Thursday, 29 September 2011

William Hague political opportunism over condemned iranian pastor:

Not a pretty sight it has to be said and he looks decidedly creepy which very often comes with the territory.

As you should be aware by now politicians like Hague are whores and are shameless and morally bankrupt.

While there is obviously a legitimate reason to condemn the Iranian regime over the matter of the Pastor facing the death penalty the only reason that William Hague is concerned and trying to appear as morally upstanding over this matter is because there is a planned offensive on the part of NATO and in particular the UK and France which is imminent so Hague is using this unfortunate situation as political capital to further justify the call for a regime change in Iran and to further justify the need for an offensive against Iran to bring about a regime change.

So right now Hague has concerns for the life of the Iranian pastor i guarantee you that he wont have any concerns for any Iranians that are subjected to NATO bombing campaigns.

Hague is as morally bankrupt as using the people of Libya as a means to give the UN credibility as world govt.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Abdel Hakim Belhaj/Guardian vomit:

Sickening spin and PR courtesy of the Guardian:


Why not give Belhaj space for regular commentaries as the Guardian has his stupid head next to the article like the rest of their hacks.Belhaj the AlQuaeda affilaiated Guardian journohack.

Hardline Islamists like the ALCIADA affiliated Belhaj hijacked and created the instability in Libya purely to take over.

The Guardian is the filthy corporate neo-Liberal rag that is right on and ok to read.They way that the Guardian tries to sell and promote the atrocities in Libya is absolutely sickening and they might as well try to sell me dogshit.I am not buying this self righteous shitheads revisionism of his life of terrorism and religious extremism and murder.I am sick of hearing his whining about his fictitious victimisation hard luck story and i am sick of their wag the dog bullshit.

The level of propaganda concerning Libya has exceeded all previous levels in its vomit inducing sickness and absurdity.

Motorised scooter:

For Fucks sake either ride a bike or a motorbike and not one of these annoying pointless stupid noisy pieces of shit.The fucking noise they make is unbelievable and obnoxious and very annoying and the only way i would ever consider using one of these things for transport is if i was totally deaf presuming that i wouldnt mind looking like a complete tit.

That other absurd object in the pic is even worse.The inventor of that useless pointless waste of space went over the edge of a cliff on one of these which is a fitting end but he should have gone off a cliff or drowned or whatever before he designed the fucking thing and it would have done everyone a favor and saved resources.Its no surprise that these are as rare as rocking horse shit.

Obama headscars:

There is a lot of speculation over what was the cause of the scars on Obamas head.I wish to add to the speculation by speculating that the scars are a result of his skull having been opened up before having his brains scooped out.

Goldman Sachs rule the world = DISINFO SCAM ALERT :

[apologies if this article is a bit haphazardly presented as a lot of things became apparent while typing it]

"Goldman Sachs rule the world" = DISINFO

FUCK this shit.

BEWARE of this video and the info that it contains as i am calling it out as Bullshit.Research needs to be done on the background of this prick in the video as well.I know a liar and a bullshitter and a manipulator when i see one as its all in their eyes and their mannerisms and speech etc.

I dont fully trust these kind of interviews and statements etc as while there may be a lot of truth in them they become self-fulfilling prophecies due to the reaction that they get and they usually speed up the process that is going on with negative results because every govt in every Eurozone country is in on it all and is part of the problem so you cant expect your govt to react in the correct way to avoid the crisis and to have any solution that is in your interests instead of their own.Every time these kind of announcements it sabotages the markets even more like the precious metals markets which was subject to a major devaluation very recently.

There is talk of this interview/video being fake but i dont know about that right now but it pays to always be sceptical to a certain extent.

0.30 seconds in the guy in the video is claiming that Treasury bonds,30 Yr Bonds and the US Dollar are "safer assets"!!

I keep hearing treasury bonds being touted as a safe form of investment.

I smell a rat here and i have nailed the fuckers this time.

Now i am beginning to think that this is all very suspect as it seems like the purpose of this is to encourage investors to invest cash in fraudulent Treasury bonds and the US dollar both of which are inherently unsafe investments and are linked to the very cause of the problem so this prick in the video is like a Pied Piper figure leading everyone the wrong way and suckering them when they are at their most vulnerable instead of pointing them in the direction of commodities/precious metals for example that are a much safer bet.

The banking scum are trying to present themselves as being a safe investment while it doesnt make any sense that treasuries issued by deliberately bankrupted govts and nations are in any way a safe investment as the bankrupted govts and nations do not have the financial means to pay the interest that is payable on the treasury bonds in the same way that you wouldnt invest in a bankrupt company that had been responsible for massive fraud and fraudualent accounting etc.Govts issue bonds in exchange for cash printed out of nothing by the private mcentral banks and hardly anyone is buying them anymore which is why the FEDRES has been buying US Treasury bonds and further to that investing in treasury bonds means that you are investing in the cycle of debt and trading in misery.

Lead the dumb sheep to the slaughter without them realising it until its too late which is like the analogy of the frog in the pan of water that is slowly brought to the boil.

***This is a scam to generate liquidity for criminal govts and private central banks like the FEDRES so by investing in them you are effectively bailing them all out so this amounts to an unofficial bailout***

***Sabotage every market to drive investors back to treasury bonds and currencies***

***They want everyone to invest in their SCAM***

***Announcing that the stock market is finished is a guarantedd way to sabotage it and to sabotage what remaining viable businesses there are still in existence.At the same time the bankster scum will capitalise on all this by buying up all of the stocks and shares at a vastly reduced value which consolidate their wealth and assets and control even more.The same goes for buying up all the stocks in precious metals while they have been temporarily devalued which means that they have more control over the precious metals market***

I havent had the time or the inclination to analyse this but factually its incorrect as Goldman Sachs is simply a front organisation for the criminal scum private central banking cartel and while they dont "rule the world" they certainly have an awful lot of influence and its very interesting and curious to note that all the while the planned banking/debt crisis has continued to unfold not once has Goldman Sachs been adversely affected by it to the point that they appear to be immune and the reason for that is because they are a front for the criminal scum private central bankers who planned the banking/credit/debt/Eurozone crisis.

In the meantime regardless of that be very scared unless you have taken precautions in advance and i may as well point out that moving any cash that you have deposited in banks in the UK and the Eurozone in significant amounts should be transferred to banks in Australia and SE Asia or anywhere that is not connected to the Eurozone and the US.Those who have cash deposited in the US should do the same and get their cash out of the US and the Eurozone ASAP.Dont try to draw cash out of banks when the bank runs begin as it is pointless as there is not enough physical cash in existence so choose to have the cash transferred electronically to another bank instead as its a safe bet and its very simple to the point where banks will do it for you just to get your business.

