Saturday, 29 November 2008

James Morrisn/Nelly Futardo:

I listen to radio 2 at work.I kept hearing the song Broken Strings being played a lot and first of all my attitude was "not more bloody James Morrison etc" but then i actually listened and dropped my prejudices and thought James Morrison does have a good voice that is very soulful and then the penny dropped and i realised what a good song it is and i like the sentiment of it and i also thought Nelly Futardo isnt bad either.

Great song and i keep listening to it.

If you are a music lover and know anything about music then you like music regartdless of the artist and my tastes go right across the board rather than being stuck in genres or namedropping "cool" music but having said that i am a 40 yr old adult not a 16 - 20 yr old.

I was well pissed off today when i was scouring charity shops for CDs when i found the MGMT album [electric feel] and i thought Bingo when i realised the CD case was empty of the CD .Probably nicked.Bollox.

However i wish all these faceless X factor type girl bands would just Fuck Off permanently like Girls Aloud.Fuck Off all of you.So What ? You can sing.So Fucking What ?Theres nothing distinctive about ANY of you.They dont write their own material and all they do is do what they are told to do by their managers/record companies.They are tecnically alright/good competent singers and they arent ugly to look at but their music and themselves are lacking that extra something that makes good music.There is something intrinsically hollow and faceless and manufactured about the whole X factor ethos.


Watching Little Feat on BBC guitar heroes.I just dont get this band and never have and i have bad associations with Little Feat and i dont care if i never hear them again.Also why does their drummer really look like he is straining to keep a very simple 2/2 beat or whatever it was ? Its not that difficult .Its so easy its boring.

Oh God now its Dr.Feelgood who i just cant stand.Awful.Pub Rock and now a speeded up version of Oye commo va /Santana and its no good speeded up .Its better slow.

Now it gets better.John Martyn /Dealer.Thats more like it.

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