Wednesday, 30 April 2008

15 women a month !!!

apparently 15 women a month are beheaded in Iraq every month for breaching Muslim dress codes !!


Truly despicable and shameful.

and thats a conservative figure.

And not to mention various other types of abuse and death and suicides perpetrated by Islamic Fundamentalist Militias that operate within cuties in Iraq.

It just becomes apparent that there is something "fundamentally" wrong with these people.

To be fair the antics of the US military in Iraq doesnt exactly help either.I dont see them as any different to the Iraqis.Quite lot of their behaviour is sick and depraved in my not humble opinion.Disgraceful and if i was serving with them in Iraq i would disown them and whats more if i was there i would point a loaded gun at US military personel to stop them commiting further abuse and i would report it and blow the whistle on all of them.[after secretly filming them of course]

The whole thing is an utter amoral nightmare of a mess.

And whats with the Iraqis ?

I realise a lot of the infighting has been triggered off by agent provocateurs but why cant they just sit down ,lighten up a bit , and come to some sort of agreement between themselves ?

Ok they dont like the US but since they are there why dont they milk them for all they are worth and start letting rebuild the infrastructure ?

They are sitting on 117 trillion barrels of oil [at least] yet they dont have a pot to piss in.They have no money of their own to even think about rebuilding themselves so the money or investment has to come from outside.Ok why dont they start to make arrange business deals with other arabic nations instead ?

no one has said that they have to let american business interests get their hands on it.Not as far as i know.

Its a shame the fighting cant stop but then the way i see it the americans will stay there for as long as the fighting continues until there are no Iraqis left.The longer they fight ,the longer the US stays there as it justifies their presence.Its that simple.The US want the fighting to continue of course.The US cant rebuild because of sabotage and attacks that go on.No civil;ian personnel want to work there as they dont get paid enough so its highly dangerous.

Its worse if you are Private security in Iraq as you risk getting cut to pieces if caught by Iraqis.Whats worse is Blackwater Security are unaccountable to anyone unlike the military who are accountable to a certain extent.but then if the politics is corrupt then it trickles down to the military as well but i dont know if its the same for UK forces.From what i know the general standard of conduct concerning UK forces is much better.

so the only real solution is for the Iraqis themselves to stop fighting amongst themselves.But that wont happen as its the worst types are running the show as always not to mention Fundamentalist Islam which i have to say mostly appeals to absolute lowest common denominator of Humanity when you look at the abuse of women for example.And that is just 1 example.


They could have it all but they choose to throw it all away.

Why be a 3rd 4th world country when they could be a first ?

Seems odd that China isnt involved since they usually dont mind doing business with countries that engage in state sponsored terrorism against their own people and other countries.But they cant with the US there so that keeps the greedy chinese out of the equation so that cant be bad.I do think that if some sort of economic sanctions arent placed on China to curtail their growth then everything is fucked ultimatly.but surprise surprise corrupt governments will pillage the enviroment and destroy it and sell to the fucking Chinese because no one can stop them .Not governments anyway.

People are their own worst enemies in the end.Governments are ultimatly to blame of course.The Chinese Government are the worst example on this planet of doing just about everything wrong.

All you get all over China are Government thugs who drive around in black 4 wheel drives intimidating everyone.

Complete Cunts.

They could have set up sustainable energy if they wanted to.And why is it since they are the worlds largest growing economy that at least a little bit more of the money could trickle down to those working in slavery in Factories ?and what about all the foreign companies who set up shop in China to take advantage of the slaves ?

Its all exploitation and its all wrong.Even Steve Fucking Big Jobs who makes this Mac in China so i can sit here and post and contribute to someone elses misery when that saving in cost is not really passed onto me when you consider what i paid for it.It has to be shipped halway across the fucking planet as well to get here.My Dad had a rant about James Dyson who made a whole factory in wales redundant and went to China or one of these countries so they could cut costs and make even more money.

As if the minimum wage of 5.52 isnt low enough for them to make money for themselves or their parasitic shareholders.

He was in China doing something to do with power stations and Taiwan but left in the end or end of contract but hated it.

I am not even a Humanist but i think its wrong.

Its woeful that the combined intelligence of Humanity has made such a piss poor job of things.

