Tuesday, 27 May 2008

False accusations:

I was just verbally attacked in the street by a woman who lives next door to a flat i have been working on with a friend for years.

"Georgie " who lives in the next basement flat has always been alright and never a problem ever.Her flat is rented out and i know the owner.At the rear of her flat is a lightwell and i was inspecting the lightwell doing a survey etc and deciding what to do with the flat owner this afternoon.This was just now.On Saturday last i went round there to clear the drains and wash down the yard.

At no time did i or have any reason whatsoever to enter or break into anyones flat namely hers.

Its absurd.

Yet in the street just now she got very aggressive and made quite a serious allegation that i take quite seriously as its criminal.

I have been in her flat on Saturday as "there were footprints inside" on the windowsill.I just didnt know what she was on about.


She made further allegations and said "I need help " with various rude fingerpointing etc plus she would not listen.

So in the end i grew tired of her irrational behaviour and sent her packing with a polite "Fuck off then you ugly bitch"

Thats very sexist and unpleasent but my mouth went into autopilot because i was provoked into it and i dont fuck about with people.I dont like being accused of something i havent done especially if its something like that as its not much fun being accused of a being some criminal lowlife criminal who breaks into someone elses property.I am a professional and maybe i havent been very busy lately but i am still a a professional and i have access or even hold keys to someone elses property when i am working on it because i am trustworthy and i have an impeccable reputation in that way especially with women who are often nervous of tradespeople they dont know.Women trust me instantly as soon as they see me as they have said so often.

I found it quite offensive actually to the point that i had to stop her mid flow just to make her go back and say it again as i thought i was hearing things.

"Are you saying i have been in your flat ? Is that what you are saying ? What footprints ? Where ? On what windowsill ? Inside or out ?"What window ? "

"You wont let me finish what i am saying you wont this you wont that you do this to everyone "

"Just shut up and start from the beginning as you are making a serious allegation and i dont see where you are coming from .Start again .... and get your finger out of my face as i dont like being pointed at .It gets my back up...carry on..."

More garbled irrational nonsense.

She is basically a bit of a flake in my opinion and just someone who lives next door who i just say hello to and keep things civil but not anymore it seems but she did ask for it and i bite verbally .

Its not fun being accused of something you havent done as if you dont include any physical evidence or witnesses etc then you just go round and round in circles attempting to deny a negative.

A pointless waste of time.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Macmail = Bollox

Yet another add on to an existing mail account that just will not work no matter what.

WTF is it was all this rubbish ?

So i go to Macmail to set up and *pay* for an account and they are not accepting new members because of whatever.

"We are not accepting new members at present"

So its not enough to have spent 700 quid on a computer and i then have to FUCK about with all this SHIT ?

Well no thanks Mac.Mail ,so before i get sucked into another black hole where time disappears i have a better idea

Why dont you go Fuck yourselves instead ?

And whats more i do not know any Mac users who use this facility.

Not fucking one of them.


Fuck off

Goodbye and out of my applications folder into the fucking trash can you go.

Good fucking riddance.

BANG CRASSSHHH BANG *@@$!! !!@$$**** ****!@@!!@!@****


The thing is the individual/ company who wishes to be contacted by Email and uses Macmail labours under the stupid assumption that everyone else does as well.Well i dont and so i cannot contact them by Email at alland i have come across this lots of times.They must be missing out on lots of Emails and why cant i just send them an email.Its quite simple .I dont want to join anything or sign up to anything to do so.

I - just - want - to - send - a - fucking - e - fucking - mail.

Thats all.I dont want to open an account or sign up to Facebook Brighton/Hove why would i want to social network in Brighton ?

Maybe i do but not to meet Bimbos ,clubbers,geezers, or Angie who likes quickies or one night stands or "doin it in public" ,fucking slappers and prostitutes or drug dealers or any other sad fucker who seems to want to draw attention to themselves or be desperate to make "friends" .I do not want to be friends with you .Why should i ? What single fucking reason would i want to waste time talking or "chatting" to any of these people ?

"Salmas" HOT PIX HOT PIX HOT PIX HOT PIX . Not interested thanx.

Fatboy Slim wont be changing his name !!!"

Fatboy Knobhead slim makes an "announcement " that he wont be changing his name !!!

