Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mumbai Jihadists:

I havent really been following this apart from see various very graphic images.Really though the only thing to do with the Jihadist Trash who were responsible for the atrocities is to shoot them on sight.No deals - No negotiating - just shoot them.

End of story.

If there is an element of Jihadists/Radical Islamists in the UK which appears to be the case then they should be purged out of existence and deported.They should not be pandered to by Govt as the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians/soft targets is sick and pointless.

I would also like to see the peace loving "good" Muslims do more to stop this problem instead of doing NOTHING.The Jihadists are indirectly doing more and more harm to the rest of the Muslim population as they get tarred with the same brush.

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