Sunday, 27 April 2008


Found this recently.Its a Parker 45 Flighter ballpoint.I used to have on e at school and i lost it in 1986.I hadnt seen another until now.Its got the 45 on the side and the circles around the end that are very tactile.It was like being 14 again and clicking the mechanism to loads of different rythms.Its a collectors item now.

Been doing this sort of thing lately:

Wierd ?

Before the shit hit the fan with what i have been posting about ,the name CP kept appearing in my mind from nowhere over the last 2 weeks.Not in the sense that i hear voices but without hearing the name spoken i could hear and read the name in my mind for no apparent reason as i hadnt been thinking about them whatsever in any way.

But the name kept popping up every so often but i mostly ignored it

Until now.

This is a bit like if i am listening to the radio when i am at work ,a certain song comes into my mind for no reason then it gets played on the radio.That happens over and over again.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Vote UKIP :

Yes Everyone vote UKIP ! Dont let the politicians vote themselves out of a job ! Vote UKIP to have a referendum to not sign up to the EU reform Treaty ! If the TReaty is passed then potentially Parliment can be closed down ! Its true as it says so in the wording of the treaty.

You will miss elections and all the rest when its gone.

This just shows that hey know the will of the people is against the EU in its current state etc so the only way for them to succeed was to use stealth tactics to pass legislature not to mention all the paperclipping that goes on.No one could oppose legislation or vote against it if A:they didnt know about it and B:they didnt know it was being paperclipped.At least Hitler was open about it whereas this is different as i dont believe it has the will of the people behind it so it will inevitably fail.

Unless i am being paranoid or hopelessly imagining the problem is much worse than it is then its could get a bit unpleasent.But the way i see it the authorities dont want things to get messy as they simply do not have the logistics to deal with civil unrest as there isnt the manpower or resources to deal with it.

So i can see a peaceful solution to this happening.

The government backed down over poll tax as consensus [ours not manufactured false consensus] was going against it right across the board so this will as well.

Hopefully ?

Unless no one cares or is asleep.

Its an exact same scenario in the US as well.

Seems like the only safe place to go will be Russia [in the relativly close vicinity] since they are locked out of both merging superstates or non EU member countries in Europe.Or Iceland.[oh fuck they are already in it ! never realised]

Russia is not a bad idea since they have the worlds largest oil and mineral reserves ,forests and lakes.So they could cut off fuel supplies to whoever else they sell to if they felt like it.

So where do they fit into all this ?

Not sure yet.

They dont like the US and they dont like the EU so they are hardly going to join it anytime soon.

Like my Dad was saying they dont get any money or help from the west to deal with the fallout of the collapse of Communism like all the derelict Nucleur submarines and warheads slowly rusting away and loads of other things so i cant see them joinig but if they did join they could get loads of EU funding thrown at them but i think its stategically more sensible to not join it and maintain their independence but its funny because they are Communist and the EU is potentially communist or its own version of so there isnt a clash of ideaoligy so i wonder what is going on there ?

Worth looking into.Its not like they dont have a history of swallowing up other nations but i think its because they like doing things their own way but if you look at the EU map its like the conquest of Europe by the EU literally goes up against a huge brick wall at the border with Russia.

Switzerland is another option to go to.

You can move there if you are self employed.

Very expensive though as its mostly nearly all ski resorts but you get 2.2 Swiss Francs per UK pound so thats not bad.

For fucks sake they have referendums in Russia !

Not here though with these tossers.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

More - on common Purpose Morons:

Apparently CP was founded in 1970 by the conservative Party under Ted Heath.Not sure about that although they [ted heath cabinet] did initiate the precursor to the EU that was the Common Market.Talking of Ted Heath i always remember my gran having quite a few pictures of her and Ted Heath photographed in her garden.I knew she was a torie but i think she had some mixed up ideas and it was a shame to see her in such poor company as Ted Heath.

Anyway remember the Millenium Dome ? Its not easy i know but please try.It is now the 02 arena and is a venue for live music etc and has not a hope in hell of ever recouping the 800 million of taxpayers money spent on it not forgetting of course that 300 million of that 800 million went into the pockets of Common Purpose unelected Quangos.

There was/is a court case going on about this but due to the stranglehold that CP have over the legal system the case has stalled.

They also run courses on "Citzenship" [fuck that] and also target schools and children for their courses.

CP are rife in the NHS where there beaurocratic "management" outnumber actual NHS staff like Nurses etc by 3 to 1 .I have no idea how many DRs are members of CP but i suspect rather a lot.

