Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I was sacked today !!!

Yep i was sacked today from a building site.Partly for lateness .Half an hour late an hour late today.Not to mention i have had tools nicked from the site.I was non too plussed about this and made a bit of a fuss about it.

"Its at your own risk !!! "said the site foreman.

Just because they dont want to compensate for my losses.

Yes well i cant work in that sort of enviroment where things go missing while my back is turned.

I have had that mixer for 5 years and as soon as i come onto a place like this it goes missing after 2 days.

"Anyway get yer tools and pack up yer not working ere anymore ! "

A load of Bollox.

Never again.

the best news i have had all day as i have never been so bored at work in my entire life to the point i was clockwatching all day for the simple reason there was not enough work to do as i did it all too quickly.Far too quickly.

Anyway no ill feelings towards the foreman as he was actually alright.Its just that his logic is a bit skewed.

The site is a new hotel that is opening that is a 5 star hotel called the Brighton Hotel.The style is a mixture of Freddie Mercury and the Maharishi or something like that so the radio advertisments claimed.The reality is somewhat different however.The general style isnt terrible but its not what i would call a 5 star hotel.It all looks a bit cheap and tacky and the finish is definatly the worst i have seen in a very long while.The paintwork is full of bits of grit and runs and bits of plaster.Lumps everywhere.The plasterwork that has been repaired is terrible and looks like it has been fixed by someone who is visually impaired although there may be some very good visually impaired plasterers around but i dont know any.The wall on the main stair case are full of holes and scrapes that have just been painted.The wallpapering is terrible as all the joints are not butted up properly and overlap with dried paste smeared all over the edges as it hasnt been washed off with a wet sponge.Plus cheap looking nylon carpet.The type where you get a huge burnt crater if you drop a burning cigarette on it.Last of all a disproportionatly small kitchen for the size of Hotel.

All in all its more like a 3/4 star hotel not 5. 5 stars isnt that great when you get Hotels with much higher ratings than that.

Another ex employee of the site had a very serious grudge over something as they took it upon themselves to smash 12 7 foot high floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor that were laminated glass.I will tell you that it takes considerable force to smash laminated glass and they used a heavy circular hammer as you could tell by the impact holes in the glass.

One room with a circular bay and reinstated ceiling mouldings that dont follow the curve of the ceiling but instead it looks more like half of a Threepenny bit as they didnt have the know how to run up curved components on a bench plus the fact that have used a component they found elsewhere with a repeating pattern that cannot either be used on a curved ceiling or they negated to reproduce and use the modified curved component.Either way it looks a fucking mess and may have to be corrected probably by the plasterer i work with.We get lots of work going around correcting platerwork messes made by others in Brighton and Hove.

There is a rival plasterwork company called Fuller Brothers who are a couple of yobs who are brothers.They are totally useless and leave a mess wherever they go.If they do outside ornamental work they always use Cement as they dont know any better.They fixed some large architectural elements to an outside of a building a while ago .They detached themselves from the building and fell and smashed on the pavement.

I call them FullOfShit brothers and i give them very negative feedback to anyone i can at any given opportunity i can do so.

What are they going to do about it anyway ?

This hotel contract was given to FullerShit Brothers as their quote was cheaper.

Save a penny - end up spending a pound type scenario although the plasterers onsite installing the mouldings were subcontracted by Fullershit Brothers.I dont know who they were but one of them who looked like he had one foot in the grave had a bit of an attitude because he was tecnically the most skilled trades person on site .Shame about the standard of work ,the poor quality of the elements that were cast up and last of all the installation of them.Still not my problem.

They took over from Standens Plastering after they [Standens] went bust over the Marlborough House Project Fiasco i talked about earlier.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Marlborough house brighton update:

This is the project i was involved with a couple of years ago that went tits up.

This is the second most important building in Brighton next to the royal Pavilion.It is a house that was remodelled and extended by Robert Adam the famous scottish architect.There are documents and original architectural drawings in The john Soane Museum in London.

It has sat empty for two years and has been subject to feasibility studies by English Heritage to see what change of use is best for the building.I am not exactly sure what the change of use is going to be but its either a Boutique hotel or a private drinking club.There was a meeting there yesterday which was to finalise things but i wasnt far as i know i think change of use has been approved and work can start soon which is good news for me.i have waited 2 years for this to happen.

