Sunday, 30 September 2007


I am naturally very wary of people in general.It takes an awful lot before i trust them and consider them wothy of knowing or evena friend.This is because of a certain amount of ill treatment and abuse that i have suffered at their hands in one way or another.Perhaps there is something about me that they just dont like for whatever reason.I often find that they just cant be trusted and are always on the take and out for themselves and what they can get out of me.Also i often find that they are two faced as well .Thoroughly unpleasent selfish nasty creatures a lot of the time.If for whatever reason you dont like me then you can be sure that i wont like you either.Thats guaranteed i promise you.As for the opposite sex and relationships then refer to the above and then multiply it .i am very cynical of the opposite sex for lots of reasons that i wont go into now.i will save that for another day but needless to say i wont play ball with them and submit to their little controlling ways.They are often on the take as well.i find just saying i am pennyless helps to get rid of them quickly.And just for the record women arent interested in looks in the way it counts for me with women .It doesnt enter into the equation from what i can see.the less i say about that , the better.More like how much money you have.Well i am not paying for your shoes no matter how well off or poor i am .Get your own money to pay for your obsessive compulsive shoe fetish.By the way if you want to play the i am snooty and aloof then two can play at that game as well.i am just too kind to burst your little bubble of self importance and look at me i am so beautiful ness.You are not that beautiful i promise you and i find it a bit presumptious that you have to play those sort of games anyway as you presume i am looking at you.I am not.All i see is another snotty woman.i dont get good vibes of these sorts of women at all rather just a cold cynical hardness about them that i find very unattractive.

Its quite often a different story when i am walking the dog as everytime i do that you ask me is *That* a husky or a wolf for the 500th time .Its like the dog is a crutch for social interaction and normal social behaviour.Then your snooty attitude drops and all of a sudden you actually come across as a nice person for once.Is this snooty attitude some sort of cultural Meme ? I dont understand it but you dont get this attitude in london.Its a sort of provincial wannabe attitude when they are trying to hard and think that they are a sophisticated girl about town.

As for people in general then i have just been shat on too many times to involve them in my life too much these days so i dont get too close to them generally speaking.There are exceptions but not many .I have always been a solo operator anyway as i find life is simpler that way.Certainly less disappointing.


Charity Street muggers or Chuggers : What started all this off ? Whose idea was this? Annoying creatures.Why do they bounce up and down all the time ? Perhaps they are trying to appear fun and wacky.They just look bloody stupid in their garish luminous colours and their irritating manner. Do i look like a five year old ? Do i need a person who looks and acts like they have just walked off Childrens TV to persuede me to stop and talk to them? "Hellloooo can we stop and play for a bit ? i am really funny and bouncy and jolly and all bouncy.Shall we play a game? Its really fun its called you give me all your bank details and commit yourself to giving money to a charity out of sympathy for the poor retard in the street who earns a living form bouncing up and down ,smiling a lot and waving their arms around". Do these charitys think that i am some sort of retard who with the mentality of a five year old who cant handle talking to an *adult* before i am tempted to part with any cash and bank details? Either the answer to that is yes they do or only these sorts of retarded clowns want to do this sort of work.Either way just piss off and stop waving your arms around frantically just to get my attention. Just because i look like i am friendly or amenable doesnt mean that i am .I am not friendly , i am hostile so just go and target someone else please.I just want to be left alone.Whats more i am not made of money either.Its always bloody Humanist charities as well.I am only giving money to wildlife and nature conservation charities thanks.
Do you honestly think i havent seen you ? You must think i am either blind or have no peripheral vision or something.I saw you half a mile away.Sod off.

