in Katrina/New Orleans but i am not convinced that there is a network of FEMA concentration camps nor am i convinced there are FEMA railroad cars.

There just is not any info that confirms any of it and websearches just go nowhere or to the same old websites with the same old pictures and there is no mention of Google censoring any info or pictures regarding FEMA.

All you get are pictures like the above which are a joke as it looks home made.Laughable.DIY watchtowers.

I posted pictures of 3 years ago that were actually ariel photographs of camps/facilities in North Korea that passed off as US State Dept pictures.

Hilary CLINTon gives China the option of Eminent Domain over the US

This is as bad as it gets but its utterly predictable as i wrote about it a short while ago as it was the obvious next stage.

[I dont think the CLINT/CUNT transposition will translate with this particular typeface]
I have been offline and away for 1 week with no idea about current events except for some idea of the spread of political/civil unrest in the Middle East/North Africa which i saw on newspaper covers and on news reports on the radio but thats all.I quite liked not knowing what is going on but in other ways i dont because i have to know whats going on and its unfolding at such an unprecedented rate that i cant miss it all for one day.

The problem with the uprisings in the ME/NA is there is a mass of people who are pissed off but uneducated and unwordly protestors which makes them nothing more than fodder for the Trilateralists etc and it makes it very very easy for the Trilateralists to co-opt/hijack the various popular resistance movements etc so the apparent revolutions/uprisings are nothing more than circular - Meet the new boss-same as the old boss revolutions or they allow interventions/occupations by the US miltary on the behalf of the Trilateralists etc.

Whats to happen to Gadaffi ?

Suicide or Assasination or he will run off to South America.

[Years ago there was an attempted assasination attempt on Gaddafi that was orchestrated by intelligence agencies who shall remain anonymous as i shouldnt even be typing this that involved a convoy of Jeeps one of which was infiltrated by an agent acting on behalf of the unnamed intelligence agency/govt.The agent/mole was supposed to shoot Gadaffi in the back of the head as he was in the same vehicle but sadly and unexpectedly managed to miss despite Gadaffi being at point blank range.]

Thats all the details you are getting.

This will of course result in yet another US occupation after a very quicker and cleaner war in Iraq scenario.

Anyway Hilary CLINTon sells out the US to China.

I dont have anything else to say about this right now as i dont have time to write and i need to assimilate my thoughts.

I am in a state of shock even though i expected this to happen but the shock is not from the unexpected but from the implications of it.

The fact is the Globalist/NWO cocksucking maggot filth in the Obama adminstration should be impeached immediately and tried in a court of law to defend themselves against charges of high treason [one still has the right to dream] as they certainly cant be accused of defending US interests.

Further to that this agreement was not party to any kind of political process that would have involved Congress.

I am not overtly religious and i dont like to offend others religious sensibilities but Jesus Fucking Christ this is some serious unprecedented S H I T.

In any event since officially China holds 1-2 trillion in US Treasury bonds that does NOT in any way shape or form allow China eminent domain over the US in its entirity as they only have the right to foreclose on 1-2 trillion USD worth of assets and no more and that peanuts in the bigger picture UNLESS either the official figures are wrong and China holds a much bigger interest in the US OR its the thin end of the wedge and personally i think its both.

Eminent Domain over 2 trillions worth of assets as they wont be having Eminent Domain over 2 trillions worth of gold as the US FEDGOV doesnt hold any assets in gold bullion as it has all be stolen and relocated in places like Switzerland and in various undisclosed locations.

Its also symbolic of the contempt that the likes of Hitlerian Clintons contempt for national interests and sovereignty of the US but the Clintons are well known for passing on US classified info and military info onto the Chinese as it has been going on for decades.

All of this is planned out in advance and there is a lot more involved in this than 2 trillions worth of treasury bonds thats for sure.

No such thing as a US Communist takeover ?

