Monday, 31 October 2011


Later but in the meantime there is an amusing picture of CaMoron and a funny headline for your personal enjoyment and amusement/annoyance/irritation.

Ready To Have No Spare Change !!

Do yourselves a favor just this once by avoiding any future election candidate who promises "Change".

The headline to the video is amusing as well.

It must be the BIG SOCIETY that doesnt have political representation and a say on its future or its taxation or its banking system or the NHS or anything else and since that is the case then CaMORONS BIG SOCIETY is nothing but a meaningless and trite election soundbite and a BIG fuck up.The BIG SOCIETY has no say on the Yourapeon Union and in reality its like being treated like a child.

The BIG SOCIETY that CaMoron decrees isnt BIG enough to be able to protest and assemble peacefully.

We have such a BIG SOCIETY that it is used to bail out too big too fails and deliberately sabotaged economies of other nations leaving very little for the so called BIG PEASENT SLAVE SOCIETY of the UK.

Happy days !!!

GOSH !!! Labour really must get their act together in time for the next election !!! as they will fix it all* !!! but in the meantime we will bash the Tories !!!


If you object to banker bailouts then FUCK YOU

If you object to the EU then FUCK YOU

If you object to the NHS being privatised then FUCK YOU

If you object to increases in student loans then FUCK YOU

If you object to not having a referendum on EU memebership then FUCK YOU

If you object to austerity cutbacks then FUCK YOU

If you object to anything then FUCK YOU

FUCK YOU as we will do it anyway.

*I simply do not understand why people still just dont get it.People have this infantile perception that Tories are evil while Labour are inherently good which is a complete misconception and its hardly a bias on my part as Labour wont solve any economic problems so since Labour have betrayed the people they supposedly represent and they enrich the 1 percent then why are they a solution ??

They will probably all blame the Tories for the general failure of the new Left since 1997.Labour stopped being Labour when John Smith had a heart attack in the bath and i dont recognise Labour anymore and i dont recognise Conservatives either as they all have the same agenda.

It was a shame about Robin Cook as well but thats another story as to what happened to him.Lots of murky goings on on the part of the establishment regarding Robin Cook and i am not alluding to there being anything dodgy about Robin Cook either....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Govt on behalf of banksters declare war on citizens:

A taste of things to come here in the West.

Obviously excessive force on the part of the govt goon squad with the objective of clamping down on protestors is completely different to the same thing that has gone on in Egypt and Syria and allegedly Libya and its rather curious that the West is quick to condemn this type of action when its elsewhere but here it is the perpe-traitor of it.

Can you work out why ??

These are not law enforcement officers as they are militarised police/ paramilitaries who are not answerable to the rule of law but the govt and banksters etc etc.

The only difference is non-lethal rounds were used unless if this situation continues on the part of govt then it will be live rounds that are used when things are not going so well for the govt and banksters as they wont hesitate if they feel threatened.what is happeneing here is heavy tactics are being as a deterrent but it will have the opposite effect.

When things get unpleasent in the US then that is the time when the freelance private security firms will be called in:

