Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"The Sheeple..."

MSNBC propaganda :

4 minutes and 9 seconds into this video one of the participants in MSNBCs Morning Meeting clearly says "the Sheeple..."

The guest is POS pharmaceutical drug pusher and disinfo medical media whore Dr Nancy Spiderman or whatever her name is who hysterically tells you to "GET THE DAMN VACCINE!!!".She probably knows more about Botox and hair coloring than immunology and microbology.

Its really funny watching someone voluntarily incriminate herself and lay herself wide open to potential class actions and lawsuits that will be potentially filed against her resulting from H1N1 2009 vaccination complications.

Its all in the eyes.

"If you want to play Russian Roulette then its your decision..."

Well thank you very much for acknowledging that its my decision.

Disclaimer :

This video and the material and information within it is strictly for entertainment purposes only.Any action resulting from yourself acting upon the advice given by the fake Shill PharmaPimp will be entirely your fault for taking her hysterical fear mongering seriously.

Much more to add to this later.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

How to avoid internet censorship of images :

Social networking sites are being increasingly subject to censorship of certain specific images that are contrary to their terms and conditions all of a sudden.

Avoid this problem by simply renaming the file or JPG of a poster image to something other than its default title.Or take a screenshot of it and upload that instead.

Call it anything you like as long as your title doesnt include any keywords that fit the description of the image you are uploading.

If you do this it means that the networking site has to manually look for and find your uploaded image amongst millions and millions of others instead of using a search filter to locate an easily recognisable filename to delete.

If they want to censor then dont make it easy for them.

Make them work for it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The revolution has begun :

I thinks its pretty much accepted that the revolution against the NWO globalist Satanist elitists and big govt has begun as their plans have been derailed ......

No Fascism for us thank you.

Everything is going according to plan so far and i love it when a plan comes together.

This is the kind of change that i really can believe in.

HOPE'09 !



Heres some slogans for the opposition :





This is right across the board and the people are uniting together and we wont be manipulated to fight each other anymore.

Its time to reinstate proper democratic representative govt by the people for the people and its time to get rid of the two headed one party state and its time for some role reversal for the political class so that they work for us and do what we say and not the other way around.

This will of course spread to the the EU including the UK.The same thing applies and it will be a good opportunity to reform the EU and scrap the Lisbon Treaty and reinstate the autonomy of each member state.The EU doesnt need to be scrapped as there is nothing wrong with it as a trading bloc that allows for integration and all the rest of but its a definate NO THANKS to a centralised soviet style totalitarian govt thanks very much.Something along the lines of EFTA

New Labour and Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have some serious explaining to do when the time comes and not forgetting Common Purpose of course.Charges of Treason plus many other things will be what they will be answering to.

NO Lisbon treaty.

Its the internet that has made all this possible and it proves that once the message gets out there it reaches a certain point and it spreads expotentially.

What a complete disaster the Swine Flu turned out to be !!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

I am actually surprised at the speed of which this is happening and if its spreading through the civilian populace then it is going to be spreading through the military and law enforcement as well because if they jump onboard as well then its as good as over as the more of them that switch sides it means that the whole thing will be resolved peacefully so we can all get on with our lives.

The only potential problem as far as the US is concerned is a mass influx of foreign/UN/Chinese military being deployed to restore "political stability" and i think this is a strong possibility and perfectly plausable.

Its not possible if the military refuse too take orders off the illegal unconstitutional federal Govt in which case it might be a good idea for any incursions from outside forces to be called off.what will also happen is that any foreign military forces that are presently based on US soil will be asked to leave by a certain date unless there is a specific reason for them to be there.

Goodbye Rothschilds and Rockefellers and all the rest of them.

People are sick and tired of lying power grabbing politicians.

People are tired of their money being thrown at Banksters while they go without.

People are sick of being taxed to death.

People are sick of money and jobs going abroad while they lose their jobs and have their homes forclosed on by criminal banking institutions.

People are sick and tired of not being listened to and treated with contempt.

People are sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than Cattle and slaves by Globalist Elitists.

People are sick of taxation without representation.

People are sick and tired of endless war and bloodshed.

People are not going to stand for being told to reduce their carbon emissions because of spurious science and Al Gores taxation revenue collection AGW scam while out of touch Elitist democrat politicians fly around in private jet aircraft that are chartered and paid for by taxpayers.

People are sick of being locked into the repetitive left/right political merry go round that never ends while just getting the Govt everytime they vote.

People are sick and tired of voting for paid off puppet politicians that work for shadow Govt like the CFR.