YOU are so FUCKED !!:

Finally Fear and Worry and Concern are very positive things that help you to focus your mind on the problem in hand and how to solve it and what you can do about it either individually or collectively.The majority have been lazy and slobbish and complacent for far too long while those like myself have been sounding alarm bells and shouting warnings for too long only to be ridiculed and abused and labelled as a "conspiracy theorist" so now its time for all of you to realise that you were wrong all along.I was going to say now its payback time but it was never about winning or getting ones own back on them but its very satisfying having being correct.

Reality bites VERY VERY HARD if you have been in denial of it or unaware of it for too long.

The solution to all this is very easy and painless for you and i and that is to seize and arrest the criminal private central banking maggot cocksucker filth scum and scammers and deal with them and the private central banks in the appropriate fashion but that is for another article on another day.

The planned implosion of the Eurozone will more than likely result in a solution that is a lot worse than the current set up but that is something for another day.

Apparently the banksters read this kind of negative commentary so if any of you or your minions are reading this then i will use this opprtunity to tell you all to go and fuck yourselves.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Web browser start page/web browsing privacy:

Always use the startpage of your browser for google searches and that way your web browsing activity cant be tracked and recorded.In my case its Firefox so the Firefox start page for Google searches for example acts as a proxy server that sources results from Google on their behalf without recording who was searching or what was being searched for .

I do this everytime by default as "Mozilla Firefox Start Page" is on my toolbar so going by that i have very little recorded online activity.
The older i get the more my standard of living seems to drop.

I am obviously doing something wrong but i am not exactly sure what it is.

Also i cant seem to recall if small children used to scream and be as noisy as they are now or wether or not it is because of laxed parenting and progressive schooling in state schools and i am generally very wary and sceptical of anything is described as "progressive" as in my mind it is an oxymoron.

I just had an odd experience where i just saw a female friend/aquaintance that i havent seen for 2 decades at least 2 minutes from my house in the village as it were.She does live somewhere in the same town but the curious thing is that i was thinking about her the other day and was about to contact her sister through Myspace just the other night but didnt quite get round to it but i do mean to at some point but i am slightly hesistant about it.I have no idea if i was recognised or not but i let the opportunity to reaquaint go to waste as i wasnt feeling up to it as i wasnt feeling at my best and didnt want to make a bad impression.

I went through a phase where i would sometimes see what could be described as shadows.I would see them at night only and it would happen if i was walking home late at night through town for example.They were shaped like people but only had a vaguely distinct form -arms and legs and a head but were always kind of fuzzy with no definate outline and where dark grey/black and semi translucent.I recall one instance where it looked like an adult with 2 small children walking up the road by an old wall.This happened over and over again and then stopped as i i havent seen any for years now.Of course this might sound bonkers or that i have had too many blows to the head or whatever and that its all open to interpretation but i am telling it like it is.

I am highly sensitive and have a strong sixth sense or whatever you want to call it.Someone i know who is into dowsing drew up a map of all the ley lines and the points where they intersect in the local area and as a test without seing the map i gave a list of places in the town i live where i thought ley lines* are present and every point i listed corresponded to the map and were confirmed as being where ley lines are present.The closet way i can describe what i sense is that it is something similar to smell or taste as its something i can feel in the air.its like certain places have a good vibe or a bad vibe which means a vibration.I did some cloudbusting a couple of times with a couple of friends who are tuned into that sort of thing.Once on a spot very close to Hastings Castle [where Churchill met with Eisenhower during WW2 reputedly] where we could see a thunderstorm out at sea miles and miles away so i said that "I am going to try and bring the strom in from the sea" and i absolutely shit you not about 2 minutes later the thunderstorm was directly overhead resulting in a massive downpour over the whole area.I just sat down at the spot where we were watching and then focussed on it.Afterwards the friend i was with said "you are weird you are!" which was meant as if to say "how the fuck did you do that !".Another time with someone else somewhere else we both laid down on the ground and both focussed on the sky above which was completely overcast and concentrated on clearing the clouds from the sky and we cleared a circular area of the clouds right over us.

*I dont ususally have any time for what i describe as Hippy shit but Ley Lines have some basis in fact.


Consider yourself very fortunate if you have never had any dealings with scaffolders.I wasnt quite so fortunate or more like very unfortunate.They are like absolutely nothing else and are even more coarse and ignorant and dare i say it retarded than builders which is quite something.They even have their own language if it could be described as a language as its more like a series of shouting noises and even though i have listened to them so many times at the time of typing i find myself incapable of describing or articulating it.Ignorant illiterate babbling monkeys.

I have a problem with my latest scaffolding contractor who i only used out of desperation and i soon regretted that decision.Now that the contract is over i owe the scaffolder 300 quid in excess hire charges.Since he kept me waiting for 5 weeks while i was palmed off with a series of it will happen next Tuesday style broken promises i have decided that now its my turn to waste his time.He has to just take it as there is nothing he can do about it and its his own disrespectful attitude problem that is to blame as i resent this individual telling me when and where i should be working at any given time when i am his client.

There is also the matter of the clients tiled doorstep that has been scuffed up after scaffolding boards where repeatedly stacked up on it on end resulting in paint scuffs that will have to be cleaned up as i am not leaving a clients doorstep in that state as i have my reputation to consider.When i pointed this out to the scaffolder of course he denied that he was responsible despite myself being a witness to it.He wouldnt like it if i scuffed up the paintwork on his van.Carelessness and disrespect for others property costs.Also the tile that has been chipped is a victorian white china tile that is irreplacable.The impact of either a pole or a board resulted in a large conchoidal chunk of the tile now missing from the rest of it but luckily i found it and saved it.

My time costs and so does lying and disrespect for myself and others property not to mention courtesy and i do understand that if you are low class trash then you wont have much of a clue about courtesy but i still find a lack of courtesy and respect on the part of others offensive.

Monday is his pay day but his pay will be less than he thinks it will be and i will explain when i am counting out the cash how difficult it is to count out cash and hold a hammer at the same time.They all understand why i am holding the hammer though as i have done this kind of thing before with these types and once with some Pikeys.I can make my point without needing a hammer but a hammer helps to drive the point home and makes my point pretty much impossible not to get which is that i mean serious business if provoked after having my generally easy going and relaxed attitude completely abused by these types.

I am not going to pay you the full amount so WTF do you think you are going to do about it ?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tony Blair/Gadaffi:

It seems that Tony Bliar the economic hitman who was representing the criminal US banks/investment houses JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs sweet talked Gadaffi and made offers that Gadaffi couldnt resist so that Gadaffi would bank with those institutions and so when Gadaffi found this arrangement to be problematic and risky he aired his grievences to the executives of those institutions which in no small part contributed to the attacks and destabilisation and takeover of Libya.One can presume that Gadaffi threatened JPMorgan/GoldmanSachs executives.