This is one step closer although its not an actual Communist takeover as its far broader and far more complicated than that but by definition a Collectivist nation state is having more and more if an influence over the US so i still win the argument.Some clueless idiot on a forum said to me "The rich in the US would not allow a Communist takeover of the US" while obviously not realising or understanding that its the Rich or the 1 percenters that have always promoted and installed Communist/Collectivist regimes as its an easy way for them to collectivise and centralise wealth while the clueless Proletariat rage against the middle class not realising that they were being ruled by Capitalist Elitist bankers and social engineers and the ruling class in general.

They must like it that way it seems and anyone who wants to argue with me about Communism can try and argue their way out of that but arguing against historical fact is utterly pointless.

Thats the truth behind Communism/Collectivism that we have seen manifested rather than theoretical Communism/Collectivism which is a seperate subject.

Clueless Idiots

Eminent Domain and what it means :

Actually just do a websearch for it yourself and read about govt compulsary purchase orders etc etc yourself as its simple enough and i am tired of spoonfeeding people who dont know anything and are too lazy and stupid and disinterested to do it themselves and these are usually the types who say i dont know what i am talking about.I am sick and tired of it and i find it very very surprising that there is still such a high level of ignorance when everyone has all the information they could ever want or need that is just a websearch away.The fact is the stupidity levels of some people online are something that i simply cannot tolerate to any extent and recently i was actually repulsed by the stupidity levels of certain individuals online and they made me feel slightly ill and i am not making that up or exaggerating for effect.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Ignoring forum users on forums :

This facility for forum users is to use an analogy like going for a drink in a pub where the same tiresome predictable tossers that you dislike are in the pub every night without fail so you have to be certain not to look in their direction and to sit as far away from them as possible and not go to the bar at the same time to be sure you dont come into contact with them at any time.

Or you could provoke them into a confrontation or react to their provocative behaviour.

Personally i would rather find another drinking establishment because ignoring does not make the problem go away as their presence in the same space makes ignoring them impossible as i dont want to share the same space as them.

I would also prefer a pub whose policy is not to allow underage drinking but the problem with that is there are far too many under 16yr olds trapped in adults bodies and unfortunately there is no legislation that dis-allows this subsection of society from drinking in pubs or from becoming online forum members.

So instead i have to draft and implement my own anti-Kidult policy and if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself.

Dont wait for someone else to do it.

Take the initiative yourself !!!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Living Marxism:

I used to read Living Marxism magazine years ago and it did have some interesting articles in it.I also liked the beautiful Redhead who was selling the magaine so i went to a couple of meetings and in the second meeting i went to i was told i had to ask the leader if i could ask a question before asking the question which seemed absurd because i dont work like that so i thought fuck this and never went back.

It was back to the heirachial pecking order yet again but i dont do pecking orders as i exist outside of any pecking order and i dont understand why anyone would submit to that type of arrangement.

The Overton Window

Today children we are going to look through the Overton Window instead of the Round window or the Square window.

It was hard to find an image online for the Overton Window as all i got as endless pictures of the cover of the Glen Beck book.

This is quite astonishing but sadly its not an isolated example of the type of Authoritarian mindset that seems to indicate a growing trend that leans towards the love of Authoritarianism OR the Authoritarian advocates have always been with us and since there is a trend that is growing that advocates Authoritarianism these types are de-closeting themselves since they feel that there is safety in numbers.

There is definately an ongoing program to make Authoritarian views more acceptable in society particularly amongst Academia and its simply astonishing just how many Academics are advocates of various forms of Authoritarianism.

The logic behind the effort to make Authoritarianism acceptable in society is to proliferate Authoritarian views so that instead of the likes of David Ceserani are not seen as isolated examples of lunacy who attract a severe backlash for their views but rather the more of these types there are who air their views the more it normalises their views so their views become part of a larger consensus and by definition if there is a large and growing consensus of Authoritarianism advocates they become socially acceptable and once their views become acceptable then the next stage is to promote Authoritarianism.

This is known as the Overton Window which broadly speaking is a theoretical imaginary window that if you look through it you will see a full spectrum of views concerning policy that have been decided are suitable for further thought and discussion on future govt policy and what is thought to be acceptable for society as a whole.

Once an idea or policy or whatever is within the Overton window then it can be determined wether or not that particular view will be defined as either wholly unnacceptable to the public or acceptable and popular to the point that it becomes policy.

