Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dear Bank manager :

Dear Bank Manager :I would like to take out a loan as i dont have any money.Could you lend me some money that you dont have or have created out of thin air ? If you lend me some money then i promise i wont go and tell everyone that your bank is about to go bankrupt therefore avoiding a run on your bank by accountholders who will want to get their money before its too late only to be told that they cant have their money back because you have lent it out and not only that but you have lent it out ten times.

Fuck The Banksters and their immoral criminal Usary and fraud and look into Credit Unions instead.

Credit Unions are the solution to banking problems but remember dont all rush forwards at once and make a run on the it slowly or the bank will go under immediately and be seized by Government /bailed out and you will pay for it by taxes and you will lose your deposits.

Go to Woccu to find out more [world council of credit unions].

Most towns and cities in the UK have their own credit unions and they are all over the US and banks HATE them and have tried to legislate them out of existence but have failed.

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