Gadaffi handled the situation very very badly or/and didnt understand the nature of who and what he was dealing with.

What a sickening repulsive creature Blair is and what a stupid Donkey Gadaffi is for being that close to Blair which was the kiss of death.

I did touch on this earlier as Gadaffi was set up when he somewhat naively tried to cooperate and fit into the international community.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

EU Bailouts etc :

Just a thought about where all this cash is really going and wether it really is going to various financial institutions etc or wether or not it is being used for other purposes like funding wars and overseas occupations that are on the agenda and that type of thing.

How do you know where the cash is going ?

You dont know and you only know what you are told that is lies.

Have you ever noticed that there is always cash for wars regardless of the economic situation ?

They steal and embezzle cash off you and you pay for it plus interest.

Wonderful isnt it ?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

UN approves Libya seat for former Libyan Rebels:

Murderers,Rapists,Racists,Looters and freelance raghead Islamist CIA proxies[Al Quaeda] officially accepted into the UN.

All rules are out of the window now.Of course all rules have been out of the window for quite some time but now it is officially official.

"UN approves Libya seat for former rebels

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press – 1 day ago

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations gave strong backing to Libya's former rebels Friday, handing their National Transitional Council the country's U.N. seat and then lifting and modifying some sanctions imposed on Moammar Gadhafi's regime.

The General Assembly's vote to accept the credentials of the National Transitional Council, which led the rebellion that ousted Gadhafi, gave its representative the right to speak at the United Nations. Libya's former deputy ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi, who early on denounced Gadhafi and backed the rebels, addressed the Security Council hours later.

"Today is undoubtedly a decisive, historic day in the life of the Libyan people," Dabbashi said. "It is an indication that dictatorship has fallen, a period of terror, of denial of freedom, and of violation of human rights has now come to an end for the Libyan people."

"The fact that the National Transitional Council today takes Libya's seat at these United Nations indicates that a new page has been opened in history of the Libyan people — a page that has been marked by the blood of Libya's sons," he said.

Dabbashi spoke after the Security Council unanimously approved a resolution establishing a new U.N. mission in Libya in response to a request from the NTC for help in establishing the new government.

The resolution also unfreezes assets of two Libyan oil companies, lifts a ban on flights by Libyan aircraft and modifies an arms embargo to allow Libyan authorities now controlling the country to buy arms "intended solely for security or disarmament assistance."

Under the resolution, the no-fly zone imposed in March after Gadhafi launched his crackdown on regime opponents will remain in place but be kept under review.

The resolution lifts the asset freeze on the Libyan National Oil Corporation and Zueitina Oil Company and modifies the asset freeze on the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Foreign Bank, the Libyan Investment Authority and the Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio. But the Security Council retained the asset freeze and travel ban against Gadhafi and key family members and regime supporters.

The resolution establishes a United Nations Support Mission in Libya for an initial period of three months with a mandate to assist the new government in restoring security and the rule of law, promoting national reconciliation and embarking on the process of writing a constitution and preparing for elections. The NTC did not request any U.N. peacekeeping troops.

The NTC easily won support in the General Assembly earlier Friday to take the Libyan seat held by Gadhafi's government for the past 42 years.

In addition to allowing Dabbashi speak in the Security Council soon after, the vote means that a senior council official will be able to join world leaders and speak for Libya at next week's ministerial session of the General Assembly.

"This has been an historic day for Libya and a very good day for the United Nations," British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said.

"We all stand witness to the birth of a new Libya," U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said.

The resolution giving the NTC Libya's U.N. seat was approved by a vote of 114-17 with 15 abstentions, revealing divisions in Africa and Latin America over who should represent Libya.

Ahmed Omar Bani, a military spokesman for Libya's transitional government, said the U.N. decision proved that Gadhafi's regime was over.

"We are so proud because ... that means we are the right people who have the right to lead this country," Bani told The Associated Press.

The General Assembly's credentials committee had unanimously recommended that the former rebels be seated. Its chairman, Panama's U.N. Ambassador Pablo Antonio Thalassinos, said Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, who heads the NTC, had sent a letter seeking to take over Libya's seat.

But the committee's recommendation faced opposition from a left-leaning Latin America trade group, ALBA, that includes Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba among others.

Venezuela's U.N. Ambassador Jorge Valero, speaking on behalf of the group, accused NATO forces of carrying out "criminal air raids ... in order to install a puppet government" and said seating the council "would represent an abominable precedent."

The Southern African Development Community regional bloc also opposed giving the NTC credentials immediately, on the grounds that rebels did not yet constitute a government, but it failed to win support to defer the vote.

Egypt's U.N. Ambassador Maged Abdelaziz urged the General Assembly to seat the NTC, saying close to 90 U.N. member states have recognized the NTC as the only representative of the Libyan people. As Libya's neighbor, he said, Egypt "is the best witness of the most horrifying times that the people of Libya have lived as a result of an oppressive regime that ruled Libya for more than 40 years."

Associated Press writers Kim Gamel in Tripoli, Libya, and Anita Snow at the United Nations contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved."

Do you find this a little confusing ???

Its curious because for the last 10 years since we have had our rights trampled on by anti-terror legislation and been subjected to various media driven scare stories and fabricated Bin Laden videos and tapes and had our taxes wasted to the tune of trillions fighting ALCIADA and military personel have either been maimed or KIAd fighting ALQUAEDA and we have occupied two nations[not to mention incursions into the Yemen,Pakistan etc] under the pretext of fighting ALCIADA and we have watched 3 landmark buildings collapse after staged terrorist events that was blamed on ALCIADA and of course we have the tragedy of 3000 dead plus first responders after 9/11 that was blamed on ALCIADA/ALQUAEDA.

Now after all that and just 1 week after the 10th anniversary of 9/11 ALQUAEDA/Libyan rebel forces/Libyan Transitional Council are welcomed into the UN and are officially memebers.

This is all very convenient and the reason for this is that the UN resolution that sanctioned the offensive against Libya has only days left to run which was a problem because the ALCIADA rebel forces are not doing as well as expected and due to the unpopularity of NATO offensives against Libya it was easier to give the ALCIADA rebel forces a seat in the UN rather than going through the business of either extending the existing resolution or drafting another to continue attacking Libya.

This resolution unfreezes all of the Libyan cash and bank accounts[apart from what has already been stolen] and unfreezes assets like oil companies which means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

A UN support mission.The UN support mission in Haiti has been a huge success for the people of Haiti[extreme sarcasm].

