Saturday, 22 November 2008

Theres always something :Intrum Justitia:

Nutty neighbour :I have a nutty neighbour an old woman called Sharon who i talk to *sometimes*.I was on my roof doing a repair and sharon has had roofers on her roof all week repairing it.I was doing a sort of neighbourly thing by inspecting the work that was done on her roof in case they were cowboys etc.Or not even that.I just walked along the flat part of the adjoining roof to mine and just looked and sometimes builders leave behind rubbish and debris etc that gets blown around and i was just checking.



I had to raise my voice because i was on the roof.

She didnt even know who i was even though i live nextdoor !!


She is known for this sort of thing.

Debt collectors :

Dear [no Mr or whatever] Peter W............ and using my first name that i dont like them using since i dont know them and have nothing to do with them.Its impolite and is a breach of protocol.

I have had a letter from a debt collection agency claiming i owe Paypal 145 quid which i dont as i have had NO dealings with Paypal .All my EBAY auctions have been paid using alternative means as i dont like Paypal and i dont like Escrow accounts and i dont like or trust an organisation that operates outside the boundries of banking law etc.

NO bills or requests or demands for payment have been received prior to todays letter from Paypal themselves as is normal when money is owing.


NO information provided explaining what or how the debt came into being in the first place.

So really this letter and demand for payment is illegal and the debt collectors are acting illegally.

Anyone who does owe money should be given opportunities to pay BEFORE it is passed on to debt collectors.

Of course the debt recovery agency is only contactable on an 0870 number so i will write to them instead.FUCK 0870 numbers.Theres NO reason that they need to have an 0870 number anyway.FUCK THEM.

Fuck talking to a Fucktard employee on an 0870 number.

I dont owe the money and i am NOT going to be threatened to pay money that i dont owe by companies or individuals who choose to operate illegally.

So FUCK Paypal and FUCK Intrusivum Justshitia who dont even introduce themselves and say who they are.Enclosed is an Alliance Leicester payment slip for Intrum Justitia.

WHO ARE Intrum Justitia ?

I want to know who someone is before i pay money into anyones bank account as the money could be going anywhere or into the bank account of a scammer and this has SCAM written all over it and the letter has no signature [even copied] so WHO am i dealing with ?

Yours sincerely who ??

They must think i am an idiot telling me i must do anything if there isnt money owing.

My call to an 0870 number is :"for security , calls may be monitored or recorded " !!

Lets assume i am calling to make a payment online [not that i would obviously] perhaps then i dont really want to do that if the call is going to be listened in on by persons unknown if i am providing confidential information of any kind and anyway i might prefer to call them on a line that isnt listened in on anyway just because its my own private business.If they dont have one or they are not forthcoming then i will insist on it anyway.

They say that they *may* be able to take payment by card on a telephone.

A PO box address is provided for correspondance yet their registered office is another address and another address in Harlow that is undelivered.

I want this matter to be dropped by those concerned and i want them to acknowledge that by sending another letter saying so that is personally signed by them and i dont expect any bullshit from them about this.I fully expect my credit rating not to be affected by this.IJ will confirm this of course and what i ask for i get.

Debt collection is an unregulated industry that is expanding by the day with bandwagon jumper debt recovery agencies who spring up out of nowhere like Estate agencies in a housing boom.


So if they try any shit on here they will be very sorry.

Unlikely as they are all mouth

They are fishing for money it seems/

I dont see why i have to waste my time and waste money potentially having to talk to someone i dont know or reply to a letter when i dont want to over money that i dont owe anyway.

I will make copies of the letter and send it back with a short letter along the lines of WTF are you talking about?.Cease and desist.By recorded delivery of course.

"We look forward to the speedy conclusion of this matter".

They sure do and i do as well.

PROVE i owe the money.

Cheeky fuckers firing off letters for money that isnt owed and expecting myself to just snap to it .I dont like people that take liberties very much.

My paypal account is in credit.

Fuck off permanently because i bite back.

My rules here idiots not yours.

LMMFAO @ the Intrum Justitia scammer losers !!

Oh and last of all an uninvited guest who has been using next doors parking bay without their or anyone elses consent.It was a friend of a friend of nextdoor who moved out some time ago.This guy looked really wide and was as it turns out a convicted drug dealer who has served prison time for possesion of 50kg of Cannabis [fact].I could tell that by the way that he walked anyway [the A wing shuffle].He knocked on my door once but i didnt want him in here.I had a chat with him once and i was offered a quantity of Cannabis which i passed up on.

He had to leave.

And a potentially problematic client but i shall say no more about that yet.

I hope this can be resolved easily.

It has been resolved now as we are both happy and quite honestly there are very few things that cant be solved with dialogue and a certain amount of compromise and if both sides are happy then the problem is solved and if anyone wants to play the blame game then sometimes that too has to shared out equally if thats the case which it was to a certain extent this time.

Sometimes its the contractors fault for producing shoddy defective work but it can also just as easily be the clients fault for many different reasons but really if the contractors paperwork,costs and job spec is tight and the finished product is 100% and if the client is clear about everything then there really is no reason for there even to be any problem.If the work will cost X amount then that should be clear and if the work involves extra work not allowed for then work should stop until the extra work and its cost is agreed by contractor and client.Time and time again i have known contractors to go ahead with the work without proper agreements and then sting the client at the end of the contract for Extra costs which NO ONE likes if they are paying.Failure to follow this procedure WILL result in problems later on plus there is NO peace of mind for the contractor that they will get paid for that extra work so DONT do it.I have been guilty of this myself once or twice.BAD MOVE.

Arbitration that involves an objective third party can also be a very very good thing indeed and its a far far better solution to problems than court cases which can waste everyones time and which are costly and unpleasent for some plus you dont have any real control over the decision of that courtroom at the end of the day.

This works unless you are dealing with complete idiots who are unreasonable and who wont reason or see sense and it only works if both parties are aware that they will both have to compromise and if not it will fail.

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