Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Quantative easing :

I listened to the Jeremy Vine radio show today and there was an article that was about the financial mess that is going on and how some see printing more cash as the solution !!! .

What do they think has been going on for the last decade ??What do they think has been going in with the FED who have been printing worthless Mickey Mouse money since 2006 in HUGE amounts [no one except the FED knows how much] ??

And since the BOE abolished the gold reserve/standard and SOLD OFF all of the BOE gold reserves therefore giving the BOE and all other banks a licence to practice fractional reserve lending therefore opening the floodgates to creating a whole economy that is based on easy lending and a proliferation of mickey mouse money backed by NOTHING in circulation lent by banks who dont actually hold any real cash or assets except for shares in themselves so the banks have no actual reserves whatsoever.

Anyway there was this "Financial expert" talking on the show about how printing more money is the answer because Bernanke in the FED says this IS the solution .The solution being known as Quantative easing which means that the FED or the BOE print more cash and makes it available to the banks etc and eventually it trickles down to private individuals [if you are lucky].This is called artificially inflating an economy to fight the horrors of deflation as this genius thinks that we are heading towards a cycle of deflation which makes everything more expensive which ISNT happening because goods are being REDUCED to compensate for the fact we ARE in a recession I:E LESS cash.

This guy was talking rubbish as he claims that Quantative Easing does NOT involve the BOE printing more cash and injecting CASH into the economy [via banks/the taxpayer].Of course it fucking does and it has been going on for YEARS.

This guy was asked a question and his answer to a caller was as follows "The BOE will KILL me if i say they are printing MORE cash !".The BOE can inject cash into an economy WITHOUT actually printing more cash !!! How does that work ??

Once again the "Financial expert" does not understand Economics because he makes NO mention of Fractional Reserve Lending.Its almost as if Economists and Politicians are denying the fact that it exists AT ALL yet saying at the same time they have solutions which they clearly havent got as the answer is to STOP fractional reserve lending which is what i keep saying OVER and OVER again.Unfortunately though the situation is now irreversible as if FRL is abolished the economy will collapse as it is built on it.

The financial "expert" is either ignorant or he has been told what he can and cant say in answer to callers questions as he seemed to be unable to answer them.The callers were better informed including a 15 yr old schoolgirl.

It was a caller who brought up the subject of the GOvt abolishing the gold standard which started it all.

Anyway the "expert" couldnt get his head around the idea of the BOE bypassing the middleman/govt and practicing Quantative Easing by giving the money straight to the people to spend themselves therefore injecting it straight into the economy directly.

Why was this Moron jabbering on about deflation when its inflation and potentially hyper inflation that is the problem due to the billions i mean trillions of pounds/dollars that have been created out of NOTHING ????

What a fucking idiot.He is one of these people that i call "empty suits" who get paid for talking rubbish and spreading disinformation and misleading.As long as they get their pay they dont care as they are working for "the Man" and are enjoying riding the gravy train.Similar to journalists.

In theory this is GUARANTEED to fix an economy and increase high st spending etc etc BUT there is one small catch :Apart from the fact it wont happen the Govt would have to admit that the cash they are giving away to us to spend is intrinsically worthless as its backed by NOTHING.The only cost to the GOvt is the cost of printing it.

Its exactly the same with the FED.

SO WHY dont the Govt address this matter ??

Because they are being controlled by bankers/scammers who are unwilling to give up their CRIMINAL practices so in reality they are offering NO solutions because the problem cannot be the solution at the same time as its an Oxymoron.At least it is if the problem doesnt offer a solution but instead offers business as usual as a solution.

Its NOT a solution because Fractional reserve banking is UNSUSTAINABLE as we are now seeing.

Its like being surrounded by Morons.

Banks dont have ANY funds of their own to bail themselves out from their own criminal activities because it has all been handed out to shareholders who are also criminals who pocket their dividends year in year out.

This is a MAJOR flaw in the system so they all go crying to the Govt to be bailed out "by Monday or we will declare martial law !!!.

This was clearly demonstrated by Paulson earlier in the year when he made that announcement/threat to the US govt.He was panicking because he thought the banks were going to be allowed to go bankrupt which meant investigation [and criminal charges AND seizing of assets on or offshore] and we cant have that now can we ???

Make the worthless cash being injected into the economy debt free by not charging interest on each dollar/pound printed out of NOTHING to the taxpayer.

That would be a start.

Why the Fuck should we pay them money on top of money that is printed out of NOTHING ???

Someone find those illegal offshore slush funds.They are stuffed full of cash.

Can the Serfs/Peasents have some Quantative Easing please ????

"Yes you can but only if you go to the bank and borrow it !"

Increase the financial slavery by increasing the personal debt.

Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme :

Scam of the century.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Problem people:

Never trust anyone if they have an axe to grind with you particularly in business as i have found out someone is trying to steal work from me that is rightfully mine and steer it towards someone else so i lose out.I know this partly because its obvious as i can read people like books and partly because i have intelligence and operatives in the field who i have been reliably informed by.

This may be part of an ongoing problem that i thought was resolved ?.The secret to dealing with this type of thing is not to let the problem person know that you know in any way.

"I know someone who i have in mind and i recommend them etc...."

You dont know anyone or have anyone in mind or recommend anyone so STFU already.

There is an easy way to resolve and its already being dealt with but its always funny how some people get carried away with themselves and dont think things through but the problem with a lot of people who are of average intelligence is that they always think that they are cleverer than they actually are so they are very predictable and *always* trip themselves up or give themselves away in some way.Its just a waiting game usually.Plus its a case of being able to see all the angles that they might try to use and out manouvering them without them realising it.

There is always the other option of course but i dont want to go there and in this case i dont have the luxury of doing that anyway for various reasons.This has to be handled sensitively.

I am not being cheated out of any work in this economic climate by some little shit who is too stupid for his own good and dont know their place plus myself and one other recommended them and got them a large amount of work with NO thanks whatsoever.Instead all i get is arrogant attitude.Insecure people always let their position or power go to their heads.He is justa 5 foot little shit who drinks too much who looks heavily pregnant due to the size of his fat gut.

Fucking Plebs.

Power corrupts because most people are shitheads before they had any power.

Its unbelievable really.

Games up now.

I just wish they wouldnt do this sort of thing but like i say they are stupid and full of shit so i find if you have any kind of contact [directly or indirectly] with people like this you have to factor in a load of Bullshit that just wastes everyones time.

Professionals dont bring their bullshit personal baggage into the workplace.They leave it at home instead.They are always too chickenshit to say what they think directly but they play silly little games behind ones back and make it obvious they are doing it.In this case its they way they act and little signals they give out unawares.

I dont like people doing things behind my back or going over my head that are against my best interests and i play things *completely* openly and honestly with everyone i do work for and have dealings with so really this Shit just rubs me up the wrong way.

Life and progress is difficult enough without this shit but whats mine is mine and it stays that way.

Magic Mushrooms:

I have had a bit of an interesting thing that has happened after taking a very small amount of Magic Mushrooms.I picked about 70 [ autumn 2007] that i preserved in honey and last Saturday or Sunday night i cant remember which it was i took them and shared them with 2 others.I thought they might have an effect on my artwork .I took them and started to feel a mild rush that didnt last very long and then nothing very much happened.

I have been struggling *a little bit* with drawing figures without reference of some kind but since the mushrooms i can draw figures without any reference including hands and just knock them out ,all in different positions etc averaging at about 5 minutes each to draw.Quite often i dont have an idea of what that figure is going to be as in a particular stance or pose or whatever but it works out anyway regardless.I do them from the back and sideways and variations of.