Shopping at petrol stations:

Lets go shopping at the petrol station: You get this a lot at certain petrol stations.You get a mini supermarket at some petrol stations.Usually a Tesco reject shop.First of all the idiot fills their car up at the pump and then decides to do some shopping in the aforesaid mini supermarket.This means that all these dumb idiots leave their car at the pump while they queue up after filling up a basket full of plastic consumer crap and sunday Papers etc.Then they just have to pay by card not old fashioned cash of course.Dumb stupid idiots.I cant stand them.They have a drab air of greyness about them as if they are in some sort of transitory state between the living and the walking dead.Its the way they shuffle along like zombies with a look on their faces like there is no one in.In their half dead state time the passing of time has no meaning to them.Well it has some fucking meaning to me.20 minutes waiting for these dumbfucks can seem like an eternity if you are sitting in a car waiting to fill up.Its equatable to watching paint dry in terms of sheer tedium .This has actually driven me to distraction several times.I hate having to queue up with them as well as i cant stand their fidgetty impatience and they way that they have to do the equivalent of tailgating .As soon as you move slightly they do the same maintaining that all important 1 inch gap bteween myself and them.I can feel them breathing down my neck and i cant stand it.Often i stand to one side then i dont feel like i am having my personal space encroached.Tesco Express.TEsco lets sit here and wait for ages express.Tesco fuck this i am not waiting anymore lets fill up elsewhere express.Tesco who thought of using the petrol station forecourt as a car park while dickhead does their shopping express.Tesco oh fuck zombie fuckwit who was about to leave has just forgotten something and goes back into the shop for something else.Doesnt matter i am not in a rush express.Tesco why is the queue not moving forward at all express .Tesco why are some of the pumps out of juice therefore making the problem worse express.Tesco i can hardly find anything that i can actually eat except for chocolate or peanuts in this shop express.Tesco next time dont forget to bring a book express.Tesco look at all the dickheads with their range rovers and Chelsea tractors express.Tesco i am not ever going there ever again express.

Friday, 28 September 2007

rubbish part 5:

Oh well i never ! I have an entire inventory courtesy of Ebay of all the items that have been sold up until now and also each item can be tracked to a buyer.Unfortunately this doesnt account for all the items that have most probably been sold privatly.These can also be investigated of course as i believe an outside dealer was handling both the private and ebay sales.And by the way thanks very much for your very helpful item descriptions on ebay.Things like these were unearthed on a construction site today or just this morning.considering that there is no other construction site in the area narrows down your options quite a bit.I witnessed it happening while i was on the other side of the fence and so did others i know.

Thanks everyone for making my job very very easy.

Rubbish part bloody 4 :

The saga continues.Everything up till now has been very predictable in terms of how everything has unfolded.More obstacles placed in our way.Very predictable.More trying to talk sense to the ignorant moron of a managing director of the construction company.How we hate having to talk to people like this who can barely string together a sentence.Boring.

The situation is now this: We have given up talking to them.A contact at University College London has now been notified about this site.This now means that they are also involved or the relevant department is involved.East Sussex Archeological society is now involved too.On Monday an archeological order is going to be slapped on the site and the pile of earth that contains the archeological material.This is now a significant site of historic importance.I also need to prove that the building company has been removing items from the site and selling them on Ebay therefore breaking the terms of their contract with the council regarding archeological material or anything lying under the soil for that matter.This shouldnt be difficult.This is a criminal offence in itself without taking into consideration the fact they have wrecked an archeological site.

Therefore in a word they are Fucked.

They were warned.They chose not to listen.Instead they chose to obstruct.

Now the fun starts.

The council are partly to blame for not writing in all the necessary conditions regarding archeological finds into the contract between the council and the developer.If it had have been then the discovery would have been reported in the first instance.Instead they have just rode roughshod over the whole thing.

This is the same construction company that after being awarded a lucrative contract by the council to build rubbish incinerators then finds very predictably that the budget for the incinerator it is building is set to go over budget by 50 % .This always happens because of corruption etc.It doesnt matter because its not their money they are spending.Its someone elses money mostly council tax payers.They have to pay for the extra 50 % themselves.Great isnt it?

It would be interesting to investigate it all and troubleshoot it all and ask to see the accounts.