1. Blackwater (XE)
2. Infragard
4. ACS Defense
AD Consultancy (UK)
Aegis Defence Services Ltd
AKE Limited (UK)
AirScan (US)
Alpha Five (Hong Kong)
AMA Associates Ltd [UK]
ArmorGroup (UK)
Beni Tal [Israel]
Blackwater Security Company (US)
Combat Force (South Africa)
Combat Support Associates
Control Risks Group
Corporate Trading Intl (Hong Kong)
Cubic Defense Applications
Custer Battles (US)
Defence Systems Ltd. (UK)
Diligence Middle East (US)
DynCorp International(US)
Erinys Iraq Limited
Executive Outcomes (South Africa) defunct
Genric (UK)
Global Development Four
Global Marine Security Systems Company
Global Risk International
Global Risk Strategies (UK)
Group 4 Falck A/S (India)
Gurkha Security Guards (Isle of Man, UK)
Halliburton [KBR Engineering & Construction]
Hill and Associates, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Honey Badger Arms and Ammo (South Africa)
ICI of Oregon
ICP Group Ltd (UK)
ISI Group
Investments Surveys (South Africa)
Jardine Securicor Gurkha Services (Hong Kong)
Joseph Patrick International
Kas Enterprises (South Africa)
Longreach Security (South Africa)
Main Street Supply
Meteoric Tactical Solutions (South Africa)
Meyer & Associates (US)
Military Professional Resources Inc. (US)
Northbridge Services Group Ltd.
Olive Security Ltd (UK)
Omega Support Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Optimal Solution Services (Australia)
O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt
Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc (US)
Parasec Strategic Concept (Hong Kong)
RamOPS Risk Management Group (US)
Sandline (UK)
Saracen International (South Africa)
Securicor Hong Kong
Shield Security (South Africa)
Special Project Service Ltd. (UK)
Strategic Consulting International (SCI)
Sumer International Security Iraq [DynCorp]
The Steele Foundation
Triple Canopy Inc.[US]
Vinnell Corporation (US) : A Northrop Grumman Company
Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

They provide consultancy and logistics and manpower if needed so when a job is too big for law enforcement and the national guard then the mercenaries will be called in and they dont care who or what or why as long as they are paid as they are contracters.

The protestors in Denver are mostly clueless idiots who dont have anything to say other than repeat Marxist talking points and who dont know the difference between Capitalism and Corporatism and shout down with Capitalism when it should be down with Corporatism.

Nick Clegg is a fucking stupid prick:

There is always always always some terrible outcome for you that is threatened if you dont go along with these cocksuckers agenda and then when you go along with it figuratively speaking you get the terrible outcome that you were threatened with and it doesnt fix the problem so it makes sense to stop going along with their agenda rather than going along with it all as you dont know any better or because you are chickenshit and believe that the sky will fall in if you dont give them another 75 trillion to bail out these useless bums and banking filth paid for by yourself and your children and so on....

Its perfectly obvious that Clegg etc are not the solution and simply giving them more cash and bankrupting yourselves is obviously NOT a solution because they will be back for more and more and more as they try to bail themselves out of the disaster that they have created that they cant get out of because thats what it amounts to.




I would rather take the pain and consequences of dealing with the situation in the appropriate way to solve the problem once and once only and reset the money system than have more and more of this absurd shit forevermore that solves nothing and stores up a problem for later.........

Its economic suicide staying in the EU you useless stupid prick.

Staying in the EU is a sure fire way to hurt businesses and jobs.Nick Clegg is idealogically driven rather than someone who supports what is good for the UK.

What exactly is the EU doing to help businesses in the UK and in Europe ??

What exactly is the EU doing to create jobs exactly ???

I hadnt noticed them doing anything to create jobs and economic prosperity as all they do is steal cash to bail out their stupid single currency and the banks of the nations who they signed onto derivatives which is the cause of the debt crisis.All the EU has done is generate huge amounts of debt that is unrepayable.

Being a memeber of the EU simply results in wasted ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

Look at Turkey.Turkey wanted to sign up to the EU while times were good and now Turkey is thriving economically as its not a member of the EU.

Regardless of what you think of the City Of London and i dont think very highly of the financial sector the fact is the setting up of the EU financial dictatorship is driving out the financial sector out of the City due to impending EU regulation and it will potentially end the UK stock exchange as it will all be centralised in Europe.Financial firms are all wanting to relocate to Switzerland as Switzerland is not in the EU but there is not enough space there for them and there is a very long waiting list and criteria to relocate to Switzerland.

So you might think that this is a good thing and good riddance to the banking sector but once the money leaves London and it doesnt attract money anymore then that will have a massive negative effect on London property prices which are inflated simply because London attracts capital and investment so the property market will collapse in London and the SE.