Of course it goes without saying that the UN have ignored the indiscriminate bombing of towns and cities and infrastructure and civilians courtesy of the US/NATO and the human rights violations and rape,murder and looting and race motivated persecution and killings courtesy of the Libyan ALCIADA rebel forces.

Now arms can be imported into Libya and also ground troops can now be imported into Libya although in truth they are already there but only in small amounts and mostly SpecOps and advisors.Now there will be the blue hatted UN peacekeeping forces and regular military personel since now the whole thing has been legitimised.Anything the UN wants to do will be given the go ahead.

If China and Russia veto it and try to stop any further action by the UN then they will find that they will have problems and it wont stop the UN but it will create more tension between the West and Russia and China which some have reason to believe is possibly going to lead to a confrontation between Russia/China and the US/NATO.The word is that it will be WW3 although the truth is WW3 is already going on as the definition of a world war is multiple theaters of conflict which are all for the same cause which is fighting ALQUAEDA/ALCIADA.

The self appointed always always always claim to speak for all of people they have imposed themselves on just like a dictatorship which is what this is as it is a regime that has been imposed on the people of Libya.

The UN and the CFR have publically admitted that it was always all about regime change and that the humanitarian pretext was largely fabricated and a front that made it easier to sell to the gullible public who were sold it through propaganda that was spread through the Liberal corporate media like the Guardian and the BBC in the UK.


"Today is undoubtedly a decisive, historic day in the life of the Libyan people," Dabbashi said. "It is an indication that dictatorship has fallen, "

Is it really ?

Did the Libyan people have any say in this ?

"It is an indication that dictatorship has fallen"

Really ?

I dont think so as one dictatorship has been replaced by another dictatorship that is far far far worse than Gadaffi ever was.It has got off to a very good start so far.....

"a period of terror, of denial of freedom, and of violation of human rights has now come to an end for the Libyan people."

I dont think so as it has only just started if you dont discount murder,rape and looting and bombing and incarceration etc etc.Again this is far far worse than anything that went on under Gadaffi.

I am forgetting that the bombing is humanitarian peace bombing and the raping and murder and persecution and incarceration of the opposition to the useful idiot ALCIADA forces is part of the plan to create a free and open democratic society in Libya.

Its very clear now that the UN is a terrorist organisation.

This one world govt in action.

And to think that i was attacked and persecuted for objecting to this to the point that someone took it upon themselves to call me a "fucking idiot" and attempt to have me banned from a forum simply for expressing an opinion while decrying the Gadaffi regime for persecuting others that spoke out against it in Libya.

Enough said about that.

Gadaffi was very stupid and naive and was duped and exploited by the treacherous economic hitman known as Tony Blair who sweet talked and seduced Gadaffi with all kinds of things and encouraged Gadaffi to switch all of the cash into accounts at Goldman Sachs etc.This was the biggest mistake Gadaffi ever made and would ultimately be his undoing.....

Stupid Gadaffi.Having said that a certain amount of bribery went on as well concerning Lockerbie suspects etc but Gadaffi should have understood the nature of who he was doing deals with but he was probably doing so on the part of Libya with good intentions at the time.

"Libyan opposition sets out vision for "Free and civil society"

Yes of course it does and 2+2 = 5 as well.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Typos are just one of the most annoying irritations i can think of.I tend not to bother proofreading when i write and i am in too much of a rush to type and upload to bother with it so one wrong letter or sometimes a word makes the text read like gibberish and comes across as somewhat sloppy and the error doesnt become apparent until much later when its too late to correct it and after god knows who has read the text.

Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen:

Its very interesting just how right John Lydon was when he wrote the lyrics to this song.

The song can be appreciated on a superficial level if you like Punk music and are anti-establishment etc which is fine but if you listen to the lyrics then its incredible just how precise and concise the lyrics are and in my opinion it is a work of genius.The beauty of it is that although the lyrics are what you might consider to be very basic its the simplicity and incisiveness/succinctness of the lyrics that is the clever part and its much more difficult than you might think to get the point across in such simple terms.

Further to that the observations within the lyrics are just as relevant and correct now as they were then and now even more so.

"No future for you"

Absolutely correct.

"She aint no human being"

Absolutely correct.


John Lydon is someone who is on my wish of someone i would like to meet and talk to.A friend met and chatted to John Lydon after a recent PIL concert but i wasnt there so i missed out on that unfortunately.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

You couldnt make this up:

News just in from the United Absurd Kingdom:

Lesbian Gaylord Broccili Heads.

Children were calling each other Gaylord when i was at school and i dont recall any harm resulting from it.Gays also refer to themselves as Gays which is not considered to be offensive regardless of who uses the term so surely this is going to be very confusing to small children ?

Also i doubt that the parents of the children are consulted over this since the state is actively trying to undermine the authority and responsibility of parents.

And of course this is meant to stamp out victimisation and abuse etc to create their delusional vision of a perfect society and this is acheived by victimising and persecuting and abusing small children.

This does not compute.

This is what happens when you let dysfunctional control freak mentally ill zealots run the system.

When i was at school it was endless Joey Deacon impersonations and name calling along the lines of "spastics".This initiative seems to be focussed on racism only* as that is the pet fixation of the aforementioned dysfunctional mentally ill control freak zealots.They have a fixation/obsession with creating databases with profiles and the same thing happened with storing DNA samples of babies and young children.

Its negligence to say the least that there are not very clear guidelines for this but i wouldnt expect logical rational thought and common sense.Obviously the children themselves are not the concern as its what they say that is the concern and surely the answer is to explain to the child that such and such is wrong rather than surreptitiously filing their name into a database.

Its not a joke or a put down when i describe them as being mentally ill as its a fact.

*incorrect as its not exclusively fixated on racism as its all the usual PC suspects.

"If you love me pass this bill"

"If you love me pass this bill"

This is a quote from Nobel War Prize Laureate Obama.I was told about this about .5hrs ago and i really did think that it was some made up BS said for effect so i did a websearch and its fact.

Actually its typical of the narcissist wannabe dictator in chief but i dont think there has ever been a more blatant example of narcissism and self absorption and the cult of personality that Obama created for himself.I dont know his exact age but i would say 50yrs but this kind of behaviour is typical of small children who constantly need to feel that they are loved and adored and who need to get their own way and who havent yet due to their age realised that not everything revolves around them.For a 50 yr old its pathetic and shallow and infantile.Its like a 6yr old in a 50yr olds body.

ITs all about me me me me me me me !!!

I am the centre of attention !!

Please love me !!

I demand that you love me!!!

