Monday, 29 August 2011

Is Gadaffi the new Bin Laden ?

Its very curious that Gadaffi has disappeared but its certainly possible but its certainly possible Gadaffi has already been captured or even killed off or paid off and disappeared while in the meantime Gadaffi is still at large which means a continuation of the war in Libya as its easily possible that the actions of Gadaffi loyalists could be directed by intelligence agencies like the CIA because if Gadaffi is still purported to be free it means the war will continue and if Gadaffi is dead then the supporters of Gadaffi will still oppose the takeover of Libya[but less so as it will reduce morale amongst Gadaffi supporters] so if you think about that it seems obvious that its easier to continue letting Libyans think Gadaffi is not captured or dead as it will fuel resentment towards ALCIADA Libyan rebel forces and the UN and US/NATO which will create a more justifiable pretext to invade and occupy than otherwise as its easier to sell the occupation to the public that way.

There needs to be an enemy to justify the actions of the UN and NATO etc so i am speculating that Gadaffi will be used as another Bin Laden as it will justify huge amounts of resources and expense to track him down when he isnt there just like Bin Laden and because it will justify huge amounts of resources and expense it means more taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will be allocated to the capture of Gadaffi.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Globalist CFR President Richard Haas confirms that my thoughts on Libya were correct:


That is as straight from the horses mouth as it will ever get.

Also Tony Cartalucci is an outstanding commentator which is of course a recommendation.

Above is a photo of Gibril Elqarfally who is the head of the LibyaNWO NationaNWO TransitioNWO Council.If its alright i would rather have Gadaffi than this dead eyed ugly Globalist shill scumbag any day.What a creep.In any case its now perfectly clear that the vision of the new Libya is not one that has been envisioned by Libyans themselves hence the presence of Globalists like Gibbering Gerbil Elqawfully as the so called revolution comes with a predetermined political outlook and outcome thanks to the likes of the CFR.Housetrain the Libyans into being service sector servants which again is proof that Libya is intended to be sabotaged as it has already been demonstrated here in the West that service sector economies by themselves are designed to fail as strong economies have a healthy manufacturing base as amply demonstrated by China and previously the US and the UK at one point in time so its clear that Libya will be steered deliberately in the wrong direction by the NWO from what was previously a very strong economy that was debt free into a country that is indebted to foreign banks via the IMF.

What about the 144 tons of gold ?

What about it indeed but you wont be hearing very much about the gold as it will be stolen if it hasnt been hidden by Gadaffi and its all well and good thinking that it should be returned to the people of Libya as its theirs but that isnt going to be how it happens as if its recovered by NATO forces then it will be misappropriated and it will be used to increase the gold liquidity of the previously mentioned foreign banks and their subsideries as there is a shortage of physical gold and the foreign offshore bankers are finding this to be a problem as they have massively exaggerated their paper gold bonds[gilts] so that the gilts cannot be exchanged for physical gold and in any case war and occupations mean looting so its nothing new.

Chinese huge glowing white bubble o0ver shanghai:

This looks to be related to the alleged earthquake lights in Japan and the Norway spiral.

Cowardice :

What is the definition of a coward ?

Someone who attempted[as in failed] to get me banned from a forum behind my back.

It seems like my intuition was right because i knew that something was going on behind my back concerning particular individuals as it was obvious.

I have NO respect for anyone who cant be upfront about things but the individual in question who called for the ban didnt act out of character.Why anyone thinks that i would ever return to that place after all that has happened is deluded as it would be like volunteering to be abused on a regular basis and its curious that some lamented my leaving while being completly silent when the abuse was going on not that i wanted or needed their support as i can take care of myself but its still curious.......Half a dozen or so expressed that they were sad about it and i am expected to go running back ?

I dont think so.People come and go in life so they should get on with it and forget about it as i prefer life in the wilderness and to go where i am appreciated.

There are others who have a very different idea about what is and isnt reasonable.Perhaps then since this is the case then we really should not be talking to each other anymore.A week or so afterwards there was that unpleasent business in Norway which served to demonstrate that i was entirely justified in my objections to be labelled and smeared as a such and such.You know what i am talking about.I was disappointed by that comment.

I visited that site a short while ago for the first time since leaving and have no wish to return to it.

I left that site for 3 months as a trial and then reurned once again but while being absent from it i made a deal with myself that if there was any more juvenile bitching and squabbling then i would leave permanently as i just found it all to be very negative and draining and stressful and to keep repeating the process would be like doing something stupid over and over again and not learning from it.

People are very very odd.

"90 percent of what i typed was drivel" or words to that effect ?

If you are talking politics/truth in particular amongst what else i typed which did include drivel then its completely ignorant as its all verifiable but i do understand the constraints of peer pressure upon individuals who care too much about what others think in life.Personally i dont believe that statement was true as i rate your intelligence levels to be much higher than that as apart from anything else you are intelligent enough to show interest in the subject and for that and many other reasons i do have a considerable amount of respect for you.