This is the best news i have had for ages and this place is going to have 2.5 million spent on it which means i can get my job back as there are two others i know who are overseeing the project.there is a queue of various companies who wanted to buy it as it is for a company headquarters like Banks etc.

The front facade and roof that you see is all new work.The windows that you see are the original frames with replacement sashes [windows].The Venetian frmes on the ground floor were removed dismantled ,stripped of paint build up ,treated and reassembled.I spent weeks helping with this.The plasterwork that you see is all new.Before we did it another plasterwork company did it and made a mess of it in places.They were called Standens and *were* a good company.The guy who ran it retired and passed the company on to his son who unfortunately was not all that bright.There were some good people working for them but a lot of them were rubbish.It was at the owners insistence that they did the plasterwork.He wouldnt listen to us so you just wait for it to go wrong and do it all again.

Some of the work they did was fine .That being the Pediments [triangular mouldings at parapet level.Thats because the individual who did this knew what he was doing.This is however after this company had completely destroyed all of the original mouldings.This is before we got there.

The original mouldings had about half a centimeter of paint build up on them which was perfectly sound.2.5 centuries worth of paint layers in total.The mouldings themselves were made of a heavy Lead based Mastic that was a Robert Adam recipe.For various reasons after being sent of for analysis could not be replicated.

Standens Plastering upon instruction by the owner stripped it of paint using Paint Stripper.Eventually they got through the paint layers and then got to the original surface of the lead based mastic which was oil based.for some reason they continued to strip and strip away the surface of the exposed mouldings totally destroying them.about a quarter of the original mouldings were left untouched but not for long.

If they were to be stripped it should have been done with a heat gun very carefully so none of the above should have happened.

This remaining quarter was supposed to be saved .The same plasterers as below were specifically asked not to to touch this at all.So what happens ?

Yes it all ended up in bits in the Skip.

Unbelivable. Fucking unbelievable.

Again this all happened before we were called in to sort it all out and oversee the plastering work being done by Standens.There were some fucking idiots working on site for this company.Sort of yob /geezer types.I dont mind Geezers one tiny bit as i like them.But the Yob type and me just dont mix.For example it doesnt create a good impression if a site is in the centre of town and the plasterers are sexually harassing girls that walk past in the street.Shouting Things like " Here ,do you want to suck my Cock etc etc ".

Well i will tell you something if you ever do that again on this site ever and this applies to all of you then you are leaving the site right fucking now and never coming back ever and dont fucking argue or give me any fucking talkback or attitude or i will personally physically fucking remove you from this site .

Get it ?

Do you realise that if that woman is offended she can complain and have this site closed down ?

" No ??!!!? "

Of course you fucking didnt .

Fucking idiots trying my patience.

One of them waqs about my size but not up to much was a bit of a problem from time to time.He felt he had something to prove and felt threatened or whatever and try it on.In the mornings sometimes i would walk past his car while he was sitting in with 2 others and saying look at that cunt etc Is he queer is he this or that.I am not camp and these types always assume you must be queer if you different or not outwardly aggressive etc.

I had to remind this unfortunate individual that if he had anything to say then wind the fucking window down and say to to my face.Dont sit there hiding in the car.

I watched him one day spending a whole day T Cutting his cars bodywork instead of working in an effort to compete with the building owners black 2 door 90 grand Mercedes.

They just fucked up everything they touched and were a total disaster.

They were still employed by the owner at this point.

Oh |Jesus christ !!

You dont use a Kango next to the brickwork at the Heads of the windows.They are stuctural but its too late now you have already fucked them all now.Damage done.They were removing their previous layer of sand and cement render they had covered the facade up to the point of a scratchcoat .It all had to come off as you do not cover a lime based building in sand and cement.It will eventually fail as it doesnt allow the building to breathe so therefore traps moisture and therefore degrading the underlying material.Its too long winded to explain.

They were told to cut the render into small sections with a disc cutter then hammer + chisel it off in sheets not pound the building to death with heavy powertools that sends shockwaves through the wall therefore upsetting all the mortar in the them.

Why dont they fucking listen ? Do they have problems reading plain English ?

Eventually they just had to leave the site and we took over re doing the plasterwork ourselves.