I have filled up pages of them [2 so far - small size figures] and it does seem like something has finally "clicked" in my mind and the Mushrooms were some kind of catalyst for something that has speeded up the learning curve expotentially.

Very interesting things are learning curves .

I have spent countless hours sitting here developing my artwork [learning !] and i am determined to do it professionally in some way and perhaps draw strips.Thats the plan anyway in the long term .

I still have this peculiar blockage where i just cannot draw faces [as in Humans] *at all* so unless this can be fixed then my options will be severely limited.I dont mind but from a commercial point of view its useless but i would rather draw strips with non human characters as there arent nearly enough of them.Anthros are by far my favourite subject plus women are quite simple to draw.

Drawing is simply one of the best things i have ever done in terms of enjoyment and its addictive to a certain extent as i cant stop.I draw something every day.I cut out a lot of distractions and things out of my life to focus on it.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

A very special relationship :

A transatlantic and then Global coalition for change.

More Globalism i believe is the change of which they speak

The beginning of a very beautiful friendship.Together they will make everything better and stop "climate Change" and stop us being sucked into an irreversible economic decline by transferring even more of the debt onto the taxpayer.Mind you the redistribution of wealth in the US as promised by Obama is already happening what with the bailouts that are redistributing wealth from the people back to the Govt/Fed in the form of extra taxation.The same goes for Carbon Taxes that go to the UN and other parasitical elites.

"But what about the poor people ?? The Messiah promised to help them ?"

Al Gore has been appointed by Obama .Enough said.

Tax - tax - tax - increase the debt and increase spending and increase borrowing .

Makes sense doesnt it ?

Its almost like money appears out of thin air instead of rolling off printing presses.

The next 4 years are going to be like nothing you have ever seen unless you were around in Germany in the 1930s or America in the 20s.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Spam :

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Lets be friends :

All you need is Love.

[pictures are in reverse order]

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Interesting sermon:

While waiting for Charlie brooker to start i listened to a sermon on the midnight mass Eucharist just out of curiosity .Expecting to become very bored within seconds i was surprised to see the Rev make a series of funny comments that raised laughter and then gave a speech/sermon that wasnt really religious in nature but instead was a critique of UK government ,the economic crisis , the UN and the lack of international intervention in Africa namely Zimbabwe and the Sudan plus various other points that were all correct.

Closedown :

Hasnt she finished yet ?? She has been at this for years and years .Perhaps she is waiting for her little inanimate friend to make the next move but it looks more like she is playing against herself.

Is she still on air or have the BBC finally run out of patience with her and taken her off ??

I might write a strongly worded letter to the Director General of the BBC regarding the constant repeat on closedown.I pay my licence fee so if i tune in to Closedown this morning and find that its the picture shown then thats IT.I am Bored with it so can someone help her finish the noughts and crosses Please ??? so we can move on ???

Goodbye America:

Hidden springwater fountain in Hastings :

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Government spin :

Just over 1000 emails sent is a "Flood" !!!!

"55% of the public say yes to ID cards ".That means that over one in 2 of the UK say they want cards going by the Govt bullshit and i take it they mean 55% of the UK as a WHOLE and not a percentage of it ??

I ask because this **very small trivial point** isnt made clear in the article such is the nature of New Labour Bullshit spin which if subject to ANY kind of scrutiny just falls apart and realistically ***if you had the opportunity*** to argue this they would have as much chance of winning the argument as a 3 legged Racehorse would have of winning the Grand National.

55 % means we all know someone who wants ID cards yet as far as i know NO ONE I KNOW wants one !!Amazing really unless i am talking to the wrong people of course or just over 1 out of 2 people i know are liars.

NO ONE I KNOW has even been asked !!

Perhaps its just a process of elimination and names of those polled are in alphabetical order ??

It seems not though so perhaps its just totally random and eventually i will be asked ??

Are those polled selected on the basis of IQ /Stupidity levels ??

Does the 55 % that say yes prove that 55 percent [and increasing] of the UK whole or in part are Stupid ??

Quite possibly YES.

I know this already so whats new ??

Is there a vote on this ??

Does 55 % mean a majority ??

Fake the "Consensus" to make up for the TOTAL lack of debate and democratic process which in turns justifies the lack of debate or vote because "everyone" wants an ID card therefore saying debate or votes arent necessary.

I suspect that i wont be asked.Such is the nature of fake "Consensus"

Pathetic Govt spin and fake manufactured consensus.There will be plenty more of this and its standard practice with the Left to have NO debate and instead impose it on everyone because they have conducted "Research" and polls etc.Its all bullshit of course because you have no way of knowing wether the poll has been conducted plus a whole load of other factors.This is just rubbish as its such a small percentage but the way it works is that the Trash in govt will say that they received the Emails and that if they decide to take the 3,000 emails and spin it so that the 3,000 emails represent a broad selection of UK citzens/subjects with just under half saying "Please give me an ID card !" and then insert the claim that the numbers that say "Yes please i want a card etc" are "Growing" or "Increasing" then hey presto you have a falsely generated or fake consensus if the broad selection saying yes are spun into somehow representing the opinions of the UK as a whole according to Govt statisticians etc etc blah blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit.

So there you have your fake spun "consensus" !!

Easy !!

The curious thing about "consensus" is that it is generated from within the political party and NOT from UK citzens/subjects as they have NO say in the matter because true to the traditions of "New" Labour and all of the rest of the Left Wing rubbish they all seem to have the idea/delusion that they somehow know what is and what isnt in your own best interests better than you do.

Give them a fucking ID card if they want one if it makes them happy.I am not interested but i dont give a toss what Morons want or dont want.

Referendums are Consensus - "NO not that kind of consensus !!!"

Once their minds are made up there is NO stopping them as they will not listen to common sense and reason and rationale because their retarded brains cannot assimilate those kind of concepts.

They WILL impose these cards on the UK IF they stay in power.The scheme will FAIL and in the meantime vast amounts of taxpayers money will have been wasted in the meantime.

Too Chickenshit to hold referendums and ask the Proletariat what they think .

Personally i dont care what that moron POS Home secertary says as i wont be having an ID card anyway but listening to and reading their spin creates a certain amount of amusement on my part because it is so retarded and predictable and i see right through it.Once you understand their mindset which isnt difficult its easy to deconstruct everything they say.

They make the assumption that *everyone* is as stupid as they are.

I have complete and utter contempt for hive mind/collective organisations like New Labour.Their psychology is childish and is textbook and very easy to explain and understand and laugh at.

Whats funnier than people/sheeple who are incapable of independent thought and who cant function outside of a collective of dumb non - individual fucktard Drones like themselves?

What does this prove anyway assuming this isnt spin which is unlikely ?

That there are 1,142 Morons who have sent Emails to the home office ?

So what ??

"New" Labour are a product of the student "Radical" left/wing Garbage that proliferated in Universities in the UK during the last 30 years and who spread into Politics instead of student debating rooms where they belong.

These Morons share a collective mental disorder.

Collectivism has killed far far far more than Nazism and surely the Russian Revolution alone says it all anyway in terms of history teaching you a lesson ??