If you are reading this and dont know what i am talking about then thats because you do not need to know.

[I had to type all this just to get it out rather than carrying it around as baggage and its mostly negative as that is what needed to be addressed but the positives exist as well.]

NATO/ALCIADA hypocrisy :

NATO are concerned that ALCIADA in Libya that they are funding and arming to overthrow Gadaffi will smuggle arms out of Libya when its obviously alright to import arms into Libya so they want the borders of Libya secured to keep arms from leaving Libya when commonsense dictates that arming them and employing them in the first place is highly irresponsible unless its yet another problem-reaction-solution which is certain.They arm them and now they are concerned about it ??

It really makes sense to destabilise a previously stable country and to instigate a civil war that could last for years.Its also very curious how there has never been any mention in the MSM about legitimate protestors and campaigners for political change in Libya as its ALL about "Libyan rebel forces form Bhengazi" as if to suggest that they reflect the wishes of the entire Libyan population and also the so called Libyan rebel forces have never made it clear what they themselves have in mind for Libya as they are mostly politically illiterate imported goat herders from Iraq and Afghanistan etc who have the LibyaNWO NatioNWO TransitionaNWO Council to speak for them who have been selected by the CFR etc etc and from what i have seen from them i do not like what i see and hear.

It really makes sense to allow the Jihadist "Libyan rebel forces" to impose Shariah law on Libya which is NOT the way to create a free and open society.The reason for stating this is that the draft of the new Libyan constitution appears to allow the imposition of Shariah law which ism incompatiable with Democracy and at this point it is unknown what the consensus of Libyans is regarding Shariah law as it appears to be something that is connected to the Jihadist ALCIADA rebel forces who despite apparently hating the West dont seem to object to being armed and funded by the West and the West does not seem to mind funding and arming the same organisation and even individuals who have been killing US/UK military personel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Stealing the Libyan resources and preparing the ground[via globalisation] to be fully exploited by Fortune 500 companies and destroying their infrastructure and loaning Libya cash to rebuild and privatising their bankling system and preventing the water irrigation project to direct water to the rest of Africa and instigating civil unrest/disorder/war and so on sure sounds like a plan.

This is too sick for words right now.

Stupid fuckers but its exactly what i expect from NATO filth like that freakish female [i think ?] spokeswoman for NATO on Newsnight the other night that was featuring the staged rebel seizure of Tripoli and the alleged end of Gadaffi.

Can William Hague,David CaMoron,Obama,the UN/NATO/US or anyone at all please explain how ariel bombing a city for days and days on end with no respite is not creating a humanitarian disaster and if Tripoli was alleged to be under the control of victorious rebel forces then why is it still being bombed ?

I can answer that last question and its because rebel forces have not taken Tripoli as they were set up and have walked into a trap that they cant get out of and the same goes for other areas of Libya and it was designed to fail to create the pretext for a foreign stabilisation force to enter Libya which is most probably only a couple of weeks away if that....

Positive money :

I need to get my brain in gear before commenting on this any further but there is NOT ONE solid argument for fractional reserve lending apart from arguing that the banking system has been running on fractional reserve lending for so long now that everyone is effectively locked into it and it has created a bubble and getting rid of it is going to result in some very serious redress for the economy.[unless you count greed as a solid argument for it]

"Jesus Huerta de Soto is today’s leading Austrian school economist, who in his book “Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles” published a proposal of a reform of banking system. He suggests a transition from the most controlled systems (those with central planning in the banking and financial sector) to the least controlled ones (those in which the central bank has been abolished and complete freedom prevails) which consists of 5 stages."

As an example there were over 300 privately/independently owned commercial clearing/lending banks before the Wall St crash which cleared them out and put them out of business as then like now its all about getting rid of the competition so thst there is no free market in banking and lending as what you have now is a multitude of different clearing banks that are owned and controlled by the very same banking oligarchs who are looting from you and sabotaging the various economies in the West and elsewhere.

Also there are calls to return to the Gold Standard.The problem is not that there is not enough gold to cover all of the cash in circulation as that isnt a problem as a ratio of gold to the inflated/deflated cash in circulation could be worked out[but it would vastly deflate the value of cash per Oz of gold] but its who owns all of the gold that is the problem.The majority of gold reserves have been systematically looted from the UK and the US and elsewhere by Rothschilds etc also known as the Inter-Alpha group or the Anglo-Dutch banking cartel-call them what you like so there is no publically held gold reserves in which to back the respective currencies so the stolen gold needs to re-patriated/recovered before the gold standard is re-introduced and any calls for gold standard to be reintroduced from official sources who are affiliated to the Anglo-Dutch banking cartel should be treated with suspicion as the banking oligarchs will try to use this tactic as a get out of jail free card and in doing so nothing would change as you would still have criminals running the banking system.

