Friday, 31 August 2007

Whats the definition of an ungrateful Cunt ?

I am not saying as it is horribly sexist and too obscene to post.

A ***** who says *** never has an Orgasm.

I may have to delete this for fear of consequences.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thats better !

I couldnt stand another second of that noise.

On the subject of noise and mobiles and the sort of socially and intellectually inept shallow fuckwit who is so shallow that they need a little plastic toy to fiddle around with and show to their friends. "Look it plays songs!! And takes pictures and you can watch videos and text all my little friends with all that stupid TXT lnguage.

Its enough to make you despair but i just ignore them as i am not even interested in Mobiles as i have a natural aversion to them.And i dont much enjoy listening to their boring little lives and boring everything else.Why they assume everyone else is deaf i just dont know but sometimes i wish i fucking was.Also when they are outside the pub or wherever they are calling from why is it that they cant stand in one place instead of pacing up and down usually from left to right ? It must be some sort of involuntary action that they are not aware of but they nearly always do it.Also some of these people have mobiles and make calls in stupid inappropriate places and get in the way like in a shop.I suppose it makes them feel important and i think it is also attention seeking.Pathetic.

On the Virgin train from Brighton to Manchester Piccadilly i always sit in the quiet coach so i dont have to tolerate mobile phone bullshit.On one occaison i had fallen asleep but was awakened by someone behind making a call despite it being the quiet coach.I dont care for being woken up and it is my all time pet hate .Sometimes it cant be helped but if it is some thoughtless inconsiderate tosser then i can only assume that if they dont shut the fuck up then they must have a death wish.I didnt ask but told the idiot behind to turn it off.This he did as he realised that i wasnt pissing about. Then would you believe it another one starts to make a call."IS DARREN THERE ? etc boring etc boring etc .Here we go again .I asked this idiot to turn it off but he ignored me [thats another of my pet hates] and without even looking at me told me to "fuck off" .So i ask again this time saying that if he doesnt turn off that stupid little bit of plastic or make the call elsewhere then i am going to take it off you and smash it .He then says "What is your problem" plus some other rubbish.He got a whack round the head with my book for that indiscression.Then he turned it off.I am not paying 70 quid for a train ticket to listen to that bullshit and i am sick and tired of stroppy little socially retarded people with no respect or consideration for others.Well respect starts here.Everyone else just sits there and says nothing and just tolerates it but i dont.

In reply to Steves Blog On The Bog

Before that i have to say that i dont like music on blogs at all .I inevitably wont like it and more to the point how the fuck do you turn it off ?This latest blog has gone even further by not just one track but one after the carries on playing even once you have left their blog and doesnt seem to stop.Right at this very second it is still playing and is beginning to grate but i am trying my best to block it out but if it doesnt stop soon it is going to start to piss me off.Thats it now i am cutting this short as i cant take anymore of it as it sounds like sub standard Bon Jovi [it might even be bon jovi] and it never ends.Well it is going to end now.Back soon.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I [sort of] know a Furrie !

This is someone who owns a chain of pubs in Brighton.This person is a Leo and he is absolutly obsessed with Lions.The chain of pubs is called the Golden Lion group of pubs.when you go in some of these pubs there are Lions [ pictures of and object D,art ]everywhere.He named his kids Leo and leo something or other for a girl.He thinks he is a Lion as well.He is also very flash and drives a 2 door black brand new Bentley coupe with a number plate that says MR. LION on it .He has gone through quite a few different personalised plates that have lion on them somewhere.The old plate had D.Day lion on it.Dave Day [D day] is his name.There were even Lion Fish in a fishtank in one of the pubs.His house is like Graceland [Elvis Presley].He is not an unpleasant guy but he does remind me a bit of a character that you would see in the Fast Show.

I was in one of his pubs once and sitting in a Chesterfield settee and you could shove your hand down the back of it where that bit is where stuff falls down it and i worked my way from one side of it to the other and by the end i had twenty quid in pound coins and other change plus lighters and other things so that wasnt bad going.

Monday, 27 August 2007


News of the year so far . I had one of psychic moments the other night were i suddenly thought that i must call someone i know by the name of roger.I also sensed there was a sense of urgency to call this person up.I get this all the time where either someone is going to call or i must call them.I can also tell who is calling before i answer without prior knowledge of a call being expected etc.also i always know when and when not especially if it is a spam or nuisance call.Its like an inbuilt spam filter.also i can tell if someone is in the area as i tune into their presence somehow plus a lot of other wierd things that i wont go into now as i must not digress.