The slates on the roof are green Devonian slate and the quarry that they came from had to be drained of water as it was unused and re quarried again just to get the slate for the roof slates to this building.

The Basement level that is black is a flint cobbled wall that has been painted black.I had to spend 3 days on the last beach next to the marina handpicking 3000 flint pebbles that all had to be a uniform shape and size to match the could only find them on this beach because of tidal drift and the way it grades the shingle.This was caused by the Marina sea wall.I bagged them up and picked them up by van.This is illegal but who cares.Anyway reason we were taking them overrules any illegality should anyone ask.We had to wait for a police car that was there by coincidence to leave.They were just skiving off work and sitting in the car park.

It feels like my run of bad luck is coming to an end now at last .Its been 4 months long.I keep getting pointers now that are lucky and lots of helpful coincidences.

I have been working across the road on another building doing site work on a big building site.Its been years since i have had to work in a chaotic with about 50 others that i dont know and have not met before including another plasterer who started on the same day.

I havent come across anyone there who i didnt like.Everyone seems very friendly and i cant speak highly enough of them all.There are some Brummies painting with accents so wide i cant always understand what they are saying, Albanians,Eastern europeans.Its amazing how quickly you can start chatting with everyone.Its been alright and not the nightmare i was sort of expecting it to be.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Drumming practice:

This picture wont make sense until the end of the post.

Tonights exercise : Play along to ashes to Ashes - David bowie and keep perfect time including all changes in time signatures and not deviate.

Simple enough.

Then i looked up drumming tuition on youtube.

Watching Drumming Tecnicians doing all that tecnical stuff plus all the terminology makes me realise how little i know.I dont know any of that stuff at all although i have watched videos of drummers that you get in Musos magazines.

"Look how good i am !!! "

I suppose its possible if A:I had a drumkit. B:Somewhere to play in peace and not rented space like rehearsel studios and C Endless amounts of spare time.

I am not a musician , I have only played live once , and have never played in a band.

"I coulda been a contender .... I mean really been someone.. "

I am not talking myself up or saying i am great as a drummer but there is a similarity to John Bonham in style.This what other drummers have said and it was a matter of fact comment and not flattery.If you are an intelligent adult then you will understand the context of the comparison.I am not saying i am as good as John bonham , only a similarity in that A i can keep time and i like to really hit the drums hard .I find it very difficult to play quietly.

This is why i also like jimmy chamberlain as a drummer because of similar reasons.

I like the playing with your hands on a drumkit.It depends on your tolerence i suppose.Its a bit like you can punch a wall dont hit it hard enough to injure yourself but just about hard enough.What happens is it hardens your knuckles and in kills off the nerve endings in your knuckles and makes them harder.

The pic at the top is evidence of why you should not punch walls too hard.Thats what i did and it impacted the knuckle.It looks like it has peen pushed backwards.

I was about 16 and rather lost my rag about something.

It causes no pain whatsover.

Monday, 21 January 2008


I could have gone wrecking today as there is loads of timber washed up on the beach.Huge bundles of it.It looks like 4 by 2.Its just fast grown softwood and it has been in the water so long now that its saturated with water so it will take ages to dry out and will probably warp when it dries.I didnt see the point in bothering because of that.

Its not something you see everyday.

Would you believe it......

I was supposed to be going up to London to look into an alternative way to earn money.This involves being photographed [it doesnt involve the Sex industry but does involve very attractive girls] but i dont want to say what it is for fear of sounding like a twat but needless to say having what appears to be a third eye growing [or a huge spot] inbetween the eyes doesnt exactly help my cause.I never ever get spots ever so why this one chose to appear right now is unbelievable really so i have had to cancel until the skin eruption has subsided.It more or less wipes out the entire week this does.F...... great.

One step forward , two steps backward ....

Friday, 11 January 2008

friends? Update:

I saw my "Friend" the other day.completely neurotic as usual.It was too much so i had to leave.We met in the street.

She is quite interesting though. her father lives in a small stately home in Yorkshire that is leased or rented from the Queen.Her Step mother is worth 80 million.

She used to be a high class call girl who has apparently slept with David Bowie amongst others.She was also friends with Carlos Alamor Who played on lots of Bowie albums.

At some point she was a "personal assistant" to the King of Jordan. I know this is fact as i have seen the pictures.