If a member of staff within a large organisation like the NHS disagrees with what is going on within the NHS ,they will find themselves victims of bullying,smears,verbal abuse,threats and all the rest which is typical of what you might call gang or mob rule.That gang being CP.

Ever wondered where all the PC legislation has come from ? CP.PC does admittedly have some good points but they simply do not know where to stop .So now we have a situation where there all aspects of life are swamped in PC rules and regulations that is frankly absurd to the point where an 18 yr old with Downs Syndrome with a mental age of a 5 yr old is arrested and charged with racism.The police of course could not act independently and not charge the individual with racsism as the police are rife with CP and so an individual officer cannot question the hive mind.It seems to CP who decide who is protected by all the Human Rights legislation.

Heres an example quoted from elsewhere about their courses:

"Matrix for example costs £3,950 plus VAT, and courses for the high flying
‘leader’ can be as much as £9,950 plus VAT. This money is ours, paid by government departments
financing senior staff to become agents for CP, instead of loyal to their own jobs.
Common Purpose International (Ltd by guarantee No. 2832875) is registered as an educational charity,
No 1023384. Given it targets the powerful with expensive fees, its charity status stinks and should be

Apologies but i fail to see anything charitable going on here.

Ever wondered why everything seems "wrong" these days and wondered why and where the culture of incompetence comes from ?


"WE want to expand the "leaders" influence from their own established position of authority to other areas.What the F*** is that about ? It makes as much sense as saying that i will basically start interfering with what everyone else is doing and interfere with things that i have no right to interfere with while not knowing what the fuck i am doing.

Fucking absurd.

Ever wondered who was/is behind the governments open door policy of Immigration ?


Its ironic that an organisation that is obsessed with "diversity" cannot practice what it preaches in terms of diversity of opinion for example.

Liars and Hypocrites as per fucking usual.

10p tax rate:

"Hello my name is Gordon Brown [its a bit difficult with text to illustrate the way his mouth freezes up for a second with that peculiar thing he does with his mouth.Someone i know said it was because there was something wrong with him at some point that caused the peculiar mannerism - how right they were] and i am going to abolish the 10 p rate of tax for the lowest paid.

They will be better off though honestly.We need the extra revenue to pay for the war effort and for more common Purpose quangos , and to pay an endless amount of consultants for information that we wont use."

You couldnt make this stuff up.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More - On Common Purpose:

I have been digging around to find out about my friends "Common Purpose" and you will never believe what i have found .

Common Purpose employ a tecnique called Neuro Linguistic Programming no different to the Church of Scientology.

Look it up.

Here is a sample of their Jargon:
‘Multi-organisational working, cross-boundary working and the global-national-local interface each raise their own set of organisational dynamics which must be surfaced and worked with if collaboration is to be effective. They also raise particular challenges for leadership (and followership). The Institute’s approaches to organisational consultancy and leadership development, based on organisational theory and systems psychodynamics are particularly appropriate for helping organisations to address these complex issues.’

"Followership" .Thats a new one on me.I suspect they will run courses on "Followership" and whats more you can pay them lots of money on go on their courses anytime if either you already dont have a mind of your own or you wish to hand it over to Common Purpose.

The problem with these types is they really do talk rubbish.

Control freaks.

Their leaders wish to have more influence outside of their own position and infiltrate all areas of society.Apparently Tony Blair mark 2/David Cameron is under the influence of common Purpose.

"I swear allegience to the organisation and the European Union"

"I must not disagree with the hive mind"

"I swear allegience to the organisation and the European Union"

"I must not disagree with the hive mind"

"I swear allegience to the organisation and the European Union"

"I must not disagree with the hive mind"

"I swear allegience to the organisation and the European Union"

"I must not disagree with the hive mind"

"I swear allegience to the organisation and the European Union"

"I must not disagree with the hive mind"

"Climate change is caused by Carbon Emissions"

"Climate change is caused by Carbon Emissions"

"Climate change is caused by Carbon Emissions"

"Climate change is caused by Carbon Emissions"

"I exist solely to manufacture consensus"

"What consensus might that be then ?"

"We are the consensus "


The problem is these types are steering government policy behind the scenes and gobbling up huge amounts of taxpayers money so all though there may be similarities with scientology you can relax knowing that they are a problem that is a lot more serious than a load of cranks waffling on about Thetans.

