Sunday, 9 November 2008

Link to video of militarised Obama youth :

Obama youth meets the Jackson 5 !!!

Funny , touching and inspiring all at the same time.

I dont know about all this really but i guess ultimatly that enpowering kids is not a bad thing but they will be pissed if they dont get their change thats for sure.

These kids have been fucked over by the system.

Its the words "I am inspired to be..etc" that are important.
Getting kids and everyone into being interested in politics and participating in it and wanting to BE something is a great thing but i am not sure about the left wing style Radicalisation and boot camps.

Everyone wants a job and a future instead of being oppressed.

Is Radicalising kids a good thing ?

I think so but it depends what the radicalisation is about.

In my opinion they should be radicalised to think that there is a better way than the present system that is failing EVERYONE and that includes the Democrat party and everything i have said so far about the election.

What pissed me off about this video that i mentioned earlier as a worst election moment was the comments that were saying these kids are inherently stupid for reasons that i dont even want to specify.

I would say that they are naive but NOT stupid.They will wise up eventually because i didnt know much about politics at that age either.They need educating about what they are up against.

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