This is absolutely tragic and it will only appeal to the mentally challenged/ill Obama supporters.

The bill is something that will work against the supporters so its like they are assisting their deaths without realising it.The Bill is the Obama job creation bill.Again its all about Obama as any bill that is introduced by Obama/Democrats of importance like this one then it has to be prefixed by "Obama" just to reiterate that its all about Obama.

Its also laughable and typical that there are only presently 2 Democrat candidates in the running for the 2012 elections and one of them is Obama.Obama is like a 3rd rate corrupt wannabe dictator of a socialist/Communist republic appealing to a mass of indoctrinated Marxists.Its either vote for Obama or vote Obama.

"If you love me pass this bill"

Look at them all cheering as they are all ripped off for another 450 billion that will just end up being invested god knows where or embezzled or to create more jobs overseas but it wont create any jobs in the US.Another 450 billion wasted over a cult of personality.

To create jobs you have to create the conditions that are favorable to business and enterprise and remove unfair and slanted trade agreements and barriers to create prosperity which is some thing the mentally ill and challenged narcissistic wannabe dictator in chief doesnt seem to understand.

The audience are like a mass of retarded inane clapping barking seals which is an insult to seals.Its laughable and deadly serious at the same time.

"Taxes on the rich"

There are taxes on the rich and there are taxes on the rich b ut it depends on what is defined as rich but you can be sure that it wont be corporations and the 1 percenters who will be taxed.Obakma is always trying to play the class war card that appeals to the mentally ill followers who can only relate to the classes above them and who think that its "the rich" who are to blame and they probably think someone who is worth a million is rich while having absolutely no idea about the super rich and certainly no clue about the trillions that Obama has signed away to bankers.All of obamas politics on an outward level are presented in an infantile way to appeal to the followers.

Obama approval raqtings are at an all time low but will never drop below a certain level due to the mass of mentally ill followers and govt workers and stateists etc so you have a hardcore of about 1/4 - 1/3 on a good day .

This POS delusional illigitimate fraudulent narcissistic destructive lying wannabe dictator should be removed from office ASAP as should the entire Democratic and Republican party elected non-representative representatives.

Of course my views will be misconstrued as veiled racism but its not my fault that you are mentally challenged and unable to differentiate between policy and politics and race issues.I cant be expected to spoonfeed everything to avoid confusion as i dont generally cater for the mentally challenged amongst you.

Having said all that there are just as mentally challenged/ill Rick perry followers as the low IQ Rick Perry is busy creating his own cult of personality where he holds rallies and feigns being a god fearing Christian while the mentally ill/challenged right wing Christian base [or a section of as i am not implying that all right wing christians are mentally challenged] clap and cheer him on as they are on the mental level where they vote on looks and a hairstyle and sounbites and if you dress him up in some cowboy boots and a stetson it appeals to them.

I am convinced that for some there is no hope and they should really be left out of the voting system altogether or give them their own election where they can indulge themselves without their vote making any difference.Thats pointless though as we have that set up already

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jose Barosso paedophile ring ? :

Why am i not surprised ??

I am not shocked or surprised by anything anymore.

Alibi Pretox:

I tried this drink recently and not without a certain amount of scepticism as i have tried other enrgy/health drinks that had no apparent effect.Howver this is something else as i have now had 4 cans of it and each time the effect is the same and it really does energise and last Saturday i had 1 can and was up until 5am.Its the same effect as taking stimulants or even drugs but without the adverse effects and damage to health etc as its just vitamins and plant extracts,minerals and fruit juice.It would be interesting to drink 3-4 cans to see what happens.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

United States Of Europe:

The point of this is to remove the option to default on the fraudulent debt that was imposed on you when your various elected shills and traitors signed you over to the control of of private foreign central banks.So now if this goes through then you will be administered by the aforesaid foreign offshore private central banks.Being signed over to them was the kiss of death as evidenced by Ireland who suddenly found themselves to be in huge amounts of debt.

Its what i said would be proposed and then happen as soon as Greece was having problems as after all its all about centralisation of power and full integration.The argument is that elected politicians will no longer have the power to decide the spending budgets etc and it will now be decided by the criminal scum who got you all into this mess in the first place.

EVERY EU member state is now completely fucked up so of course i told you so so FUCK YOU to all of the naysayers who labelled me as this and that and as an "extremist" or a "xenophobe" etc so now is the time to admit that you were and probably still are completely clueless.Something that should have been completely obvious sadly wasnt and that is particularly true of Leftists who have all their own silly childish ideas about what it all means and where its going.The unfortunate aspect of all this is that your ignorance and stupidity has resulted in very dire consequences for everyone.

Perhaps one day when you finally develop into adults you will admit that you completely and utterly wrong and misguided and hopefully the consequences of your stupidity will bite you very hard and help you all to realise that you were wrong and help you to get rid of your childish simplistic naive worldview.

The stupidity of confusing sovereignty/self rule with Nationalism is too stupid for words.Of course the term "Nationalist" was used as a cheap and nasty throwaway smear.

You stupid stupid ignorant Donkeys.Hardly any of you have the brains to make serious decisions that affect your own lives.

Stupidity and ignorance costs so here is where you all start paying............

The warnings about the dangers of ceding sovereignty will become very very apparent.

Savoy hotel:

Next month my mother is celebrating a 70th birthday with Afternoon Tea followed by dinner at the Savoy.

How terribly awfully civilised.

I had better behave myself or else..........

Bus wing mirrors:

Observe the yellow wing mirrors.I knew that this was an accident waiting to happen and sure enough it did.I was walking very close to the kerb today in a world of my own and all of a sudden out of nowhere BANG!!!!!!!! as the wing mirror of a bus caught the side of my head as it moved past and then came to a stop.Luckily it didnt do any harm but others around in the street next to where i was heard the noise it made and i heard a few "OOooooooooohhhhh"s and "Thffffffffffffffs" etc.It didnt actually hurt but it was the shock of it and then an almost instantaneous surge of anger at the bus and the driver but realising that i didnt want to go there i had it under control and didnt react.

The wing mirrors need to be redesigned and its very likely that they have already caused someone else some serious harm.

I think i have a very thick skull as i have been hit on the head in various ways over the years and i have never had fractures or been knocked out.I was headbutted by 2 people at once.One in front and one behind and i barely even flinched or felt any pain.I have been punched on the head various times in various altercations and again it had little or no effect.One instance was a Hells Angel/Road Rat/biker type who i was punched in the head by and it was pathetic so i told him that his punches dont hurt.


Nope.Please try harder next time.