"Let’s start from the right – the Austrian school of economics, which is associated with libertarian political perspectives. They argue for an extremely limited role for government and the smallest possible amount of government intervention in the economy."

Its no surprise that the banking oligarchs advocated the Austrian school that was fronted by Libertarian perspectives as the only free market that the banking oligarchs support is one which they control.This is self explanatory but if you wanted to establish your own clearing bank you would not find that this is possible as in the fake free market as competition is a sin.So they argue FOR a free market that is in reality non-existant.

You could argue that its the lack of regulation that has caused the collapse of the western economies but it is not an argument against lack of regulation per se as it was all deliberately designed to fail so if the banking oligarchs were removed from the equation then you could argue that lack of regulation would be a positive thing but again a complete lack of regulation within the banking sector would not be positive thing because with complete freedom the banking system would be up to its usual tricks so one scenario becomes virtually indistinguishable from the other.However the creation of a genuine free market within the banking sector would create banks that would be favorable to account holders so those banks would naturally generate more business than those that are less favorable which is the nature of a free market as it means choice but i think that a complete lack of regulation is a naive idea as regulation is in theory meant to protect you and if there is no regulation then banks will be doing what they are doing now as they were allowed to generate 10 times the amount of lending through fractional reserve lending.

If lending is based on 100 percent reserves then its likely that borrowing terms will be much more stringent than they are now with higher rates of interest to compensate for their loss of leverage.

I have started writing this just after getting up and its way too early in the morning for this kind of shit so i will have to stop typing for now.

However the article doesnt differentiate between commercial clearing banks and the activities of privately owned central banks whose paper currency is printed out of nothing with no leverage required wheras commercial clearing banks have leverage of approx 8-10 times its cash deposit so theoretically $100 becomes $1000.There has to be a fairer and more ethical way for banks to generate credit for borrowers because at present they offer you virtually NO interest on savings yet charge extortionate amounts of interest on mortgages for example so if the interest that you are charged reflected the fact that they create credit out of nothing then it would be more acceptable and ethical.To add insult to injury banks and the FEDRES are proposing negative interest rates for holders of accounts within commercial clearing banks which means you pay the bank to hold your cash.

All of this is pointless unless the criminal element who own and control the banking system are removed from the equation.

Presently banks in the US are being paid not to lend out cash as they make more money by keeping the reserves that were paid for by taxpayers* as they are paid interest on their reserves.


A quote from the article :

"We don't think GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry should have threatened to kill Ben Bernanke the other day, but we can certainly understand his frustration."

I wouldnt concern yourself too much over that comment as Rick Perry is yet another sellout/bought and paid for sellout NWO/Corporate/banking duplicitious WHORE [just like Obama] who is only saying that to throw you a bone trying to sound like Ron Paul so any frustrations voiced by Rick Perry should not be taken seriously.Perry describes the activities of the FED as "almost treasonous" so which part of treasonous doesnt Rick Perry understand as its completely treasonous and given the fact that Rick Perry is a traitor [therefore treasonous] its surprising that Rick Perry has a problem misunderstanding what is defined as treason*.

Rick Perry is a subject for another day.

This ends.

*However since the FEDRES is NOT a govt institution then its debateable that they can be described as treasonous as they are a private company posing as a federal agency so they could likely get out of the situation on that technicality despite the fact that they claim to be acting on behalf of the US govt.Its those in political office who are allowing the existence of the FEDRES on behalf of the banking oligarchs who are the traitors.

[I dont understand why anyone would want to listen to the Grateful Dead]

*Too big to fails are the biggest ever welfare recipitents in history.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

annoying problem:

This watch was a gift from a few years ago and the locking mechanism on the bracelet has failed even though it was alright the other day and today i very nearly lost it.I cannot find any record of this watch online as its a few years old now and YSL dont make watches anymore as far as i can tell and i cannot find an agent of YSL who can fix it so its a problem and it may be unrepairable as parts are probably not available anymore.Hopefully Watches Of Switzerland can help..........

Friday, 19 August 2011

What is so funny ?

"We totally screwed them over and got away with it and now we collateralise all their debt that they owe us into Eurobonds and we set up our own economic dictatorship and a centralised EU bank!!!!!!......hahahahahahahahah"

"They keep voting for us !!!....hahaha.....when will they ever learn!!!.....hahahahahah"

"Lets bankrupt them some more..........hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Now we tell them all that we have to save the planet from CO2 so they all pay taxes to the Carbon exchange!!!!!

Tragic sight :

Is there are more tragic sight than an adult on a skateboard or a BMX bike ?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lush Split Taxi :

I was listening to Lush on youtube and i recalled that had been in the same taxi with a friend on a taxi journey to Camden.I had totally forgotten about it until just now.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Those blasted Jerries are taking over Europe AGAIN !!

