Friday, 14 November 2008


As soon as an expose of Peter Mandelson starts to gather momentum concerning details on his website the slimeball takes his website down completely.

This is partly because of the readers of the Daily Mail who do a very good job of keeping watch over government who are wrecking this country.

If thats not an admission of guilt then i dont know what is.

Its unfortunate really as i always thought that he seemed like a nice boy if you know what i mean.

He has had courses in neuro linguistic programming which is a form of hypnosis / mind control but i dont rate it as i see right through it.Its bollox.

He is back in government again for the 4 th time rather like a lost dog that finds its way home again.

Peter Mandy ....

Little dodgy maybe ...

But underneath hes a right ....anyway never mind......must resist ........

PC takes the fun out of everything.

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