Now thats what i would call accountability.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Rubbish part 3:

One call to the building company was returned but nothing satisfactory resulted from it.A second call was made on friday.No reply yet.Why they cant let us dig through a pile of earth i have no idea but resistance is futile.We shall dig in it wether you like it or not.We have tried being very reasonable.Now its time to start being unreasonable.I am sick and tired of talking to these soulless money orientated people in suits and i am sick of builders.They are all the same.This building company was awarded a valuable building contract by the council so why not give something back to Brighton?I hate and detest mean spirited people.Well its the archeological society for you then and the stopping of work.I will organise the dig.How do you like that then ?? not much i shouldnt think but you should have listened.People often insist on doing things the hard way.Why i dont know.They may just be prevaricating as people do when they have to do something that they dont want to do.People are very predictable.I want my own way and i *will* have my own way in the end.

We are also going to organise a dig on the adjacent piece of land once the builders have fucked off.

As an aside all the items that were being sold on Ebay have stopped very early.Nothing has been listed on ebay for 2 weeks now.I think i know why.They thought they could sell it all on Ebay and make a killing.They thought wrong.Word of this site has travelled fast as there have been diggers coming from all over the place to try and dig in it.Some came from Reading and Middlesex.These types are just in it for the money not the history.Well they can all just fuck right off as i have claimed the site now so you are all history.The only diggers who will dig on this site are locals that i know.No one else is welcome at all.Some people from Reading have been offering a 1000 quid for a days dig.Off you fuck back to Reading as i am not interested thanks.They have had their own tip to dig in Reading lately that was well publicised.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Friday, 14 September 2007

Just when things are going well....they get even better.

This whole issue of the bins here is a scam and the worst example of paying extortinate amounts of council tax while at the same time being treated with utter contempt by the sort of people i have utter contempt and disdain for.There have been lies,non existant public consultation,dirty tricks on the part of the council,solicitors firing off threatening legal letters that are not worth the paper they are written on etc boring predictable etc.Just another sad predictable pathetic way of trying to stop the residents voicing their own opinions.One name keeps coming up:

Counciller GILL MITCHELL . You are an unpleasent lying Duplicitous self serving arrogant unintelligent little oxygen thief.Not forgetting your friends of course. " I cant be bothered to answer these questions" you said at the meeting while at the time you claim to be unaware of these proposals.Of course you cant .Add that to just about everything else that you *cant* be bothered to do and thats why everything is in a mess.Your attitude says it all.I predict that you will last about 5 minutes when you are under investigation by the Council Scrutiny Commitee.You will have to answer questions wether you can be bothered or not.You also wont last long because you are such an appalling liar.You just trip yourself up every time you lie which is nearly all the time anyway.You simply dont have the intelligence to lie.

I didnt attend your meeting as i was on the beach and swimming in the sea and taking the dog for a walk on the beach .One of the few things i dont have to pay you directly to do.Is the beach a Dog free beach?Quite honestly i dont know or care.I do know one thing if it is a Dog free beach then you maybe YOU should keep off it yourself.That was actually very unfair and an insult to dogs quite honestly.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The global Monetary fund:

Ever wondered where all the money on the planet goes to ?Or at least cash that is under the control of the richest countries who control finance I.E Uk and USA.These two countries have the most influence in deciding future and present global monetary policy.these decisions include setting of interest rates ,lending and borrowing ,taxes,etc and when and when not to start and end economic cycles of growth and can start your own recession at home .Everyone can.Just stop spending and take your money out of banks therefore removing it from the economic system.People hoard all their loose change at home in jars .This effectivly costs the government and the bank of england money although thats very little.The only cost is the cost of minting coins and printing paper costs virtually nothing to make .thats how governments and banks make money.Lend it to the public and charge interest on it.Its a license to print money.If the leading industrialised nations decide they want a cycle of recession they print less money and charge higher rates of interest on it.A lot more.The opposite happens in times of economic growth.

This leads back to the global monetary fund.this is like a joint bank account between the leading industrialised nations and is where all the money that is collected through various means is banked.The more money they have in this account,the less there is for everyone else.The less money in this account there is,the more there is for everyone else.This is ultimatly how monetary policy and economic cycles are controlled.