If you read this then your future job hunting prospects will be irrepairably harmed as will your character.

Its like WW2 never ended or that we lost the war as those bloody Germans are goose-stepping their way across Europe and are conquering it !!The outrage of it all !!


This is what Simon Heffer has to say about it all in his stinging and savage attack on Germany sitting at the head of the table in the EU courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Above is a photo of Simon Heffer so that you can have the face of stupidity to go with the article.If you find the photo unpleasent then its not my fault as i didnt choose the face but with a face like that i doubt that anyone would choose it.

Link to the article which although i do realise that its a hardship of sorts that because i cannot embed links you will have to summon up the enthusiasm to and make the effort to drag the link into your address bar at the top of your web browser.

The article by Simon Heffer is either written as either propaganda or its written out of ignorance of the who what and whys and therefores of the EU and who runs it and on whos behalf and in whose interests.Simon Heffer would like to have you believe that its all about Germany and it comes across as a cheap bit of reactionary political commentary that is meant to rouse anti-EU sentiment and have it directed towards Germany courtesy of the the typical Daily Mail reader amongst many others.Its the kind of article that doesnt educate beyond telling you what is going and all the assesments courtesy of Heffer are purely observation face value assessments but the article attempts to misinform the reader that it is Germany conquering Europe when in fact it is the EU that is conquering Europe and the fact that Germany heads the EU economically is because it is the only EU member that is in any way economically viable simply because it is still a major manufacturer amongst other factors.

A lot of people are so dumb that if the media told them that the Teletubbies are going to take over Europe economically they would believe it.

There is an udder way of looking at things rather than Heffers attempts to direct anti EU sentiment towards Germany and to generate anti - German sentiment so that the less informed miss the point.

So the EU rather than collapse economically right now have chosen to delay the inevitable by using Germany as a means to bail out other failed EU member states which is to a greater or lesser degree ALL of them so Germany will conquer Europe if it doesnt mind being bankrupted as a result by the EU not to mention that they are already in debt like everyone else.I wonder what the Germans themselves think about this arrangement ??

If all those other nations default on German loans that coincidentally are issued by the privately owned central bank of Germany which the Germans pay for through taxes ?

The countries that will theoretically bailed out by Deutsche bonds will eventually default as its inevitable so it seems plausable that when defaults happen the private central bankers will use DeutscheBundesbank as a vehicle to asset strip those that they have issued loans to since Deutsche Bundesbank is the de facto EU central bank.

Its all very high risk but its also a pretext to consolidate power and unify and integrate EU fiscal policy but its a proposal that some say other EU member states wont buy into but they dont factor in the fact that each EU member state have already signed over control to foreign central banks via the EU which is a holding company of the owners of private central banks so opting out is not an option in the long term but these stages of centralisation and consolidation are always established by increments through the problem-reaction-solution method using carefully thought out and timed problems and crisis.

Im doubt very much that anyone in the EU has asked Germans and they are not interested in what they think.The media would have you believe that the Germans love Merkel like Heffer claims in the article so either the Germans are very stupid or that Merkel is another one of these sellout Globalist NWO whores that are the head of every G20 country [that are seemingly very difficult to get rid of] who were all signed over to the control of foreign banks like Ireland was for example.Everything was fine until these countries were hijacked and signed over to central banks who courtesy of their elected non-representatives were signed over onto Derivates which is the way to ruination [ i typed Ruinednation by mistake but if i hadnt corrected it would still be perfectly applicable].

Commentators like Heffer want you to think that its all about Germany when its all about private central bankers like Rothschilds etc.Germany is placed at the head of the table by the same bankers/financiers that created Hitler and bankrolled the Nazi Party.You get Napoleon as well in the form of Sarkozy who was another failed empire builder.

What is very very noticable with the EU is that they offer NO solutions to the debt/GDP problem by making it possible for other EU member states to become economically viable by creating the conditions to establish a manufacturing base to create exports to create revenue and by default imports which spreads cash around which is how things used to be back in the good old days.The only solution offered the the EU is for failed[sabotaged from within by design] EU member states is for them to borrow cash to get out of debt.

Am i missing some kind of mental faculty that makes it possible to see the borrow to get out of debt scenario as viable rather than utterly stupid and futile ?

Dont worry though as the private central bankers austerity measures are there to make sure that you go without while your taxe$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are sucked out of your respective nations and will go back to the private central bankers who you pay with your taxes to print Fiat currency.You pay them to rip you off.