Maybe it needs to happen as house prices in London and the SE are really only worth half of their present value at least as its all a bubble.

"We spent years fighting to bring down the walls that divided Europe - it would be damaging to let new ones spring up now."

We spent years fighting to bring down the sovereignty that divided Europe - it would be damaging to let nations become sovereign nations again.

"From the economy, to climate change, to defence and crime, co-operation between European countries has delivered untold benefits for every single person in the UK."

"to climate change"

WTF have you done about "climate change" ??

Changed the fucking climate and fixed it or something ??

They havent even come up with any of the fucking Green jobs that they kept banging on about.NO Green jobs!!

Fucking stupid CUNT

What a load of utter garbage.What untold benefits are these ??

Are there too many of them to count and list ??

Or arent there any ??

The only advantage is being able to live and work freely within the EU but apart from that i cant think of any actual benefits as this nation has been flushed away down the pan along with every other nation that was sold out to the EU.

Major was always portrayed as being gray and Clegg has this kind of brown look about him.

What is the EU solution to the debt problem and deliberately bankrupted economies ??

Borrowing more cash to pay off next months debt payment that you couldnt pay off this month that you cant afford to pay off next month so what happens then ??

You borrow more cash to pay off the next months debt repayment that you cant afford and on and on it goes so you dont have to be a genius to see where this is going and why it is unsustainable.

What other magic solution are you expecting from the EU and your respective sellout govts ??

Jimmy Saville dies:

What a shame.I am genuinely sad about this whereas a lot of the time someone well known dies and i think very little of it.

It had to happen sooner or later but at the same time i thought it would never happen as he always seemed to just go on and on and on and you get so used to someone being around that somehow you dont expect it to happen.

Jimmy Saville is someone i always had a lot of time for as he was genuinely a kind and generous and selfless individual and who had a wonderful eccentric persona that i always liked and the type who didnt really care what others thought about him.I read in an interview that others thought it was odd that he was a volunteer member of staff in a hospital and didnt mind some of the unpleasent duties that it involved whereas Jimmy thought nothing of it.

Jimmy saville was one of the first who was into wearing loads of gold jewellry as well as one of his many tradmarks along with the garish shellsuits.

Bless him.

I used to love doing impersonations of him ewith all that "Now then - now then - now then - what have we here guys and girls - hows about that then - as it happens etc etc".I had it exactly right to a T.

" Welcome to Top - Of - The - Pops !! Now then Now then we start with Dont - Leave - Me - This - Way from the one and only Thelma Houston !!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A sickening spectacle:

I couldnt stand watching the video and stopped it after 30 seconds as that was my limit.


How could a nation[and the wider society] and its people degenerate to this level ??

Pure sickness and offensiveness and mental ilness and mental reterdation.

In what way is it acceptable for the situation in Libya to be used and reduced to the level of fodder for TV light entertainment for the sake of morons and for the purposes of pure propaganda ???

Its just sick and a symptom of a fallen and corrupted nation in severe decline and as the US declines economically so does everything else and as the economy collapses the police state increases as govt jobs and the police state is a subsidary business sector that thrives in this kind of political and economic climate.

I feel pity for the members of the audience who are too stupid for words and have no idea how fucked they are.Look at them salivating over the baby and child killing fake POTUS.

How can the POTUS smile and laugh and smirk under these kind of circumstances not to mention that he shouldnt be guesting on a fucking chatshow anyway ???

Where is the dignity and shame ???

There isnt any.

It is good for the ego of the slick excessively narcissisitic fake lying POTUS and for the members of the personality cult.


A sickening distasteful offensive spectacle of the worst kind.

The United States is FUCKED as well as everywhere else and we all have front row seats to watch the show so make sure that you have lots and lots of popcorn. FYI There will be a short interval every 4 years at election time.

Welfare monkeys* + mindless Democrat/Republican supporters + economic collapse/debt + rampant corruption = Disaster

*Not really a fair description nowadays given the situation but anyway.......