People are sick and tired of being defrauded by govt and paying for their excesses.

People are not going to stand for enforced H1N1 2009 vaccinations being forced on them or their children especially since Baxter and Gilead[Tony Blair is a major stakeholder in Gilead] etc have been granted immunity from any future class actions resulting from adverse side effects.

People are not going to "eat cake" and be force fed Monsanto GM filth and have the food chain regulated by the UN and they are not going to let it be owned wholesale by Monsanto.

People are not going to stand for a healthcare plan that practices Eugenics and soft-kill health policies because of costcutting and neither are they going to stand for Govt healthcare plans forced through by politicians who are in cahoots with pharmaceutical drug barons that deny the patient any choice in the treatment they receive.

Their plans for world domination have failed.

We want these people arrested and their assets and money seized and we want them stood in front of a court of law where they will be tried for crimes against humanity and the planet as a whole.

They might all go running to their underground bunker underneath Denver Airport which doubles up as their base of operations.

The Queen of England has been very busy buying up land and property in the Denver airport area under pseudonyms and various property investment companies that she owns.Since she is one of the biggest landowners on the planet this may or may not be coincidence.Personally i think its no coincidence.

Since the area will most probably have been evacuated by civilian personel it might be an idea to make this particular installation the target of half a dozen nuclear Bunker-Buster bombs to close them in there permanently.

They like being underground so let them end their lives there.

They are starting to understand what it feels like to fear us.

Goodbye NWO.

I wonder what is on the menu for 11/09/09 ?

Thomas the Fema camp train engine :

Monday, 17 August 2009

How to bailout the Derivatives bubble :

The notional value of the Derivates bubble that has been created and inflated artificially because of the Bankster Mafioso Bilderbergers Elitist Cocksuckers monopoly of the banking/financial sector is approx 700 Trillion USD +.

So if you wanted to crash the economy and shovel more worthless Fiat currency at the Banking and Investment institutions and charge it to the taxpayer you would need to crash the economy another 58 times to flush away all those wildly overinflated toxic derivatives.

190,000 USD for every person on the planet.

Fuck the international banking cartel.

Let them pay for it as after all they have got enough money to pay for it themselves.

Its got fuck all to do with me as i havent invested in Derivatives so there is no way i am paying to bail that out as i never got anything from the profits made from buying and selling them.

It cant be paid off by anyone anyway as the total value of the worlds real estate only comes to 50 trillion USD.

Writing it all off might be the best option but anyone who has got investments in derivatives when the bubble bursts is going to get their fingers burnt.

Its no coincidence that the Bankster bailouts coincided with an election campaign which is when a country is at its weakest when everything is in disarray making it easier to pass legislation.

Fake Shill Manipulative Alex Jones website :

There is something seriously suspect going on with this forum.

They seem to have got the message about deleting my comments now.

Some Obama/Acorn/Moveon activists were attempting to discredit AJ as a Nazi sympathiser but they havent got further than guilt by association so the jury is out on that one.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alex Jones:

I am getting a bit tired of a lot of the articles that are posted on PrisonPlanet because a lot of the articles are trivial and at the moment its all about polarised arguements for and against socialised healthcare and town hall meetings and that type of thing but a lot of the articles are twisted out of context to create a sensationalist news article that will appeal to the mindset of a lot of those who post on the forum.

Obamacare is being pushed because of the North American Union which is scheduled to merge in 2010 because the US healthcare is not presently socialised and it will be unable to cope with a mass influx of people from Mexico and Canada who do have socialised healthcare because it will cause chaos in the US.

This is why healthcare is socialised in the UK and the EU but unlike the Obama health/Deathcare Eugenic - Euthanasia programme you have a choice between private and socialised healthcare instead of being forced to use socialised healthcare because there is no alternative.

You might say its a good thing to have socialised health/death care programme but the reason it is being pushed is because of Nafta and the NAU but Obama promised to remove the US from Nafta yet now he is doing the exact opposite.

Just like the EUSSR you get it wether you like it or not.

The US is just being brought into line with the EUSSR and into the post-democratic era which is why the Globalists want to reshape the US into another superstate.

This is what is hardly ever talked about in town hall meetings.

Anyway its just becoming like any other media outlet that manipulates its readership with sensationalist reporting and not even its own reports either and even the commentry added by Paul Watson is just third rate.Its becoming like the FOX News of alternative media and i think Alex Jones is either stupid or being used or is under the influence of something because he is losing credibility very fast.