People bought into the EU as people will quite happily buy into Collectivism which in this instance is a front for corporate fascism as proles always buy into collectivism as it appeals to their unfortunate mindset.Its incredible how hardly anyone in the alternative media ever talks about Communitarianism while they struggle to identify the present political set up as similar to Fascism and Collectivism.this is why the EU in its structure and outlook has similarites to the political structure of the USSR and of the political aims of the Nazi Party which was European integration of commerce banking and politics.Both of those political ideologies were strongly for centralisation of power so centralisation is not something that is purely Left wing/Communist in nature and since both ideologies were spawned on behalf of the owners of private central banks like Rothschilds then this is no coincidence but in a sense they were both trial runs/experiments in the same way that Maoism which was also sponsored by Rothschilds/Rockefellers etc as another socio-political experiment.

Simon Heffer is 50 percent correct so i have completed the other 50 percent to complete it as i dont want anti-EU sentiment to be directed towards Germany as its doing a disservice to Germans to an extent.

You can easily imagine a typical Daily Mail reader who is against the EU reading the article and then cursing the Germans.

If i hadnt concluded the article then it would have been more convoluted than it already is as there is lots that has been left out but this article like all of the rest is typed in one take with no particular structure worked out in advance.No editing other than correcting typos.I love writing as i just listen to music while typing and it almost writes itself.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Syria is the new Libya :

Its happening all over again as arms are being trafficked into Syria by proxies of the criminals that run the US and the UN into the hand of thugs that are killing off Syria security forces.

While Syria is under a not very pleasent regime there are two sides to this as in what is going on behind the scenes and the UN has now imposed sanctions against Syria so you know that something is cooking and it will be a repeat of what has gone on regarding Libya.Nato have already outlined a plan to attack Syria as their attempts to subvert Syria by other means are designed to fail like in Libya which creates the pretext to attack by airstrikes which always follow sanctions and anyone with a clue knows that sanctions are harmful to Syrians like they were with Iraqis for example.Sanctions are inhumane but sanctions dont run for very long anymore as they are a quick interim period before the attacks start as there is no time to waste.The crusade to spread "Democracy" [install a proxy political leader and attendent regime that is Western/NWO/Globalist compliant].No more uppity independent despots/leaders.Its the NWO* way or the highway for all of you.

When there is an obvious political regime like Syria which can be easily condemned the US/UN will make a big deal out of condemning the regime and its leader as it gives them the perfect justifiable prestext to attack tthe country as it gives them a platform distract from their lack of morality by appearing to be and sounding moralistic and humane etc etc but its all a facade.Always the same sickening self righteousness always with a lack of empathy and sincerity.Sickening fake moralistic hypocritical empty platitudes.When it concerns other countries like the Yemen for example its all hushed up and almost covert so they only make a show of it when they have their own pretext and when its politically expedient.The sickening smugness of Hitlery Clinternationalist is horrible to watch.

If you dispute this then its pointless as the record of US foreign policy[figuratively speaking] and the actions of and effects of speak for themselves.

If someone had lied to you 100 times previous would possibly not trust their word 100 percent ?

Obviously by that point you are still listening to them and not doubting their word you would have to be some kind of idiot but that seems to be the problem with a lot of people.

If those that run the US and the UN were not undesirable then you could see this all as a legitimate attempt to assist Syrians and improve their situation but sadly this is not the case as much as it may appear to be to the uninitiated.

The term NWO is borrowed from GHW Bush amongst others.

"Its a big idea"

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Idiotic video:

The above video was the reason i was critical of CV and those in the video and it was only out of curiosity that i clicked on it but as far as i am concerned it epitomises so much that is wrong with people today and particularly the age group featured in the video.I dont make a point of commenting on Youtube very often but i did this time but i got a rated comment that got 34 thumbs up and comments and counting before it was removed plus the beginnings of an interesting conversation about the definition and interpretation of Anarchy with someone else who was far more knowledgable about it than i am.

If you are going to offer up a video to the rest of the world to share and post opinions of then it seems to be very churlish and juvenile and petty to disable the comments just because they were not favourable or complimentary and in any case how could you present a video like that and not expect unfavorable comments ?

Typical Narcisissistic behaviour.Everyone has to adore them and shower them with compliments or else they sulk and do something to spite you.

In any case i renamed the Love Police as the Cunt Police.In any case it made a change to comment about something trivial for once rather than the future of the economy and so on.

Trash problem :

My trash is full of recovered files which are all Flash and Plug in files that i cannot get rid of no matter what.I have tried every trick within OSX to force the trash to empty to circumvent it and i cannot remove the files from the trash into a folder and i cannot add anything else to the Trash to clear the desktop.

Error series -50 if i recall that correctly.

Very annoying.Having tried again right now it seems to be emptying very slowly which was unexpected but in any case the recovered files will not be emptied from the trash as so far they number 96 in total.

I think i might contact the companies who created the files to see what they have to say about it as i want rid of them all.

Wow.after all that hassle last night it has now completely emptied for the first time.I did try various triciks but i have no idea which of those made the trash empty as i was just fiddling around and none were successful at the time unless it was something to do with restarting today.I didnt particularly want to call a friend that i neglect just to ask for advice and i didnt want to pay to get rid of the problem.

