Thursday, 13 November 2008

Computer software generated artwork :

Am i alone in this ?

Not generally liking it much ?

I appreciate the work that goes into it and the creativity but generally it just leaves me cold and thats regardless of how good or bad it is.Apart from one or two exceptions of course.

Call me old fashioned but i prefer to see something drawn on and inked in on paper anyday.I dont even like grafix tablets either.

I dont really like the effect of the lines that are drawn and i think to be honest they are not suitable for the kind of work i that i do and it seems to me to lack subtlety in the finished art.I am thinking in terms of B+W pen and ink drawing that is very similar to engravings etc.Lots of very very fine lines and shading.i just dont think that style of art translates well into using computer software and i cannot ever see myself going down that road ever .

As for colouring it in with software then i think thats out as well as i feel it detracts from it in my opinion.Most people find B+W boring but i prefer to visualise the colouring myself and use imagination to fill in whats missing but if there is enough detail in the art then i dont even bother doing that much either.

The colouring in Pride of Baghdad is very effective and is more like a wash.Beautiful art as well as is Kingdom but not that much else.Actually theres loads but i dont have time to list them all now.

If you want to paint the picture in broad strokes without much detail then its fine but thats not what i do.I dont really like comic art that lacks detail or isnt naturalistic in style because i find i just glance at it and it doesnt have enough depth so that i am drawn into the picture.It doesnt hold my attention.An example of this is Cam Kennedy artwork.Mike McMahon doesnt work for me either and i even find Brian Bolland lacks detail .What is in the picture is very good but i am not excited by it particularly.

BUT as i like detail i am making a rod for my own back that way but its the only way i want to go with it .Not interested in anything else.

The art of John Byrne while being competent does NOTHING for me whatsoever.

And apart from the forum itself isnt the John Byrne forum intrinsically unattractive visually ?

However the completely stylised distorted artwork like Simon Davies can work well too as its totally unique and hand painted as far as i can see.

The whole look of the website looks cheap and amateurish plus the horrible backgrounds to webpages.

Awful - 2 out of 10 if that.

Possibly one of the worst i have seen ever and the i find the John Byrne robot annoying to look at because of its smugness and i suppose it must be modeled on John Byrne in the attitude that it conveys but not his physical self or else it would have been round in shape instead.The robot looks like a Twat.

NO detail plus its drawn in that Yank comic style which i hate.I cant get into any of that sort of thing at all.I find its a school of artists that all look the same to me and the whole superhero thing does nothing for me and never has ever.


Apart from George Perez and Alex Ross.


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