Anyway there was a postcard posted through the letterbox somewhat unexpectedly.I read the message on the back of it.It was from roger who had lost my number so please get in touch asap.I was surprised but not surprised at the same time for the above reasons.The message also read : " brighton tip found but unnapproachable " .So i called up Roger who said a victorian landfill/rubbish site has been uncovered very recently on a construction site that is fairly central.There are problems with access to this site to dig for various reasons such as other diggers breaking in and digging for bottles.There have been fights there and one individual was caught breaking in etc and has been sent to prison so i am told.There are ruoughly half a dozen other diggers apart from myself who are aware of this site apart from myself.We are all desperate to dig this site asap and i have been chosen to talk to the developer and set up a meeting to arrange official access.This is because i am good at that sort of thing plus i have connections with the local council.i can talk my way into anywhere usually.The site is council land and the construction is to build a rubbish incinerator so its a council project therefore it is easy access for me because i am connected to a local museum house that researches local history that is in turn connected to the museum.

Back to the site in question: first of all the builders were just smashing all the bottles so i dont even want to know what was lost there.Then the break inns alerted the builder to the fact that these items have a value.This of course made the builder more interested in them so the builder kept all the bottles instead of smashing them and has so far accumulated over a thousand bottles and pots that he is now selling slowly on Ebay . One example fetched 230 quid.I also believe 3 very valuable stoneware pub flasks with names of old brighton pubs were sold privatly too.I will meet with the seller with the bottles as i daresay i will buy a few of them and the seller is obviously local so this way i get to see everything before they appear on Ebay and are sold.I also would like to photograph and record what i dont buy .The seller will let me do this for a couple of boxes of beer i should think.

Back to the site again : The site is cut in two by a narrow lane.The incinerator is being built on the smaller narrow plot of land.On the opposite side of the lane is the much larger plot of land.The whole site was a tip and an Abbatoir in victorian times.Right now the land is a brownfield site that sooner rather than later will be earmarked for redevelopment.This is what i am really interested in .I would like to secure digging rights in the first instance and to incorporate a research project on social history during that time that would involve Brighton Museum and the Regency Town House that i am involved in.This is so we can dig systematically rather like an archeological site so that everything is recorded and photographed with the potential of a permanent display within the museum of these items.Plus also what i can keep myself for my collection and then perhaps auction the rest of the more boring stuff off on Ebay to raise funds for various projects that have stalled at the town house due to lack of funding for example.

The general opinion of rough dates of this site date it to C1830 but i have yet to see evidence of this myself . The evidence that i have seen dates items to roughly the 1870s perhaps slightly earlier.To find a tip containing landfill from the 1830s is really the equivalent of finding gold . Almost unprecedented as bottles were handmade individually then and are extremely hard to find and are very valuable.

So it is all very exciting as no one has located the main rubbish tip in brighton until this came to light.As a final point this landfill site was full up by about 1890 so it was coverd over but the site continued to be the Corporation rubbish depot to this day. In 1890 ish the site contained a "Destructor" that is marked on the map of 1890.I will have to find out more about what that was but its name explains quite a lot in itself.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Comic art

I am a complete novice at this but i am slowly progressing in a positive way.I have just started to compose a drawing or character out of my imagination rather than having to look at source material for guidance.I have to say now that i am not creating totally new characters .Not as yet,rather i am still drawing existing characters in different positions ,situations etc in an attempt to improve my drawing of figures or people.I still stick to drawing characters that i like and are familiar with drawing.This is more than enough for now.The only slight problem is my wandering attention span as i tend to draw in fits and starts rather than start a picture and finish it to at least a pencilled stage.Never mind.Little and often is actually a good way of improving whatever it is you are learning providing that you have enough self motivation to persist with it .Perseverance and persistance are two of my favourite words .I dont believe anyone got to the top without understanding the nature of perseverance and persistance.Tenaciousness is another quality that is good to have for miuch the same reasons.

Book progress:

Two and a half pages [A4] size of ideas , chapters , sub chapters , observations now to expand upon now.The finished result of a large part of this weekend.Once i have worked out how it is going to be structured plus an introduction then it will more or less write itself.No controversy or shock value content either as deliberatly courting controversy is boring.

Oh my god as i post its Rufus Wainwright indulging his camp theatrical side singing the songs of Judy Garland on Stage in London with a full orchestra.

That voice is torture. Off it goes.

Friday, 24 August 2007

I nearly drowned or did almost drown.