At the moment it is roughly [The Global Monetary fund] in the black to the tune of approximatly 70 Trillion.This is by no means definate and probably as close as you can get as a guess as no one publicly knows or will say how much money is in it.Its a lot of noughts anyway.In reality it could be a lot more and also there may be other bank accounts with just as much money in it no one is awre of.Plus if you add up the combined wealth of what you call the "Elite" then add up to a lot as well.For example Her Majesty is estimated to be worth approx 5 billion.this includes land and estates plus other assets so shouldnt really be included as it is wealth tied up in assets and therefore not cash.In cash terms who knows how much the queen is worth?apparently she has business ties and apparently makes huge amounts of cash from insider trading of stocks and shares and commodities, so apart form her official value of 5 billion she is financially independant of that anyway.[tax free of course]

So anyway this is what happens and this is why you have rich and poor but obviously this is looking at the subject in the broadest spectrum possible.This is why the gap between rich and poor never really changes.Its all about having liquid assets.The rest of what goes on is just earning ,lending,borrowing,spending,etc of what money there is in circulation at any one time.The elite obviously dont earn any interest on what money is in the Global Monetary Fund.Thats not a problem however.They earn interest in what interest they charge on lending it and anyway they make so much money anyway it doesnt matter although obviously they can never get enough of it.

1 Trillion = One Million Million = 1,000,000,000,000 times 70 =70,000,000,000,000.

It is supposed to be for global catastrophes etc but not really.Its just that they have all the money and no one elses does

rubbish part 2:

2 Weeks later and nothing has happened until yesterday and today.I had a visit to the site yesterday and the area where the bottles etc where being dug from has now been filled in.thats not too bad because the narrow lane that cuts the site into 2 halfs would have been undermined by digging under it so no going there.the rubbish etc appeared to be under the road which implies that the road was a later addition leading to the conclusion that the entire site was a landfill site.Excavating the entire site is a job for another day and we are in the process of talking to the council about this. the situation now is that all the earth that has been excavated is now in huge piles adjacent to the site.This area of the site is the area that contains the rest of the landfill site.It is fenced off with barbed wire etc which will help when this area is excavated in the future.There is an awful lot of bottles etc still in these piles of earth .I could see it all through the fence just lying around some of it only half exposed.One bottle was right next to the fence so i was able to get it out through the fence.As is the nature of landfill the older deposits are lower down.I could see broken pieces of stoneware and necks of bottles that were C1850 scattered around.there were a lot of others lying around just out of reach.A lot of what has been unearthed have been containers for what would have been in their time expensive goods which implies rich peoples throwaways which would be what i would expect to find.There is still a lot of valuable material in these piles of earth because it was scooped out by a JCB and just dumped.none of it has been sifted through.Its just a shame that my friends dad Derek Askey isnt still alive to see this.He wrote 2 authoritative books on the subject of bottles and digging.One is called Stoneware Bottles [A guide to].

Today a call was made to the building company managing director and to the project manager of the site.What was proposed was this:either let us have access to the spoil heaps to dig through it and to also have a look around the site itself too see if anything is still exposed.What we want is an informal agreement between ourselves to dig.The alternative is for all work to be stopped on site until we have explored it and dug through the spoil heaps.Obviously the first option is preferable to the second.The end result is the same.We get to dig anyway.Its just a shame that no progress has been made up until now.I had to get things moving or we will still be waiting at christmas time.I cant wait that long.I have dreamt about this twice now so i must be obsessed !!

Norkus Maximus or Nork for short.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Best news so far this week.Those nice people at Mars Chocolat france have taken the Hydrogenated fat out of topic Bars.These are my favourite chocolate bars so now i can eat them again.

Remember the Ads ?

What has a Hazelnut in every bite ?

Squirrel shit !!

Funny Books ?

Just to confirm that i am right i ran this question by a few people i know: "how many times have you bought a book that was supposedly funny but wasnt?" All the time they said.They buy it and read it and dont laugh because the book isnt actually funny.

