Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Where has the 37 billion gone ?

Since taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for bailing out bankers then it shouldnt be too much to ask where the money has gone should it ?

It seems like it is too much to ask as the government I.E Gordon Brown/Alistair Darling cant or wont say where it has gone.

Not good enough.

Personally i would interrogate them and possibly waterboard them and maybe then they might be more forthcoming with an answer of a non-bullshit nature.

A couple of useless bits of garbage who are not fit to hold office in my opinion and probably a lot of others too.

Fucking criminals.

Say nothing - deny everything.


FFS !!!

That is practice of banks being allowed to lend out many times their assets [deposits] not reserves.

It should be illegal and i wonder if the those in power intend to make this practice illegal ?

NO chance whatsoever.

Money that appears out of thin air disappears into thin air.

The parasites [the bankers and politicians etc] feed off the host body which is the people.

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