This is a major event in my life.When i lived on an Island off New Guinea we used to spend a lot of weekends at an island retreat away from the main island .It was a private resort.I wasnt a strong swimmer at the time but i was fascinated by the shells and coral that was washed up on the shore and i was snorkeling but as is the nature of small islands barely above sea level the tide comes in very very quickly.I was out of my depth and panicked and to make it even worse i thought i saw a shark and so panicked and tried to get everyone elses attention .My mum and dad were just sitting on the beach or at the bar drinking.I was screaming and shouting for attention.I just about got noticed and first of all my brother just stood watching on the shore and did nothing.Then my Dad suddenly noticed and flew into the water at 100 mph and saved me from drowning and carried me back to shore. Then a quick dry off with a towel and a bit of sympathy and it was business as usual as if nothing had happened.I was awfully close to being swept out to sea by the currents never to be seen again.

I went to a school in New Guinea that consisted of straw huts with the floors being sand.Imagine that .I went to a school with the indigenous population of very dark - skinned islanders.The Headmaster of the school was this sort of Charles Darwin figure
with his khaki shorts and shirt and Pith etc.Like a victorian explorer type and very disciplinarian.On one of my first days at that school i remember being a bit scared of one of the native girls who was tall and black who i had never seen before who was trying to scare me .She did scare me and so my survival instinct took over and i picked up a handful of sand and threw it in her face.It obviously went into her eyes and caused her agony , but i was scared shitless and was just defending myself. Anyone reading this probably cant comprehend what my life was like being in that situation .For that misdemeanour i remember being caned 3 times at the age of about seven or eight.There begins my dislike of authority as i felt this was a gross injustice.I dont remember lasting long at that school.Fuck school and fuck education i decided from that point on.The one threat that my dad used to correct my behaviour was to constantly threaten me that he was going to send me to Boarding school back in england.But it was only a threat as he thought it was the wrong thing to do but it wasnt a hollow threat by any means.The only reason my family moved to england was for me to get a "better" education .what a joke and a waste of time and money that turned out to be.

I am enjoying telling my life story.Its got to be more interesting than the a biography on the life story of David beckham for example.

Correction to the last post.

In one part of my last post i meant to say my family have been very supportive and encouraging in regard to writing a book. I cant thank them enough .Thanks for being open minded ,encouraging , patient and all the rest.Now and in the past.

The book.

I am in a financial predicament but not in debt.I need to raise capital to fund a building project that is sitting idle that i cant fund because i am out of funds apart from earnt income . I dont borrow not even privatly or from family so i am going to write my way out of it by writing a book .They say go for it and have been very encouraging so far . This evening was the first time putting pen to paper to formulate the content and layout of the book as i felt inspired.Going out isnt going to get me anywhere so i am going to devote most of my spare time to writing as time is very much of the essence as its not good to let things slip by or waste time procastrinating when matters have to be dealt with.

My brother always said and had a go at me on several occaisons about the fact that i have the capacity to be someone rather than no one but was wasting my time.I just wish he was still around to see whats going on .He would have been very happy and i would have been very happy as well.

This evening i have filled an a4 sheet of paper with possible subjects and subchapters and observations.I am slightly pissed posting this but this post is in the words of Paul Weller " dedicated to anyone who has slated me or given me a hard time in the past . Fuck You."


The only time i have won anything.

The only time i have ever won anything [apart from winning the competition to design the cover to the school magazine] or been part of a team who has won anything was first prize in the best stand competition at the Decorex exhibition [international fair of fabrics and furnishing ] at Syon Park in Chiswick.We were commisioned by a London fabric designer to design and build a stand for the exhibition.The theme for the stand was to be Moorish or Morrocan in style. One of the team was an architecture student who was a friend of a friend and another friend who literally lives 30 seconds from where i live now.He also does set design at glyndebourne opera.The stall was just made from bits of wood and orange boxes stained with woodstain plus lots of paraphenalia that was Morrocan plus the fabrics.To our amazement we won first prize against heavyweight competition [international fabric houses].Fergie presented the prize but i didnt attend that event.The prize was a silver bowl.We went back at the end to dismantle the stand and clear out and help ourselves to whatever other exhibitors left behind and got a bit pissed [or slightly merry on tray after tray of glasses of Champagne] and load up into the van. We stopped off at a friends house in Forest row in sussex before we had to unload the main part of the stand at the house of Dave Gilmours [Pink Floyd] ex wifes house in forest Row which was a bit curious as i didnt understand the connection as it wasnt explained to me. Who knows Dave Gilmours [ginger] ex wife ?? Tea with Dave Gilmours ex wife adds a bit of variety to life.