Enough said . Point made.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Socom Combined assault PS2 game.This was a good game but sadly was ruined by the final level plus other things.For example what is the point of carrying just one single rocket launcher round?Its not enough and there is no allowance whatsoever for margin of error.Secondly since when does any tank fire ulimited rounds of shells for an indefinate amount of time if you are in its sights?This is bullshit.1 rocket launcher round? thats all i get? bullshit.Teammates that will not follow orders to take down target even when directly behind the tank?Bullshit.Weaponry from enemy killed disappears off the battlefield almost immediatly?bullshit .Leaving me in the battlefield with no weaponry in the field except a pistol?bullshit.Gun implacements close to tank target that will not point in the direction of the tank in question ? bullshit.Does it make sense to go into a field of combat just carrying a sniper rifle and a pistol ?[thats all i am allowed] bullshit.A complete lack of high vantage points close to tank targets?bullshit.Only 3 medipacks for a team of 4?Bullshit.Teammates who have a habit of falling off ledges and injuring themselves therefore causing me to waste medipacks that would have been unused otherwise?bullshit.Sniping rifles that mysteriously miss the target that i have in my sights therefore wasting what little rounds i have?Bullshit.Firearms that mysteriously freeze at a critical time when engaging enemy?bullshit.

I think thats it but there might be more.I did clear this once.

Oh yes while i remember once a tank explodes the crew of the tank survive and start running around trying to shoot you.would this happen in real life?i dont think so.

I have to admit that this annoyed me a bit and out of frustration i snapped the disc in half.I cant stand it when game programmers and designers do this just to make it annoying and difficult at the end.It spoils an otherwise enjoyable game.

I am giving up gaming for now as i find its a waste of time.

Grumpy old men by David Quantick.

I had a read of this last night just out of curiosity.This book wasnt trying to be funny i dont think or perhaps it was.I am still not sure either way.If you want to laugh at it either laugh at nothing or laugh at the stupidity of the writing.

Its crap. But David Quantik is a "professional" writer so it must be good then but its not good at all.Just a load of mundane observations and silly ridiculous analogies.They get on my tits thses sort of writers quite honestly.A writer for Harry Hills TV burp ? No wonder its shit.Harry Hill is shit too.He looks more like a Lab assistant who is also a Paedophile.A school Lab assistant perhaps ?Or even a physics or chemistry teacher.He would have fitted in well at the school i went to.

Amateurs. Another waste of a quid but it went to charity so i dont mind.

Humour = laughter Get it ?

These people are like the cowboy builders of the comedy /writing profession.Even if the finished product looks presentable it inevitably falls apart very quickly under close inspection and thats on a good day.On a bad day it is almost laughable but not quite in the way the person responsible had in mind.In the end you just feel like you have been ripped off.So do you give them a second chance?Yes if you dont mind going through the whole thing again.You know it will acheive nothing so just tell them to fuck off and dont come back again.

And while i am at it i want my money back. tell them you want your time back as well and that they now owe you ten minutes or half an hour or whatever.I did this with a delivery driver at work once who wasted my i blocked his way out and sat on the back of the van so he couldnt move and counted down until i had wasted ten minutes of his time in return.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Just when things are going well>>>

Update: Kemp Town Enclosures Emergency Newsletter: "Following on from the community bins updates you have been receiving,this one is just to say that you may make a Quiet [underlined] presence in the gallery of Hove Town Hall @ 5pm 13 sep to listen to the enviroment commitees discussion and the councillers views on Cllr Theobalds plan to install community bins in our area.Also if you feel strongly about this suggestion please do write or email Cllr Geoffrey Theobald plus a load of others.

Dear Geoffrey Theeyobald: Do you live in Brighton or Kemp Town ? Are you actually bald ? Do you have a brain ? Can i have a reduction in my council tax if you choose to ignore the residents views on the matter? We will see.

See you at the meeting or even afterwards. Dont worry i very rarely raise my voice.I very rarely have to .I promise to behave.I dont break my word either unlike Brighton council.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Judge Death.

