Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ice cream :

Ice cream adverts shown at 11.30pm is a form of torture.

Why did Haagendaz Macadamia nut brittle ice cream have to stop ?

Why did Haagendaz Malibu ice cream have to stop ?

Yet they have too many sickly chocolate varieties on offer.I cant take chocolate ice cream.You never used to be able to get haagendaz here at all and all you could get was that vile soft scoop vegetable fat gloop in large containers and that bright yellow Walls stuff.

Disgusting like Margarine.


Willets Farm ice cream is the best i have ever tasted.

Whatever happened to Dayvilles that had 32 types and were around in the 80s ?

Also Ben and Jerrys are preoccupied with sickly chocolate and caramel this and that.

Waitrose and M+S are also rated as good.

I sometimes make my own instead.

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