Fatboy Knobhead Slim makes an "announcement" that he had a bowl of Cornflakes this morning for Breakfast.

Fatboy Knobhead Dont tell anyone my real name is Quentin Slim makes an "announcement" that he is available as a DJ for hire for weddings,parties,barmitvahs,letter openings,anything...

Anyone who smokes a cigarette in such a contrived studied way as if they have been practising in the mirror is a sad case in my opinion.

Come to think of it his whole musical career has been shit if you consider The Housemartins who were to all intents and purposes a third rate indie?Smiths type band that no one remembers yet everyone remembers The Smiths.

I would dare to suggest that it was the disproportionate/talent/ability between the two bands that is the cause of this .

Well fuck me thats a relief then not that i am interested in anything that self important self congragulating fucking Prick does anyway.I dont care.Fatboy "Quentin" Boy Slim is a has - been beyond the boundries of brighton and HOve anyway.

He has however formed a "supergroup "called Brighton Port Authority .

I wonder who the other has-beens in the group are ?

I am surprised he gets the time as his diary must be full of resteraunt/gallery openings plus various Letter - opening events.

Oh look another new post on the Facebook Brighton page :

ASh says : Angie dirty would anyone!!!Lol


It actually gets worse believe it or not as "Lizzie" has just posted.

She is getting all excited about McDonalds "Just hada glimpse of the brand spanking new western road Mcdonalds"

"Check it out 2 moro [n] "

"Julia" writes "boo"

Fucking load of semi literate chav retard monkeys

Now to me bollox like this and things that just wont work are just about *the* most annoying thing on the planet apart from the odd gaming momnent where several controllers have bitten the dust.People can be annoying but not nearly as much .

Things like this though just make me irate and feel like smashing things up and go into KILL mode.It makes the dial on my forehead go up to 4.

And no not Facebook please no please .People and their fucking Facebook profiles that i cant browse because i am not a member.I do not want to join Facebook .Why the fuck should i just to browse ?

Fuck off the lot of you pleasebefore i really fucking lose it .

Its actually amazing how effective it is being able to articulate my anger in a post .It really works

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Mother in law :

"Hello have you seen or heard my Mother in Law ?"

"What was that ?"


"I am sorry but i am deaf and blind "

"Jesus i wish i was !"

I went out for the day with my mother in law who has very poor eyesight.

We went to Beachy Head and walked up to the edge of the cliff.

I said "Can you see the coast of France up ahead ? "

She said "Where is it ? I dont see it "

I said "Keep walking forwards and you will see it "

"A bit further ..... go on a bit more ...... just a little bit more...... YYYYeeessss !!!!! "



Not only does it generally involve less brain activity than when you are asleep but there is never hardly anything on that i want to watch .The reason there is less brain activity involved than being asleep is because its boring safe ununspiring bland mediocre rubbish on the whole.

A total waste of a medium and my time in my not very humble at all opinion.

Bruce Springsteen was right - 57 channels and nothing on.

I wouldnt object even though apart from the BBC its all free.The fact i have a TV in the house that i use only to play games from a console is the only reason i have a fucking TV in the first place.quite honestly if i can find an alternative to that i will give it away to Brighton and Hove YMCA to sell on .Thats a shame as its a little sony flat screen Tv i bought from new probably with another 5 or 10 years of life in it.

I dont see why i should be wasting 140 quid a year anymore.I could buy a 360 for not much more than that.

Safe safe safe safe safe safe safe safe safe

and to think that the UK has a higher standard of TV than anywhere else.


Friday, 23 May 2008

Beachy Head:

I wasnt depressed when i drew this but just to make sure i worked from a photo.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Is the internet going to reach saturation by 2010 ?

Apparently it is if you take the word of large telco companies.They are flying a false flag to say that unless they get billions in investment either private or by taxpayer then they wont have the money to increase the bandwidths available.

This is either because they have already had huge amounts of government /taxpayer investment that has been squandered


All the extra cabling etc has already been set up and is sitting there waiting to be used as the massive amount of investment they have received has already been spent so its a case of ignoring that and asking for more investment that wont be spent on the system anyway.

Not sure which it is but its a bit of a scare story and another false flag.