London Riots:

I is done alright out of the rioting as i is got 3 Ipods 2 flat screen TVs and shoes and sportsgear innit and like i smashed up some cars and me and my mates beat up some shopkeepers innit and the thing is the police right cant do nothing to stop us and we is going to do what we want as they arent going to do nothing about it like the police who think that we can be nicked for doing things but we int having it no more like from them rich people who is like takin the piss like as they is running businesses so they is rich so we thought it was well funny smashing stuff up showing the rich that they cant stop us doing what we like just cos they is rich and everyone was just going like well mental and chucking stuff around it was well funny and its like the conservatives or whatever they are as its like their fault innit but my mates thought it was well funny as we were like totally drunk as like we are been drinking like all night and the rich are rich because they are running businesses and its like all their fault which is why this is happening like and everyone was going to start just like rioting and that it was good fun with my mates and that and my mate got this wicked TV out of like Dixons that was like well wicked and it would have cost about 1000 quid like cos its like about showing the police that we can do what we want as it wasnt like a protest or nothing like that or anything.

On a more serious note this just goes to prove what a fucked up and perverse place the UK is and while other countries riot about something meaningful in the UK its nothing but mindless violence and the destruction of homes and property.Totally mindless and a total disgrace and as usual the police and govt make a complete fuck up out of it all as per usual.I dont advocate rioting anyway in general as its trashing your own enviroment.

Scotland Yard had the police on stand down as ordered by the higher ups so they just let it all happen and then show up and arrest and disperse anyone who takes matters into their own hands and do the job that the police are paid to do and if those that are taking matters into their own hands are White then that makes it so much better.Prevention of criminal activity is ineffective when compared to letting it all happen and then mopping up later and relying on CCTV footage.In any event its clear that police were stood back from it and not preventing anything.

Lots of Whites are being fast tracked through the courts but as usual prosecuting Blacks and Asians for similar crimes is not politically correct while at the same time certain commentators and journalists are trying to inject race into this situation when it involves Whites and Blacks etc and the reason there is a higher concentraqtion of Blacks and Asians involved in specific instances is simply because there are high concentrations of them in particular areas.Of course when its Whites defending homes and property there is a racial divide as the fact they are Whites is over-stressed when there was no need in the first place to point out that they are White but of course various socio-economic factors are not taken into consideration as much as race is but its because they are fixated with it [the Liberal media].Whites defending their homes and property just have to be racially motivated of course.

The Nanny State is wetting its bed over the people defending their own streets and property and especially as sales of hammers and baseball bats and all manner of defensive objects have gone up in response while the pllice and govt have been urging everyone not to take matters into their own hands despite their clear negligence because they want everyone to be dependent on them and helpless and scared [learned helplessness] instead of working on their own initiative and getting together with other like minded individuals who have decided to empowewr themselves and their communities and possibly work with police to prevent future rioting and looting.For example rioters were going to target Turkish businesses and they were met by Turks who had knives and swords so they ran off back home back to where they came from.This is exactly what needs to be done as its prevention as noone was hurt and the cowardly Chavscum rioters will think twice.This has been hapopening all over the place and its the most positive aspect out of a very negative situation.

If you have common sense then you would have these kinds of items already without having to rush out and buy them but in todays society you are not encouraged to actually be safe as you are only encouraged to feel safe and coddled and protected while being completely passive and dependent but these limp wristed govt types and the such like are now more concerned with people having defensive objects instead of the causes of this and the costs of it.

They can all fuck off because not that i will need to use them but i have all manner of objects that could be used for my defence and the fact is it was those who were on the streets with baseball bats who mainly put a stop to it all.

Of course now there is a focus on the "vigilante" groups instead of the rioters.

Communities in affected areas and beyond are strengthened as a result of this as is their resolve to deal with any further instances of rioting and looting.

Those rioting must have been rioting against Dixons and Footlocker etc.

Rumour has it that "Journalists" were offering kids cash to get them to go on wrecking sprees.This is an unsubstantiated claim via Twitter that journalists in a plain looking blue car were soliciting kids to riot in some shithole part of london which is very fertile ground for soliciting potential rioters.Although this is unproven beyond a witness statement its an interesting proposition to imagine that it was provocateurs who were posing as Journalists which could possibly explain why this situation sprang up out of nowhere all at once and in various places and they have perfect cover as it will simply be blamed on copycat behaviour which of course it was but i am curious if it was helped along just a little bit.Knowing what i know this is certainly plausable.

As the police were ordered to stand down then this is going to present a problem to those wanting to be compensated through their insurance policies as insurance companies dont pay out to compensate negligence or if they do then they are going to have to bill the UK govt for their costs as it was negligence on the part of the UK govt pure and simple which is why CaMoron has stated that the Govt will compensate those affected [via the taxpayer] which is because they know that insurances companies wont pay out and to compensate for their own negligence.