I can confirm that i have seen stars after being hit on the head in a similar way to what you see in a cartoon except the stars werent moving around in the air over my head but at the point i was hit on the head everything went black and all i could see in the blackness was yellow stars.This was after a freak incident where i was hit on the head by a large smooth pebble that was thrown by someone.

Twice in the past i have been so beside myself with rage that i headbutted a wall.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ubiquitous posters:

I am getting tired of seeing these posters that are commonplace in every trendy types flat.There are other variations of as well.Not sure exactly why but when i see too much of an object it becomes boring and a cliche when it concerns decor.These posters are like the 21stC version of flying ducks and everyone who buys them probably thinks that they are being different and original.

Anyway i was on the web as a distraction from what i should be doing and by chance i came across a poster that is a spoof of the original poster and then i thought about how i could have fun by rewording some more spoof posters but fortunately i havent a clue how to do it as i dont do graphics software.There would definately be a market for these if they could be printed up.I havent a clue if the design is copyrighted or wether spoofs would be an infringement of copyright.A quick search confirms that the original is out of copyright.

The first idea that springs to mind is a SIT DOWN and STFU poster.That would look good framed on a wall.Other posters worded with various insults would also look good.

I see someone else has done a KEEP CALM and CARRY ON YOU CUNTS.Another version is worded with OH SHIT WE ARE SO FUCKED.

PACK SOME HEAT and CARRY ONE would be good.








KEEP CALM and CARRY ON and ON and ON and ON..........

I cannot think of any clever amusing wordage right now other than those that are not that funny but the idea is there and i like the fact that the template isnt copyrighted.

I have just seen another that say NO MORE BOOM and BUST. Brilliant !!

Political messages would also work.An obvious example would be KEEP CALM as 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB





Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The new interim council of Libya wishes to extend a very warm extended welcome to Shell,Exxon/Mobil,BP,Chevron,Raytheon,Lockheed Martin,Boeing,General Dynamics,Northrop Grumman,XE,General Electric,Goldman Sachs,JP Morgan,Credit Suisse,Barclays Capital,Citigroup,and the Blackstone Group etc etc etc.

In order to create a free and open democratic society where individuals human rights are respected/protected it is necessary to round up/kill/coerce any opposition to the new Libyan regime especially if the are pro-Gadaffi.

Apparently Gadaffi is now surrounded by rebel forces despite the fact the MSM keep reporting that they have no idea where Gadaffi is.Something is amiss here.....

In the meantime the rebel forces will drive around in jeeps and tecnicals in residential areas and round up some more Black Africans and Gadaffi supporters and fire 50 cal machine guns and AK47s into the air and at buildings and homes and rob and pillage and complain to NATO etc that they are runnimng out of ammo etc as they keep wasting it all and whine about the lack of support from NATO.Some of them will pose for the camera with their weaponry with their faces and heads covered by scarves and balaclavas and sunglasses and talk about how they are going to kill Gadaffi.If they have some spare time or even if they dont they will rape and abuse some women as R+R is very important.They will drive around the perimeters of towns and cities and claim that they have taken them over.

So welcome to the new and open democratic nation of Libya where thanks to the new freedom fighters the bodies just keep piling up !!!

That POS Libyan rebel leader was complaining to MI6 that he was being tortured after it was MI6 that organised the rendition in the first place !!

Idiotic.Its like being sent to prison and complaining that you are locked up in a cell and have to shower with others !!!

Also he was pointing out that the CIA assisted in his capture and arrest as if that is somehow unusual in some way or another.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Middle eastern/Arabic racism against Blacks:

"There is also an historical context to be considered when talking about racism in Libya. As Stephen Brown pointed out in FPM last April, since the 7th century, 14 million blacks have been sold into slavery in Arab countries. This has resulted in a kind of racism not seen in America for decades, where blacks are considered sub-human and not fit for any task except those that an Arab considers beneath him. One African columnist writes, “In Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Mauritania and the rest of the Arab world, Africans are treated like scum.” In marketplaces, Arabs throw stones at blacks, while preventing them from achieving any positions of authority in Arab countries. “There are hardly any Africans in high government positions in Arab governed countries…It is simply a way of life that’s all. Blacks do not really exist or at best are not human.”
With history — both recent and ancient — working against the black African workers that Gaddafi exploited and discriminated against, the mass arrests have angered the African Union to the point that they are refusing to recognize the NTC until they are assured that their citizens are protected by the new government. “NTC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries,” AU chairman Jean Ping said.”All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that, it means [that the] one-third of the population of Libya, which is black, is also mercenaries. They are killing people, normal workers, mistreating them,” he said.

I cut and pasted that comment as it is interesting and i had no idea that Blacks are subject to racism on the part of Arabs/Muslims.I dont know wether this is BS or fact as it is not something that i have looked into or thought about before beyond what is going on in Libya at present.

One thing that is wrong about the comment is that Somalia is predomonantly populated by Black Africans and so is Eritrea .

Monday, 5 September 2011

A.R.Kane/ALEX!:Black African Comet King :

I was on Youtube as usual listening to various tracks from A.R.Kane out of curiosity as i like quite a bit of their material and i saw a video of a track i hadnt heard before out of curiosity as i had a feeling it was going to be good.

Incredible music and i would love to be able to make music like this as its astonishingly good and i love the feedback type effect.Fucking incredible.I love the psychedelic video as well which compliments the music where Alex looks like some kind god or religious figure.Please make more music like this.

Black African Comet King

Noone else makes music like ARKane.I dont like everything they have done but when they get it right they are this good.

Turbulent times:

Is it just me or does it seem that everything is degenerating into chaos and turbulence and insanity and upheavel ?

I have never known anything like it with wars and mass freak weather phenomena and earthquakes and financial mass instability and volcanos and wildfires and hurricanes and political destabilisation and floods and an unstoppable oil leak [gulf of mexico]* and the possibility of major wars and invasions general and an unstoppable chain reaction radiation leak and insanity everywhere.

[there are probably things i have missed out]

its quite extraordinary and it will get much worse and its seems to be all under the influence of something and its like things are being manipulated to coincide with 2012.Regardless of 2012 bollox it does seem like this planet is rapidly degenerating into a chaotic hell on earth as it just keeps going and going and going with no let up so far.....

The volume of news that you get concerning these matters is unprecedented and that is on a daily basis.

3 things which are proven to be easily manipulated:

Politics/geopolitics/political instability etc


Economies and financial markets etc

I did say that there was a storm coming metaphorically speaking.

*The Macondo well is still leaking as i type as the greedy and reckless BP scum drilled into a subvolcanic reservoir of Abiotic oil and the intense pressure of it is forcing it through various fissures around the well opening and there is talk of a nuke being the only way to stop it but that is not a guaranteed way to stop it as it would just as easily make it worse so it is to all intents and purposes unstoppable as the pressure forcing the oil out means that it will not close itself either.The Russians did the same thing except they did it on land and did manage to close it off with a nuke.