When i was 11 i was eating out with my family at a restaurant at the next table to Val Doonican . Val bloody Doonican .That guy who sings in a rocking chair on a saturday evening on BBC1 who was the scourge of my life ? Is this what my life amounts to as an 11 year old ? I hope things improve.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

second todays fun and games

Today i talked to my next door neighbour for the first time in 9 -10 months since he moved in .This didnt come about in the normal fashion as you and i know it but rather in a boring pointless and rude kind of fashion.This isnt where i actually live but at another address that is very close.I must have walked past or seen this idiot about 50 times and each time he has chosen to ignore me.I must admit i didnt like this person from the v ery second i saw them as there was something about him i didnt like and he always had a look on his face that i didnt like.Instant judgement you might think and everytime i am right as i read people like books and i always sense a wrong un.This happens very rarely.anyway I always notice him looking down on us from his balcony towards us in the basement as if we are somehow inferior.Anyway we have triple the amount of floorspace than you do so fuck you.He also drives an old Porsche 928 just to impress.It doesnt work.We think he is a twat so we ignore him.We dont engage at all.

So to today : I am working 4 doors up in the square doing various repairs to a front entrance.I was working up a ladder in an awkward situation and i nneded a drop of water to knock up my pot of muck again without having to go down the ladder again.So i walked along the balconys to look for a drop of water.I found some and left to go back to my bit.Then inevitably a door opens and a voice says "what do you.. etc] .It turned out to be dickhead [bignose]i was just referring to.I tried to explain why i was there but he talked over me and ignored what i said.Then to add insult to injury he says "you are the "contractor" we have requested to work on our house, I am on the management commitee for the house,and i will make sure you dont get it ! " Well for the second time Fuck You , I know the chairman of the commitee and he wont listen to you so shut the fuck up and go back inside.I didnt actually say this i just said "please yourself ". The fact is i am not being given adequate funds to do a proper job so i doubt i will do the work unless more money is forthcoming.I turn down work often because i cant work to a high enough specification and enough funds to work with.I simply can not do work that is not up to my usual standard as it is bad for my reputation. The finished result is very poor and i get no job satifaction whatsover .

So finally Dickhead decides to call the Police. So the Police arrive and i have a chat with them and explain myself . The Police listened and totally understood what had happened.They could see i was working and that i was known in the square .I dont make a point of not liking the Police etc as i have always found them absolutly fine to deal with and perfectly likeable as people.I said to them that i couldnt believe they had been called out and they thought the same as well.One of them was laughing about it a bit or smiling a lot at least.I said i would keep the peace and not go on his property again.

Todays fun and games

Saturday, 18 August 2007

latest picture

This is where a polish family lived just up the road from where i lived. I used to know them a bit .The garden was big enough to fit several houses in the grounds that ruined it in my opinion.The family had two kids One was called Lucian who reminded me of a Gorilla.I didnt like him much but my mum said why dont i play with Lucian as my mum knew his mum . So i got to know Lucian a bit but i thought he was a bit weird as something wasnt right.One evening i was walking home with Lucian.I was about 14 at the time and all of a sudden i was punched in the head by Lucian for absolutly no reason.When we got home it was dark and i said goodbye [or good riddence]to Lucian.I had gone a little way down the road towards my house and i was being bombarded by large stones that Lucian was throwing at me from up the road.I wasnt hit by them but i never went near that nutcase again. F****** lunatic.I told my mum that i wasnt going near that kid again but i still used to talk to his mum as i quite liked her.

Anyway to prove i was right it turned out he was mentally ill or Schizophrenic although that can mean many things.Years and Years later he threw himself off the top of a multistory car park here in central Brighton.

This used to be all fields.

The picture at the top is of a place that i used to haunt [i couldnt resist that ! ] .One of the markers is The Ancient Parish Church of Ore .Next to it is a small farm .What you see around it are a lot of new houses that have been built over the last ten years. the Church is somewhere i discovered when exploring the woods.before the houses where built it was a forgotten ruin .There was just the tower left and one wall.Before the houses it was a beautiful place.It was hidden away and surrounded by trees.It was like something out of a horror film.There were some very rusty old iron gates as well .The whole place looked and felt very haunted.There is a small cemetry as well .I used to go up there quite a lot not always alone.I discovered it in about 1980 and sometimes you used to get some quite wierd people there.When the houses where built it became too well known and was ruined and the place lost all its atmosphere.Once i went up there and found a lot of slaughtered chickens strewn around the place from some ritual that had taken place the night before as the site used to attract that kind of activity. There is a colony of white pigeons that have always lived in the tower and they are still there.