Ever wonderd why you have been denied a referendum about the "New - I mean old EU constitution ?

I think i have already answered that question.

If the Irish have any sense they will vote against it.

Personally i dont want to be swallowed up by a United Federal United States of Europe but what you and i think is irrelevent.As is often the case in Post Democratic Era."Leadershi[p beyond authority and all because of a bug eyed sociopathic control freak .

Oh Dear.

These people ? [makes me embarressed to be loosely described as human] are obsessed with Centralisation .Its the hive Mind as i have already described.Centralisation is ultimatly Totalitarianism or Fascism.

So effectivly we have a Cult who have taken over all aspects of officialdom who practise the highly spurious method of mind control and manipulation of Groupthink "Consensus" towards a Common Purpose in a Post Democratic Era called Neuro - Linguistic - Programming .

And how is it that C**** like this and the same with Scientology manage to get charitable Status ?

Even when they are commercially driven and are involved in politics ?


Consensus ? What consensus ?

No one has ever bothered to find out what the consensus is as no one ever fucking asks or bothers to find out .Do we want a referendum on wether or not to say yes to a new/old EU treaty ?


Will we get one ?


Do we even get a poll to find out what the consensus is ?

Dont be silly.

Well where the fuck does the consensus come from then ?

Gordon Brown , New Labour , Common Purpose , about 9,500 unelected quangos who pocket taxpayers money at great expense and anyone else who has contributed to the scrapping of democracy [what little there was] in the UK.

They are going to pay for that.

If the population of this country were not so thick and lazy and apathetic then we wouldnt be in this mess.

And look at all those morons in the US falling for the same old bullshit in with their elections.Sh/People are inherently stupid and never ever learn.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Common Purpose :

Anyone heard of an organisation Common Purpose ?

Probably not.

I quote this:
"What is the "Charitable" organisation called Common Purpose (CP)? Why are CP graduates forbidden to reveal what is taught on these courses?

Although it has 80,000 trainees in 36 cities, 30,000 graduate members and enormous power, Common Purpose (CP) is largely unknown to the general public.

It recruits and trains its leaders to work "beyond authority," to abuse their posts and serve Common Purpose, instead of their own departments, which they then undermine. Its members control the NHS, where it wastes 60 billion pounds, much of it going into private pockets; and controls most of Britains 8,500 quangos which spend 167 billion annually, according to the Cabinet Office. Most of that is waste. Business rates and tax go up, services go down, the difference is spent on yet more CP quangos."

The big question is Whos common purpose and what common purpose ?

Apparently they are Communists/Socialists/Marxists

It sounds like an accident waiting to happen in my opinion as i dont support any of those idealogies for various reasons i will expand upon later.They are funded by New Labour who have Designer Socialist leanings.

Beware of Isms.

I knew some Marxists once and went to a living Marxism meeting.apparently i had to ask my "leader" if i could ask a question at the meeting.rubbish.I dont ask anyone if i can ask a question .

I will be back to dish the dirt on them later but for now they are a secretive sort of hive mind organisation a bit like Freemasons or New Labour or Scientology or Nazis with some new age type bullshit mixed in.they are all tied up in governmentlocal and national and also are involved in various unelected quangos and various aspects of officialdom and are heavily involved in the creating of the [at some point in the future ] National socialist superstate of the EU.They also employ their own nazi/new age logos and symbols.

They run courses for "Leaders" , i mean people that you wouldnt trust to make a cup of coffee.

Thats enough for now but drag this link [at the foot of the page] into your address bar and watch and listen to this deranged Nutjob babbling away .Listen very carefully to what she says and watch the way she avoids looking at the camera and watch the way her eyes behave as she is speaking.She looks Psychotic and looks like she needs to be sectioned under the Mental Health act.She looks like has got "Problems".Her name is Julie Middleton by the way.

Common Purpose are in cahoots with New Labour Blair / Brown axis of evil and are placing thousands of public service workers ,most of whom probably lack the part of the brain that enables independent thought/decision making and critical thinking onto "common Purpose" courses.

Their key catchphraes/soundbite is "Leadership beyond authority" or some sort of Bollox like that.

They are a nefarious anti-democratic organisation.

Not worried ?

Think this is conspiracy nut stuff ?