As far as i am concerned advocates of any kind of Collectivism like Communism etc are no better than Nazis.I come across them sometimes with the inevitable consequences.Naive stupid gullible minds get indoctrinated with rubbish or they are individuals who are bitter about being failures and resent others who have a bigger cut of the cake than they do OR they are Champagne Marxists/Socialists who think that because they are in political office and therefore Elites and "Party Leaders" the ethos of Socialism dont apply to them with their fat offshore [Belize] bank accounts with 100 million in them [Tony Blair] and the rest.Socialism is something that is imposed on the Proletariat by the Party Leaders for the greater good of the collective.

Try explaining this to the Fucktard Proletariat left wingers and they wont have any of it.They dont see the hypocrisy of it.

Socialism is an incentive to stay in bed and do nothing or live on handouts and stay at home and be creative as i laugh at these idiots who say we should all get paid the same as each other.Why the fuck should i get paid the same as someone who washes dishes or whatever ??Why the fuck should i work hard and educate myself and work HARD just so i get paid the same as everyone else ??

The talent / reward ratio is non existent

DO they have ANY idea how hard it has been to get this far without a pay off at the end of it all as an incentive ???

Morons.I am not carrying them .

What have they done for me ??

Fuck All thats what so FUCK Off all of you.

YOU go and go without ,take calculated risks ,educate yourselves in LIFE - NOT University,DO something for yourself,think for yourself,have a plan,learn something useful and practical and different instead of complaining and reading and studying failed ideology ,make something of yourself and motivate yourselves and make sensible life choices instead of wanting a cut of my cake now or in the future and just Fuck Off.

These types just drag you down and they are uninspiring as they dont do anything

These people just cant handle the fact that they are lower down the food chain because they cant think for themselves.I am sick of their class war as well.

Did anyone hear the Xmas message from Gordon Brown to BFPO today ??

The lack of sincerity etc in it was something else.

Monday, 22 December 2008

WTF is wrong with people in this country ???

I have just been told a report by my Dad who couldnt believe it when he saw it and my Mum unfortunately who takes rather a dim view of this sort of thing and my sister too.

Motorway services: 18 dirty white vans with builder types [You know the types - I do anyway .Fucking garbage] OPENLY standing in the road that you have to drive through past the truck stop to get back on the motorway ALL pissing in the road and waving their Cocks arounds pissing everywhere in the road and laughing and sticking their fingers up at cars going past that they were partially blocking/obstructing/pissing on !!!!

Fucking unbelievable ,uncouth , vulgar and sick behaviour yet they all thought it was funny !!

These fuckers need to be taught courtesy and respect for others

I dont find that type of behaviour very funny and neither do the rest of the family especially my Mum and quite honestly if i was driving that car then i would have been tempted to drive the car straight at the fuckers and teach them a lesson they wont forget.I would have just clipped them and not go for an actual hit and run.If i was there i would have seen RED as my mother has very high standards and doesnt want to be exposed to that kind of Shit from anyone.I think my dad honked the horn and swore at them all.I would have done a lot more than that especially if the car was splashed with their piss.

Something has gone very seriously wrong with these people.My Dad was saying that these people used to be good people.Not much money and a different class but good people all the same but something has gone seriously wrong with them all.Its a cultural sea change that has happened for the worse.

So the upshot of all this is WTF are we doing living in this country ????

The UK is becoming like a Third World country and i blame the Govt as usual.

I am sick of Trash people.They are everywhere and there are millions of them.

None of them give a shit about what is going on or anything else except themselves.

I dont want to be associated or come into contact with any of them.

Fuck them all.

Merry Xmas :

Merry Xmas Everyone !!

That means YOU too all you haters out there [Fuck You] but since i am incapable of malice and bad intent and ill feeling towards others [most of the time anyway] then Merry Xmas to you anyway and dont do anything i would do .

Funny picture:

This a picture sent by a friend.It made me laugh so i thought i would share it.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black dog :

I had a short dream this morning while sort of half awake of a phantom Black Dog.I was travelling in a car and the dog as it were appeared out of the bushes at the side/verge of the country lane .It was evening time.It was black and very wolf like with orange flaming eyes and quite large.I accelerated in the car to get away from it and it was able to keep up with the car and it ran along side and eventually it was right outside of the passenger side of the car and was looking in with its burning eyes.

I am going to attempt to draw the final scene that i just described because i have an image of it in my mind now.

It was quite different to the Black dog that i actually did see a few years ago as that was more like a Rottweiller but a lot bigger.

Lordship of the manor:

I have half a dozen different documents to do with this title including the document in the picture.One is a royal document that has been updated several times.I have no idea what they all mean as they need translating and i dont know that if i hold these documents i hold a title or even if they are the title or if they are just part of it.

It was all bought at a bootfair for a tenner as the seller thought that they were just deeds to a property and nothing interesting.

Who knows ?

Please please just DIE !!:

Fucking DIE you Fucker.

Dirty Old Jew ZioNazi.

Evil personified.

He should be tried for crimes against humanity and plenty more and war crimes.

He is salivating at the mouth in a recent interview about how the time is now right for a NWO.Globalism is his answer to everything.ITs an answer/solution EVEN stupider than Communism.

His politics and manipulation and creation of conflicts have cost the lives of millions and millions.

He may be a very clever strategist etc but really he wants shooting.One in the head [from behind so its a closed casket.The bullet makes a mess upon exit]and its over.

I hope he dies and NEVER gets to see a NWO become a reality.Russia,china and loads of other countries arent even interested in the idea so the NWO is a FAILURE.

[He still has an office in the White house]

He is easily comparable to Hitler in respect of what he is responsible for.Hitler only started one war.This POS has started about half a dozen at least.

I find him extremely offensive to look at and listen to so just fucking die because i dont even want to be aware that he exists anymore.

Fuck the Anti -Defamation League.These types think that they are untouchable because they have a certain kind of heritage but if i was Jewish i would be ashamed and sickened and ANGRY about what goes on in the name of Zionism and the fact that US foreign policy/military exists purely to serve the interests of Israel.

Its ironic that these types hide behind the Holocaust and have created an industry out of it so that they have legitimacy and can align themselves with the persecuted therefore becoming untouchable so they can continue to freely perpetrate atrocities without criticism and condemnation from the rest of the planet.

Unknown artist:

I dug this out today but i have had it for kin years as it came out of my grannys stuff.No idea who the artist is but the dog studies are very competent and they are drawn on Buckingham Palace paper that is embossed with the royal crest.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Car Crash Culture:

The author is a friend of a friend so i thought i would plug the book as it looks interesting.

There is some sort of website being launched in the new year with lots of other writers involved including myself including the above writer .I dont really know any more yet but we will meet up over Xmas and talk about it.I have to think of a name for it but i havent yet but it shouldnt be difficult.

I think the articles can be submitted by other writers or anyone really who have something to say and can write well.

This Blog started the idea but the idea wasnt mine.

Friday, 19 December 2008

BLAG -O-Jevich:

US politics Serbian style.

He will deny and deny and deny.He is a Democrat so he cant help it really.

Go back to washing up dishes or the shoeshine.


I dont really like using or saying the word.

I ONLY use it in EXTREME cases like describing Al Gore for example.I post on a political forum with a fair bit of heated debate and posting and i have used the word only *once* and that was not directed at a forum user.I have never been called a Cunt once either online by anyone.Not even on Youtube.

Also in 704 posts here i have only used the word 2 maybe 3 times or half a dozen times to be safe but NO more than that and It has only been used against Politician/Bankster/NWO/Globalist/Nazi/NeoLiberal


Communitarian/Communist/Socialist Garbage anyway.

NONE of them are fit to rule over as they are TRASH and GARBAGE .