Over to the left is the site where there used to be a Ministry of Defence building that was apparently used for war records .This was a weird place as well and i remember being very scared once when i was in the grounds as i felt i was being watched by something that wasnt there so i ran for my life.I ran straight through a bramble hedge and got torn to pieces by the thorns but i was so scared that i didnt even notice it happen.The site is or was haunted but it may have subsided when the building was demolished and houses built on the site.I was 14 -15 at the time of the incident.


One of the pictures is an overhead view of vancouver island.the next three are more pictures of the cemetry in Guildford and the tower that i lived right next to.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Thursday, 16 August 2007

4th and 5th pictures

The less said about these the better. The clues are in the picture . What you see is the largest open cut mine in the world that is visible from space. My connection with this ? You dont need to know that . Should you work it out then it explains itself very clearly. Personally i am not responsible at all apart from being there at certain times . Thats more than enough to be going on with if not forever.

Thats two major landmarks i have posted about .

Thank you GoogleEarth.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


the first picture is an overhaed view of where i lived in guildford which is also the highest point in the area or at least guildford . Its next to a lookout tower or folly called the booker tower. you can see all around guildford from this point .the house is directly overlooking a victorian cemetery. very romantic places are overgrown victorian cemeterys. The cemetery was my playground . As a solitary child i would spend hours exploring it . It literally has not changed since i left . the years that have gone by since melt away or seem like nothing whenever i go back infrequently.The house hasnt changed either. Its reassuring in a funny sort of way. lewis carrol was buried in this cemetary as mum is from this area and she went to a very expensive private girls college in guildford.she flunked all her exams so it was a waste of money.history repeated itself with me as i flunked all my exams as well.every one of them .

the second picture is an overhead view of my old house and the others around it.that hasnt changed either. Although it sounds bigheaded to say it this was THE premier address in hastings.everyone thinks hastings is a run down shithole.i beg to differ.quite honestly living there surrounded by mile and miles of unspoilt wealden woodland plus the area in general i consider myself very priviliged indeed.having the woods on my doorstep was just the best thing that i could have had at that age.again it was my playground and i would spend a lot of time on my own exploring it and being at one with nature without a care in the world.i would disappear for hours and no one would mind or worry. another pivotal moment of my life was when the large run down victorian farmhouse across the road was bought by a london cab driver of all people who proceeded to renovate it. I then decided at the age of twelve that i wanted to do the same .thats what i do now amongst other things.sometimes you just know what you want instinctivly.The woods themselves are a nature reserve and owned and protected by a trust and preservation society. the keepers of the woods in other words .that was us and some others who lived in the immediate vicinity of the woods.together we managed the woods and managed the trust.sort of custodians of the woods.i used to get involved in woodland conservation when we lived there. believe it or not it was only a 20 odd minute walk to the town centre and sea.ther was plenty of walking home through the woods at night a bit drunk to get home. i dont fear the dark at all because it was always dark at night. i remember being very into ornithology or birdwatching then as we were surrounded by them of every species and we always fed them as well .i used to know every call by window in the house was approximatly 20 foot by ten foot or more in size.birds would fly into it and stun themselves as they couldnt see the glass as it was clean.we used to take them to the bird sanctuary as we knew someone there who was high up in the r.s.p.b who i used to go birdwatching with. so all in all it was a fucking [excuse my french]fantastic place to live and grow up and i am eternally grateful for it and always will be .i dont take anything for granted in my life and never the old days when you would get snow you can imagine just how amazing it looked first thing just after the snow had fallen in the morning. just a sea of whiteness and an lsd trip without the lsd. never to be forgotten.when thye snow was thick i would go sledging in one of the hores fields that had a steep slope.virtually the whole neighbourhood would be there and i would know everyone there.