The fact is that if this type of thing had been a lot more widespread than it was then the police would have been incapable of stopping it as it would have been system overload so they would have to prioritise and let some places burn as the fire services would not be able to deal with it either so this goes to show how easily and quickly everything could go to hell.The fact that the police did not deal with it appropriately and quickly is just going to encourage more of this sort of thing in the future.

Another thing is politicians have no solutions to urban decay and deprivation and kids with no prospects and opportunities and no money other than handouts and no future and while it is easy to label them as scum a lot dont understand the causes of it.Others on a comment section i post on where Americans who were condemning the "vigilante" groups amongst other gibberish and pretending to know all about the UK but i soon put a stop to that and one in particular who couldnt even tell the difference between a London accent and a Geordie accent.Stupid blowhard Prick who i completely nailed.Of course if the "vigilante" groups were Americans then they would not have said what they said.Boring crap but someone has to sort them out and correct their babble but no one will ever learn anything from them because they are devoid of facts and probably have an agenda of their own.Why those who were and are protecting their property and communities were condemned i will never understand.

Politicians and their higher ups who have created an underclass have no clue about what to do with them or any positive solutions and this is a problem that has been building up and stored up for decades in the UK ever since Thatcher.One of these kids was in court and being given a stern talking to by the judge to sort their life out but when you look at the kind of enviroment they come from then they dont have much of a life to sort out as they have no future and no advantages so really its the system that needs to be sorted out rather than complaining about a symptom of a failed by design society.

The idiot who i sorted out kept saying that the "vigilante" groups were "beer swilling football loving morons" so i told him to fuck off as he was using the fact that a majority of them more than likely like football as a stick to beat them with.The same idiot was insisting that the UK police are armed with M16s which is wrong and then went on to say that he had pictures of police with M16s and when i disputed this he said that why the photos he claims to have seen were photoshopped which is obviously the case or that he does not know what an M16 looks like it.Another day and another internet blowhard.

Vigilante is a euphamism for self defence.

Other commenters were lamenting the poor gullible sheeple as they are falling into a trap set by the elites by asking for the police to do their job.How stupid are they for expecting the police to do what they are supposed to do instead of telling them to stay in their homes.

Support the Police.

DO NOT protect your homes and communities and beat yourself up while you are at it.Share the workload of the UK police and if you see an instance of this then please do not report it.

The idiots want to close down Twitter etc to stop them communicating which is utterly pointless as they will call each other up instead.if they are banned from social networks then again this is utterly pointless and futile as they will go through their friends or open up another account.In any case the criminal class that be want to use social networks for intelligence gathering which also means that the CCTB could be fed misinformation through social networks.That is already happening as the police are monitoring and they read that there is a gang heading towards wherever who explicitly state that they are going to wreck the place and the police show up and its a non-event.What terrible mischief which will result in more chaos.

Personally i would rather all this was not happening and i find myself thinking back to how uncomplicated life was back in the 70s/80s and even 90s when i wasnt aware of what i am now aware of and although i always had an idea that something was not right it was simpler as i just had my suspicions and not a lot else.

I often think back to when you used to get slow news days.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Fruit pastilles:

I am not buying anymore of these fucking things.I bought 1 tube of these today as an impulse buy while waiting to pay at a petrol station.At the point i was paying i was curious wether or not there would be too many of the green type in the packet like last time i bought them which was the reason i stopped buying them as it happened over and over and over again as i just hate green fruit pastilles as they look and taste vile.Of course needless to say i was not disappointed although i was disappointed at the same time as in one small tube there was 5 of the green which is disproportionate to how many there are in a packet.I counted 1 red and two blacks with the rest being orange and lemon.

Not fucking good enough and if this happens once or twice then it is acceptable but when it keeps happening then there is a serious problem that i am not happy with.I was talking to a couple of friends that were round earlier and one said "If you send them back with the wrapper then they might send you 20 free packets".

If i did do that and they gave me 20 free packets then they had better make sure there are either no greens or a proportionate amount or else i am going to be back onto them again.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Death penalty debate :

This is indicative of the decline and destruction and degradation of the UK and its political system along with the mindset of a large percentage of its population.This is yet another of these reactionary media driven issues that are fixated upon via e-petitions like petitioning for prisoners to survive only on bread and water.

Since the UK seems is in an irreversible decline into Neo-Collectivist/Fascist-Neo -Feudalism then it does seem appropriate to reintroduce the death penalty to satisfy the lowest common demoninator sector of the UK public.No third rate criminal and corruption ridden country is complete without a death penalty.

The power of life and death enacted through the legislature.Manufacture/generate a consensus that is meant to make the proposal palatable through the E-petition trial balloon/test the water method to create the pretext to introduce it.

Another reason to object strongly to this idea is the fact that the justice system is perverse and cannot be trusted or relied upon.

