Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Oh FUCK .............

Some SERIOUS SHIT is about to go down.

Constitutional crisis :

Absolutely NO Schadenfreude intended on my part as i dont get off on that sort of thing and my chosen choice of candidate even though i am meant to be neutral as i dont have a vote was Ron Paul who was shut out of the system so i have no real interest in sitting here saying YES!!! when Obama is dismissed on the grounds of birthplace despite the fact i have taken so much shit from Liberals for not supporting the ONE.

Unlike hateful Libs i say lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt which is something hateful Liberals cant do on the whole.Call a truce i mean.

Its the rules and i dont make them up.

BUT Obama has to present his REAL birth certificate to the US supreme court by Dec 1st.

A writ has been filed to the US Supreme court by a Mr.Phillip.J.Berg regarding Obamas birthplace and it has been accepted by the US Supreme court finally as the situation has been ongoing for the lst 2.5 months.

Obama/DNC lawyers attempted but failed to file a joint motion dismissing the writ filed by Phillip.J.Berg [democrat party].

If you werent aware of this matter already then you cant have been paying attention.

Its unusual as this matter has never been called into question before now with anyone before.

Phillip.j.Berg filed an injunction a while ago on the same grounds to halt the election but it was denied.

The Writ NOT the Injunction has now gone through.

The last photocopied birth certificate [Obama] was fraudulent and was rejected.

Hawaiian authorities wont release the birth records [if they exist] for some reason.Dont ask me why as i am not a Lawyer.

Obama hasnt turned over ANY personal details or records and now is the time when everything comes out in the wash as this is normal protocol for every new president elect.

Whats more he has to be able to prove he was born in the US and not Kenya or Indonesia otherwise its game over for Obama.

This isnt fake.Go to the supreme courts website yourself and see it for yourself or failing that just Google Obama birth certificate.

Holy Shit.

McCain wasnt born in the US[Panama IIRC]either as his father was US forces posted overseas of American parentage but he is covered and is classed as a US citzen.

Republicans tried and failed to change the rules so that Schwarzenegger could run for president years ago.

Now then there is another little election coming up that is the Electoral college election that takes place on the 15th DEC but if Obama can prove he was born in Hawaii instead of kenya then he is in the clear.If not then we will all be saying hello to Joe Biden [VP] as the next president or speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and thats the stuff of nightmares.Or possibly Hillary Clinton or if the democrats[imeant the electoral college voters] are split in their vote its still possible that McCain could still take the presidency.They can vote for who they like despite the birth certificate matter.

The election isnt over or won until the Electoral colleges have voted on the 15th Dec and it aint over till its over and the birth certificate throws a huge spanner in the works.

They can vote for whoever they want within certain parameters.

Obamas aunt died just before the election.She said to the press that she witnessed his birth in Kenya.The other illegal aunt in Boston isnt talking.I smelt a Rat then as well and i am *usually* right.If not then it was very fortunate timing.Theres other witnesses anyway.

Too tired for this now so it can wait until i have more info.

There is a set protocol for this type of scenario in the US constitution and its potentially very serious.

Wait for the riots to begin.

This is a fucked up mess and he should have known the rules all along UNLESS the rules are made an exception to this time and it would cause too much shit if the ONE is dismissed from the position of president elect ?

But then there is the Electoral colleges vote anyway so thats 2 more MAJOR obstacles to get round before you all count your chickens.

Personal records and details can be faked but it has to be better organised than photocopied birth certificates and there also needs to be a chain of individuals in place to verify those details all paid off with the same story.

YOU read this in a blog and its TRUE !

Anyway have fun as this will be very interesting to follow.

[I have an African birth certificate thats just a scruffy bit of folded paper somewhere ?? and i have no idea what happens if it gets lost.I will just say i was raised by Lions in the bush if that happens.There might be NO other record and if Kenya is in the thick of civil unrest then records can get lost or destroyed.]

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