Johnsons Baby Shampoo:

Good god is there no possible way for Johnsons to do something about the horrible noxious chemical smell of this product ??

Absolutely horrible and its a totally unique smell that is timeless as it has smelt this way for decades so it obviously has not changed its formulation for decades.Is it a smell that small children are supposed to like ??

Is it not possible to add something to make it smell of something less obnoxious like the smell of fruit like bananas or strawberries that kids like or something/anything except that horrible smell ?

Is it some kind of perverse idea that if you dont want to make the kids cry by getting it in their eyes you have to make it smell so awful that the kids would cry whenever they know bathtime is imminent ??

The packaging obviously hasnt changed since the 60s by the looks of things with the shape of the bottle and the typefaces etc and usually thing do change for the better over the decades or the packaging improves as in this instance its horribly dated and unpleasent and in most cases attractive packaging that is timeless is usually changed and improved as it were and ruined but in this instance packaging that is horrible and dated isnt changed.Its not like you could ever spoil the existing packaging of baby shampoo but its possible that a new design would also be naff but not as likely.

One thing in life is certain and that is nothing is 100 percent idiotproof.

It is like something out of the 60s/70s with that kind of chemical smell.It is full of foul and carcinogenic chemicals like formeldahyde anyway which is ironic coinsidering that they dont want to harm kids.This is to protect the children from bacteria apparently which is absurd because bacteria is everywhere and mostly harmless.

Even Vosene which was also horrible has updated its packaging design but i cant recall what that smelt like.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

My thoughts on Libya debacle:

Maggot Globalist NWO Filth.

[It pleases me no end that those filthy libyan rebels have got no idea what awaits them.They will learn the hard way that you dont dance with the devil metaphorically speaking]

Can you name 3 of the largest worldwide terrorist organisations ??


The UN

The United States


Which of those 3 is not a actually a terrorist organisation ?


The United States as its a country not an organisation but it is host to a well organised and motivated and radical terrorist organisation which uses the US military and intelligence agencies etc and govt to conduct various terrorist activities on a worldwide scale including domestically.Presently its well publicised activities are concentrated on[but not limited exclusively to] Libya and Syria in a joint operation with Al-Quaeda/CIADA using them as paid proxies to destabilise Libya and overthrow the Gaddaffi regime.

The UN are like the police.Always there when you dont want or need them and never when you do.Especially when there is ethnic cleansing and the routine indiscriminate bombing of civilians some of which are unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped in cities and towns by ALCIADA rebel forces like in Sirte for example.Spankee Moon not see this as serious problem for UN.

The Libyans have been completely and utterly fucked over.

I find myself thinking that since its not 100 percent proven that Libya was responsible for the Lockerbie incident and since Libya has been targeted by the West for decades and that there is good reason to believe that the info from official sources may well be suspect that its possible that Libya has been framed for the Lockerbie incident.Its also very interesting how Libya went from being a pariah state to one that was taken back into the international community and the reason for that was for all of the foreign investment into libya courtesy of the usual suspects so its like Gadaffi was stitched up by the West once it was a Go for the destabilisation and takeover of Libya which is ongoing.Gadaffi tore up the UN charter back ion 2009 but no action was taken at that point because the CIA instigated "Arab Spring" which was to provide cover for it to make it appear to be a homegrown legitimate uprising for the CIA/Globalists etc was 2 years or so later.Obviously those who have invested in Libya will not lose any of their investments if the takeover is successful which remains to be seen.....

I recall something from years ago concerning some evidence that PanAm flight 103 was hit by missile and not blown up by explosives as has been reported from official sources.I dont know any more without backtracking but its sounds plausable for the simple fact that both methods have the same end result.

Its also highly possible that at some point in the near future the ALCIADA/Alquaeda Rent A Jihadists will be wiped out by the Western forces or at least find themselves in opposition to them which creates the pretext for a ground force but my guess is that things will be allowed to get a bit more messy for the time being to make it easier to justify a ground force to occupy Libya.There may be other things i have not considered but it is 5.28am and i have been up since 10.00am.

What is very suspect are these tapes of Gadaffi that have been appearing that have appeared out of Syria that state that Gadaffi will never give up and the media which keep publishing articles stating that Gadaffi is believed to be in one place and then another and is hiding in a farm that was claimed to be authentic as it had the sound of chickens in the background.Absurd crap.Why publish the whereabouts in the MSM when its never invesigated so Gadaffi is fast becoming a new Bin Laden complete with a network of loyal supporters and terrorist connections just waiting to be the next alleged terrorist organisation/movement now that the US?NATO?UN are now friends with ALQuaeda but this time dedicated the state of war and unrest going on in Libya as any attacks on NATO ground forces will obviously be blamed on Gadaffi and also creating the perfect backdrop to get rid of the ALCIADA rebel forces.They will be set up and sent into traps if this continues as lots of things can be gotten away with in the fog of war and the rebel forces might find themselves in the wrong place athe wrong time or end up in a mass grave in a hole in the desert or blown up or whatever then the occupying ground forces will be in control and then the takeover is complete apart from any possible resistance from Libyans themselves of course.

So now the UN/us/NATO have played their humanitarianism card and subsequently discredited themselves in the process it remains to be seen what the pretext is going to be for attacking Syria which is subject to the same kinds of activities that Libya has recently been subjected to.My guess is more of the same regardless of its credibility as they have nio other card to play and it this point the UN/NATO/US do not have to justify themselves to anyone as the precedent has now been set and since they are the self appointed NWO world government they are not subject to accountability and there is no authority to challenge them in an official capacity.

Obviously this is not about humanitarianism in any capacity and it never was so obviously i rest my case and the court shall retire fior a short recess before summing up and the final judgement and sentence is passed.This is a hostile takeover that is about eliminating any opposition with civilians being of no particular importance least of Blacks.The Rent A Jihadists are disposable as they have suffered heavy losses already so the same goes.

Its also very curious how the LibyaNWO NatioNWO TransitioNWO council who are supposed to be an interim govt need to have a vision for Libya so the only reason for this is that the LNTC are not an interim govt but are in fact a regime that will be imposed on a permanent basis which is why it is ideologically driven rather than something that only exists to fulfil certain requirements expected of an interim govt.

Its perfectly obvious to anyone that a country that is in a state of war and which is having the shit bombed out of it on a daily basis with bodies stacking up left right and centre is in no fit state to hold any elections anytime soon particularly as war and occupations are very fluid situations so its like a sick cruel joke to timetable elections in 9 months time which is courtesy of the UN roadmap for Libya.