Another thing is that Tory Cunt Lord Young claiming that the present govt has a duty to listen to the electorate which only applies if its a means to them getting what they want as 99 percent of the time they choose not to listen to the electorate.

I have more to say about this but right now i am disgusted and i cannot think what else to say about it all.

Charlie Veitch staged arrest:

This is very suspect.

In the first instance that the charges were read out then the officer who placed Charlie Veitch should have read him his rights and then ask that those rights are clearly understood at the exact time that you are placed under arrest but this didnt happen here so i am not entirely clear what is going on here regarding that as presumably while this was a pre-crime charge your rights still apply and that an arrest has taken place as charges were read out.

Also 1.50 seconds in when the police ? enter the property one says "just to make you aware" as what appeared to be an introduction or confirmation was unintelligble and somewhat rushed and as far as i understand it police officers should introduce themselves by name as in PC Smith etc etc so you know who it was that you were arrested by as aversed to memorising a badge number.There are very strict arrest procedures that police have to abide by but neither of these suspect individuals picked up on any of it as if they should have objected but failed to do so.The officers in the video did not have the demeanour and look of police officers either but thats my own personal assessment of them and the arrest procedure based on my experience of UK police which you dont want to know about.

They are both very slight and look like a couple of Nerds.

AS for the inside of the house it all looks to be newly decorated and there is very little in the way of possessions,pictures,and just about anything else apart from the odd bit of cheap self assembly furniture and a few books and videos on a shelf.The house does not look or feel lived in so either they have just moved in or thats how they are or its all a set up which is what i am thinking.

The "Cursory search" in the bedroom was kind of ridiculous.They need to do a cursory search of one draw and under the bed when they dont even know what they are looking for.

"Nothing in this draw so lets check under the bed......nothing suspicious under the bed.......all clear under there......."

The useless whining girlfriend who apparently "studied law at Cambridge actually" should have picked up on this immediately but she did not.Listen to the nonsense that she comes out with towards the police and also its highly irregular that the police would allow the arrest to be a normal arrest situation then she would not have been able to babble on like that or more likely the police would be less tolerant.

"what would have happened if we had not opened the door ?"

You should know this you stupid snivelling bint if you had studied law and if you are an "activist" then you should know the score instead of asking dumb naive questions.

She should have acted on this but she didnt.

"We specialise in giving the police hugs"

"We engage in free speech which is why he uses a megaphone instead of weapons like what you guys carry"

She should be arrested for talking drivel.She doesnt articulate herself in a way that you would expect someone who is educated and discussing very serious subject matter in such trite terms.If you are both highly pubnlicised and promoted "political activists" so they have to expect this sort of thing and if you cant take it then do something else but dont whine about it.

The police are numbered so those numbers need to be verified to see if they are genuine.

There are grounds for suspicion in this video concerning a domestic intelligence agency amongst others.

The purpose of all this is to make the the activist/s[agents] look genuine and threatening to give them some credibility as cover to keep up appearences.

There is such an enormous amount of venom and vitriol directed towards Charlie Veitch as well as unproven allegations of peadophillia towards him on Youtube that i actually feel quite sorry for him.Personally i think the line should be drawn at calling him out as a sellout fraud etc etc is ok but an unproven allegation of Paedophillia is going too far for my tastes.I dont follow CV and dont have much interest in him but CV has caught my interest lately as its a disaster.The fact is though is if you decide to sell yourself as a personality then it can backfire on you.

I left a comment next to a CV video that was very highly rated and some others also but today all the commenting has been disabled next to CV videos.I think i had something to do with this but in any case it was enjoyable while it lasted.I nailed him completely and he couldnt take it but there were many many others doing the same thing.

CV strikes me as one of these narcissistic manipulative types who is an attention whore.

CV doesnt work but instead survives on what gullible people and kids donate to his channel so he can continue to make his stupid videos so obviously he has nothing bettewr to do than sit there disabling the commenting next to videos as well as censoring the comments including mine so then he throws a hissy fit and disables all commenting which just makes him look even more of an arse than he does already.He just cannot get anything right these days so if he had any sense he would just pack it all in and do something else instead.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Debt ceiling solution :

"Also time is running out to set up the "super congress" to overide congress but in reality that is probably what will happen at the last minute as its already set up."

[quoting myself]

Now it is a reality just like i thought that it would be as it was so obvious.

Set up a council of 12/13 that oversee and override and veto anything that gets in its way as and when it feels like it by claiming superiority over the political process in the US making congress and the senate etc redundant.

The US is now officially a dictatorship and this situation is very similar to Hitler seizing power and it makes the US closer to what was the USSR back in the day where you have an executive branch that holds all the power surrounded by minions and a monlothic bereaucracy.

Hope and change anyone ??

Its all downhill from here.............and its been going downhill for some time.