Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Obama birth certificate:

If he has it and it has been produced for all to see [factcheck] then it shouldnt be a problem should it ?

If he has a birth certificate that is authentic then it should have been produced ages ago to stop the controversy .

Birth records[hawaii ?] are only available to the defendant or close relatives.They will not be released to third parties.

Whats the problem then ?

Its also funny that Libs see this as part of the ongoing hate campaign by the opposition.

"Sour grapes !!! LOL !!" and that sort of thing when its about protecting the integrity of the US constitution.

So just find the fucking thing or request a copy of it and then the courts time wont be wasted anymore if thats the case or if not the case will run and run.

Thats easier than asking for a writ to be thrown out of court isnt it ?

And then theres this:

"You are all very, very, very, very wrong. This is all so fucking stupid you should be embarrassed.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. However, I have worked in the legal field for twenty years and was required to understand legal procedure terminology to do my job.

The Petition for Writ of Certiorari is a request by Berg for the SCOTUS to review whether the District Court ruling regarding Berg's case was correct. The District Court and subsequently the Third Circuit ruled Berg's case had no merit and thus Berg went to the SCOTUS.

The Dec. 1 deadline is a standard time period (within 30 days) for action to be taken by the court (NOT Obama) on the petition. Obama and the DNC (The defendants in the DC case) may file an opposition brief as to why the writ should not go ahead. (once again, normal procedure) Obama and the DNC do not have to file a brief but consensus indicates they will.

If the Souter agrees to honor the petition then three other Supreme Court Justices must also agree on the writ and then action will be taken. Since the SCOTUS does not rule on this kind of case the most Berg can get from the SCOTUS is for the case to be remanded back to the District Court and the show starts all over again.

To recap:

- This image has nothing to do with the Birth Certificate controversy.
- Any order to produce the certificate would take place after any writ has been handled.
- The order would be clearly announced and specifically name Obama or the DNC as the defendant who must produce the document.
- None of this could expect to happen before Dec. 15th or even January 20th. Court stuff, especially SCOTUS stuff takes time.
- The request to produce the Birth Certificate would have to come from a District Court or Third Circuit judge, not a Supreme Court Justice.

If you have been following this properly you would know that Berg's challenge has no merit whatsoever. Each time his name comes up lawyers worldwide roll their eyes and go "Not this shithead again"."

So who knows ?

In the electoral college elections 24 states are not obliged to follow the popular vote.

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