Then think about these 2 points which are more than enough to be going on with:

1:They developed from The Council of Foreign Relations

[I work under the assumption that everyone knows all about them so enough said]

2: They openly promote what they and the rest of the 1 world government brigade call "The post democratic era".

What is a post democratic era ?

What does that imply ?

Think about it.

You have to think about the wider implications of it all

She is the spokesperson/head of "Common Purpose".

Monday, 21 April 2008

Tiscali Broadband advert :

"My Wife has left me ,shes got the house ,the car ,the lot ...."

"You had better get online.Tiscali are doing their best deal ever on Broadband and if you go looking for a girlfriend next time keep the bag over your head you ugly gap toothed Monkey !! ".

Sunday, 20 April 2008

The only time i have been arrested :

I was arrested and charged with Actual bodily Harm.I had an altercation with someone and all that happened is i flicked the back of my hand into someones face [their mouth] without any warning.It drew blood.Doing that is actually quite painful and it shocked them and they threatened to call the police so i called their bluff and they did it.

I was arrested at 2 am when i was at home.I was arrested and locked in a cell .It was boring so i went to sleep and was woken up at 5am for an interview.

The interview was taped.Each tape lasts 45 minutes.The Police for some reason [as i didnt have legal representation] seemed to think it was important "that i lost control" etc etc. "did you lose control ?" No. Onto a more direct approach: "You just lost control didnt you Mr Wolf?" etc etc etcbleedincetera. Various simplistic psychological tricks were used on their part to either extract a confession or wear me down.They failed on both counts as i could see through it.They try to twist things and spin things or try to trip you up verbally and all manner of things.

Dont always believe it if they say they know something unless they state what it is as if they already knew and were just trying to match statements.Otherwise they dont know as they wouldnt be asking otherwise.Only tell them what they need to know as you are not obliged to tell them anything.

At least i dont fold under interrogation.

If you lie [knowing that there is no evidence that may implicate you ,whatever that may be -depends on the situation and each situation is different] make up your story and stick to it.Act innocent , most importantly *believe* you *are* innocent ,then effectivly you are innocent. It depends if you are can lie convincingly and i mean convincingly ,are not intimidated by them and you can act a bit and protest politely with slight outrage that you are being held .Police are gnerally not that intelligent on the whole so none of that is difficult.

Get stopped for speeding for example ? Just sweettalk them and apologise profusely and make up some sort of story that works and be very respectful even friendly towards them.Tell them why you didnt realise you were speeding.Just think that what you are doing is manipulating the police officer psychologically.Try and talk in a well spoken way when you talk to them as well.Thats very important and no swearing.I was nearly arrested for swearing at an officer once.

Never *ever* get uppity with them if want to get away with it as they react to that instantly.

"Please for the Nth time I - Did - Not - Lose - Control."

There ends the 3rd tape that was used to record the interview. Nearly 3 hours of talking in circles and denying an "Allegation ".

I still dont know what the point of that was.

I went to see the person who i [already knew personally] assaulted and we made things up and i apologised and that was it.They also went to the police and dropped all charges.I thought that was it.

I then started to get letters from the Crown Prosecution Service saying that i had to attend court on a certain day .This was a shock but i thought it was some sort of error and ignored it and didnt go to court.I thought the charges were dropped.I got a second letter saying i had to attend another court hearing and i just thought bollocks to that ! Why should i ?

So i called the Crown Prosecution Service [who were trying to prosecute instead of the person i assaulted] and queried it and basically asked what the hell was going on ? I said various things that i cant remember and said that i wasnt interested in going to court.

I never heard another thing about it.

so if you are being taken to court by the CPS just ring them up and complain and refuse to go to court.

It worked for me.

I had no legal representation.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Piece of Copper from the Bronze age :

I found this on the foreshore of the Thames if you go down the short flight of steps just next to The Prospect Of Whitby Pub at Wapping in the East End of London.I was drinking at the pub and noticed it was low tide so went mudlarking on the Thames foreshore with a friend and it caught my eye amoungst all the nondescript bits of muddy shingle and hundreds of square cut hand made copper nails that were everywhere.

Elsewhere at The foreshore at Blackfriars i found scorched pieces of timber and scorched fragments of pottery C mid half of the 17th cent hand decorated and clearly scorched by fire.Obviously debris from the Fire of London.I can really feel the history in that part of London especiallyaround the area of the Monument.