Its all about the process of determining what is acceptable and what isnt and its about shaping public opinion and perception.

To give an extreme example lets talk about De-population.

In normal circumstances De-population policy and programs should be wholly unnacceptable to everyone.Theres no need to explain the various reasons why that is because they are or should be obvious to everyone.

However the public are being presented with a scenario where overpopulation is promoted as a crisis due to fraudulent claims of an ongoing enviromental crisis where too many people are destroying and destabilising the climate and the planet as a whole so therefore the scale of the crisis presents itself as a kind of moral dilemma where the future of the planet is more important in the long term than the present human population.The point of this is to make you stop and think about a proposition that on moral grounds cannot be argued with because no one can argue that the long term future and well being of the planet has to be secured at all costs for the future of Humanity so in the short term there has to be a sacrifice made which is a literal sacrifice of 80 percent of the population.

This is how the Overton Window is moved or that a subject or proposition is up for discussion to determine what is acceptable or unnacceptable to the public and in truth once a policy is within the parameters of the Overton Window then there is a certain amount of inevitability that the particular proposed policy will become actual policy once it has moved through the 6 stages that are :

Unthinkable - Radical - Acceptable - Sensible - Popular - and finally Policy.

Wether or not an idea moves through those 6 stages and becomes policy depends on how well that idea is sold to the public and who - where - and how it is dicussed and how often it is discussed.

Its all about shaping the perception and opinion of society as a whole to accept or discard an idea and once an idea generates a consensus among the public then it has really become socially and politically acceptable.Wether an idea generates a consensus across the board is another matter altogether and the idea of depopulation for example will never ever get 100 percent approval which is obviously a good thing but it does have widespread support amongst mentally defective Stateist/Collectivist/Fascist EcoCommuNazis but once these views start to take root amongst other sections of society then it becomes dangerous to the point where you have a society that is on a very slippery slope towards tyranny.

Unfortunately in the post-Democratic society it is not necessary for an idea to be 100 percent popular which is obvious without having to explain a statement that is circular which leads back to the growing trend of Authoritarianism where it doesnt matter what you think about a particular policy or issue anyway.

At the same time its easier for an Authoritarian regime to have some kind of public approval for its actions simply because a public that approves of its actions for whatever reason is easier to manage.Authoritarian leaders due to the fact that the majority of them have personal issues concerning Narcissismand within Communism/Collectivism/Fascism entire populations were manipulated to accept all kinds if barbaric and dehumanising govt policy because of various perceived threats.

There you have it.

Every unpleasent and unthinkable policy has to have a worst case scenario that will act itself out if the unthinkable policy is not implemented.

Thats how it works.

So in a sense the Overton Window is something that is found in a free and open and Democratic society wheras in an Authoritarian society the Overton becomes redundant because personal or shared opinion is irrelevant but at the same time it still is essential because Authoritarian Collectivist/Fascist societies perform a very delicate balancing act on keeping a lid on their oppressed populations so that they dont boil over like we are seeing in Egypt as the people will decide when they have had enough.
and this has always been the way of things.

So in the link above you have David Cesarani advocating a Tiannamen Sq type scenario in Egypt as being favorable and without going into the details of this ugly unpleasent Zionist POS its yet another attempt to normalise something that should be totally abhorrent to anyone but here we have someone that defends those types of actions as being favorable and necessary to the point where peoples futures and lives have no value or importance when offset against securing the borders of Israel for example.

This is part of the larger growing trend within govts and their controllers that decides that human life is worthless and you see this everyday when you hear about entire villages wiped out by US Drone attacks in Pakistan etc and you can become numb to it all as you just think its more collateral damage which is evidence of the Overton window in action although in truth its become policy so is therefore no longer in the Overton Window as the Overton Window has already decided that this type of activity is acceptable in society and if people dont oppose those kinds of actions then they have either accepted it or they have become inured to it.

Remember that a lack of an outcry against a particular policy or proposal can and will be interpreted as tacit acceptance and approval.