[This mostly applies to the US as it concerns american companies]

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Friday, 16 May 2008

Mozilla Thunderbird:


Sort the fucking bugs in your system out before sticking it online and wasting an hour of my time or even better than that why not get your own fucking servers instead instead of another existing server locking you out and refusing a connection.

I set up a mail account in 1 minute with no hassle at all as they have their own servers.

Thunderbird is an add on to an existing email account because they dont have their own servers.

Rubbish so into my Trashcan you go.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Beachy Head:

Whats this then ? or alternativly i am [not] a Nazi or SEIG HEIL !!! :

This is the Prime Minister/president[?] doing his silly little salute like as if its a Nuremberg Rally.

He looks like an idiot and a complete tosser to me but people fall for it all yet again and get all overexcited and wave their silly placards and flags.No wonder Hitler found it so easy to unite a divided german nation and here we go again as people nevfer change and never ever learn.

Anyway this Sad Moron says in his own words that if you are critical of the Israeli regime and ethnic cleansing and apartheid in Palestine/Israel then that amounts to Anti Semitism !!!

Did you get that ??

Well i am very critical of it as well but regardless of this over simplified retard and his verbal wrongness it does not amount to Anti Semitism in any way.Not so much over simplified as i dont think he ever had it in the first place.


Thats the thing by the way were you can say what you like regardless of reprisal or persecution from Government or spurious ,dubious organisations like The Anti Defamation League for example.

He looks like he is related to Tom Hanks but has a weird glazed vacant look in his eyes.I wonder why ?

He is more Jewish than a Jewish person if you dont include Rabid Zionists .Obviously he really doesnt give a toss and just follows the money.

So Stephen "MORON" Harper why dont you go and talk to some Jews and find out what the "Consensus" about Isreal/Palestine is then ?

Probably because you wont get the "consensus" that you expected and you are a Coward and a Sell Out and an enemy of free speech that hides behind your fake "Human Rights?" legislation when in fact you believe in the opposite ?

Fox Newes in the US have just been caught red handed for using a subliminal image of a picture of Republican presidential candidate [mentally unstable Moron] John McCain in the introductory sequence to Fox News.

Luckily i am immune to mind control tecniques etc as i dont want to have that Morons unfortunate face permanently lodged in my subconscious thank you or find m yself looking for the Republican tick box next time i choose to participate in the Mickey Mouse fake UK elections [by that i mean the 2 [1] main party[s] with the Liberal Democrats lagging behind right at the end with all the fat kids.

Another one who was at the back of the queue when brains were being given out.

Right then Who's next ?


I went back to look at my old house yesterday and found everything has changed.The Care Home [Fleur De Lyse] has upped sticks and moved elsewhere and the house has been bought and is being turned back into a single dwelling.No problem with that.

In the lower centre of the picture is a rectangular piece of disturbed ground that was a bone of contention for years.Its finally been built on.I couldnt believe it when i saw it as the new build looked incongrous and out of place.I didnt want to wander down there but the house is some 3 story house with a very high pitched slate roof .I dont know if it has ruined next door but i was a bit disturbed to see it.The side driveway has gone and been re-absorbed back into next doors garden.

I have fantasies about moving back there one day and i just hope that the new build hasnt ruined it but every available spare bit of land or garden has been taken by developers doing garden grabs and cashing in that it just pisses me off to see it TBH.I have never seen a house with such a high pitch on it ever.I dint like the look of it at all and it would have looked better with a red clay tiled roof like the adjacent property instead of black roofslates and it also doesnt have a garden as there was no space.

Anyway the woods *cannot* be developed *ever* as they are protected and held by a trust.

And its a fucksight better than anywhere in Brighton or even that overpriced pile of shite called Sandbanks in Poole in Dorset.All you do is sell the place to some idiot with too much money [i dont equate how much money someone has with intelligence] anmd they pay 10 million for a house.Rubbish place.

"Darling ! its an enclave !"

Too much money just gets vulgar and a shrine to vulgarity like parts of Los Angeles.

"OOOOhhhhh GET HER !! Better new money than no money ! Thats what i always say!! "

[in my best possible camp voice ]

" ERE Vats a bit convincin ! You sure your not queer ? "

OOOhhh Dont You Start !