Thats to me is History.Getting your hands in it and finding it not reading text books and theory.

That gets boring.

Existence is one :

"Existence is one , Its movement is love , Its fullest expression is you "

Courtesy of Beshara

Beshara is a spiritual retreat in Scotland
that is essentially about "oneness" between yourself and the idea that everythhing is connected to a universal "Oneness" that is all encompassing.

I havent ever been there or involved in it but i know others who have but i can relate to its spiritual principles in the way that i feel Oneness with Nature without sounding like a Hippy.

The retreat is not affiliated to any religion but they or all welcome yet you can have no religious beliefs whatsoever and still feel at home.

I just loved the universality of those 3 sentences.Its like stripping everything away and reducing it to its most fudamental principle of life and existence i mean.

Fucking Fundamentalist Christian neighbours and there noise issues:

I have had issues with the my neighbours over noise problems as mentioned previously.

A protocol has been established between us that has so far been successful . I drew it up [taking into consideration and including their points as they didnt so someone has to draw up a code of conduct and take the initiative]] complied with it to the letter and secondly i have been monitering [fuck the spelling mistake -fucking spellcheck - fuck off i am trying to write and the red underlining gets on my tits - who gives a fuck ? - as long as i make myself understood who gives a fuck ?] the noise levels anyway.In the conditions laid out between us and mutually accepted it clearly states that sometimes at weekends if i have guests and entertaining then a certain amount of noise or any amount of noise will emit from this house wether they fucking like it or not.Tough fucking S H I T > . You cannot live in an enclosure like this which is more intimate than usual and not expect a certain amount of noise i f we have guests that may include young children like tonight.I am not going to harrassed by BANG BANG BANG BANG at 11.45 PM !!!! on the wall that makes me jump out of my skin and i am not going to be made a prisoner of noise levels in my /our own home by them.I am happy to dig my heels in about this matter and i will not submit.If they overstep the mark they will be sorry as i *will not* be bullied under any circumstance whatsofuckingever so they can fucking try it anytime as i have already bent over backwards to be reasonable about this.

Just because he has to get up at 5 am 365 days a year and because they are funda-Mentalist Christians who[believe in the literal translation of the bible] are so straight they have to get up at 5 AM [as if that makes them holier than thou ]to do unskilled security work then he should change his fucking hours or something to something more civilsed as i get sick of early morning people as they think they rule the fucking roost.Not this time as i have have a life to live and i am entertaining friends so fuck them if they dont like it.

I felt like complaining to them a hundred times in the past but didnt.

Its all about give and take and the time has come for them to start giving.

The children are asleep and the noise is at reasonably low background level and we are engaged in chat or i was until i was rudely interrupted [and so annoyed i feel compelled to post] by them and their banging.

Living with neighbours involves a certain amount of give and take so if they cant do that then they can Fuck Right Off.Even my guest thinks they are being unreasonable.

I have now lowered the volume even more but thats it .

They will also find that i am abiding by the law regarding this matter as i am not a fucking idiot and i know the legalities of noise nuisance so if they want to argue they will loose so why bother ? Go to Fucking Church[Of Christ The King] with all the other Fucking Anoraks and give us a break.

Trapped Pigeon[s] update :

I went down to the basement on monday and no pigeon.Felt a slight tinge of guilt over leaving the poor sod down there but what can you do ?

Anyway i went down on thursday and all was quiet ,went into the back part and there were 4 Pigeons instead of 1 including my previously mentioned little friend .

How the f*** did they get in ?

Is it possible for one solitary Pigeon of indeterminate sex [i think male ?] no its not.

Anyway if the aforesaid Pigeon was female how can 1 Pigeon if female produce 4 fully grown offspring in the space of 6 days.Presuming the female Pigeon was already impregnated then its from conception to egg to adult Pigeon in 6 days !!!!!!!

Thats scary.

Its inconcievable Ha Ha

Perhaps they are an Alien species trying to take over the planet and we will eventually end up with the equivalent of Locust swarms [ i have been in a Locust swarm but not as a Locust but inside a car] except birds or an Alfred Hitchcock scenario.