Its the job of social engineers to move the Overton Window by presnenting you with a series of moral dilemmas and scare stories and end of the world scenasrios and alleged Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organisations that are deseigned to make you accept previously unthinkable govt policy and the most effective way to do this is through the use of fear.

Its always FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR which justifies the pretext and not forgetting the general gullibility and stupidity of people and their natural/inbred inclination to appeal to authority.People are not that psychologically diifferent to Dogs and by that i mean they prefer to live in a Heirachial society and they instinctively regard the institution of govt as their pack leader.The pack might not like the govt or their leaders but they know their place and stay within it rather than speaking out as that risks disapproval and ostracisation from their peers.

Society is very clearly regressing rather than progressing.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ODumbo :

Steals from the Poor

Give$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the Rich

Stupid Bitch

[I just realised that if i begin where i ended then i wont get anywhere so i had best have a rethink about that before i end up where i ended before i start at least until i learn to think and type backwards]

[Everything in bite sized chunks please]

How do you round up the overweight and clinically obese and the terminally stupid into specified locations ??

3 for 1 offer on giant sized bags of Doritos at ASDA/WALMART - THIS WEEK ONLY !!!

How can ObaMao make the world a better place for everyone ?

By giving himself a buckshot mouthwash.

Whats the best way to make sure Obama doesnt ever say anything ?

Keep the teleprompter turned off.

What are Obamas favorite charity organisations ?

The Banking/Financial Sector and big business.

What would Obama recommend as the perfect diet for poor people ?


What 2 things take up most of Obamas time while in office as acting POTUS ?

Golf and vacations.

What was Obamas worst subject while at law school ?

Constitutional Law.

How can you predict what Obamas future policies will be at any given time ?

Reverse everything he says.

What is Obamas favorite soft drink ?

Purple grape Koolaid.

How do you stop Obama from being a complete hypocrite ?

You cant as its simply not possible.

What are the 100 most useful things you can do with Joe Biden ?

There arent any.Not one if you exclude the production of CO2 which is compensation for stealing my oxygen.

Come to think of it why dont politicians pay a tariff on the excess CO2 they produce ?

It might be an idea to offset the oxygen they consume against the CO2 they produce which is plant food but its not economically viable as the production of CO2 is far too expensive in the case of empty suit politicians.Very expensive plant food.

What is the best way to use Obama,Biden,or Pelosi for concealing drugs through airport security ?

Use the empty space inside their heads to conceal the drugs.

- Now wait just one gdamned minute they dont need to sneak drugs through airport security as they are exempt from airport security plus they are already connected to the supply and distribution of drugs anyway.

An alternative idea would be to let the CIA hire some mentally unstable drugged up Islamic extremeists to plant explosives inside their empty heads that would detonate inside Air Force One.

I shouldnt be saying this as it will give them ideas resulting in mandatory enforced enhanced security measures involving X ray irradiating brain scanners.

Why cant Obama produce his longform US birth certificate ?

The dog ate it.

How do the DHS/Department Of Homeland/Homosexual[In]Security/Sovietisation/Sexual Molestation to block an airport from hiring its own security for example ?

Use Janet Napolitano to physically block them.

Janet Napolitano has been described as a "Bilderberg/CFR Seatwarmer" but i disagree because the size of Janets arse would easily warm 3 seats so it should be 3 seat warmer.

Down is the new UP

Cold is the new Hot

Stupidity/Retardation is the new Intelligensia

Arrogance/feigned intelligence is the new Academia

How can Malthusians solve the alleged planetary overpopulation crisis ?

By shutting the Fuck Up and killing themselves.

How can you differentiate between the intelligence levels of plants and vegetables and AGW advocates ?

You cant as they are identical.

A new FEDGOV DHS anti-terrorism initiative will involve a small digital early warning device that transmits the GPS location for the next state sponsored/manufactured/politically expedient staged terror event.These devices will be placed inside every new box of Corn Flakes and will be identifiable by their own unique RFID numbered microchip transponder.

In a recent test 9 out of 10 people preferred a stuffed politician to a living politician mainly on the basis that the stuffed politician does not require an endless amount of cash and priveleges and homes not to mention the fleets of cars and planes and not to mention their staff and all the rest of it but what they liked the most was the fact that the stuffed politician didnt annoy the hell out of them with its constant relentless babble and lies and hypocrisy etc as the stuffed politician just sits in the corner and doesnt make a sound and doesnt need anything or any attention.