Harold Campings end of world/rapture sweepstakes:

Oh well that will have to wait as i was distracted and have lost the thread of what i was going to it will have to wait....

OWS question:

Here we go again :

No they are not right to do so at all and they have no right to protest either.They should not protest as they should love and trust their govts and kneel before their corporate fascist overlords and be grateful for whatever they get and they should be content with being corporate chattel and slaves.They should be cleared off the streets and rounded up and sent to govt re-education camps and agitators and ringleaders should be permantly detained and disappeared by the system.If the police used =more aggressive tactics against the protestors then we wouldnt be having this problem in the first place.I am both saddened and shocked in equal measure that in a modern democratic system we still allow protests and demonstrations to go on.

The Chinese authorities squash protests so why dont we do the same here ??

[That was my say on the matter]

David Cameron:

Yes what a cute adorable little puppy but what about all of the dead and maimed children and civilians and all the rest of it that you are partly responsible for ??

What say you about that ???

How can you go home at night to your own family and play with your children and read them bedtime stories when children in Libya are being bombed with DU munitions that you authorised ??

Have you ever watched any of the video footage of it uploaded online ???

I strongly suggest that you do watch the videos.

[I will warn others not to watch any of the footage if they are of a sensitive nature and are not prepared for what you will see as once you have watched the footage you will not forget it and you will be affected by it like i was although i was prepared for it and i have seen similar footage plenty of times before]

History will bear this out by the time that your children have reached adulthood and then they might stop and ask you why ?? presuming that your children dont become what you are now.

Anyway nice puppy........

I am sick of this fake Tory prick traitor already and i cant stand his archetypal Eton public schoolboy looks and mannerisms and speech.Fucking silver spoon fake tory child and baby killer.

Alex Jones/Infowars/Prison Planet irregularity :

Why wont these websites ever discuss and promote what is known as Lawful Rebellion/Freeman Of The Land and why wont they cover the fact that the US and the UK and the EU are corporate entities ??

Why is this ???

I have my suspicions and i have called them out directly over this irregularity on the website but i get no response whatsoever.I will in time send AJ an email regarding this but no doubt i will be ignored and i will be ignored because the subject is strictly off limits as a policy so therefore contributing writers and guests NEVER EVER discuss the subject.

If i wrote an article explaining it or presented someone elses article it would be rejected.

I have posted numerous comments in the comment sections which are not removed but are ignored by the website and the vast majority of commenters whio seem to be ignorant of it and no i dont spam comment sections with it as i only post comments on the topic as and when it is appropriate.Its like various comments sections linked to articles are quickly replaced by new articles and they drop off the page never to be looked at again.

I listened to AJ take a call about this and very quickly the call was ended with virtually no acknowledgement from AJ apart from "Yes i was aware that the US is a corporation blah di blah.." then that was that and it was time to swiftly change the subject and onto the next caller.....

How can you rail against the FEDRES and unrepresentative govt and all the rest of it without covering what i am talking about here ???

How can you be pro-Constitutional and protest against unconstitutional legislation and not discuss or promote Lawful rebellion ???

Paul Joseph Watson made one reference to Lawful Rebellion when highlighting a video of a protest in Birkenhead that involved a protest and the arrest of a corrupt judge that was supposedly removed by Youtube and that was it so what about it PJW ???

Did the editorial not notice that little faux pas ???

Phew !!!!! Looks like you got away with it that time !!!!!

Careful how you go in future.........

I am virtually the only commentor who talks of this subject and explains it apart from one other so if nothing else potentially millions view and read the comments so the message must be getting out there.....

I smell a rat here but in the meantime the more this topic is ignored the more glaringly suspicious it looks...

[If PP is controlled opposition then i will describe my points as the silver bullet]


I need to articulate my thoughts on OWS or at least some of them.