Which reminds me of a time i was working out in the sticks on an extension with one other.The extension corridoor was completely glass including the roof.In the distance due to my acute hearing i heard a distant indistinct hum that was getting louder and louder and sounded like a swarm of insects getting closer.I said to my friend/co-worker i think you should get inside here very very fast and shut the door.He was dithering and didnt realise what was happening.Just as i shut the door the sky filled up with insects , Bees or Wasps , not sure and i wasnt going to get close enough to find out as i have been on the recieving end of a swarm of Wasps moving nests.They will attack anything that moves and is in their way.I got about 30 stings in all when i was in the way of a swarm of wasps once.No big deal but not much fun.I had to run through the woods as fast as i could and run to and let myself into a complete strangers house to escape that was near where i lived.If you fight them off and inevitably kill some of them they send out an alarm signal to the others and it just gets worse unless you can outrun them.Just run and find cover.

I was stung by a Hornet in New Guinea as well.The sting isnt toxic unless you are allergic but they are far more agressive than Bees.I like Bees.gentle peace loving creatures but Hornets are nasty bastards.

Going off on a tangent but WTF.

IN Australia we weree all in the garden once having a Barbie [somewhere in Glen Waverley , i hated Glen Waverley - boring suburbia]and i was sitting around and this Lizard that looked to be the size of a Kimono Dragon ran right through the garden and left through a hole in the fence.No one else saw it as it moved so quickly.Another event was disturbing some old stuff that was stacked up against the garage and there was a large pink [albino] Scorpion that was in attack mode as it was startled so i picked up an empty plastic container and threw it over the top of it trapping.I was 6 then.

The first ever time i went to New Guinea i went to this school [i think aged 6 ?] that was basically a load of straw huts with sand on the floor and lots of rush matting as floor covering.I had spent hardly any time with the natives or indigenous population at that point and to be honest it was all a bit of a MindFuck as well as being like one big adventure.I was sitting in one of the huts and one of the natives ,a tall athletic female perhaps my age or a bit older who was only being playful as i felt like i was an alien ran towards me really fast waving her arms around and screaming that shit me up really badly so i grabbed a handful of sand of the floor and threw it in her face as an automatic defensive reaction without thinking.Of course i didnt mean to really hurt her and nearly blind her but i was just doing what came naturally as she scared me a bit .

Early survival instinct.


I got caned for that aged 6 by the head teacher as it were who looked like some sort of Charles Darwin figure with sort of Khaki explorers get up and a long beard and pith hat i shit you not.

Caned hard aged 6 !!!!!

Bastard.That kicked up an awful stink when the parents found out.

Oooooh Nasty !

My schooldays there were not a success.

THe bastard of a teacher confiscated my favourite piece of Pyrites and quartz crystals that my dad gave me from the copper mine and i never got it back.Dad used to come home with whole plastic sacks of Pyrites and Peacock Ore.

Enough anyway.

Going back to the Pigeons it reminds me of that future Shock in 2000ad with the Coathangers that multiplied that were an alien species in disguise.It was a helluva hassle getting them out of there plus blocking any possible? entry points /

This Ends.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! They all scream for ice cream !

" I think i will have to MrWhippys with flakes , 2 choc ices ,and one Raspberry Ripple !".

Naughty but nice and a "Guilty " pleasure.

It looks like bulletproof glass from here but you dont want the van to get broken into when its left in a remote car park.It also looks like it has a top speed of 5 mph and is not designed to take corners at all.

I have forgotten what i was "Pontifficating " about in this post apart from the absurd picture.

The van needs jazzing up a bit with some pastel colours in my opinion.

Humans are by far and away *the* most absurd species on this planet.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Beaten to it by a fat woman:

I was getting a bit of pizza and the 2 fat women in front kept saying "I will have that bit and that bit and that bit !!! ". Horrible wobbly Lardies.Yeeeuuucchh !

"Its all gone now ,no more for half an hour". Great. Fucking horrible fat slobs.Graze ,Graze ,Graze ,Graze,Graze ad nausea .

Still they were probably starving as they hadnt eaten for at least half an hour.

Get some fucking exercise and get some self respect.Try walking up that escalator in the shopping centre instead of fucking blocking it.

As well as measuring their height you have to measure their diameter as well.

You could probably feed a whole extended family in Africa for a week what one overweight lump eats in one day here.

I hate greed and gluttony.Its immoral.

I wouldnt like to even touch them.