Here is a picture of Judge Death undergoing composition not decomposition.

Judge Death

Thursday, 6 September 2007


This is my first "proper" piece of comic art .This is the tiger out of Meltdown Man.One of my favourite 2000ad strips and my fave character from the strip so he was first choice.His head looks oversized but its not.Its the angle he was photographed from.Next up is Pole Axe [polar bear] then obviously i have to do a wolfman.After that a Dredd/Death scenario and the other dark judges , then a johnny Alpha.I havent shown this publicly before but he was drawn over 2 or 3 sessions over the last couple of days from a rough outline .Its not inked.Not yet anyway.Ignore the rubbish i have posted in competitions.This is the real thing.I said i could do better and i have.I cant attempt backgrounds yet although i have once and it was moderatly successful.I am just doing simple character studies for the time being.


refer to picture:

The picture is of an anti theft product that fits onto the tops of bottles of spirits or wine .It is reusable.These are supposed to be impossible to remove when in place.This is wrong as i removed it myself just by pulling and twisting it.It took about 1.5 minutes to remove it from the bottle.You get these in most supermarkets and shops.It is comparable to tearing a tel directory in half but not as difficult.I dont know how you are "supposed " to remove them and no i havent been shoplifting.

Alpha security products- electronic alarm.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Mobile phones

I am going to stop this ranting as its too easy.In the meantime to the parents of young toddlers who instead of concentrating on looking out for their kids are rather more preoccupied with making calls and letting their kids run about in the road.2or 3 year olds dont have road sense so i would appreciate it if you would stop being an irresponsible unfit parent and take care of your children so that i dont hit them.This potential hazard could cause me a lot of wasted time and i dont want to put a kid in hospital thanks.Of course you will argue its my fault but you dont have the intelligence to see that you are in the wrong.And dont wait till they are half a mile down the road before you start your horrible shreiking to get the kids attention.And stop talking in that dreary voice that talks upwards at the end of every sentence as it sounds like a stupid affectation .Its annoying and irritating.There is a difference between talking and asking a question.If you havent worked out the difference then go back to a special needs school for adults with learning difficulties.

I just hope the kids dont grow up to be that stupid.


Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Mobile phones in shops

No thank you . Its very impolite and inconsiderate that i should either be delayed doing my shopping and secondly i find it an affrontery that i should have to listen to your banal conversation.Wether it is about borrowing your friends A frame trailer or gibbering away in some foreign dialect that i dont understand i dont give a toss just learn some manners,use some discression and turn the fucker off or go and pace about in the street and do it and get under someone elses feet or even stand in the road and hopefully you will get hit by a car.If only you could do this and then paint a line of kills on the side of the car like a fighter plane.

People are a pain.They are often ugly and they often smell bad.I suppose thats why they spray themselves with god knows what.If you read the ingredients of all these pointless personal hygeine products they read like an experiment in chemical warfare.Thats the effect it has on my sense of smell anyway.Perhaps in much larger concentrated amounts you could wipe out entire populations with it.Use a lighter next to the spray to make an instant flamethrower.I read an Essay once entitled "Why capitalists like you to buy deodourant".Why not wash instead [once a day is enough,you dont need to do it more than twicE a day not even in a hot country].Improve your diet as well as that helps and while i am at it do something about that stinking bad breath that knocks me sideways if i stand downwind of whoever it is i am talking to inbetween holding my breath or not breathing through my nose.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Just when things are going well.......

It seems that those two legged problem creators who work for Brighton council have been very busy lately.If something aint broke then why not totally smash it to pieces anyway and then repair it cowboy fashion.I pay christ knows how much council tax here to the Brighton council Mafia protection racket.Pay up or we take you to court.Well they have got something coming this time.

Instead of a once/twice a week rubbish/recycling collection the above mentioned cheapskate self serving lying hypocritical incompetent morons wish to *IMPOSE* communal bins in the streets here as they have done in other parts of this town.Hideous black plastic fucking abominations .Every one dump all your filth and rubbish here and all the other tasteless hideous trash furniture and other effects that useless lazy fuckers cant be bothered to take to the tip so that when the bins dont get emptied all the trash is all over the pavement.MMMMM Very nice.I pity the unfortunates who fall into the designated dump your trash here zone who have that outside their front door.