"Corporations are not people"

Of course they are not but do any of these OWS protestors understand that the UK and the US are corporations and that legislation is contract law/corporate law/contract agreements and that taxation is the corporate revenue stream that they are complaining about and do they recognise that their govt that doesnt represent them are the adminstrators of the US corporate entity ??

Do any of them recognise that they are tied to the UK/US corporation through a contract and that their SS/NI numbers are part of that contract ?

Do any of them understand that if they nullified the contract between themselves and the UK/US corporation then that would be THE most effective form of peaceful protest there is ??

Does the above @Twitterer understand that themselves and all of the other protestors are simply what is known as Chattel that are owned by the US/UK corporate entities through their respective birth certificate registration contracts and SS/NI numbers ??

Doing this would deprive the UK/US corporate entity of its revenue stream and if this was done enmasse then it would be a massive FUCK YOU to the system of Corporate Fascism and the bankers so why arent they all doing it ????

Does Billy Bragg know about this for example ??

I dont know but i mean to find out in the near future........

It seems very clear that the majority of the protestors are politically naive and are misguided and have no understanding of exactly what it is that they are dealing with and how everything works.

Look at that dipshit on @Twitter above.

How can you possibly protest against Wall St and support Barak Obama especially in 2012 ??




DO i have to spell it out for everyone ???

You cannot treat politics like you are a member of a fan club of a personality cult.

Elections are a scam and a deception.

Its not their fault that they are uneductated and naive as they are a product of the education system and my educated guess is the Twitterer/Tweeter is probably aged approx 20 years and to be fair i was clueless when i was that age but not any more as i am self educated.I cant laugh at them on that basis and besides laughing at them will just turn them off so they wont listen.

"tax rich" - tax the rich so Define what is rich ??.

"accountability for Wall St"

I dont disagree with that BUT why no mention of privately owned central banks like the FEDRES ???

Where does the cash come from that you pay for to bail out the too big to fails and foreign banks and god knows what else ???

FFS these kids and the majority of the protestors dont know what they are talking about and they arent changing anything and the @Twitterer above is simply creating the pretext for Obama to propose sweeping superficial regulation and accountability of Wall St so that the majority of protestors who are naive and stupid and uneducated will support Obama on that basis in the next election therefore acheiving absolutely N O T H I N G.

They need to be informed and educated about the entire system especially the private central banking scheme and everything else.

"End Wars"

There is no arguing with that either so these kids are half right but they dont get the bigger picture yet.......

Did you know ??? that the full extent of the debt and liabilities of the US amounts to approx****** 212 trillion USD******* if you factor in all of it which includes collateralised debt obligations and the obligations of US Treasury Bonds ???

You probably dont but you would have heard that the total US debt is approx 15 trillion so let the 212 trillion figure sink in for a bit..........

This figure has been generated under OBama and the respective adminstration so therefore it MAKES NO SENSE to support Obama and it MAKES NO SENSE to support the respective mainstream Republican candidates either as they are all WHORES of the bankers and corporations etc.

Anyway this is just the first stage in the revolution like baby steps and its finding its feet but its not going to just fizzle out although the actual physical protest will fizzle out but the underlying movement against it isnt going to as times will get harder.

How many of you undertand what is known as Odious Debt on the part of govt ??

How many of you know that you are not in any way obliged to be responsible for paying off what is known as Odious Debt ???

The points i make here are what the OWS need to understand and it should be what they are protesting about rather than just Wall ST to the detriment of everything else.

Music i had forgotten about but reminded of again by Youtube:

Arab Strap:

I quite often liked their music as its unique with its stories and kitchen sink dramas that are narrated rather than sung to the music and not only that as far as accents go i have always liked the scottish accent as its one of the best sounding accents as aversed to others that i wont name for the sake of diplomacy with the exception of what is known as Estuary English which is just fucking irritating to listen to and stupid sounding.In the same way that the upwards inflection of student talk where? everything? sounds like a question ? [which is Australian in origin and originated from students watching too many Australian soaps] the Estuary English accent has this irritating downwards inflection which is very irritating to listen to.