Trapped Pigeon :

I was just about to lock up a basement to the museum house i work at and there was a bloody Pigeon in there.The room its in has no opening window ,just a doorway.This pigeon is so stupid that it cant fly out through the doorway but instead flies acrooss the room zig zagging from one end of the room to the other and then perches on the rafters.For fucks sake just fly out of the fucking doorway.Stop flying upwards the wrong downwards.I am trying to save you otherwise you will die either from starvation or being traumatised by my efforts to get him to fly out of the doorway.I hated having to do it as i like Pigeons but i was just getting more annoyed by it.Someone else said "whack it with a big stick".Sorry but if you think i am going to whack a Pigeon with a big stick you must be out of your mind.

I just had to give up so he will have to sit in there all weekend and i will have another go on Monday and throw some food down or something.

Stupid bird.

One of the most successful species on the planet is one of the stupidest.

How did that happen ?.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


not had any more problems but why did my neighbours never say how much the noise was annoying them ? Everytime i saw them or they knocked on the door they were very happy and were smiling when they complained about music ? If there is a problem its far better to tell me that is annoying them instead of being happy and smiling because it sends out the wrong signals and sort of trivialises the problem.I dont see the point in suffering in silence when there is a problem when its better all round to nip it in the bud.

Which thinking back to a year or 2 ago when i was getting fed up with their noise like hearing loud television at 3 in the morning when the windows are open in the summer or hearing loud cackling laughter from one of the girls that sounded like what i imagine the Wicked Witch of the west would sound like at all times of the day,or hearing the constant sharp click click click from the toy plastic gun that they used to shoot the bad guys on their computer game ,or their banging house/chav moron music that they went through a phase of playing constantly,or one of the Arnies skipping in the bedroom next door with its thud thud thud of 15-16 stone arnie bouncing up and down on the floor,and the outside of the yard by their door which was a mass of fag ends just chucked on the floor like an ashtray.I dont want to see fag ends all over the floor by all the potted plants, and the endless coughing at night from the girls who smoked [smokers cough].I dont know how they managed to sleep,and the slamming of the front door instead of fixing it,and my housemate who also slams the front door even when you can close it gently which is like hitting the doorframe with a hammer so that there are movement cracks all around the inside of the frame.

Why do people slam doors ? It must be some sort of way of releasing tension but it drives me up the fucking wall BBBOOOOOMMPPTTHH !!!!!! .Jesus. It feels like ...i dont know i just hate it.

I am going to attack someone if they do that one day.

I complained about twice and didnt feel the need to write letters or email their landlord about the problem.

I am still freinds with them but the fact they went behind my back has coloured the relationship somewhat or its at the back of my mind anyway although i have forgiven them for it.I cant be bothered to bear grudges unless its exceptional circumstances.Its better to move on .

I have stopped it now but they probably heard me banging things and swearing out loud every so often.

Next door were different as they were being deliberatly provocative especially Hector who was a slimeball and his snotty rude wife.I was kept awake by their screaming child on a nightly basis for months usually at 2 or 3 in the morning.It sounded like the child was being tortured and it wasnt very pleasent and apparently i was told he was having nightmares.What could have3 disturbed the child so much that would cause that to happen ?

I had had enough and talked to the mother of the child about it and had the audacity to suggest that maybe the child should not sleep on his own but should sleep with the parents.

"No we leave him alone and ignore him and he will fall asleep again".

Doesnt sound right to me but kids cant choose their parents.

Also i found it shocking that someone who is a doctor and works in a hospital can live in a filthy house that isnt kept clean particularly the kitchen which was a health risk.I saw the inside of the house when they left and it was a disgrace.The limescale build up in the shower was so thick it had to be cleaned with Hydrochloric acid [brick cleaner].They wrote letters to their landlord who i am friends with in an attempt to poison our friendship.They said did i want to read the letters / so i said no thanks.Complete lies.What a mess and hundres of very small stickers stuck all over every surface by their kid.A sod to remove.

I would rather not have neighbours or that they are over there somewhere out of sight.You never know who any of them are here ,no one talks and no one socialises even when we throw a barbeque .People are too anal and uptight here in that peculiar english sort of way and i cant get used to it.No sense of community although its not bad with all the girls and women who work in various shops in the village who are chatty and john the homeless guy who sits outside the shop strumming away on his guitar which he cant play.Its more like a prop than an instrument.I often buy him a can or 2 anyway and he is well liked and really is part of the community as he chats to everyone.

Waffle waffle waffle

This Ends.