NAAh not really just avin a laugh.I wasnt last time i ad a look anyway.

Thats reassuring to know.My mum and dad are still in contact with the others who lived there and managed the woods but a lot of them are getting elderly and are starting to die off one by one as i keep being told about them all and we were supposed to visit them but it keeps getting delayed and soon there wont be any left as i used to know all these people and work in the woods with them.

I dont know how much longer i can hack Brighton .Its a dirty horrible overpriced fucked town and like my Dad says its ruined by the people that visit and live here [nearly anyway !!].

In the same way that Steve Hackett couldnt Hackett and left Genesis.

If i had the money i could have bought that house back for the price of a flat in Brighton and i dont know of a house in Brighton that is better or in a better situation.It was a bummer coming back here yesterday TBH especially driving down the dirty shithole slum thats called the Lewes Road.Like the Elephant and Castle they can stick it up their arsehole.Whenever i get back to Brighton i always say "Back to Idiot Town" as it hits you in the face.If and when i feel the need to look for a female partner Brighton is the last place i would consider looking *ever*.I would go to Lewes as there is a much better class of girls to be found there.This place is the worst place i have ever been to or lived in as regard to women and i wouldnt want to go beneath myself and entertain some sour faced vacuous female who is just on the take.I walk past them all the time and i cant stand the sight of them.Awful and i wouldnt give any of them the time of day and they couldnt afford it anyway as i believe in equality but you wont get any of them paying with their own money.Never.

They can all just fuck off for all i care as i would rather stay single TBH.

Apologies but i am a snob and i dont do trash.

And as soon as i am back and stop at the crossing [as i was in a friends car] some tattooed shaven headed PLEB with tattoos pushing his offspring [that these types insist on inflicting on humanity] in a pram[always a fucking pram] starts shouting and being aggressive and verbally abusive [c*** etc] in front of his kid as well because the wheel of the car was on the white line of the crossing!!!!

WTF !!!????

"THERES THE LINE YOU F**** etc etc etc heard it all before blah di blah etc anyway so fucking what ? Honestly i just laughed at him as he was going "KAHM ON VEN !!?? KAHM ON VEN !!!" like a parrot with his predictable pathetic male posturing.Absolutly pathetic. [I seem to collect them] and thats why i dont go out much in Brighton [out of choice] and i was talking to my mum on the telephone and said i was going oout later and she said "Dont !! You will only end up fighting with some Maniac !! " which is why i didnt get out of the car on sunday .

Anyway i have bigger fish to fry and i am not interested at all so he should go and transfer his negative shit elsewhere and i hope he doesnt enjoy either being himself or the rest of his miserable existence.

Welcome to Brighton !!

Dread Man , truly Dread.

Its just a place to live as i dont care about it or have any interest in it anymore as its fucked and is to a large extent a victim of its own success.Its a shallow media driven place and its always being publicised in weekend fucking broadsheets.

Filthy place.

They all have a bit of money but no class.I would rather spend more time in London where you get the real thing instead of fake Wannabees.

Nearly forgot this :

At the little cafe at Dungeness there was one of those Slush Puppie things that dispenses the Slush Puppie and keeps it stirred.There were 2 varieties,One being bright red in colour ,the other being what looked like flurescent green.I was wondering if the flurescent green variety contained Uranium.It certainly looked like it did as the colour was right but it was daylight so it was not possible to tell nor was there an available UV light.

I will have to ask my Dad about that as it might be a cheap way of disposing of nucleur waste from the power station:Sell it to the public ! Brilliant !

I was going to have a swim in "The Boil" but you have to swim out to it first and the water around it was bloody freezing and there was a breeze which was stirring up all the sand from the sandbank and i wont swim in brown water as its horrible.Out of choice i only swim in clear water.

Going back to the houses i would love to have a little retreat there as i love places that are in exposed places or exposed to the elements.I would love to be sitting in their scribbling away with wind and rain lashing against the windows.The house wouldnt blow away as you build on a concrete base and tie the building to the concrete as you cant build on shingle otherwise.I also love Derek Jarmans garden with its indigenous plant life and little Henges that are made of large pebbles with bits of driftwood and detritus collected off the beach.