Another plus factor is the stuffed politician doesnt need to be house trained.

An alternative use for live politicians is they make very good house servants for Banking/Industrial Oligarchs and best of all they take all the backlash against illegal foreign wars and occupations etc etc.

What is the most effective method of removing liars,Fraudsters,Traitors etc etc etc from political office ?

Call in Pest Control.Or guns Or/and lots of rope.

How can you tell when a politician is lying ?

They usually cant remember anything.

How many Bureaucrats does it take to change a lightbulb ?

10,572 to be exact. [anything to keep themselves in a job and living off the taxpayer]

How can you tell that this year or any previous year is the warmest on record since before records began and since before history began ?

It keeps geting colder and colder..........

How can AGW be proven scientifically ?

Its not necessary as you just make it up as you go along and then SHOUT down and insult and ridicule anyone who questions your ASSumed pseudo-scientific enlightened and [mis]educated position.

Who needs science anyway ?

Its convoluted and boring and uses lots of unintelligable descriptive terminology and text and all that complicated mathematics and equations so its easier to make up childlike its colder because its hotter hypothesisies* which is about as scientific and likely as the Cow jumping over the Moon.

Utter Tripe and anyway what good does cherry picking enviromental issues and policy while ignoring other worthwhile enviromental issues and policy simply because its not politically expedient or the simple fact its an inconvenient truth achieve ??

NOTHING except lots and lots and lots of £££$£££$£$£$££$£$££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$££££$£$£$£.

I keep talking about Hemp as an infinately renewable resource as an alternative to oil amongst other things but CURIOUSLY it keeps falling on deaf ears.

For some reason or very specific reasons saving the planet because the sky is going to fall in or there is going to be a catastrophic 600m rise in sea levels or that the dreaded CO2 industrial Pigmonster is going to eat everyone and everything doesnt seem as if its such a life threatening extinction level event anymore.

Childish BIBBLE.

In the meantime at regular intervals i am going to breathe in and out 3 times faster than normal to exhale more CO2 than normal as there arent any regulations on breathing rates yet........but if everyone did this would there be 3 times as much CO2 than normal and 3 times less Oxygen ?

What financial institution typically lives in a close relationship with other organisms which are its host while it typically proves to be very difficult to get rid of since it has a natural talent for entrenchment until it has finally exhausted its host population and in all instances harms them and in some cases kills them ?

The Federal Reserve.

Why did the Chicken cross the road from the White House ?

To get away from the stink of Globalist treasonous sellout duplicitous criminality.

How do you kill plants/vegatation/trees with dead politicians ?

Use them as fertiliser.

Which of these two objects is the most useful/versatile ? :

A: A Politician

B: An empty cardboard box

B is the correct answer so if you got that right give yourself a Lollipop.

What kind of work will suit Janet Napolitano when she is kicked out of office ?

One possibility is a professional drag artist or alternatively she could be used for grazing pasture.

When are the indestructable Black Boxes located inside commercial aircraft destructable and in what specific instance ?

When the Black Boxes are located in commercial aircraft that are used for staged terror events like 9/11.

The same thing goes for altering the laws of physics.

I had this idea about the UK selling its natural gas to France who would then sell it back to us in winter where more is charged for it than in summer which = more cash for nothing simply because of supply and demand.

What an idiotic idea but unfortunately its being done already which partly explains why no matter how economical you are with fuel/energy consumption you still end up NOT saving any cash.

I might as well turn everything off and sit here in the dark and i would still get ripped off.The constant rise in the cost of fuel and power offsets any theoretical cash saved by economising.

Anyway unless i can think of anything else to type that was 1.5 hrs successfully wasted.

Never do tomorrow what you cant do today.

*Hypothesisies was a typo but then i thought its a good term to describe the scientific field of climate prediction.

I must remember to forget what i was going to do next..........

