Thursday, 6 November 2008

ID Cards :

Bollox to Jacqui Smith :

This gives her a piece of my mind and a piece of a lot of other peoples minds as well.

Engage them with passive resistance.

Ignore them.

Disregard them.

Treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Give them a taste of their own.

Get some backbone.

I am sick and tired of Labour.


If she is talking about creating a market out of processing and selling and sharing personal information then i want a share of that 200 million but on second thoughts its irrelevant because she is not getting my personal information to redistribute.

She has got to be having a laugh.

And WHERE is our EU/Lisbon Treaty referendum ?

Down the back of the sofa ??

The dog ate it ??

You forgot ?

Selective memory ?

What referendum ?

You lost it ?

Bullshit .

Good point about being angry but i am angry about the issues while not being actually angry generally speaking if that makes any sense or angry while posting but then not angry afterwards because thats the point of writing which is to get it out of the system and if humour or sarcasm can be injected into it then it balances out the negativity of the subject matter.Thats the idea anyway.Nothing too heavy.The anger is just sort of in the blood and it just comes out and my mouth or fingers just go into autopilot.

I have low blood pressure not high.

Storing up anger is not healthy.Too much anger is a negative inbalance.

And dont post when pissed either.

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