She also worked for Stiff Records as she lived a few doors away.She was friends with Kirsty Macoll who died when she was hit by one of those moron Jetski people.

How i *HATE* JetSkis and the idiots that ride them.I would like too.......

Anyway she then got mixed up with drugs and became a heroin she left London to get away from it all.

I think a lot of her friends from that time are dead now.

Some more opinion on Rudee Gooley-Arnie :


not my words for a change:

"Rest assured Guiliani will not be elected US President. The chickens are coming home to roost for him after his gross negligence peior to 9/11- the failure to provide functioning Radios; on 9/11 where he trampled the streets of Manhatten like a headless chicken and yet he has the audacity to claim that he saved New York and post 9/11 where he was involved in the 9/11 cover up by expediting the removal of the steel that would have proved beyond doubt that there was controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and building 7. He was also involved in the cover up of the fact that he knew of the levels of toxicity in the air in lower Manhatten and didn’t supply the ground zero workers with masks with the result that as many if not more people will die than on 9/11 itself as a result of cancer and respiratory dieseases.
His removal of the steel was a federal offence and when the criminals responsible for 9/11 are brought to justice - and they will be- he should be in the dock along with them facing a minimum sentence of life in prison. Anyone who would vote for him is either a fellow neocon or is cerebrally challenged from watching and listening to too much of Bush’s indoctrination ministry apparatchiks aka Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Foxnews."

Rudy Julie Annie. You too can be a cross dressing,lying neocon mobster and run for president. Rudy why didn’t you go anywhere near your command center in WTC7 on 911. Every word out of that putrid mouth is a lie.

Why ????????

Unless that was a sarcastic comment which i am almost certain it was its because as we all know WTC7 was set for demolition on that day.

Hey Everyone !! Ever heard of the burning of the ReichStag ?

The point of this is that Roodeejewleearnie is basing his whole electoral campaign on a delusion that is a personal belief that is that he saved New York.

Its just a shame that Norad had executive orders to be on stand down etc.

Cleaning Company:

My Mum started a cleaning company with a friend for 3 years.She knows the sort of people who "are too busy" or "too important" to do their own cleaning.

They mainly did it to help single Mums on benefits earn some extra undeclared income to help them get by.They were all paid cash for their work above the going rate.The business paid their tax for them so they didnt need to declare it.

and sometimes or most of the time picked them all up in the morning ,drove them to various houses scattered here there and everywhere and then picked them up and took them all home.

"No Smoking in the Car !!! "

A lot of them chainsmoked apparently.

"Ev -er-ytime i see so and so shes got a Fag hanging out of her mouth !!"

Thursday, 10 January 2008

, Carbon emissions Ad Infinitum ..... STOP!! NEWSFLASH !!!! HILLARY CLINTON WINS NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARYS !!!!!

Honestly its like listening to a stuck record . for years and years and years and years no one gave a damn about ruining the planet except for a small minority.

Now climate Change is impossible to avoid as for one it is happening and 2 you hear endless debates about how best to deal with it and endless broadsheet articles about it.

Too much to go into right now not to mention the whole "Is Global Warning A Scam ? ".Far too much to go into now but the short answer is undeniably Yes and No.Its the cause that is what needs to be addressed to get to the facts and past the Lies and the Spin and Hidden Agendas /Politics. We get to the point of no return and even then you still have Politics Power Economics getting in the way and milking enviromental catastrophe for every penny its worth. Thats worthy of a post in itself.

Then you have the Green Lobby on the other side talking rubbish as usual .I am obviously "green" myself but i am getting sick and tired of the mainstream Green movement.

again worthy of another post on another day.

"What would happen if i drove a very large truck into the side of a Nucleur power station ? " said someone from Friends of the Earth today on the radio as if to say/think that that would trigger a repeat of Chernobyl !!!!

Honestly go back to primary school.

Anyway now that Politics /economics have done absolutly nothing about global Warming/Climate Change , it keeps changing its name - i cant keep up with it - someone somewhere make a fucking decision and stick to it rather than juggling media - friendly sound bites .I call it Climate Change NOT Global Warming .Thats inaccurate .Its been known about for at least 50 years wether its man made or The Sun or both as i like to think of it not to mention earth Wobble when the earth moves on its axis or anything else nothing has been done about it.I hold those at the top responsible ultimately because virtually no money has been invested in alternatives like developing a fusion Reactor for example.Imagine the cost of the Iraq war for example being invested in that instead ?

