Sunday, 3 January 2010

Shilling for Bilderberg :

World Rockefellerfilth government chart :

Friday, 1 January 2010

Anderson Multinational :

The logo or symbol looks to be Masonic.Blatantly so.

The Art Of Noise - The Seduction Of Claude Debussy :

Electronic press kit for the album :

Random selections from the album :

This album is 10 years old new yet it still sounds fresh and quite simply this album is the best produced pieces of music i have ever heard EVER.The production values and the mixing are just extraordinary and out of this world.

Dont bother with downloading it or do BUT BUY the CD as well because certain elements of the production and the frequencies get lost in translation and compressed to Fuck in the transfer from a digital source to an MP3 however i dont download so i dont kn ow what type of downloads are available or if there is even such a thing as a full frequency download available that is true to the original source.

What it really needs is to be available in a SACD format which is far more dynamic than a conventional CD but this is only accessible if you have an SACD player of course.

Buy it and listen through either headphones or a decent Hi-Fi system turned up loud and if you understand anything production values or appreciate them you will see my point.

I have always been of the opinion that Trevor Horn is a genius and this proves it but this is statement isnt meant to disregard the input of all the artists involved as they were way ahead of their time back in the 80s but i went off them a bit once they left ZTT .

I just hope they make more music in the future......

Proof !!:

Proof of sorts that my theories/thoughts and insight about the Yemeni bomber incident were indeed correct :


Oil pipelines !!

Who would have thought it !!