Sunday, 16 November 2008

007 :The quantam of sellouts :

The quantum of Bollacse.

The quantum of soulless.

The name is Bourne ...James Bourne ...

The thing is right is that if a film company wants a character to rival Jason Bourne [the Bourne identity] and as wooden then they should have created one that is new instead of mutating an existing character into another in an attempt to prove that Bond is as good as and as contemporary as Jason Bourne instead of the oh so dated James Bond.

The Bourne franchise was just 3 films of a weak character [and actor] being chased around the place with memory loss trying to regain his lost identity while being blah blah blah.......Each to their own etc.

Then they would have a whole new franchise without sabotaging an existing franchise.

So instead of doing that the lazy fuckers potentially sabotage an existing franchise but its fair to say that this isnt the first bad bond film and something tells me it wont be the last either.

The theme song ia an average umemorable song that has been beefed up with a horn section etc etc to create a Bond feel to it which is by the numbers like it is usually.Madonna,Sheryl Crow etc etc.Tuneless.Throw in a trite contrived title like Another way to die and bingo.Spare me pale and pasty Jack white please.

Stupid Morons and i am not interested in seeing this because i have heard the rundown from others and i have been totally off put by their comments and my father is one of them who is a film fan like i am but i have a low tolerance for the substandard.

I find that i dont like being condescended to by film studios who think that i have the attention span of a small child.My attention span is terrible but i can sit through 2 - 3 hrs of film that DOESNT involve lots and lots of fast editing and cutting.Plot and character development and slow bits are what i like that are INTERSPERSED with action scenes that have CONTEXT !.


Cut scene Cut scene cut scene ......

Location change Location change ...

Give us some context as to why the location is changing and the travel between locations so it doesnt appear that Bourne or Bond are teleporting.

Films like the Bourne films dont make you want to watch them over and over as there is no depth that sometimes requires repeated watching like a good bit of music.

Its all too slick and formulated and its empty and it appears to be a school of filmaking and its always upstart directors that i havent heard with no reputation who are proficient at their job but seem to lack the visual flair and imagination that someone like say Ridley Scott or even Tony Scott have.

Zack Synder seems to be the only new director who is doing anything interesting and memorable.

Jesus Christ almighty.

Remakes remakes remakes ........for Fucks sake FUCK OFF with them will ya ?

Fucking make something new for Fucks sake !!

If eras in film are like comics that have bronze age ,silver age and golden age etc etc rather like music then we are currently right in the middle of the plastic age of film making.

Fucking lazyassed shite.

Have all the scriptwriters retired ?

Where have all the creativity and ideas gone ?

Cynicism and laziness is killing the film industry as it is with music.

Stupid tossers and if you know anything about the music industry then you know that i know what i am talking about.

Play the PS3 / 360 movie tie in game .

The films themselves are lazy cynicism so i am just telling it like it is but i thought that the Bond franchise had snapped out of it.The makers of QOS are the cynics here not me.


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