Derek Jarman is dead now but the house and gardens are cared for and maintained.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Armed Police at Dungeness:

I visited Dungeness today to have a look at the power station and have a look at an interesting little house being built by an interesting architect.I would love to live there as its a fascinating place and a completely unique enviroment.I dont know what the planning criteria is as most of the little houses are substandard prefabs dressed up to look like a park home and i would demolish any one of them and replace it with a newbuild that would be ten times better than the existing.The power station is stunning at night when it is lit up as well.I have always liked the design of the main reactor building as well.

Anyway i couldnt help but notice the 2 armed police that were wandering around.They were armed with the Heckler and Koch G36 Assault Rifles which have a range of half a mile and can fire 750 rounds per minute and the rounds can pierce body armour.so in other words you dont want to get hit by a round from this gun as it will make an awful mess.You wouldnt know it anyway if it did hit you.They looked like guns that were fresh out of the box they came in and they have only just been issued [about 2 weeks ago] they were black in colour and are a substantial piece of kit.Police maintaining security at "at risk from terrorism" buildings and installations are the only police permitted to use these type of firearms as they are far more deadly than standard police issue firearms.The police are apparently only trained to use these guns in single shot or triple shot fire mode and not on automatic which is a stupid thing to say because if you are trained to fire this gun on single or triple fire mode then whats diferent about being trained to fire it on automatic ?You just hold it ,aim and fire - simple.


Anyway providing the mechanism is reliable and doesnt lock up or whatever then its fine apart from the gun getting very very hot after firing 750 rounds per minute so its probably sensible to wait a minute or 2 before reloading and firing.Its only 30 rounds per magazine anyway.

Apart from that the 2 police were well away from the power station and just seemed to be wandering around so if anything did happen then they would be nowhere near it.

Serious firearms though that would stop virtually anything.I dont know what size of round is used but judging by the size of the barrel they werent pissing around with 5.56mm rounds as these looked more like they would fire an 8 or 9 mm round at a guess.It didnt look like they had the grenade launcher attachment though .

Monday, 12 May 2008

N Nuther !

This lovely old bottle is what i gave up going to Bristol for.What a beauty as well.This is literally a once in a lifetime find that i got on Ebay.It was found behind a wall in an old house in Plymouth and was an isolated find unfortunately.It dates from around 1800.I cant tell the condition of the glass but the top of the bottle has been rubbed clean and is shiny so i doubt the glass has been attacked by burial in soil.It does unfortunately have a large hole in its side [not shown] which can be restored professionally using coloured resin which will be virtually undetectable unless under close examination.Its standard procedure with very very rare damaged items.

If it was undamaged then it would have cost 1250 instead of 125 possibly even more as a matching pair sold for 3500 quid.

It was a calculated risk that the bottle would sell for what it sold and not reach the middle hundreds in price and i was very surprised it didnt.I sniped this item at the last 3 minutes like i always do but it was so easy as everyone else seemed to be asleep !

There are only a handful of these bottles in existence and they are in very well known collectors collections.

The seller said they would have another look for the missing bits as they are probably still there somewhere.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

News just in !!!!

I have no way of determining if this is fact or fiction but as i err on the side of caution i would say it is more likely to be true rather than fiction.

Anyway after Hurricane Katrina , remember that ? That was when the bush adminstration were rather slow to act in helping those afflicted as they were not Bush supporters.

However the bush administration ,never ones to miss an opportunity to make money no matter how amoral decided to contract out removal of Gold fillings from the teeth of the dead just like Nazis.This was contracted out to Halliburton .What a surprise.Halliburton are an extension and a private enterprise subsidary of the federal government.Halliburton are also contracted out to supply the military in Iraq and provide other logistical support as well like flying the dead bodies of service personel from Iraq.

Various prominent Neocons have their fingers in many pies.Halliburton and Brown and Root being the most profitable .

How Ironic and they probably make money out of that as well.

Those who start the war profit most out of it ?

What a surprise but not really as war is an industry the same as any other.

I could go on but i wont but thats pretty awful really if its true.

Famous quote :

"One of the penalties for not taking an interest in Politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors"

Plato -

4000 BC.

There you have it in a nutshell.

But in the meantime carry on stuffing your faces, watching Eastenders,going shopping,and watching ITN News , and all the rest of it.