The present Royal Family are Trash except for William and Harry and Princess Di gawd bless er soul.The jury is out on Prince Charles who does do some good and i dont dislike him at all. As for the rest i am none too keen on ugly inbred descendants of German Pig farmers who are NOT Aristocrats.The Spencer family are Aristocrats.Aristocrats can be traced back but if you trace back the Saxe Coburgs you end up on a farm.[Theres Nothing wrong with farming by the way.Nothing at all but i am just making a point]. I despise the Bubble and Squeak Prince Phillip for shooting/murdering copious amounts of beautiful Wildlife the most.NO fate is to painful for Prince Phillip.Queenie just sits there on her Throne and watches[and is probably in on it] the UK get taken over by Germany/Nazi sympathisers/The EU and doesnt do or say anything.

"My husband and I have had the mauwst orful yeeyar.An Anus Horriblis.My familae and i wood like too wish you awl a veree happi Christmas and we heiope that you awl eat liorts and liorts of Ceke ! "

Round them all up and stick them all in their own Detainment/Concentration camps or somewhere secure like a remote island that is barely hospitable so they *slowly* starve and a Battle Royale scenario ensues or just drop Napalm on them.

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"

Alternatively cluster bombs or land mines that detonate and fire/spread thousands of bits of razor sharp shrapnel into the air that macerate everything within range or feed them one by one to very hungry Sharks.

It would make a good film/documentary or reality TV.

"I am a Federal Reserve Banker - Get me out of here !!" except this time NO ONE leaves except their souls if they even have one.

They deserve it anyway but i am still not that happy to use female genitalia as a term of abuse.


Bush approves auto bailouts WITH conditions !!!! as an alternative to letting them go under !!

BUT they have until March to sort things out which means the Unions will have to reduce the costs of the workforce like pay etc to make companies economically viable or funds are withdrawn.They have to radically redesign their products as i have said before.

If the Unions dont like it then TOUGH SHIT but its an alternative to job losses and foreign investment buyouts.

Which springs to mind this:

Why are UK taxpayers expected to bail out Jaguar which is owned by INDIA ??

WHY cant Indians bail out their own companies ?? or is it to keep the jobs in the UK to stop Jaguar relocating to India ??

I dont know.

Anyway Obama approves of the auto bailouts but Obama etc would have lent/given the money with NO conditions or changes to the companies as they lack business/economic sense.The same as Liberals in the UK:I.E Alistair Darling/Gordon Brown.

Ill conceived Socialistic Bullshit. [Democrats/Liberals]


CHANGE i DONT believe in .

Israel believes in the "change" only too well.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The bailouts arent working :

Jesus Christ what IS the problem here ??

If the government GIVES the banks OUR money then you have to give them OUR money with CONDITIONS that HAVE to be met or the funding is WITHDRAWN.

It works like this : Your company is going bust or to the administrators so i say i will bail out your company by GIVING/loaning you say half a million .

I am giving/loaning/investing half a million to your company because i believe it is still a viable proposition.

In return for investing half a million in your company , I have a set of conditions that have to be met in return for the investment otherwise to invest money without any conditions is financial suicide because a company that has problems apart from cashflow needs outside help and advice as well as investment or else they wouldnt need my help in the first place.

SO WHY ??? dont Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling understand simple business practice by imposing a restriction on the amount of interest charged by Banks so that their interest rates are in line with the rates set by the Bank of England ??? instead of way way over the limit and are exploitative ???

The money was meant to be made available to businesses to keep the cashflow going yet the banks are NOT lending to businesses.They should be obliged to lend to businesses without question.

Fucking Idiot Government.

If businesses fold because of lack of cashflow then jobs will be lost and then no one will borrow any money for a very long time.

Banks for the last 11 years have been operating a pyramid scheme with very low rates of interest for over a decade and building societies were turned into banks overnight and they have been creaming it in for years because of fractional reserve lending etc and NOW they suddenly dont want to lend out the FREE money they have been given because ONLY when they realise that they have been irresponsible when its TOO late and they have NO money of their own because it has been dished out to shareholders year upon year they finally refuse to lend out ANY money when its TOO late and there is NO other option than to continue the same practices as they have for the last 11 years.

They have built their business on easy money so if they cut off the money supply the whole economy collapses .

Its not necessary to lend to private individuals but it is essential to keep lending to businesses in the short to medium term and if businesses survive then its less of a risk to lend to private individuals in the long term providing a lending policy is found that is a compromise/happy medium between the very strict lending policy before the "Liberalisation" and the total opposite of that which is the easy cheap lending of money that is created out of thin air [Fractional Reserve Lending on the part of banks and the bank of England] which leads to Hyperinflation which in turn leads to the total collapse of a whole economy.

SO STOP Fractional reserve lending or limit it so that cash is created out of cash or is exchanged and is moved around between individuals and businesses eventually ending up in Banks where it is invested and makes money that way instead of creating cash out of thin air.

Banks have stopped investing in businesses apart from providing short term cashflow but instead have been investing in private individuals in the form of loans with virtual cash that has been created out of thin air because the money i have invested in the bank has been lent out about 10 other people and any cash they have deposited goes straight out again into ATMS etc to keep the cashflow going.

In Ye olde dayes the average punter who wanted to get a mortgage in the 70s or 80s that was say 5 times their income with no real downpayment as security and no real proof of income to buy overpriced Junk would have just been laughed at and asked to leave the bank and they wouldnt have even have got far enough to even talk to a bank manager.

Years ago there was a spoof T shirt that had a logo and name that was Knatwest and it was saying that if you didnt have any money then fuck off.

Thats how it used to be.

Thoughts and comments anyone ??

Never mind the little anecdote about wanking off which got misconstrued and is now deleted.

I couldnt help but notice that i got comments about it all of a sudden.That says a lot about the mentality of people on the internet.

Any comments about the economic banking situation anyone ???

Any comments on "New" Labour and how they have caused economic disaster ???

Any solutions ???

Any comments on ANYTHING apart from the scouts post ???

This is EXACTLY why i dont use social network sites as you just get shallow puerile fucking idiots with NOTHING to say about anything except the lowest common denominator.

A WASTE of my time but i think the majority of people are a waste of space anyway and oxygen.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


The "There will be NO return to boom and bust !" will be remembered with notoriety.

NO doubt that the current economic crisis was planned at a Bilderberg meeting about 10 years ago.

Pyramid /Ponzi schemes will always fail and the banking system is a massive Pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

The only strategy that the US/UK government has is to keep printing more mickey mouse money.Its not safe banking money in this country anymore and if you have a reasonable amount of money you have to keep moving it around between different banks every five fucking minutes.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Dr.Barnados advert :

I know that the Ad has an important message in it but please pack this advert in or make another as i cant stand it.I cant stand anything about it and worse than that i cant work out WTF is going on in it as its a confused mess.It cuts and starts over and over again and each time i hear the geezer say "you worthless piece of whatever and SLAPPP/thump it *really* gets my back up so just Pack It The Fuck in channel 4.

"You worthless piece of etc doesnt need to be fast cutted/repeated over and over and over again as i have got the point they are making and i generally get the point the first time as i am a fast learner.

What is the story with the girl in the film anyway ? Is it the same character or different as she lacks continuity as in one scene she looks like a chav who is fighting outside a shop who then looks like she has overdosed on heroin or heroin/speed mixed or crack and is suffering heart failure or is about to turn blue then she is in the classroom and says something that is unintelligable then she is locked in a room with bars over the window that looks like an institution ?

Really i havent a fucking clue .