Enough of that for now.

Back to the point : Carbon emissions : Its all they ever talk about.We must cut carbon Emissions now ! Everyone has to do it !! Right Now !!!! alright then in 5 years time then , thats what our computer generated models say !!! they cant be wrong as the computer programme that we paid for that was based on our own government funded statistics says will happen . It cant be wrong ! We paid a "Scientist" to do it !! The Scientists say its true !! We paid them to say it !! honestly its true and not hypothetical ! Its not Hypothetical because its Scientific and science is never wrong until its proven to be wrong and even then it wasnt wrong because "we" thought it was right !! so we are never wrong wrong and we are the Government Military Industrial complex and its us who put you all in this situation by milking you dry through taxation and exploitation of the planet for personal gain while investing nothing in anything sustainable.

But we have to not think about that and concentrate on the "key" issues and the "challenges facing us today " in "Terms of climate change" which are what we will be having very big meetings about where we will sign a treaty that by the year 2060 we will still have done nothing about it.To be more precise we have all unanimously agreed not to plant any trees or do anything to stop any further Deforestation that is happening every second of the day of ever week of every year of every century.

Never mind all those Trees .They are not the point of it at all.Its whats in the atmosphere that is doing the harm and its all of " us "who are throwing out carbon emissions without a care in the world . where does it all go ? Up in the air and does terrible things to " us " all . "We" must cut down on Carbon Emissions now ! "We" must all switch to Energy Saving Lightbulbs ! " Its like they all had a collective idea that popped into their collective consciousness rather like a Lightbulb in a Cartoon.

Oh incidentally when i say "We" i actually mean "You".Thats right yes "you" .Its you who are responsible ! All of you ! You wasted all the oil ! You left lightbulbs turned on all night .You drove all the cars that burnt all the petrol that produced all those nasty Carbon Emissions . Not Us ! We just profited out of it all .Thats all and after all business is there to profit and exploit isnt it ? It justifies our very existence and without it there would be even less point to our existence than there is already `and anyway you need us to save you from enviromental disaster by imposing even more taxes on you than before.

Its not like you have ever provided an alternative is it or invested any more money than the bare minimum that you could get away with in providing sustainable energy and clean industry and all of a sudden its "our " fault while using "we" as if we really are a collective and all in the same boat which is in a way true but guess who put "us" there? Thats right The chimps tea party that calls itself government.

They create the problems, the people who contribute just as much to the problem the government has created turn to the government for a solution and it never never ever ends.A bit like a Hamster running around a wheel in a cage.

Taxes Taxes cut Carbon Emissions Impose taxes sign Treatys talk about "facing challenges" Ignore real enviromentalists - criminalise them even , Support corrupt governments that allow deforestation to happen , lie about the fact that oil supplys are running out just to hike prices of oil We wont restrict the amount of resources that China is swallowing up as that would not create shortages of resources that we can hike the prices of to profit out of . Its supply and demand you see and a free market .Its the way the world works and without it .....Anyway we dont want to impose industry to become Carbon neutral by planting the equivalent amount of trees to cancel out the carbon They produce that would mean that industry would have to contribute something to he enviroment rather than destroying it and it would also cost them money and we cant have that either as the trees wont give us a return on that investment .You cant put an actual price on improving life on the planet and anyway why change the habit of a lifetime ?

Its absurd that there is no such thing as a working Fusion reactor unless it has been surpressed when you consider its possible to have Nucluer Fission Reactor.Totally absurd.


You have to shout at them to make them listen and pay attention.

Russia supplies china with timber.half of it illegally logged.Indonesia supplies China with timber.80% of it illegally logged.More than 3 quarters of chinas forests have now gone.

China in terms of its own land mass is an enviromental catastrophe already and will get much worse so much so it will become uninhabitable.

I have to stop this for now.

Newsflash !! Hilary clinton wins New Hampshire Primarys !!! She would like to give a personal thank you to : Diebold Optical Scan Electronic Voting Systems and LHS Associates . "Without their support throughout the vote counting procedure she wouldnt have won this election !! "

Over to Hilary:

Reporter : "Hillary , this i is an Amazing result !! You must be celebrating tonight ! Is this result what you expected ?"