Its unproductive to play one side off against the other.

I want to hear Alex Jones start focusing on revoking power of attorney from the UK and US corporations and corporate law that has just imposed a collective multigenerational tax bill amounting to trillions on everyone after bailing out criminal financial institutions which effectivly means they will be given back 3 times what they were given for nothing in the first place.

Its utter complete fucking unacceptable bullshit.

Yet Alex Jones WILL NOT talk about RPOA and everytime the subject comes up he avoids it and changes the subject.

You can see this for yourself if you watch the Alex Jones TV interview with Brian Gerrish on Youtube as a good example.Brian Gerrish is well worth listening to by the way.

If Alex Jones wants to help everyone say fuck you to the Elites then it makes sense to get the message out to get people to RPOA from illegal Fascist unrepresentative federal Govt and its agencies and tell them to stick their trillion dollar tax bill.

WE have to pay more taxes to plug the holes in public spending because all the money has gone to Banksters so you are even worse off than just paying for bailouts and in return you get virtually nothing.

Stop paying them taxes and disregard their Fascist Police State Federal govt legislation because it will no longer apply as it has no basis in law as the constitution is the law.Govt legislation is not law.

The sooner everyone realises this and gets it into their stupid heads the better off they will be .

RPOA then they have no jurisdiction over you.

Its that easy as the system compells you to comply with it but it is ultimately unlawful.

Anyway he does a good job otherwise and it seems that whoever you talk to you find that everyone is just sick and tired of the system and it wont be very long before there will be a critical mass so i am optimistic about it.

A lot of people are in denial outwardly or just choose to keep quiet or simply dont understand what is going on but deep down they know that its all Bullshit and will realise it or stop denying it sooner or later.

The Elitist bilderbergers and their handlers are just stupid and arrogant and intoxicated with power and like i have said before they are becoming desperate and when people are desperate them they exercise poor judgement and are sloppy.

This is why i say leave them in a bit longer because they are starting to make very sloppy mistakes and are showing themselves up to be what i have always said that they are.

They are totally out of touch with reality.

All tyrants have their time at the top and then it all ends in tears for them and they all go down the same way and find themselves in front of a firing squad or hung upside down from lamposts.

Alex should focus a lot more on the UN and extraction from it and more importantly Agenda 21 and the fact that all this totalitarianism is coming out of the UN.Agenda 21 is expected to be fully implemented by 2015.Look it up yourself and look up the Agenda 21 US map and the Wildlands project.

This would be far more effective than waiving placards and shouting outside town hall meetings.

He is always talking about smashing the NWO and the international bankers etc but sticking up Obambi Joker posters isnt going to stop them .I found the poster funny but its a bit childish and pathetic and counterproductive because it just baits the Leftard Obambi fanbase because they see it as Racism .They are stupid and reactionary and are obsessed with PC and are Cult followers too stupid to know whats good for them and a poster campaign like the Obambi posters just deepens the divide and causes more infighting between the US citzens because it is not a persuasive way of getting the message across.It just antagonises the Obamanoids.I thought that they were funny but its a very provocative image and its not a clever tactic but having said that politiicians have always been lampooned and if Obama doesnt like it then he should just get the fuck out of politics altogether because it comes with the territory.

Infighting is exactly what those in power want.

Having said that the posters should have said Fascism instead of Socialism.

Alex Jones knowingly or not is using a divide and rule tactic.

The best way to get the message across is to tell the truth in a clear and concise way and present the facts that are irrefutable and how it affects everyone .Do it by talking and constructive dialogue.

Start talking about George Soros.

His joker video on Youtube is hilarious and all true but its not the best way to get the message across unless counter it with sommething more serious .

The fact is though is nearly all of the subject matter i write about and Alex Jones talks about is all true and its no longer conspiracy.Its all as clear as day unless you are in denial.

I just find it ironic that the party of tolerance and fairness that promotes diversity advocates Eugenics .

The Obama administration are Fascists and theres no question about it yet its dressed up and disguised in a sugary coating that appeals to the gullible and the easily led and the way i see its a deception and opportunism and an exploitation of people that are ground down by the system and are desperate .

They dont like being called Fascists because its true.

They try to kill free speech.

Its "uncivil" to compare the Democrats in Congress to Nazis or Fascists because it not politically correct.

Oh and if we do continue to do so then "we are on thin ice" !!!

They are on fucking "Thin ice" as well.

Also we "Should behave in the way our mothers taught us" or some such fucking bullshit like that.

These are their words that are straight out of the mouth of the Democrats spokesperson or press officer.