This makes it plainly obvious the dangers and risks of unchecked power concentrated in the hands of a criminal and ruthless bunch of elitist/militarist/corporatist/industrialist/Globalist/financier/banking scum.

They have now crossed the line and dont forget that the actions of Obama and the rest in not seeking approval for this was meant to make this kind of action and the UN legitimate as in the supreme authority.

The majority of people out there have absolutely no concept of what is going on here and how grave its implications.

WHO do you think is going to prosecute the US/NATO/UN etc for war crimes ??

No one is as they got away with it in Iraq and they will get away with it again and again because institutions like international courts and war crimes tribunerals are all owned and affiliated and controlled by the UN and its the UN that is allowing this to happen and they blatantly flout their own resolutions as they know they can get away with it.

Before i forget the US/UK intelligence outsourced the torture or terrorism suspects in Libya until very recently.everyone banging on about how bad Gadaffi is yet you ought to be paying attention to what your govt is responsible for as in what is being talked about here andf you all actively support your govt so stop being hypocrites and grow up and pack it in with the childish obstinate denial of reality.


I forgot that i left my bike outside where i am working and it was left outside for 6 hrs or more.I was reminded by someone else that my bike was still left outside after they knew it was out there all that time when i could have been told a lot earlier or they could have moved it inside themselves.

Its like if i had a chicken in the oven and i forgot it was in there while someone else knew it was in there and didnt check it or take it out of the oven so i get reminded 6 hrs later not to forget it is still in the oven burnt to a crisp.

People are stupid and self absorbed.

A percentage of the stupid manage to kill themselves through stupidity but not nearly enough of them unfortunately.Frequently i feel like living like Grizzly Adams and if i was imprisoned i would insist on solitary confinement as people have an annoying habit of talking to me and wanting my attention and feel that they have the right to steal my time so the rules would be dont talk to me ever unless i talk to them first.

I did an IQ test recently and the result came up as 152 [IQ].It was tedious and boring and quite difficult and i admit to guessing some of the answers while other questions made no sense at all.I have no idea how accurate the scoring calculations are so it might not be an accurate result so i dont pay that much attention to it but an apparent IQ result of 152 is exceptional and apparently geius level.I have no idea and i dont think that IQs are a reliable measure of intelligence as there are different kinds of intelligence.

I have found a way to buy silver at well below its actual bullion value.I just bought some silver for 43.00 gbp that is probably worth approx 200gbp at the very least but i only do this as and when the opportunity arises and i am not telling anyone else how this is possible as everyone will be doing it.I scrapped what i thought was a small amount of silver the other day as was very surprised when i got 90 quid for it that mainly comprised of what was a broken silver candlestick that was thin sheet silver mainly and one very small silver teaspoon.If i did this every day i could live off it.I gave up trying to buy silver coinage like dollars as its a dead loss.

There goes the summer as i can feel autumn in the air now.

Whenever i hear Drivers Seat - Sniff and the Tears i am reminded of a school trip to Plumpton Agricultural College where i wandered of on my own and found my way into the henhose that was full of caged chickens stuffed into small cages with no feathers while it was very warm outside so it was baking inside it and it was one of the most horrific sights i have ever seen.

There are times when i frequently wish i was deaf.Listening to The Saturdays is one of them.

WTF is that shit about where someone provides an email link and a notepad with a ruler and a pencil pops up out of the dock on the screen of a MAC ???

Why cant they just provide an email address instead of that fucking shit whatever it is ??

I have never worked out what exactly it is but it pops up out of the dock and then disappears when all i want to do is send a frigging email.Fucking poxy shit especially if its to do with that MACMAIL thing where after spending 1000 quid on a MAC i have to pay to send fucking emails.No fucking thanks as i refuse to do that.I cant even open the fucking application.Pain the fucking arse and i need to contact someone urgently and they offer no other means to do so.Fucking bullshit bollocks MFs.I may have found a back door by registering the website.

The decline of popular music//Item 566755: Jay Z/Kanye West - Watch The Throne.The more shit something is the more popular it is.2 of the most overblown and overated egotistical pricks collaborate on one massive overblown album of substandard dross....UUUhh....UUUhhh.....UUUUhhh-U-UUUuhhhh....wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-gotcha-money stack on blacks on blacks on blacks on blacks on -mothafucker wit my money yet....UUUhhhhh.... bitches come down to your house wit my mummy yet....UUUhhh...UUUhhh...UUUhhh......Blacks on Blacks on Blacks on Blacks on........

When i was a child all i was ever told on a very frequent/daily basis by my parents was "You dont know how lucky you are" and it was like a mantra to drive home the point that other kids were unfortunate enough not to grow up in fortunate/privileged circumstances.

F U U U C K the BBC.I stopped paying the licence fee 4 years ago as i am not paying to be propagandized.Whose intelligence do they think they are insulting ??

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Funniest thing ever:

I used to have A TV that was wired into a stereo system in such a way that it was possible to mix the picture and the channel so you got the sound from one channel and the picture from another so for example you have the picture being a sitcom and the sound from a serious political discussion for example with absolutely hilarious results if you can imagine what that would be like.Far funnier than TV that was intentionally trying to be funny.

If i want to babble on about stupid crap then its my perogative.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste but in certain cases the mind has no use whatsoever so the fact that the mind is wasted in certain cases is a positive.

People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones unless they are outside and dont throw stones near their house then they should be alright.

A bird in the hand is worth three in the bush unless its a fat ugly bird.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone before the other fucker throws one at you.

Do not judge others unless you are prepared to be judged yourself and if someone judges you then stamp on them very very hard to teach them a lesson.

The only true wisdom is knowing that the majority of people talk complete and utter shit.

Keep thy tongue from evil and thy fingers away from the keyboard.

"Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned" ?

I dont know but i am in no rush to find out.

Her ways are ways of pleasentness and all her paths are peace as long as you do what she says at all times.

Behold how good and how pleasent it is for brethren to dwell together in unity which is alrigh if you dont mind that sort of thing but if its alright i will pass on that thanks very much.

Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established; and by Ebay shall every room be filled with precious and pleasant riches. ~Proverbs 24:3

A word filthily spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of fucking twats. ~Proverbs 25:11

Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me as long as it is organically grown and ethically sourced with the occasional Indian and 2 for 1 double AA burgers @ BK. ~Proverbs 30:8

It is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted and drink and drive and get away with it ~Proverbs 31:4-5

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her along with a choice of 100 pairs of shoes and providing she can cook properly. ~Proverbs 31:25-28