Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ozric Tentacles :

Children this is why you should not take drugs .

Bloody Hippies !

Have a bath.

Get a haircut.

Get real.

"Hey man try one of these Marinated Tofu Magic Mushroom Vegan Soy Veggieburgers.."

"Hey Man like YEAH !!... Far out man ...."

Magic organic hemp seed porridge - £1 !

All day vegan organic salads - £3 !

[vegetables have the right not to be cooked - EVER !]

Its alright to eat them though.They have the right to be eaten although its still oppression and factory farming of vegetables but if they are grown organically then they do have some quality of life and are able to photosynthesise as much as they like.

The kind of people who try to smash the system by going on the Jam Roll.

I used to know people like this [not any more - its time you cant get back again] and there used to be a band called The Tofu Love Frogs.Available for benefit gigs.

Bloody Ippies



Take some Hawkwind ,some Steve Hillage,some Hendrix,some ethnic arabic,some electronic techno [spoonerism i mean a tortology] and some Reggae and whatever else you see fit and mix it all together and end up with godawful interminable crap that goes ON and ON and ON.Every track sounds the same virtually like a one track album.25 years making the same album must be very boring.

They ought to rename themselves One Trick Pony tentacles.

Absolute rubbish.

The same bassline.

The same drumming that sounds amateurish and piss easy.

Awful cliches and worse than Porcupine Tree who seem to be stuck in a rut with a lame tuneless american "Metal".

Hell is not only other people but its their musical tastes as well.

I just clicked on a video on youtube of a band called Poisonblack [Rush] . They sound very much like The Mission .A slightly heavier sound but the same vocal style.Fine if you like that sort of thing but i have heard it all before.

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