My Mum would say kick out and get rid of the Fascist Bloodsuckers in fact she has said so my Mum is proud of the fact i speak out against all this Tyranny.

I am not going to be treated like a child and do as i am told and volunteer myself to be injected with an H1N1 2009 vaccination and neither is anyone else in my family.


AAAAaaaaahh there there ...My heart bleeds for them....poor little darlings....

Fucking Hypocrites.

I could write a very very long list of things that they do to us that i find "Uncivil" but perhaps i might save that for another day.

Forcing legislation after legislation through Congress where the articles of legislation are not allowed to be read or debated is "Uncivil".

Exactly the same can be said of the EU and the UK.

The emporers new clothes are dirty and secondhand and there is nothing new with this bunch of elitist lying greedy amoral manipulative scum.

Its all a sham.

We will all see how it goes but i am pretty certain they will fail as there is so much heat on them now.

The US has been taken over by Globalist/UN/NWO Nutcases.

What a godawful mess this is.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Goodbye News International !!:

Here is the beginning of the end of this wrinkled POS that looks like a Raisin that has been soaked in water.

He wants to charge for his junk media that is posted online because his empire is crumbling and losing money as fast as the Govt is giving it away to banksters.This will drive more people towards independent and free media and blogs available online.

Fuck him and his infotainment shitrags as his days are numbered and he should really just pack up and go home and admit defeat .

I dont know what is keeping these fossils alive but death comes to everyone eventually.

Perhaps he has been injected with Formeldahyde.

Hurry up and die you stupid old irrelevent shithead as we are getting impatient !

Let him spend the rest of his days sucking another prison inmates Cock in the showers.

Article including hilarious comments :

How to clog up govt surveillance and monitoring and collection of internet traffic

Open 2 new free Email accounts.

Send a message from one of the accounts to the other.

Forward the email that you just sent from the first email account to the second account back to the first email account.

Send it backwards and forwards from one to the other all day or at least as many times as possible.

This results in thousands of non-emails that have been collected into a Govt collection/retrieval system.


Another tactic to use to avoid any Emails being collected is to open a free email account and compose and store your messages in the draft section .

Do Not send them anywhere.

Give everyone that you have chosen to have access to this Email account its security password so that they can access your messages and vice versa without them having to be sent anywhere.The drafts never get sent anywhere so they cant be collected.

Easy !!

More Prison Planet Censorship:

Proof of Internet Censorship on the Prison planet forum:

Notice the difference in these 3 screenshots.

Notice that the second screenshot includes my comment at the foot of the page.

Notice the third screenshot where my comment has been deleted and in its place another automated or promotional post in house uploaded comment appears after the comment previous to mine .

Notice how it was posted 3 minutes earlier than mine when its clear in the screenshot that this post was not present on the screen when i uploaded my comment.

What this does is it negates the fact that my comment ever existed.

The comment you see posted in the first screenshot was really just posted to demonstrate the deleting of comments by a moderator.I had already uploaded 3 previous comments that were a couple of short paragraphs each about the exact same subject and one comment didnt upload at all and 2 others were deleted within 2 to 3 minutes of them being posted exactly as you see in the screenshot.

Unfortunately i didnt have the presence of mind to screenshot those.

The comments disappear immediately after posting them when i refresh the page.

I have noticed 3 different things that happen when i upload these comments or refresh the page and i am starting to see a pattern emerging here.

Now lets try again :

Take a look at the first screenshot that is the top of the page that was posted 32 minutes later.

The exact same thing has happened as previously.

No free speech on the Alex Jones Prison planet forum which is a gross hypocrisy to say the least.

I will add my comment later today as to why i think that this is happening.Its not the first time either as it has happened on other threads and this is exactly the reason that i think that there is more to this forum and website than is apparent to the eye.

This used to be a good website and forum but recently it has become corrupted and compromised and i dont feel that Alex Jones is being completely honest and unbiased here.

This is not arbitary censorship as its censorship for a very specific reason and i see right through this bullshit .

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Neurolinguistically-programmed-Communist-Weirdo-Zombie-Alert ! :

Common [Communist] Purpose [Tavistock Institute] Propaganda video :

I feel a bit weird after watching that .

From what i know this organisation that has subverted the UK from within courtesy of New Liebour is being monitored and has spies that have infiltrated its ranks.

Its days are numbered apparently.

Kick out and try the Communist Shills for Treason.

This organisation is actively spying for the EU and info on the UK is being forwarded to intelligence services in the EU on a daily basis.