But someone has to pay attention to what is going on and first thing to do is tell the truth.Whats more amazing is that believe iot or not people will listen and take notice of what is being told to them.This is what i found over on Liveleak when i commented on a "Have your say" Video after an initial ly not very good reaction .The author of the videa on Muslim Fudamentalism first of all disagreed with what i was saying and various insults were thrown around.I could see his point and he was partly right but only partly as its part of a larger problem that involves many different things so i explained the bigger picture and he got it !!

Amazing !!

I only deal in facts and hopefully my posts have altered someones world view and however many others are reading.

I only deal in facts as you cant be attacked for stating facts as a fact is irrefutable.It cannot be criticised.

Its a bit more difficult to do this with some of the mentally retarded americans that i have come across on the same comments page for the video.There is no excuse for that sort of ignorance , not if you have computer/internet access as all the information is there and you have the critical thinking part of your brain functioning.

You cannot tell a bush supporter anything.They just wont have it.None of it.They just disregard it.

Whats even more stupid is that they call themselves Patriots.

Yet they have not an iota of a fucking clue what is going on in their own country.

"Support Bush and stamp out the evil Muslims and fight for Democracy!"

What Democracy ?

Do they inhabit some other alternate reality that i have somehow become connected to via the Internet?

What the fuck are they talking about ?

Their idea of Patriotism is waving a flag around ,lapping up bullshit media and TV that they are fed on a daily basis and "Supporting your President".

This seems to be about it.

Fucking brain dead morons.

Not forgetting the odd right wing white supremacist who said "We need another crusade to wipe out the Muslim Pigs !"

I told him to either sign up and go and fight in the "Crusade" or else shut the fuck up.

It was just some shaven headed fucking Prick with a Swastika across his Chest.

They make me embaressed to be Human [nearly ];)

He didnt even know what NAFTA is.I know more about their country than they do and i dont even live there.

Have they heard of Fema ?

NO course they havent.

So i posted all the relevant Fema Exceutive Orders to them that are online which they are too fucking lazy and stupid to look up for themselves.

Well i presume they can read and have read them but they probably wont understand them anyway even though i am not a Lawyer yet i can understand legal terminolgy and jargon and all the rest of it.

It isnt difficult.

Last of all its a common misconception that all Americans are stupid.

Not true in the same sense that not all Muslims are Rabid Fundamentalists.

Anyway the campaign will continue as revolutions start from the ground upwards by networking and exchanging views and solutions and educating those who are dont know what is going on.

Information is Knowledge - Knowledge is power.

However you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.Others may say otherwise but its not my style.

Voluntary work :

I am doing voluntary work at the basement annexe of the Regency town house.This involves reinstating the missing section of the paved courtyard with reclaimed yorkstone slabs that were reclaimed and given to us by Brighton College.These were missing because fuckwits in the past [1907 i think] ripped them up when they were required to improve the sanitation and lay new drains.In the process they destroyed all the old drains and culverts as people always do with old stuff.The slabs have to be laid and levelled individually as they are irregular thicknesses etc and not like what you buy from the garden centre.

The thing is there is a total lack of funding to pay for work to restore the place and turn it into a heritage centre that will train and educate others in local history and building conservation and things like that.

50,000 would do it.We could do an awful lot with 50,000 quid.

I think it is very unreasonable to have to find this money from private sources when i dont see why Brighton council couldnt find 50,000 to invest in it for something that would benefit the entire community and train craftspeople in building conservation and do a lot for the local tourism industry.

So here we are doing it for free.Theres myself ,the curator,and neil the plasterer and whats more all 3 of us are feeling the pinch financially myself being the worst off at least until July [hopefully].Projects keep stalling at the moment and i find myself scratching around for work.Its going to be bank of mum and dad for me if i am not careful and i need to make some money.I only need 10,000 in the interim and other parents give their kids far far more than that so i dont feel bad asking.I have got to cost to the penny a building project that is doing nothing at the moment.Just sitting there.If i do it right and cost it right and get a very clever architects scheme then i am certain that there is 250,000 in it to be made.Then i would happily give away 50,000 of it to the Regency Town House project as a way of avoiding paying tax on it but i think it falls short of the criteria for having to pay capital gains tax anyway.The buyer would have to pay stamp duty themselves as if they can afford to buy a house worth over half a million then they can afford stamp duty.