I feel like starting a council tax rebellion.

This is a disgrace to the town and Christ only knows what visitors think if they have been lured here by the endless spin and hype about Brighton .A world class city i am told.I dont believe it.Bullshit.The evidence says otherwise.The council cant even keep the streets clean.They are a sham and a disgrace.Quite what it is they are trying to acheive i havent worked out yet apart from the above mentioned shithole.

And the small matter of the West Pier burning down is another matter that is unresolved.Its a shame that i lack the physical evidence to report the council for being the culprits behind that act of vandalism but i know you were in on that anyway.I just cant prove it in a court of law.You cant pull the wool over everyones eyes.Not everyone is stupid.Make it look like it was the Palace pier as a smokescreen and something to take the heat off yourselves.But there wasnt any heat in the first place as when boats were seen next to the West Pier immediatly before the fire no Police were called and no investigation afterewards.Its so easy when you just have to make a call isnt it?.

That Labour head of Brighton council with the funny name that ends in Fish that i saw laughing his head off whilst actually witnessing the Pier burning down was quite a sight.Its a shame i didnt have a camera.It would have made a great picture.


The house nearest to the lower right hand corner of the picture and the extension immediatly to the left was some sort of home for wierd people.We lived directly behind it.It seemed to be a home for weird men.Some or most of them looked like Axe murderers or Paedophiles.They were harmless as no one ever had any real problems with them that i ever heard about.You would quite often find them wandering up and down the road during the day or evening.Sometimes we would find them in our garden as well as they would get lost sometimes so we would have to report it to the home.A bit of a pain at times.I remember my mum being startled by noises in the garden at night and i did as well.Someone actually ran through the garden at night once.One or two failed burglaries as well not to mention all the carp in the pond that totally vanished when we were away.A Heron had them someone said.I didnt believe it.Also some one i was having a problem with at the time decided that they would creep into the garden at night and throw stones through our windows.Not nice but i knew who it was so they were dealt with by my father.little shitheads.

I still dont know who was paying for these people to live in this home as it didnt look cheap.Did they have rich families or something ?I still dont know but it was a private home of some sort.

Who ends up living next door to them ? I do.I have given up all hope of having a normal life but i would probably get bored anyway.

The Spellcheck on here is telling me that i have spelt Shithead wrong.I havent.The spelling is correct> Are you paying attention ? It is spelt S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D . Its quite simple once you know how.

The difference between Google Earth and Livesearch.

Distance of Black dog sighting to where i lived.

Losers part 3

Yesterday the losers had left and i went out at about 12.30.When i got back an hour later they were back in the house again.One of them was lying around with their feet all over the settee.My housemate had the good sense and all round intelligence to tell them where the spare key is hidden.Needless to say this will never ever happen again ever.And yes since you ask after the event i do mind very much if you tell everyone where the key is.Some people are just a liability to have around .Its fortunate that there is someone else here with intelligence to compensate for their complete lack of it.I get used to thinking for 2 or 3 people at once.

One of those who let themselves in overstepped the mark once before so i had to kick them out of the house.

The problem with being easy going etc is other people *Will* take the piss and take advantage.When this happens i start to get annoyed and the rest.Then they will regret their actions.It would be a whole lot easier for them to just not do it in the first place but they cant seem to help themselves as their biggest problem is their all round lack of intelligence.Its because of their apparent lack of intelligence that they are unaware of themselves as their brains cant seem to process and assimilate information properly.So the endless cycle perpetuates itself.Since this problem affects huge swathes of the human species then i am surprised that things are not ten times worse than they already are.Sometimes when i look at people quite honestly i find being Human an embarressment.Thats why i label myself as a seperate sub-species who coexists with them but is not quite one of them.I just rule 70% percent of them out of the equation and just stick to the other 30 percent remaining who are worthy of attention.