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Drumming practice :

I just learnt and copied a Neil Peart [Rush] drum track in 2 takes but to be fair it was a fairly straightforward track rather than one of his more intricate and complicated drum tracks but thats not bad going at all but i was caught out by a couple of the infills as i forgot about them but they dont have to be exact as there has to be some improvisation on my part so i create different patterns as i go along while keeping time with it all.

I have been practising at home for 10 years and i try to learn to play to a different track every day where i mostly play to a song by listening through headphones asi dont know what else to do but i can keep time without that as i can hear the track in my mind which helps keep time like an inbuilt metronome or whatever its called.

You dont need a click track when you can hear it in your mind or more especially if you can feel it as when i play to something i can feel the rhythm as well as hearing it but i find it very difficult to play quietly or gently as i just prefer to use force so its loud.

Theres something else about it where i actually get a high from drumming as its very satisfying.

The hijacked Tea Party love Donald Trump:

Its too early to pass judgement on this but i have reservations about it but i have never read anything detrimental about Donald Trump but i do know he is a major money launderer for the mob which is alright by me as it means that the main moneylaundering banks that are partly responsible for the criminality in the banking system arent getting their cut which is good news.

This may be why Donald trump is running as an independent as you cant launder cash for the mob and be a mainstream candidate as it doesnt work like that but at the same time he needs more investigation.

In any event the Tea Party has been hijacked by establishment Republicans and it wont be long before the Tea Party swears allegience to Israel as i think Sarah Pallin salutes the Israeli flag every day before working and their may be an Israeli flag in her office but its a shame that the Tea Party dupes dont realise they are being conned and are being led like children by Sarah Pallin who is the Pied Piper but the only problem is the Tea Party dupes dont disappear as they keep coming back and voting more establishment filth into office.

Anyone who votes for Sarah Palin does not have the required intelligence to be allowed to vote unless you think that Jesus used to ride Dinosaurs and i caqnt even count the intelligent things she has said on one finger but people are fixated with her and they will vote for her in 2012 and they will be Fucked Over by her just as sure as Eggs are Eggs.

At this rate there will be a revolution when there is an elected govt that is representative of the people and their nation.

Others say i should be more open minded about her instead of dismissive but they are so open minded that their brains fell out of their heads.

No matter how many times people support the political merry go round they never ever ever ever learn their lesson even after being thoroughly fucked over.Its absurd that people can be that stupid but either they are thgat stupid or they enjoy it and i think its both.

People always have to have some kind of well known figure like a celebrity to fixate upon where they become distracted and sidetracked by celebrity fixation rather than policy.

But then they laugh at the idea rather than thinking about it because lately Donald Trump has been speaking out about the state of the economy and where its going which is right mostly because he is not in the club and so therefore stands to lose a lot more financially but on the other hand he could simply be an opportunist.

I must admit i really dont know as i have never paid any real attention to Donald Trump but i recall he was well known in the 80s as a popular bigshot type and he seemd to epitomise 80s greed and consumption and ostentatiousness.

Just saying....

I said that just to point out that its a stupid thing to say because its obvious i am saying something but the "just" seems to trivialise what is being said or that it makes it sound like you are speaking out of turn.I dont really get it but its one of those verbal internet memes that seem to proliferate.

There are lots of others like :

"Amen brother"


"^^ This^^" which for some reason i find incredibly irritating and irritating in itself rather than irritating by repetition which roughly speaking doubles or triples the irritation factor and demonstrates a lack of originality and creative thought.

Anyway just sayin..........

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

30 documented and cited legal facts all US/UK slaves should know:

You should know about this if you are from the UK as the US is directly connected to the UK through the City Of London who collect or skim tax revenue from the US to give to themselves on a yearly basis which leads back to an unofficial arrangement between the UK/City Of London and the US to end the war of independence.

Saying of the day :

"Snitches get stitches for being punk-assed bitches."

Leading Question/@Weakileaks badly thought out MSM propaganda program :

Can you spot the massive flaw in the article linked below ??

"@Weakileaks: FBI hunts the 9/11 gang that got way"

What is this nonsense ??

Does 2 + 2 equal 4 or 6 or 10 ?

