Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Otitis Externa:

Dont ever get this as its a nightmare.I get this whenever i swim in chlorinated water in public swimming pools like a health club.Never ever got it from private pools EVER.

very narrow ear passages like mine trap water.Its surprising i dont have tinnitus or deafness from exposure to loud music or explosives.I lost my hearing temporarily from explosives going off next to my ear and/or within earshot.I actually thought i was deaf after one incident but it came back again.

Ears ,nose and throat are the bane of my life .A never ending phlegm factory [Dairy intolerance - bollox to a vegan diet.Who wants THAT in their life ? and sinus problems plus Hayfever which seems to have stopped now.

Vegan types get on my tits.

This is Brighton and i am sick of Tofu - Lentil - Granola munchers.I like to eat healthy and i like wholefood vegetarian food but i cant stand all that shit and they are nearly always Wimps as well.Theres just something about them that irritates when you get the Hippy/brown rice types.

Tofu is just tasteless rubbery stuff.

Meat substitutes.

What the Fuck is the problem with people that eat stuff that looks like meat but isnt like fake bacon ?

FFS !! Its not meat !! Get over it !!

I am a dedicated Carnivore but i think nothing about not eating it unless i crave red meat which is usual.

If i eat vegetarian [often] i dont need it to look like meat as if i am some kind of addict of it.Its a potato or a quiche or whatever.I dont need it to look like a Burger or a steak.

Half of these Veggies cant cook properly anyway.NO idea about nutrition

Veggie.Theres a word i get sick of.

"Veggie" this "Veggie" that.Veggie sausages.Veggie burgers.Quorn.Tofu.Even after marinating tofu it still tastes of nothing.Vile stuff.Its what i imagine Solyent Green would be like.

"All your dietary requirements in one shrink wrapped cube of white rubbery stuff ! "

A bit like Feta cheese which i hate .

Quinoa:I was introduced to this stuff recently.A whole protein apparently.

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm doesnt mean i want to eat it though.Weird tiny spirally things .sort of rubbery again and chewy,very small and tasteless .Horrible texture and look to them.they were in a soup and it looked like the soup had been bulked out with insect Larvae.Insects dont taste of very much but again very high in protein.Yuk.

Cous - Cous. Go away with your Cous Cous.

Vegetarian curry = Vegetarian Slop.Potato - potato - potato.

The same kind of shit that you get in Eat as much as you can Indian buffet eateries and i dont know about anyone else but 1 plateful of that shit is quite enough thanks and besides potato potato potato just gets boring.Theres never meat in it like Chicken and besides eat as much as you like of anything eateries are always shit like that Hare Krishna place in the west end of London off Oxford St or wherever it is.


STFU and cook a Nutroast or something.Thats what i do.

STFU and eat some meat.

"Has this got eggs in it ? Has that got milk or cheese in it ?"

"Has this Flapjack got butter in it ?"

STFU and just eat it.Everything has got eggs or milk and cheese in it here and meat.

My housemates girlfriend is one of these types.A Drip.

My sister is a vegetarian and always has been but she doesnt make a song and dance about it.My brother was as well.Neither of them can or could cook.


"You shall know me by the trail of Phlegm....".

Even my mum tolerates the hawking up of phlegm now and again.

"Its just Peter.He gets this terrible throat thing....."

Over chlorinated water or an infection either way the same result.I have had it for months and it just WILL NOT clear up.

Itchiness and clamminess within the inner ear and it produces a clear fluid like water.

The temptation to shove something down there is not possible to resist so ensues a viscous circle but the feeling of shoving a rolled up bit of tissue paper down my ear and turning it around results in a sensation that is almost orgasmic similar to having an ear syringed .

I could sit there all day and have my ears syringed.

I have tried willing it away but it wont go away.

Nightmare so time to see a Quack.

As an aside to this years and years ago i had chronic fastigue syndrome for a few months.Tiredness/lethargy etc.It went on and on and on and i was sick of it and i went to bed one night thinking enough was enough.I woke up in the morning and the chronic fatigue syndrome was gone never to reappear.

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