This project really is unique and could be one of the most interesting homes in Brighton.

I have to cost it out ,get planning approval in principle that i know i will get anyway and get a feel for what the market is and sell the idea to my dad and get on with it as it may be the last project that we ever work on together.

Fuck the property market and the credit crunch.Good properties always sell especially if they are unique.Its all the overpriced boring dross on the market that wont sell.There is a glut of it plus the glut of Buy to Let properties here and i have to say i am shocked at the price of rents in this town.Everyone stops spending as a knee jerk reaction to what the media tells them.I personally couldnt give a fuck and i just carry on.People and the banking system and their collective greed have bought it on themselves anyway.Its all a house of cards and a mickey mouse economy and banks should just wipe the interest or the debt or at least some of it as they are underwritten to cover themselves for bad debt anyway.

Back to the funding issue :Its partly because of the policies of the left wing labour council who wont invest money in things like this as its all about things that are old instead of new and Labour have a very poor track record of investing in Heritage projects partly due to the fact they have been infiltrated by common Purpose[who hasnt?] rather like the Heritage Lottery Fund.They are4 all into modernisation and doing away with the past which is typical of their ilk.


They would rather invest public money into quangos and studies and comittees and sit and yak all day about Modernisation and their favourite pet subject "Diversity".

"Is there enough Diversity in Brighton ?"

Oh shut the fuck up.

Who gives a fuck ?

Go back to Fucking sleep.

And isnt it funny that where you find those who preach "Diversity" there is usually a lack of it ?

Fucking Load of Cunts.

Instead we get god knows how much money spent on the Brighton Festival which is on the whole as far as i am concerned a load of pretentious twaddle that i never participate in apart from looking at some very nice paintings by local artists.

"What paintings on canvasses that you hang on the wall ? How old fashioned!!" A bit like paying with cash in shops instead of waiting an eternity for someone else to pay with a silly plastic card.

Shame on the council who neglects its own built enviroment and heritage which is the main reason why tourists comre to Brighton in the first place to see the World famoused [fucked up and becoming even more so] Regency Architecture.

Brighton is already listed as a fucked town anyway in reference to its built architecture.

All we want to do is improve it and educate and all the rest of it.The basement annexe is the only complete below stairs enviroment [servants quarters] in the south east and quite possibly much further afield and we were very very very lucky to aquire it in the first place.It was bought off a property developer who could easily have told us to fuck off if they werent sympathetic.I would still work on a reduced rate if we could get funding and even do it for free.

At the moment the other 2 are getting a bit disillusioned with it all as nothing gets done and the place sits unused and sad and deteriorates.

Fucking absolute load of Cunts this government are.As bad as tories if not a lot lot worse.Tories wouldnt have sold us out to Europe [at least not all of them] and they always seem to be able to find money to fund the war effort.

There are heritage projects all over the country that need funding that would enhance the enviroment and the community and provide jobs and training for todays dispossesed youngsters where they could learn very valuable skills instead of going on the dole or going to university to get a mickey mouse degree and get into debt.A lot of these projects are in areas where there already is an employment problem.

Like Neil said if we filled the basement annexe with Queers or Immigrants or a Diversity study centre or any of that other rubbish that the PC brigade get off on then we would get money thrown at us left right and centre.


I dont know why the fuck i bother.

Well actually i do know why the fuck i bother but anyway if i/we didnt bother nothing would get done.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bizarre story :

I[used to] know this guy who lives in Horsham called Romano who is a bit wacky and is a born again christian and deaf though not deaf with a hearing aid.A completely mad Italian.Mad as in wacky not insane.He is a musician and plays and writes songs .Not my cup of tea but good as a musician.He had something to do with a one hit wonder called Hinda Hicks who was on Island records .She was a local and romano was pissed at her because she signed to Island and was always bitching about her having a hit but then she never had another !

Then there is the story that he wrote and composed Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer the Beverley Hills cop theme tune.He reckons it was stolen and he wrote it and from what i have been told by others there may have been some truth in it .

So i dont know but you couldnt make this stuff up.