It runs in the family this attitude so apart form agreeing with it it is inherited.Call us snobs.I dont bloody care quite honestly.No one in my family has the "thick" gene either.We have no time for them.Its a good way to seperate the Wheat from the Chaff.I dont mean judging someone on an economic or class level.That would be ignorant and unkind.We just dont like Human Garbage very much and there is plenty of it about.Mind you Brighton is a repository for rubbish and i have been here a long time so it has coloured my judement somewhat.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Losers part 2

Oh dear.It looks like the no hopers club have become a permanent fixture today.Good job i have my own bit of the house to escape to.Its terrible when you feel alienated in your own home.Still as soon as economics allow i will never ever share a house again with anyone. I wonder what exciting things they will not be doing today? More tea Mike ? More Tea Gary ?. I mean dont they ever get bored ? do they get bored with themselves ? I know i would.This is what happens when you have a welfare state that is there to provide in an hour of need not for useless wastes of space like these.It creates a culture of dependancy.Personally i would cut their benifits permanently or make them do something in return.Everything my Father says about these types is absolutly right."Useless layabout talentless fucktard wasters".They were around in the seventies and are still a hangover from it.Hippies always were a waste of space anyway as far as i am concerned.What did Hippies achieve ? Very little apart from some good music and other contributions to popular culture but apart from that sweet F.A.

I cant be bothered to show any interest in these people.There is nothing to show any interest in.Do i think i am superior to them ? Yes i fucking do.I think the reason they are here today is to prat about recording something for Youtube,.

"lets record something really wacky and silly" . Dont give up your day job guys,oh i forgot you dont have one to give up.

These people are fucked with a capital F . Fucked for life.Who is going to give them a job ? What have they got to offer ? Have they ever had any responsibilities ?
They cant motivate themselves .Motivation is their enemy or nemesis.Apathy is their friend.

Well i am going places so see you losers later.Dont expect a postcard.Enjoy your self imposed poverty and the dole queue.

Fuck it they are so uninspiring i am getting writers block just posting about them.

Saturday, 1 September 2007


Most of my housemates friends are losers but not all of them.There are exceptions.I have had one round this evening and staying in the lounge for the third night running.What are the chances of this person coming forward wiith a token of appreciation like a drink for example ? Probably no chance whatsoever usually because they are broke.At the moment i am a bit broke .Its happens to everyone at some point.The problem with this lot is they are always broke because they never *DO* anything with their lives except sit about ,smoke joints and drink endless cups of tea and then constantly pissing all the time.Otherwise they sit there looking blank and forlorn or talk hippy layabout stuff or sometimes they just talk like they are a load of 18 year olds.They are all mostly around the age of fifty.What have they done with their lives ? I dont even think they know the answer to that question.Another week goes by and i get the impression that they are just killing time .They just all seem a bit pointless to me as they just sign on each week .They activly choose this as a lifestyle as they would rather be skint than to go out and do something useful or get a job.All these people are unemployable unless they get trained in something.I dont bother talking to them that often as i find their influence to be negative as they never have anything to offer and i cant stand their air of apathy and defeat and why bother ? attitude.Its only because i dont like to be mean that i let them stay and as long as they are up and out before i get up in the morning.

How i would hate my life to be like theirs.Its like they are not quite adults yet and have no sense of responsibility and no self respect.I was told that the guy staying here tonight tried some pharmaceutical drug that i have never heard of before .Something psychoactive and i was told it had a negative reaction.There must be something wrong with these idiots.50 years old and still playing around like kids."Wow man have you tried this man , its supposed to be like reeally amazing !! "Why not just give them rat poison ?They would probably take it.

There are too many hippy head types and layabouts in brighton.I find them uninspiring and dull.I get a bit tired of it sometimes but i just get on with my own thing and dont get involved with them and i wouldnt want to be in their situation when i am 50.No thanks.No life no prospects no future.They may not realise it now but they are in for a shock later.Ultimatly they choose to be where they are.They have made their choices in life and have to live with the consequences thereafter.