Also in these type of ads that show the negative side of the UK like deprived areas the sky always looks to be overcast which because it creates a dull sort of diffused light that seems to exaggerate the grimness of what is being put across to the viewer.

"Worthless - 20 quid - Worthless - 20 quid - Worthless - 20 quid - 20 quid - 20 quid - 20 quid -ad nauseum.

Its on during every fucking advert break when i was trying to unwind by watching Catastrophe and it just pisses me off and if it happens again i will switch channels for the duration because i resent having this unpleasent shit rammed down my throat every 15 minutes.

And here we go again as i type .......

And piss off BT advert family guy as well.Fucking bland non entity who represents some kind of "Everyman" in his blandness plus his Ikea-ed living room with his Mrs Average looking wife and brats in tow. GGGRRRRR.

I hate retarded adverts trying to flog their crap products.

Channel 4 are announcing their Xmas TV specials plus later tonight we have the obligatory Kaiser Chiefs with their own special variety of northern pedestrian plodding indie geezer rock which can be summed up as S-H-I-T-E .I want to give the singer a punch in the face for being annoying.His face and attitude annoys me intensely plus he is always chewing gum plus that peculiar type of premature ageing syndrome that you get with someone who is 30 or so but looks like they are in their sixties.

Collaborating with Mark Ronson. Bloody Mark Ronson.The sun shines out of the arse of Mark Ronson plus its where he gets all of his musical inspiration from.

Even the band didnt really know what Mark Ronson actually did in the studio or if he did anything.If he did contribute anything then it wouldnt have made any kind of improvement anyway.

They are like a joke band.

Has anyone heard "Good Days and Bad Days ??? Jesus fucking christ.Who is that Monkey behind the keyboard ?? What a joke.He sounds like he is playing a Rolf Harris Stylophone.

Thats all i have to say about them right now but no doubt i will be back for more later to give them a piece of my mind.

In the meantime Channel 4 have a Charlotte Church special and she is going to be mauled very soon as well.

Last but not least though we have a Xmas Eve special from The Friday night project that features not one but two of the most annoying and unpleasent presenters EVER.Apart from the general sliminess of Alan Carr there is that annoying beardy fat bouncy dwarfish twat with the floppy bouncy hair who looks like he has his hand up Alan Carrs arse in the same kind of way that a ventriloquist controls his little inanimate friend.In the advert for it they seemed to be insinuating something of a sexual nature with their nodding heads.They both give me the creeps.

I cant stand their live FuckTard Rent - an - Audience either.Why is everything so fucking funny with them ? Really WTF is so funny ??? Are they drugged or are they coerced into laughing at anything in some way ? or are they just happy little FuckTards worshipping at the alter of television and its some kind of high point in their lives ? Probably the latter.

Fucking die will you !!! Oh well i cant have everything my own way unfortunatly but i am glad neither of them will reproduce so thats something to be pleased about anyway.

Simon Pegg is a guest presenter on the show but why ? WHY ??? I will let you off just this once but beware and take it from me its a very slippery slope and thats not just because Alan Carr is so slimy.

I believe in Intelligent design as a theory even though i am an agnostic because if it is evidence of a higher intelligence and the "God" as it were set out to create the most annoying absurd species on the planet then to a large extent they were successful apart from small yappy dogs but they dont count as they have been created by Humans.

Thats even more evidence of the crapness of Humans.They cant even create new species of Dog without making them small,annoying,pointless,ugly,noisy and CRAP.

Not all of you humans are annoying and Crap though.Just the majority.

An advert for perfume from Hugo Boss features a track from the Jesus and Mary Chain that i forget the name of but it was on their first album and now i want to listen to it again or the whole album as its a work of genius.


I say though The Police live onstage with Elvis Costello are really rather good what ?

I dont know why they need 2 drummers though.

Last of all the "Talk to Frank " Cocaine advert.I will get to this later.

Same goes for the WKD vodka drink adverts .Later.But why would anyone drink anything that looks like diluted blue water out of a chemical toilet ??? I hope it poisons the Fuckers that drink it.


What a Shit place the UK and its popular culture has turned into.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ugly knees:

The other is as bad if not worse.

Aural torture/GBH of the earoles:

Never mind being locked up and subjected to hours of Nine Inch Nails.

This is my definition of torture that goes by the name of Duffy.

Absolutly fucking horrendous voice who sounds like she has been inhaling Helium.

Yeeuucchh.Every song sounds the same as well [tuneless] and so what if she is pretty ? Thats fine as long as she doesnt open her mouth and start singing.

HOWEVER if she was given songs with a tune which all had a *different* tune then she might be OK.The songwriters/arrangers of her material want shooting.

Her voice is a bit like Eartha Kitt or Nicolette who sang on the second massive attack album.She needs a contemporary or unusual musical backing to make her voice work instead of a fake retro soul sound that is similar to the rubbish that Mark Ronson produces.As soon as i found out Amy Winehouse was being produced by Mark Ronson i was no longer interested.

Al Gore :

Dont you wag your your finger at me you hypocritical sanctamonious POS scammer.

WHERE ???? is my Mediterranean climate i was promised 10 or 15 years ago ?


If he really wanted to save the planet he would voluntarily kill himself to save wasted space and resources and it would stop him nicking my oxygen.

Al Gore is my definition of a Useless Eater.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fife House Squatters [and people who talk shit]:

In the picture is Fife House that has been taken over by squatters.I live a few minutes away from it and i have been in this house 3 times in the past and it is one of the most amazing houses in Brighton.It has been recently restored.This house has been in the national media because of squatters.

A[sort of] friend was round last night and he said do you know about the squat but he didnt know where it was.I said where it was and expressed my feelings about the house being potentially vandalised and abused.This didnt go down well with the said friend who said that he has "runned squats" and knew a bit about them.So i asked what he would do if he was "running" it to prevent vandalism and arson and drug abuse on the premises etc.He said he wouldnt be able to do anything about it , so i said thats because you are not exercising enough control over what goes on and neither is anyone else who lives in it.I said *dont* have an open door policy and keep out undesirables.

He said "someone will let them in anyway".

[Exasperated] I said dont let them in !!!.I also said that if hypothetically i went in there and saw vandalism going on i would report them and if i lived there i would kick them out if they were degenerate Smackheads and Crackheads.You dont sound like you are very good at running squats.

Said friend starts to get a bit cocky and says if they found out i reported them they would be round here "to sort me out" and he was defending them and seemed to think that vandalism of other peoples property is acceptable.

Its NOT acceptable to me.

I also asked how these peoples lives had been affected by the credit crunch because its unlikely that all of them had been adversely affected by it like being foreclosed on and evicted from their own homes because its likely they dont work anyway and pay their own way.

So i said send them all round [the squatters] and i will make tea for them all if you like sarcastically.Send as many round as you like .The more the better.

This was *almost* a veiled threat directed at myself which is like waving a red rag at a Bull.

He then says something along the lines of "do i think i am indominatable ?" or something like that so i said kind of.I also said who do you know who is "Indominatable" ?.

The reply i got was "I know this BIG BIG BIG SAS guy who is just BIG -blah blah blah".

I asked who this was and did he have a name or any more info as i was interested because i know ex SAS people who really where in the SAS but they arent that big but i got no answer because he was talking rubbish.

I only talk to this guy because we have a shared interest in Ley lines etc and he is top of his subject but apart from that he is a cocky insolent little tosser i have decided and he has gone right down in my estimation.A potentially irresponsible idiot.