These days in the present Orwellian/Huxleyian dystopia it probably equals anything that you say it does but as far as i am concerned it still equals 4 and maths was never my strong point but i am not about to jump on the An Apple Is A Banana cultural/social/political/Reality Distortion/Societal[Retro-]Engineering meme that is so prevalent today because i prefer as part of my ongoing life simplification trip to keep things simple and tell it like it is and in an insane world the only respite is sanity and clear and critical thinking.

Anyway enough of that and on to the article and the ongoing state sponsored/officially sanctioned/carefully selected/media vetted/Israel/PNAC/CFR/TC friendly @Weakileaks/Julian Ass-sausage/Aussauges MSM Dog And Pony Roadshow that continues :

Distract - Disseminate - Distort - Disorientate - Divide - Diverge - Dis-associate - Disingenuousness - Discourage - Dishonesty and thats all i can think of.

To get to the point the article in the web address above [for some reason i am unable to embed active links] is a Telegraph article featuring the latest @Weakileak disclosure that is claiming that 3 Quatari males that were previously unknown to all of the alphabet intelligence/security agencies both in the US and worldwide in todays globally linked intelligence agencies since 9/11.

This info is described as a "Secret" document despite the fact that now its not secret as it has been disclosed to the public for public consumption or does that still count as secret ? or is it lazy journalistic error or is it 2 + 2 = 11 time again ?

As far as i know right now i cannot attribute the file to a particular agency without searching but i dislike being told that something is "secret" because it means anything and nothing.

Somehow the file was not known to exist to anyone or any govt or any agency anywhere at anytime since 9/11 until the very recent @Weakileaks disclosure so how is this possible when the file originated from unspecified "official" sources ?

Its no surprise at all that its not attributed to a particular agency as it would be hard to explain exactly why the FBI are now 10 years later launching a manhunt for the 3 Quatari males who are allegedly linked to 9/11.

Its even more hard to explain why this info was so highly classified that its non-disclosure was on a no one needs to know about it ever until its disclosed by @Weakileaks basis.

I never realised that intelligence/security agencies and govts were so compartmentalised that none of them would be aware of the existence of a classified digital intelligence file but in any any event difital files do not count as hard evidence in the same way that a physical document as they can be very easily faked.

This is not journalistic error as this is reported as news unilaterally across the MSM.

Anyway it will mean more job satisfaction for the FBI in terms of searching for previously unknown individuals rather than non-existent or deceased terrorists and terror suspects unless these three dont exist either and its not as if they are going to turn themselves in but it matters not as the MSM disinfo program will continue regardless and most probably 3 identikit pictures of males of Middle Eastern/Arabic descent will be trotted out in due course.

Of course another upshot of this will be increased budgets and manpower time devoted to running around searching for non-existent/previously unknown terror suspects.

Anyway i could save the US/UK Taxpayer £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$ and endless man hours by simply informing the FBI to search within the alphabet security/intelligence agencies/the CFR/PNAC/Rothschilds etc etc etc etc and to trace the suspects linked to 9/11 but they wont listen unfortunately.

If anyone cant see through this then they are incapable of thinking for themselves but at the same time thats a little unfair and a little snobbish as its not wrong to not understand the situation if you havent looked into it yourself and you dont understand the nature of the propaganda and all the other angles of it etc etc as i didnt know or understand it all once either.

In a way its just as unnacceptable to mock those that dont know or understand the subject as it is to mock those that especially when they think they are arguing from an educated and informed position when they are not.

Someone quoted Popular Mechanics as reference material once and while that was in itself laughable i had the choice to either laugh openly or inform.

Its your govt and your media that is lying and deceiving you but its entirely up to you how you choose to deal with that fact or not deal with it as the case may be.

One final point is to NEVER dismiss 100 percent of the content within the MSM because to do so is to be closed minded and snobbish and for example while doing some research on the chinese banking system i found a very informative factual and well written article by an Economist who writes for Microsoft News [MSN] plus it was the only article i could find on the subject after a websearch as after searching through lots of rubbish you find something worthwhile.

Dont dis da MSM til ya check it out for yourselves right ?