Thursday, 13 November 2008


The most interesting music i have heard in a very long time.Facinating and atmospheric music with weird floating vocal samples that sound otherworldly.

Try Burials remix of where is home by Bloc Party [on youtube].The backing rythm is sampled from the ticking of a longcase clock.

Great music to listen to while doing artwork.I find long instrumental tracks are great for concentration.

A bit like the Aphex Twin in part.

I admit to being more or less uninterested in new music these days and completely out of touch and what i do hear i dont like much or at all.

I went to a music festival in the summer and the experience was comparable to Woody Allen in Sleeper.If you are familiar with that film you will understand the comparison.

Like waking up again after 20 or 50 years and not recognising anything .

I spend very little on new music.I might try exploring world music and African in particular.

One name pops up from years ago right as i am typing as it was previously forgotten.

Diblo Dibala who is a Congolese guitarist.

I dont like latin or not all of it if that includes Cuban which i was introduced to when playing Scarface.

Some Arabic is alright but i dont like most of it.

I am sick of the music scene these days.I dont care anymore but i remember in the 80s there was too much new music to keep up with.I used to buy albums [mostly indie] if i liked the cover artwork.That was a sort of yardstick as to what the music sounded like.

I think that if the Libertines/Pete Doherty [every song is the same thing and the same sort of stuttering JANG JANG JANG guitar riff/rhythm] is a high point in modern music then there is a serious problem and the same goes for the majority of these bands and that 4 piece band that look like Lardies that i forget the name of [all brothers and sisters] then there is a serious problem somewhere.


Fuck off with the Arctic Monkeys as well.I didnt buy into that shit either.what a pathetic bandwagon that was.I never understood all that at all but it was partly media generated .There is probably a lot of good new music around that i havent heard but the conduit to all that new music has now gone upon the sudden death of John Peel and theres only so many hours in the day.Very sadly missed and where else would i have heard of the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa or Flying Saucer Attack and anything else like that ?[got to find that CD now [fluidtrance centauri ep] actually forget it as there are too many CDs and they are not filed alphabetically .A replacement wont be along anytime soon.

If its just 20 something white english kids then just forget it as i cant stand them or their music.They are like a sort of blank generation who dont really stand for anything as far as i can see .A symptom of the culture i i find myself living in .Very sad.

Is it me or are kids getting shorter ?

Actually thinking back it was the same 20 years ago.

Theres a famous music school in Brighton [academy of rock type thing].ALL of the kids that come out of there ALL look the same even down to hair colour and styles and are ALL the same height and wear the same clothes and ALL have accoustic guitars stapped to their backs in guitar cases that use the same principle as rucksacks.In a sort of irrational way i find those guitar cases where the neck is pointing up at the sky to be irritating.Its like these creatures are being cloned or bred en masse somewhere.Its bizarre and freaky.

Oh and not forgetting the obligatory long dark brown coat and longish hair and facial hair.

I should know i cycle past them every day.

The whole idea of a Rock music academy is a bit of a joke as far as i am concerned.

Pick up a guitar and teach yourself.The minutes things become a formula or a recipe then its defeats the object of it as far as i am concerned.

I was about to rip them all to pieces for lack of originality but it would be hypocritical as my artwork is derivative of another artist but anyway i havent heard their music yet so i must resist for now.

BUT if artwork is going to be potentially aimed at comics or illustrating then it has to conform to the medium in which it is aimed at otherwise its no good so its expression is limited to a certain extent or if you are aiming at realism using pen and ink then there really is only one way to skin a Cat.

But with music you complete free expression and you can do what you like .

Absolutly anything.Not just strumming an accoustic guitar.

Try telling that to the young musician drones at the rock academy.

I suppose its like building absolutely ANYONE can be a builder even if they have NO clue.

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