It turns out that the Squatters are sensible and are respecting the property and are not causing anyone any problems [noise and parties etc] so thats fine but the argument was a matter of principle.

Anyway there goes my first artwork commission but i dont give a toss really as i am not producing any artwork for that ugly snidey eyebrowless tosser.He can go and fuck himself for all i care.Rude Fucker.He is a loser anyway and its not my problem.

Theres too many people like this here and quite honestly i am sick of living in a Liberal town that is full of layabout Hippies ,Drug addicts and dole scroungers who seem to be permanently unable to get a job and work and Brighton is without a doubt the filthiest and trashiest place i have ever lived in.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Resolved !:

Work/personality hassle problem successfully resolved.It was just a case of things being misconstrued/misunderstood.

Planning application issues/delays/bullshit resolved.Full planning now achieved without going through the normal procedures just like i said it would be.The architect is no longer involved.

Its what you know AND who you know.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road ?

To get away from the KFC.

Why did the Rat cross the road ?

To get away from the KFC

Why did the Pigeon cross the road ?

So it could stop halfway across and run around in the road for a bit totally oblivious to oncoming traffic and force you to slow down and honk your horn at it before the fucking thing finally gets out of the way.

Evictions/foreclosures in the US :

A little while ago i commented on how i thought that evicting homeowners who have been foreclosed on should not be evicted especially in these times because it was unnecessary ,harsh and to a certain extent because of the bailouts it is morally wrong and creates more problems and hardship etc etc.

Imagine how satisfied i am to see the Sherrifs in the US are refusing to enforce eviction orders from the mortgage companies.

Fannie Crack and Freddies Gay suddenly dont seem so charitable towards the poor and oppressed do they ??

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thunderbirds are go:

Someone who used to live next door a few years ago also looked like a Thunderbirds puppet.


Fuck ID cards:

Fuck them.Fuck them all.Fuck New Labour and Fuck Jacqui smith [actually who would want to do that ?].She probably stinks of kippers or fish.

Fuck them .I will not be "forced" or "encouraged" to do anything i dont want to do.They can fucking try it anytime they like.

I will not submit any details into a Stasi-ist police state database because its a fucking liberty.

WTF do they think this place is ? East Germany ??

Fucking Communitarian lowlife sellout trash and i dont usually condone violence especially towards women but i would really like to swiftly and painlessly break her neck.

The UK is being used as a massive social experiment by these Fuckers.

And Fuck Right Off Margaret Hodge who knowingly sheltered Paedophiles. "Some may call it a nanny state ,I call it a force for good".

The filthy trash make me sick.

I cant wait for payback time for these fuckers.

No one likes New Labour so why dont they just fuck off ?

Whats the horrible smell ? New Labour.

My own sandwich filling :

Swiss Cheese [Emmental] , salami ,watercress, mayonnaise [preferably garlic] , and black pepper.

Slice the cheese thinly and add lots of thin slices instead of cutting thick slices of it as its about texture as well as taste.

And i avoid Chorizo as i cant stand the stuff.

Use lots of everything as there nothing worse than a sandwich with nothing in it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I dont see any grey areas concerning this matter.It just immoral and wrong and i dont even want to indulge them by talking about them but unfortunately they are a fact of life and are not going to go away.So i say either lock them up indefinatly ,give them both barrels,go up to 4 on them or neuter them.

There may be a course of psychological treatment for them that is effective but i dont know for sure.Its a difficult subject and i am not defending them in any way but if its inherent instead of learnt behaviour then really they have no control over their own sexual preferences the same way a gay or straight person doesnt.Its just how they are wired.

This is just an attempt to understand them but really as soon as you look at the facts about it and the perpetrators of it and how they go about getting their kicks then i all i can say is go up to 4 on them because its exploitation of children in the extreme and the innocence of children is what is sacrosanct .

Round them up,put em in a field and spay the bastards and put them out of their misery.

They all look weird and creepy when you see pictures of them.

Theres loads in the New Labour party and in the Lib dem party as well.They attract them like flies to you know what because they are immoral and corrupt and no doubt the right have their share of them but the left is attempting to apologise for them and to a certain extent indulges them and that really sickens me like so many other things about Liberals.

I have Liberal tendencies to an extent as its just common sense and having a live and let live each to their own kind of attitude and i do understand tolerance but i cannot and will not ever vote for them or be associated with them as they are haven for the immoral and the perverted.They do have a bit of an unhealthy interest in children like politicising them and using them as information gatherers,etc which is all exploitation.Children dont vote or pay taxes so children and politics is a no no.

I am not a Christian but you dont need to be to condemn Paedophilia but i have very strict ethics.

Fuck Liberal social engineering.

Name them and shame them.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Disappointed ?

NO change.

You will be before long and its just like i have been saying all along.

Dont take my word for it though .Look at who Obama is appointing into the cabinet.Sleaze merchants and the dregs of political society .Lowlife.Failed politicians and generals etc.Also he has appointed a whole load of people that are directly/indirectly responsible for the financial crisis.

Rahm Emmanuel ??? What a fucking catastrophe.I cant even laugh at this as laughter is innapropriate here as this isnt a laughing matter.He is a fucking cowboy and is unfit for office and is a dual nationality Israeli.

Robert Gates ?? He is a fucking Neocon !!@ and some general who was sacked because he was telling the Bush administration things that they didnt want to hear about timescales and troop numbers in Iraq .He was telling the truth.I forget the name.

CLINTONS !!!!!!!

NO change.

Same shit different day just like i said.

MORE wars ,MORE military spending , more unemployment , more economic disasters ,more of everything.MORE conflict in the middle east.

You will all have to learn the hard way unfortunately and once again i told you so.

Obama loves Israel and by the way i would have been saying just the same thing if McCain was elected.It makes no difference as Obama has appointed loads of Bush cabinet members anyway.

I will continue to drive this point home every so often and if anyone thinks that i am saying this to get at Obama [LEAVE OBAMA ALONE !!!!@@** WAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH !!!] then please just grow up because this is far more important than your petty indulgences or mine for that matter as this is about reality NOT false messiahs /con artists/ scam merchants/Personality cults.

People have been conned and have been led by the nose.

You all fucked up big time because you are stupid and will not listen and educate yourselves.

George Soros anyone ??

General Jim jones anyone ??

Troops out of Iraq ?? Dont be silly.

I never heard Obama talk about the plight of the Palestinians in the largest concentration camp on the planet in the Gaza strip and he proposes NO solution to the Socio Economic situation with African Americans apart from more more welfare handouts.He doesnt really give a fuck about them anyway as like everyone else they will be fucked over even more than they are already.Obama only gives a fuck about Wall St bankers.They get all the money.

The people can all eat cake.

ALL that he has done is delay/temporarily defuse the anger of the people of the US who are angry about the destruction of their country and failure of government which is a large number apart from Obama converts and even some Liberals are already asking what is going on.

Hardly ANY of you have ANY real clue about what and who we are dealing with here .

Whining enviromentalists :

Climate Change:

"I think governments and everyone else is just talking about it without doing anything and its getting worse and climate change is getting worse and like why wont the government do anything and its like getting worse and worse and direct action is the only way to change anything and its only young people that care because its their children who will live on a planet thats destroyed and there wont be any ice sheets left and why the government is building more airports etc etc etc blah di blah di blah anyway.

Have any of these idiots read agenda 21 and fully digested its contents ?

Do they understand how the UN works and what its agenda is regarding Agenda 21 and climate change ?

If they have then what are they whining about ?

