Friday, 28 November 2008


Seriously just WTF IS going on with the way the government is handling the economic crisis/bailouts ???

The government is attempting to sell shares to the public/taxpayers/investors to banks that have been bailed out at taxpayers expense !!!!


This is unprecedented as far as i know and it appears to be a new concept.That concept being a mutation/fusion of 2 different ideaolgies [socialism/capitalism].However it is flawed because the average taxpayer isnt part of the great share ownership democracy as they cant afford it which means in effect that the taxpayer is funding investors/capitalism.

This is unprecedented like i say.

The "New" Labour Govt are Communitarianians which like i say is a fusion of Left/ Right political thinking .This is why if you ask the simple question "Are the EU Left wing or Right wing ??" the opinion is is that they are Left wing.I have taken this to the next stage that has moved beyond the Left/Right and into Communitarianism which is what it is.They dont actually exist as a political party I.E The Communist Party as they seem to prefer NOT to acknowledge themselves as such preferring to continue their existence as Conservatives / Labour just to continue the illusion that there is still an active opposition party to that which currently resides in NO.10.This is why [if you have been paying attention] that there is a one party state in the UK as there is very little difference between Labour/Conservative parties any more.This is why you will see very little difference when a Conservative Govt is potentially elected in the next election.Same shit - different day.This means that you will get all the benefits of Capitalism while at the same time there will be a distinct lack of direct democracy which means democracy that you have a say in as the Govt will make more and more decisions on your behalf which they believe are in your best interests.A typical example of this is that there has been NO referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Like i say Communitarianism leans heavily to the Left which means it is ANTI - Democratic and if you have been paying attention to current events you will see that this is exactly what is happening.Elections are pointless and they only serve to re enforce the illusion that elections change anything which re - enforces my long standing opinion that the only good political party is the party that is in opposition.When the opposition party inevitably gets into power you will see NO real "Change".

Experience and my better judgement tell me this will be the case in the US concerning "change" or alternativly they will be brought into line with the UK as the US is 11 years behind the UK/EU.

The Damien Green arrest incident is just the Left wing showing their Stasi-ist tendencies.They expect crime rates to increase because of the economic situation.

Geniuses !!.

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