Monday, 10 November 2008

Not quite the answer that i wanted :

A great answer that is correct .Half a question answered and half missed out but a good answer anyway.

Unanswered Question:Where did the 2 trillion come from?

NOT where is it going.

"Let me ask you a question. Do YOU know what makes up the national debt? our national debt was 10 trillion before this bailout plan. so let me break it down for you.

about HALF the debt is to other countries for money that we borrow from them (AT INTEREST)i havnt looked lately, but a month ago, we owed Japan (our biggest loaner) around 600 Billion. 2nd was China at around 500 Billion, then GB at around 400 Billion, and the list goes on. Theres around 60 countries we owe money to.

The other half comes from Securities, T-bonds and notes, etc. Basically any "loan" you give to the govt. For example, a treasury bond is something you buy from the United States Treasury for an amount of cash. You cannot touch that money for 10-30 years, and when its all said and done, and when that time is up (called maturing), you collect the interest you made off the "loan" you made to the govt. While the govt is in control of the Bond money you just gave them, they use it to fund wars, etc.. WHATEVER they want..becuase for 10-30 years it is their money..

Same thing with Social Security. You are giving the Govt money from your paycheck with confidence that when it matures, they will pay you back that money. THAT is why social secuity doesnt really exist when we have a HUGE national debt like we do.

Same thing with 401k, all types of insurance, and many other things. Basically everything that has a "maturity time" goes to our govt, which then Owes you that money when that security matures. Hence it is a debt. And that portion of the National Debt belongs to you.

This is the national Debt. And its ALWAYS been this way.

So the US Treasury borrows REAL MONEY that is credited from these pots. Only a small portion comes from taxes. It is tacked on to our national debt clock. meaning, we owe those countries and those securities their money back. The money did not dissapear, but it currently invested into corperations, wars, whatever the govt uses it on. CEO's, President of AIG, whatever. SO t really doesnt leave the community. BUT, until there is a change in the way our moneyary system works, giving us a SURPLUS instead of a DEBT (like under Clinton) then we wont be able to pay back those debts.

And since alot of US business is being outsourced, more and more of that money travels out of the country and is gone forever (or gets invested back into the countries we borrowed it from, on accident)leaving the U.S. with the tab.

all this "printing money that isnt backed" conspiracy stuff is bullshit. But dont relay on ZeitGiest the movie to explain it to you. In fact I dont even know why i go out of my way and spend 30 minutes trying to explain this stuff on liveleak, honestly.

I used to think the EXACT same way you think - until i started really looking into these matters, which the govt doesnt even try to hide. You can goto the Treasury dept. website and all this info is public and freely available to you.

now, i dont have 5 hours to write a post, so Iv left alot out, but You will find, that if you look into it yourself without help from "sensationalist agenda documentaries" such as Zietgiest and Loose change, I think you will find yourself at a similar place that i am today."

Its not real money if it isnt backed by anything.Its REAL in the physical sense because its added to the national debt but WHERE did it come from despite the fact it mostly exists as numbers on a screen ?

It was printed on paper.

If the US government is 10 trillion in debt then it doesnt just find 2 trillion stuffed down the back of the sofa or find 2 trillion in gold reserves stashed away.

Is it foreign investment ?


It should have come out of the global emergency monetary fund or whatever its called that has about 70 to 100 trillion in it sitting in government bank accounts.

I am thinking and questioning so i MUST have watched Zeitgeist on Youtube.I have watched it but theres more to life than Zeitgeist.

Bloody Zeitgeist.

If the FED can guarantee that it has real physical backing for that 2 trillion then thats another story.

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