Theres going to be some action on this front i know that much but i am not at liberty to say any more about it.

Lt.Col Peter Cross featured in the video] has some explaining to do unless he was duped into joining this organisation and is unaware of its treasonous activities.

Robert Peston - Common Purpose :

Some interesting info and an expose on Govt Shill/Common Purpose graduate and mouthpiece for the Treasury - Robert "Pesky" Peston to follow shortly.

Robert Peston caused the run on Northern Rock which lead to its downfall which meant that it could be snapped up for a bargain price by the Govt courtesy of the taxpayer of course.

The reason that Robert Peston was always right is because he was being fed information by the Treasury about the collapsing markets and institutions before it was going to happen and then presenting himself as an independent business correspondant.

Its should be apparent to anyone that the economic downturn was at the very least partly led by the media.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Genuine Obama birth certicate ?

Article :

[Jeff Rense is another possible Shill or govt agent or manipulator - beware]

This article was immediately posted on the Prison Planet website without the owner of the website [Alex Jones] doing his homework which is just more evidence that Alex Jones is promulgating disinfo as truth on his website and is a manipulator but luckily everyone sees through it all.

The new media term for those that are questioning the BO birth certificate issue is "Birthers".I didnt know WTF they were all talking about as it thought it was something to do with abortion.

This is a fake certificate and as far as i am concerned the case is closed as its irrelevent.Actually its not irrelevent but its *impossible* to prove because the agents of Bilderberg and George Soros and the CFR etc will have destroyed any evidence of his birth if it was outside of US soil and silenced anyone who knows something they would have been better off not knowing.The finest criminal minds on the planet have already taken care of business regarding this matter as they will have all angles covered as there is a lot of cash invested in this administration.

Its full of mistakes and Kenya didnt exist until 1964.

No one knows where this certificate came from as the source of the certificate "is in fear of losing their life" but whoever did is trying to stir up something here.

Its better that this matter is dropped because its getting in the way of other things and it just adds more fuel to those who want to argue about Racism in America .I was interested in this matter but it only as a matter of principle.

Nothing will come of this because if it was allowed to happen the US would be on fire but perhaps that is the idea and the BHO birth certificate issue is a dialectic ?

This matter should be dropped for the good if everyone and it should never have been allowed to get this far or even happen in the first place but the longer it goes on the messier it becomes .

The Bilderberg and the CFR and the Trilateral Commission have no African-Americans or anyone who is Black of any nationality as members of their committees and never have done so its not hard to see who the real Racists are.

Personally i have always been undecided about Obama.I was never taken in by him but i can never be sure if he really did have some very good intentions or not.Its possible that he did and he was genuine but as soon as he was elected he just became a frontman of what i always suspected would happen all along because it has to be said that his administration is a disaster and its only 8 months old.

I kind of feel sorry for him in a way i really do as i think that he has been used by the powerful forces that backed him and now he is just following orders and always was from day one and if he wanted to change politics for the better his hands are tied.I think he was young and idealistic and naive and is being set up for a fall and to take the flak for when things go badly wrong in the US which i am fairly certain they will.I think he didnt quite realise what he was getting involved in and he was/is hopelessly out of his depth.

BO has a very powerful power base that backed him that is part of a much bigger picture and BHO was just a means of getting the job done.

He was used because he is black or of mixed race as it was a way of collecting votes.

I have watched a couple of his televised political updates where he addresses the nation and there was a sadness in his eyes that was unmistakable and it was as if he knew that what he was saying was all lies but he is forced to go along with it.He had this slightly glazed look in his eyes as if he could heve welled up in tears.

Perhaps i am mistaken but thats what it looked like.

He probably had big dreams and big ideas but he will take the blame for communising the US.

This might mean he realises that he was set up.

I still stand by all my previous comments regarding BO but they were never because i am Rascist as i am not as it was more like a criticism of the personality cult that he generated and meet the new boss - the same as the old boss not to mention my dislike of far left politics.

The whole thing is a deception and anyone who is still clinging onto the idea that the political system is working for them and looking after their interests must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Joe Biden is history and is irrelevent but if something goes wrong with Obama then its more than likely Hillary Clinton will take over as US president because she is a member of the Clinton/Bush axis of evil who seem to have a rotating monopoly of US politics.

Is Alex Jones a govt Shill ?


Everyone join Alex Jones fake revolution !!

I have a very strong suspicion that Alex Jones is some kind of govt agent.He is at the very least sanctioned by Govt and most probably at least partly funded by them.

