Friday, 7 November 2008

ID cards- No thanks !

Vile creature.

No chin.

Terrible speaking voice and tone of voice that is irritating.

Cant someone stick a paper bag over her head to hide it ? as i find her offensive to look at .

When will this government learn to listen to the people ?

No one i know is interested in identity cards.

Not one.

She is obviously talking to the wrong people it seems so here is some "consensus" for her to take into consideration.

She is having a laugh and she will be out at the next election anyway and in comes Tony Blair mark 2 [David Cameron] who i doubt will scrap the cards.

This country is so fucked that people are considering voting for the BNP !

How much will the private companies that are handling the info donate to the Labour Party ?

My personal info is aggressivly copyrighted and i withhold the right to not share it with private companies or the government and fingerprints will only be given out if convicted of a criminal offence.

I am not giving my details and i reject ID cards in principle.

So Fuck this slimy ,2 faced , Champagne Marxist, EU loving ,underhanded, contemptious ,money grabbing , incompetent filthy sell out trash.No class.

Control freaks.

And send Jacqui Smith back to the school she used to teach in.

I predict widespread civil disobedience.

Fuck Off Neu Liebour.

No one likes them and everyone is sick of them.

Fucking Left wingers/Libs are a joke.

The whole card database is a private enterprise that Labour is fronting.You will be billed directly by a private company and it will be runned and managed by private companies.

As much as its fashionable to jump onto the I hate the Daily Mail there were a lot of very very good comments posted on the Daily Mail website regarding this matter and i am inclined to agree with every single one of them.

So i expect *everyone* to say NO to ID Cards if they become compulsory .

NO excuses and NO Slacking either.

I dont mind the hardship of having to produce a utility bill or whatever as proof of identity.Its no big deal.

Tony Blair = War criminal.

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