If they havent then they need to sit down and educate themselves instead of stamping their feet and making a noise.

What is the government doing to save the planet ?

Answer:Agenda 21/sustainable development.

NO doubt most of these enviromentalist types are Church of Al Gore followers.

Uneducated idiots/sheep or misguided due to disinfo/scaremongering that they have been fed.

Tarique Ghaffur :

Before i start the EU are after you Ireland and this time they think that they have extra leverage because of the economic situation.This is the carrot on the stick scenario.The same carrot on the stick scenario will be used to justify the UK being signed up to the New/Old/Bullshit EU constitution.Hang on thats wrong because we dont need a carrot on a stick scenario in the UK because we have no vote on it so the carrot on a stick is redundant here.

The picture above : The gross overweight ugly fuck on the left is the prime minister of Ireland - Brian Cowan.I am struggling to think of another way to describe what he is and what he looks like without being very very offensive .he looks like a fucking idiot retard with his mouth that looks like a fish does when its eating and he doesnt look like he knows what he is doing or what he looks like.Fuck it he looks like someone who is let out of a home once a day with a carer to go for short a walk.

The greaseball on the right is Jose Manuel Barosso who looks like a slimeball reptile.Once again i dont have tyhe luxury of saying what i really think about Barosso and what i would do with him.

What made you vote for that thing anyway ??? WTF is wrong with you all Irish ? You can do better than that i am sure.

TG has made some interesting comments about how the Met are in the pockets of New Labour and have been politicised partly because of Met police chief Ian Blair who since lost his job.I am not going to call Ian Blair "Sir" because he is a tosser and because he doesnt deserve the title anyway as it was part of the New Labour - cash for honours bullshit so fuck all that bullshit.I always thought he was a tosser and i am very rarely wrong about my impressions of people.

TG should look into Ian Blair and see if he has any connection with Common Purpose and have a look at his political affiliations.I always thought he looked weak.Weak people are far more dangerous than someone who isnt weak.They cant be trusted and they are difficult to deal with and will stitch you up without a second thought.I have found this to be true and also people with 30 yrs experience within intelligence have all said the same thing and they are used to dealing with very delicate matters and very sensitive information.The majority of people are weak so in reality there is only a minority that can be trusted.Never tell anyone anything that you wouldnt want anyone else to know if you dont know them.

The shooting of the Brazilian guy in a tube station who was suspected of being a terrorist and was shot in the head 7 times was found to be the fault of Cressida Dick [Met deputy assistant commisioner at the time] who is a well known member of Common Purpose.

Scotland Yard needs to be investigated with a witch hunt for members of Common Purpose/New Labour moles.Thats what i would do anyway.I would really like to go on Common Purpose courses and infiltrate them and gather as much info as possible and then leak the information to certain media who would have kittens over it all.I would love to get hold of their computer files and monitor their email traffic.The trail would lead right to the top of New Labour i promise you that.Common Purpose and their followers are traitors and criminals.Initiates of common Purpose are sworn to secrecy and will not disclose anything and neither will the organisation itself.If they are forced to they will as they are not trained to not say anything if under duress and will fold under questioning in a matter of minutes.

Getting hold of their weekly paper recycling might be a good idea as well even if it is shredded.Its easy enough to piece it back together.

Personally i would waterboard large amounts of New Labour and i would close down Common Purpose and seize all their computers and paperwork and close off their offices as its a scene of a crime rather like an FBI sting.

I dont know if the UK intelligence community are in a collective coma but this should be happening already or they should be being watched at the very least.

I need to ask more questions about this and find out more.

I say again that New Labour/Common Purpose are traitors and criminals and they are destroying this country from within and have been doing so since this government was elected.

FACT and if you dont know this and you cant see the evidence all around in all areas of the establishment/officialdom and you are not pissed off about it then you need to WTFU and start paying attention.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Sandbanks comes to Hastings:

This has been happening for a while at Pett and Fairlight with more and more individually built homes.A few years ago there were hardly any in Hastings.One or Two maybe but the house in the picture is the most godawful ugly pile of rubbish i have ever seen.It looks like its modelled on Yuppie furniture.Horrendous.It looks unfinished and it looks arab like something in Dubai.I hope they like window cleaning as they will be doing lots of that and if its very windy its going to be so noisy.

1.5 million + for a 1.5 acre plot with consent to build the home in the picture.

Fucking awful.

I always fancied building a little single story house at Dungeness and living there but that idea is out of the window as my dad was saying Dungeness B is going to be decomissioned and another Dungeness C is going to be built so its all going to kick off there with large scale construction and decommissiong which will take years and years so NO peace and quiet.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Dick Turpin:

I have got to dress up as Dick Turpin on new yrs eve as my sister requests that i do so.Fucking hell.Anyway i will oblige but if i say "your money or your life/Stand and deliver" then thats what i mean and i want them all to give up their money and valuables for real.She has asked for it this time.She likes drama and acting and all that so i am going to give her some method acting.

"Good day to you ! Stick em up and give me some cash as its thirsty work this Highwayman business !"

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hoarding useless stuff:

Stop doing it.

You dont need 10 thousand empty plastic milk bottles or endless amounts of anything plastic.You dont need to save bottle tops and aluminium empty nightlight holders unless you mean to recycle them.You dont need 10000 plastic bags either so STOP doing it and remember that there is help available for your OCDs.Dont suffer in silence.Things/objects dont need to arranged and centralised symmetrically on shelves or in piles either.Also theres no use scrubbing and scrubbing with antibacterial cleaning products either as you will never get rid of all the bacteria because the second you stop they multiply and also you yourself are full up with bacteria that are slithering around and multiplying all the time.Give it up and learn to love bacteria.

It must be hard work being an OCD sufferer.

Rat or Mouse skull found under floorboards:

I found a mummified Cat once as well that was placed in wall as a live sacrifice when the house was built.


The government proposes that those with mortgages who fall on hard times because of the economic situation are to be given mortgage relief for up to 2 years.Just like i was saying ages ago.Forclosures and evictions are not really a sensible or kind option and dont help the situation.This doesnt help with negative equity and more to the point if the current downturn/recession turns out to be something worse than the standard 21 month cycle then really all mortgages should be at a low fixed rate of interest that DOESNT go up for its entire duration.I disagreed with having very low interest rates initially but now there is no other option as the damage is already done.If the government is willing to bail out banks with lots of bad debt then they should also provide deposits for first time buyers to get them onto the ladder.It amounts to the same thing as bailing out/buying out/giving free money to banks anyway and it will get the housing market moving again or at least keep it steady

Get rid of ALL stamp duty.

Fucking people never listen update:

The entire building has been condemned due to the spread of rot that is rife throughout.The majority of this problem has been caused by dodgy leaking plumbing.The majority of the flats are tenanted [They will all have to move out] and owned by one individual who is liable for the costs of repairs.There was another meeting yesterday [which i wasnt at] but he was made aware of the seriousness of the situation and was told what he should do about it by Neil from the building conservation company.The property owner was very close to having a nervous breakdown because of all this and while at the meeting he was nearly breaking down and saying "I dont know what to do etc etc"."We are telling you what to do ".A bit pathetic but i do feel sorry for him and the upshot of it is is that Neil will do surveys and produce specs and methodologies that explain what needs to be done and will try to reduce costs where possible.

It hasnt been costed out yet but potentially it will be approx 250,000 off the top of my head.Perhaps more depending on the extent of the rot.

The inside of this house was about to collapse like a pack of cards and that would have made national headlines.

