Saturday, 8 November 2008

Worst election moment :

Seeing an article posted on Liveleak that was about disadvantaged Black American kids who were in some kind of youth community programme that was left wing in nature or sponsored by.

The kids were militarised in the sense that the programme had drills etc.The kids where each saying in turn that they wanted to be the next architect or the next DR or whatever.Usually a named profession that they would study for and earn well from .One even said he wanted to be an Automotive engineer !

nothing wrong with that but if being an Automotive engineer is a dream and not something that you just go and get a job then things must be bad.

It was sort of touching to hear because none of them have a hope in hell of achieving it under the current system.

The amount of Racism that i read in comments posted was unbelievable really and cruel.

"Dumbfucks" etc etc. The fact is every one of those kids has potential of some kind and they are failures because the system has failed them.NOT the other way around.

You can make it in life without qualifications but the odds are severely stacked against it.

I guess that the message of "Yes you can !" is an important one but "Yes you can !" is something that involves actually doing something yourself and NOT waiting for a politician to do it for you or to even say that you can do it.Shut up and do it anyway.

Dont wait - DO IT and if theres no jobs in da hood then move outta da hood.

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