Sunday, 23 November 2008

Take That :

I have to admit that i like the latest single as its kind of Xmasy.

A good song is a good song regardless of who is singing it .

Patience isnt a bad song either.

Gary Barlow is a bit of a tosser as he used to live very close [Delamere Park estate] to my folks house in Cheshire and he owned the very large pond that was close by and stopped ALL locals from fishing in it for no better reason than acting like the local bigshot.He also always looks slightly cross eyed close up and he always drove a blue VW Golf to be anonymous and a few times he drove past as i was walking down Cuddington Lane home he would *always* look at me in a certain way as he drove past and had to stop as the lane was very narrow.

Its funny because i think Shine is awful awful irritating annoying Shite.

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