Apart from fire damage this really is as bad as it gets.

Be very careful buying a flat in a building like this that has been neglected because you will be liable for a share of the costs and the costs can bite you VERY hard in the pocket.

I dont work for this company yet but very soon will be.In the meantime there is an apparent clash of personalities with Cliff who works for the same company.He is alright and is good at his job etc etc.I clashed with him once last year but it was sorted out and now this time he is saying that i was questioning how he was doing a repair in the flat i have already mentioned.He is talking bullshit because i did nothing of the sort.Its more a case on his part of small dick syndrome/little guy/insecurity disease and he is a down to earth geezer and i am not.So there you have it but its not surprising really.Hopefully he will get over himself as i am not really interested in peoples bullshit and personal baggage.Leave it at home or sort it out.I dont need this as i just want to get on with people and get the work done and besides Neil will have already warned him *not* to wind me up.I will do what i can and say nothing to him except the minimum and be nice and besides i have no need to question how he does things as he knows what he is talking about anyway.There is an art to managing people and personalities in the workplace.Hopefully this will be resolved.I will do what i can to resolve it anyway.I think its a case that he doesnt want myself to question him and undermine his position in the company as he may feel threatened to a certain extent.Theres no reason for it as thats not my intention and besides i am not a fucking idiot.He does his jobs and i do mine and quite honestly if i was being directed by Cliff about how to do something i wouldnt have a problem with it as i am not insecure but thats people for you and besides he *wouldnt* be working there at all if it wasnt for me anyway but i am sure this fact will have been overlooked by Cliff.People are very bad at reciprocating and dont understand business etiquette but i cant expect a knockback from a company that i will get work from and be a part of anyway.I recommended them and got them the contract anyway so i might get a financial thank you from Neil.Whatever.

Sarah who is another shareholder in the same company who does a lot of freehand sculpture and fibrous plaster repairs was just the same before i got to know her and before she knew who i was.She was a bit arsey and up herself when she joined the company but she soon got over it and herself and now she is absolutely fine.Cliff and Sarah own a third share each in the company so they are directors of it.

Arent workplace politics good ?

What gets me about people is is that if i am doing something that annoys them then FFS say what it is !!!I am not a mindreader and people always quietly simmer away without being upfront about it and saying what their problem is.FFS say it then we can sort it out and i will stop what i am doing that which is annoying then we can resolve it and move on and live happily ever after.People dont annoy me at work usually and i work well in teams.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Fucking people never listen:

Not only dont they listen but also they never realise when they are unqualified to make a decision about something they dont know anything about anyway and even worse than that i listened to them and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

An architect i know was given was given a job by myself and someone else to draw up plans for a conversion/alterations to a flat within a grade one listed regency building.The council are tossers here in planning so i proposed spending 250 - 500 quid on an impact report that outlines the impact that the proposed conversion will have on the historical/structural fabric of the building.This concerns not only the aesthetics of the conversion as alterations have to tie in and match the existing details and features and so on and so on and on.thats the easy part.It is to me anyway.I can produce drawings etc.No problem but theres a whole load of other factors that have to be taken into consideration which are the logistics like running water/waste pipes that run below floorboards etc.The planning criteria has become much much stricter so you have to understand the nature of what you are working WITH.The architect doesnt really understand this aspect completely.

Anyway i suggested doing the historical report and i suggested the building historian that i know and work with often to write it out for it to be presented with the planning proposal.Alternativly i proposed that the principal of the conservation company i am joining soon to write it out.This fell onto deaf ears of course and my advice wasnt listened to because the Architect started to get huffy because i dared to suggest that he needed extra advice and expertise that he does not possess.

I even proposed that i would write it out myself as i was sanctioned to write it out on authority of the aforementioned historian/conservation company because i am like an apprentice /trainee historic building consultant apart from my more mundane/normal day to day building jobs that i do to earn a crust.To make things clear i am the ONLY other individual/company that has the knowledge and competence and know how to do this type of work.NO ONE else can be trusted in this immediate area.Thats it and i will blow my own trumpet about this because i have fucking earned that reputation and worked hard for it and its like studying for high level academia except for the fact that it involves physical work.

Anyway the architect didnt listem to me and i instead listened to the architect and the architect was given more or less carte blanche to design a scheme and do everything and satisfy all planning criteria which he has up to a point.I know the architect well and he has done several schemes that i have seen like barn conversions and also the extension to Ditchling museum.I knew his father very well who was a property developer/surveyor so the architect does know what he is doing [as its in the family] and is V good but sadly not a chartered architect as he failed his final exams to become qualified.I am not an architect but i understand this stuff as well because its in my family and i grew up with it to a certain extent especially concerning architects drawings because of my father who did it for 30 years.

So anyway the plans were formally submitted back in Oct sometime and its now the beginning of DEc.The plans have still not been approved and the architect is being pissed about no end by the council planning office by the dickhead women in the department [who i wont name] because she is a Dickhead and because of whatever anyway.

Had the architect listened to me about the impact report etc those plans would have been approved by now.NO question about it and regardless of which one of us wrote out the report as "we" have the authority and the contacts to get those plans approved and passed because we/they [I am the trainee remember] have the know how and we/they will go over their heads and go to English Heritage.At the present rate of progress the plans are "expected" to be approved "sometime" in January.

Not so anymore as the architect is no longer handling this application.There was a big meeting about this on Friday and its agreed that the principal of the conservation company is going to revise the drawings and sort out the dickheads in the planning office as the council are playing the architect along and he doesnt realise it and besides which this bullshit has to stop anyway.

Thats the last time anyone who doesnt know what they are talking about doesnt listen to what i am saying /telling them.

Anyway thats the easy bit.

The hard bit is the structural part of the building work within the flat that suffered due to neglect/unchecked leaking plumbing in the upstairs flats kitchen which has rotted the structural timbers in the ceiling of the "Hallway".This has resulted in the removal of the rotten timbers , temporary structural support and the removal of half of the above flats kitchen and kitchen floor.

The interior of these type of houses are basically a wooden frame iside the shell of the building which is lime/flint/brick walls.Bungaroush is what it is called.

I am not doing any of this work as i am not set up for it so it was passed onto the conservation building company that i have mentioned already and they are handling it all.We work together anyaway sometimes so they were chosen.They have fastracked the whole thing through the authorities/building control because there are ways and means [and its an emergency] if you know how.However this is a conservation area and neighbours will notice that there are steels going in and they might try kicking up a stink because they think there are alterations going on that havent been approved by the council.

All this besides the fact that the front room ceiling was collapsing because some Dickhead god knows when cut through a wooden supporting/loadbearing timber in a wall in the flat above to create a door opening which transferred an unbearable load onto the timber in the ceiling which sheared in half because of the stress placed on it.

Anyway apart from all that there is /has been an outbreak of dry rot that has spread through the timbers and up through 2 floors into adjacent flats.This also has exposed a section of external wall in the flat above which was "repaired" by a cowboy company 8 to 9 yrs ago who used lightweight blocks and untreated timber to repair a wall and replace timbers.All the timbers have rotted away to nothing.

People and their bloody egos and getting ruffled feathers.Fuck them in future because they wont even be asked what they think.

I am in another flat working [ that has been cowboyed to fuck but no problems .....YET.It more or less has the all clear anyway as i dont see any real problems.Its like a work creation scheme.This flat is easy and simple much to the relief of the clients.The only stupid thing i have seen is copper pipes that are buried in floor screed.

There will be something else soon.