Alex jones is famous for the Prison Planet website and Endgame film plus his talk radio shows.

Alex Jones is a very vocal activist against the NWO and that type of thing.He is not a disinfo agent as a lot of his info is correct as far as i know but i have reason to believe that his mission objective is to incite and cultivate a resistance movt that is against govt and his forum is like a recruiting station for disaffected UK/US citzens which in turns serves as a kind of intelligence gathering device for the DHS.

Time and time and time again he offers up no solutions to what is going on but instead its just a rolling kind of propaganda machine not to mention the poorly written articles by Paul Watson and Kurt Nimmo.

Time and time again i have listened to his near hysterical rants and it does come across as if he is trying to incite violence from among his "followers".

Alex Jones is an Ego-Maniac and a Fraud.

Alex Jones censors and removes comments on the Prison planet forum if you say something too contentious on there like i just did and i have only posted on there half a dozen times.

It must have been something i said.

How come Alex Jones doesnt end up on a No-Fly list ?

How come Alex Jones never /ever seems to offer a positive solution to ANYTHING ??

Staged arrests by US/Canadian Customs etc ?

Its not exactly easy to organise a staged arrest unless you have the right kind of connections.

Time and time again he ignores solutions like revoking power of attorney from UK/US plc as a way of fighting back.

This is the perfect solution yet he never speaks about it because he is more interested in whipping up hysteria and ultimately Nihilism and violent conflict .

Its a Psy-Ops operation and he is a Govt agent who is bought and paid off and i believe that he is leading gullible people astray and he is ultimately trying to set up the patriot movement for a fall.

Alex Jones is a front for the CIA and his objective is to create a false resistance movement to make it easy for The DHS or whoever to round up potential dissidents plus its also an effective way of monitoring and controlling political opposition.

Its simple psychology and exactly what i would expect.

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

"There Is War On For Your Mind"

There certainly is and Alex wants to win your mind.

Theres other stuff that i dont want to publish but he must think that everyone is a fucking idiot but i see right through it as his website has Psy-Ops/MK Ultra written all over it.

Alex Jones = A Sellout Useful Idiot.

I smell a Rat as usual.

"Get your Alex Jones ringtone !!"

FFS.Its pathetic.

The majority of those who post on the Prison Planet forum are illiterate uneducated pureile Idiots [not exactly true so ignore that comment] but Alex Jones doesnt give a shit yet he deletes comments that actually say something.The idiots on there post all kinds of info about their intentions but they dont even realise that they are being watched.How many of them have read and understood Sun Tzus Art of War for example ?

In it for the money.

Nothing is what it seems so be very cautious about accepting things at face value.


If you dont want the Govt to be able to access your computer externally and spy on you then use an older model Mac that does not contain an Intel microchip processor.

Or use Truecrypt [free encryption programme]

Or/And feel free to use Spybot S&D which is anti-virus spyware and Malware.Its a free protection service.

Anti-virus software programmes like Norton 360 for example are no guarantee of privacy or security because the files that you have backed up to a protected server using their back up feature is already compromised because Intel chips have built in back doors that allow access to your hard drive and files.

I thought i would share this because there is a multilateral treaty being signed in secret by the US and EU called ACTA [Anti - Counterfitting - Trade - Agreement] which gives Govt sweeping new powers to search your computer either physically or electronically and seize it if material contained in it breaches copyright as breach of copyright like illegal downloads and file-sharing etc will be a criminal rather than a civil offense.

Obviously this is not just about copyright issues as under this legislation the Govt could seize your computer or access it electronically for any reason it sees fit and its all about surveillance and control.

The copyright issue is being used to justify its existence.

This is actually nothing new as it has been going on for years but this treaty legitamises the federal govt of either the US or the EU so that its legal.

Is anyone else noticing all this bypassing of democracy by federal govt that i am noticing ?

By bypassing i mean just passing legislation or treaties without any democratic process or debate.They are just doing what the hell they like.

Sooner or later i am going to revoke my power of attorney [RPOA] from UK PLC and its corporate legislature and i doing so i cant be touched by UKGOVT/EUSSRPLC or be forced to abide by its terms and conditions without some very serious legal implications arising from.

Dont want an H1N1 vaccination ?


Dont want to fall under an increasing maze or web of legislation and statutes ?


Dont want to pay taxes to a criminal and corrupt political system ?


Dont want to be bound to a fake EU constitution that gives more power to an EU federal govt that you did not ask for or give your consent to ?


and the list goes on or it would if i typed it.