Hillary : " Yes absolutely it was ! We have all worked very hard on this campaign and i am confident that although we have a long way to go on this campaign we can confidently predict that the Democrats/Republicans can win this campaign and be back in the White house once more.

Listen , the voters voted tonight for change and i have so much to offer this great country and the voters responded to that.The voters want a president who is proactive, stands for whats right and has the strength to fight this campaign to the end and will ultimately and most importantly do the right thing !

Thanks a lot you guys working hard counting the votes down there .You are doing a great job but dont forget to throw away ,lose ,or miscount the oppositions votes !

Shit did i really say that ??? Listen you broadcast that last sentence and your outta the jabb !

Turn this goddamn microphone off Goddammit!!

You sons of bitches you say another word about rigged electronic voting scams and i am going to sue your ASS GEDDIT ? If this gets on FAX News your finished.

Reporter : "How do you feel about the fact that some voters are demanding a recount ? "

Hillary : "A recount of what ? "

Reporter : " Votes !! A recount of votes ! how do you feel about that ?"

Hillary : "Lets get this straight .First of all i got the most votes.Secondly i have connections in very high places and a lotta people have a lotta money invested in me and they will see to it that i win ! Its big buisness that decides the presidency of this country not voters .Understand ? Thats how Presidents are chosen.Who gives a Rats Ass about how many votes i get or any of the other candidates ?
Listen , The other candidates are only standing to create the illusion that there is a choice in this great country of ours about who leads this great nation of ours and not only that i have got 15 more months to go before i am president so i would appreciate it if we can all work together on this so that the voters doing get wise.Its very important that you guys all do your job, the guys who miscount the votes do their job and i do mine.

So what if it is a pointless merry go round and a forgone conclusion but it keeps you in a job doesnt it? "

Reporter :THE Whole thing SUCKS!!!

Hillary: "Too bad it sucks ! You are working for us ! You do what i tell you and report what we tell you write what i tell you and you goddamn smear the opposition when we GODDAMN TELL YOU !!!!!!!! You think things are bad now you wait till i am in power .I will make George W look like a goddamn Loser!"

Reporter: "He is a LOSER!"

Another Reporter : "What do you feel for Ron Paul and his campaign? "

Hillary: "Whos Ron Paul ? "

Another Reporter: "Exactly"

Hillary:" Seriously folks I dont Feel anything for Ron Paul ! I am married to my Husband Bill who has supported me throughout this campaign.For the record: Ron Paul You ARE a GODDAMN LOSER !"

Hillary: "End of questions . Press conference is Over."

You could bet on the outside favorites winning the election but the odds are so small on them winning that its really not worth it.But it may not be such a bad idea at all if the vote rigging was exposed at this early stage and was corrected immediately.Either recount the existing votes which is probably a waste of time as they have probably been "lost" or destroyed so the votes should be cast all over again with a transparent vote count that could be double checked for "Error".This is the problem with people in authority and those in their pockets is they simply cannot be trusted .

You see you might think that the Republicans will win but really thats not going to happen.Thats not how it works.

The other candidates may actually believe that they might win but they havent already been chosen for the job.

I only say that its not the way it works because the votecounting system isnt transparent .If voting was transparent then the outcome may be very different and an outsider may win.

You may even get a Cross-Dressing " I was a Hero when 9/11 happened !!" ex Mayor of New York. "I kept my cool all, through it and helped save the situation!!"

While i think of it the media spin out all sorts of propaganda to manipulate the voters .

Oh what a circus.

Its a bit like the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading the Children or someone with sight leading the blind or religion that says it will lead its followers to the promised land.

New York

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Sussex /Brighton +Hove creampot:

Officially there has never been a Brighton /Hove cream pot. The pot in the picture is one of only two examples known.I used to have both and committed the sin of splitting up a pair.I sold one to another digger which i shouldnt have done.

I bought them from a boot fair.They were covered in leather of all things.Wierd.I recognised the shape and bought them.I soaked them in hot soapy water and sure enough there was the lovely purple print underneath but i never expected a Hove Address.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Piece of rock from Antarctica :

Someone i know was a doctor on a greenpeace ship that went to Antarctica.So she bought this back.Its totally illegal to remove anything from antarctica apparently.