the third picture is the sea or shore of dungeness or dungeness power station to be precise. if you look you will see 2 places where the sea is bubbling up .you can see a slightly circular pattern in two places.this is caused by warm or very hot water that has been expelled from the nucleur power station .To be exact it is water that has been used to cool the reactor rods or reactor.As you probably know reactor rods are submerged in water constantly .the water is pumped around the reactor rods 24 -7 as a cooling mechanism .or they are in this case as there are many ways to skin a cat. this water is very warm when expelled into the sea this area is fantastic for fishing as the warm water attracts a lot of fish . its good for swimming as well .i used to swim in it. that might explain a few things ! perhaps i am a mutant !! . My father was involved in designing and building this place .That does my head in sometimes when i go there.I used to spend all day fishing at dungeness when my dad was at work there during the day during summer holidays looks so much better at night when its lit can see it in the distance lit up at night when you are in the beer garden of one of my favouirte pubs the queens Head at icklesham .people think because of chernobly etc that nucleur power stations are inherently unstable.its understandable but the truth is very different in the west.its not their fault as they are uneducated but they dont know jack shit about nucleur power can they ? i know more than they do and believe me there are failsafe devices and various mechanisms that i dont understand that are activated one after the other before a reactor gets anywhere near a critical point of meltdown .to compare nucleur power stations here to russia is no comparison whatsover.misguided ignorance.its very very very unlikely that would ever happen. i am not necessarily a supporter of nucleaur power but it has its uses in the short term . unfortunatly the physics of dealing with nucleaur waste isnt understood yet.My father was also involved in sizewell b power station but i dont know so much about that.dungeness is also famous for film director derek jarmans house and garden .its a work of genius and is planted with indiginous plant species and detritus washed up on the shore like driftwood etc.its a beautiful sight and more like a work of art than a garden .a book was published about it as well.dungeness is one of the wierdest places you can go to.very surreal.

thats enough for now.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Wot i lernt at skool

on a calculator if you multiply 6922251 by 8 and turn the calculator upside down when you read the answer you get " BOOBLESS " . Try it for yourself. theres another that reads "shell oil " but i have forgotten what the calculation is.

Fascinating .

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

4AD presents the 13 year itch video compilation

I unearthed this the other day as it has been watched a few times and then packed away for 14 years.Its a VHS tape.It was given away if you were at the event.I had a panic the other day as i thought it had been lost as was the case with the CD that has vanished. The CD is as rare as rocking horse shit.4AD themselves said Best of luck finding another of those . The video is even rarer than that as there werent many given out.

The tracklisting:

1:The Breeders - cannonball
2:Unrest - isobel
3:pixies -dig for fire/allison [my sisters name]
4:frank black - los angeles
5:bettie serveert -tom boy
6:the wolfgang press - kansas
7:his name is alive - are we still married ?
8:his name is alive - lip
9:his name is alive - cant go wrong without you
10:this mortal coil - late night
11:micheal brook - breakdown
12:heidi berry - the moon and the sun
13:red house painters - 24
14:throwing muses - counting backwards
15:pale saints - blue flowers
16:swallow - oceans and blue skies
17:lush - superblast
18:ultra vivid scene - blood and thunder

I knocked the table that had kim deal of the pixies and others were sitting around drinking at sending all their drinks spilling all across the table and over them as well. but it was alright as they just laughed and were very forgiving about it.Also i had a chat with ivo watts russell who started 4ad records .that was good because i liked all the 4ad music in those days.they were my favourite record label.thank you ivo watts russell.also all the original art from the sleeves was on exhibition as well .Thats some of my favourite art . artwork by vaughn olivier 23 envelope . as good as peter saville / factory records their artwork gave labels a distinctive identity that was their own

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Had a chat with my mum today so i broke the news that i am shortly going to write a book. The book will have ranting and swearing in it .Perhaps quite a lot of swearing but only as much is as necessary. Thats all right she said . She likes my ranting and i enjoy ranting so i might as well get paid for it .

She will probably read this blog sooner or later.

Friday, 3 August 2007


I had my first attempt at stonemasonry.Laying slabs. The first attempt was completely wrong as i rushed it. The guy who is training me who is a building historian said "Tell me what you have done wrong." " I said you had better tell me or we will be standing here all morning" The upshot was lift it up and relay it and this time get it right and follow the instructions i have given you.

This time i did get it right and the work was approved and passed .

I learnt how to make Hydraulic lime as the romans did.

There is noone else in Brighton who is learning about all this sort of thing and as far as i know noone else is interested either . There are only 4 individuals who know anything about building conservation and listed buildings in Brighton and i am one of them. On a couple of projects i have had specifications to work to that are provided by surveyors. i have discarded theirs and written out my own instead and worked to that instead as they are not educated in respect of building conservation practices. So i say this is how it is done and this is how i am going to do it.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

humour and personality

To me it is a survival mechanism . A very necessary one even to this day . If it aint broke dont fix it.