Its quite often mothers with children who i hear talking like this where for example children sounds like "Chil- druuuun" and shopping sounds like "Shopp-iiiiiing and so on...

Anyway i digress...............

As for the Cranberries i couldnt stand them or their music and they came out of nowhere and sold millions of albums and then their later albums flopped and they they disappeared so i was very very happy when that happened.

The decline of popular music:

My case in point is Feist who i came across in the form of an ad that appears before a video on Youtube.

Terrible terrible terrible and how i laugh at the Guardian **** review of it but i always laugh at broadsheet music reviews as i think that they are a joke and the reason that Feist got **** is because the reviewer was paid to give Feist ****.

"Metals just sounds fantastic !!"

Fuck Off.Pinky and Perky would sound fantastic***** if the reviewer was paid to say so.

Fucking rubbish.There isnt very much evidence of feistiness going on judging by what i just listened to as she sounds like she cant be bothered or is very tired.Either way its half-assed lame shit.

It really is as simple as that but then again i am baised not only against contemporary music [broadly speaking] but also against broadsheets especially the Guardian which is the neo-liberal corporate Chatham House pseuds corner rag that is politically right on and ok to be seen reading when you are sipping your endless Lattes in a cafe.

Morrissey = Racist ??:

Late to the party here:

You would not label someone as a paedophile unless you were 100 percent certain that its fact.

You would not label someone as a fraudster unless you were 100 percent certain that its fact

You would not label someone as a rightwing/leftwing/religious extremist unless you were 100 percent certain that its fact

You would not label someone as a plaigarist unless you were 100 percent certain that it is a fact

And so i have made my point

Free speech isnt free as it costs and here is where you start paying for it.

Free speech that is free is speech that says nothing controversial and which doesnt stray out of accepted norms as there is no payback for that kind of speech.

How many who are aware of this actually study it in detail objectively and draw a conclusion based on that rather than just mindlessly jump to a conclusion which appeals to their own prejudices ??

"Morrissey = Twat"

"Morrissey = Racist"

"Morrissey = Bigot"

and so on.....

It really is just mindless.

Going by what i have read on this topic it does not appear that Morrissey is a racist at all as nothing that i have heard or read from Morrissey explicitely states that he is racist but what you have is a series of comments that are open to interpretation and therefore open to accusations of racism which is typical since so many misunderstand what racism actually means and further to that racism/pc people are just a little bit over-enthusiastic and zelous in their pursuit of equality and fairness and that they choose to look for reasons to slander someone as a racist based on their own prejudices and statements and comments that are ambigious or badly articulated or not thought out properly.

Why Morrissey didnt act rather than just issue threats at the time of the NME article in 2007 i simply dont understand as his decision was always going to store up problems later on.The NME should not have based a front cover article on slander and defamation of character as it was highly irresponsible and that kind of editorial decision should have been based on FACT rather than for the sake of a sensationalist front cover article in the editorial style of a tabloid.It would have been more productive to arrange an interview where it could have been settled that way instead soon after the publication of the article.The NME should not have inferred anything when publishing the interview.

They also knew all about morrisseys reputation for being outspoken and controversial and they took advantage of it when pulishing the interview in the style of a tabloid and that is what is the cause of the problem as the interview had already been edited/amended 3 times before publication which presumes that both parties were happy with the content of the interview but Morrissey had no control over how the interview was presented and what was inferred by the editor of the NME and its design and layout .

I am not aware that there is a time limit on when you can file a lawsuit if its a libel case but i could very easily be wrong but its implied by the NME that the time that has passed since the article was published means that there is no longer a case for libel and the NME imply that there are other motives involved and that there is no longer a case against themselves.This is standard procedure and its no different to how a tabloid would act after consultation with lawyers as the whole point is to avoid action being taken against them and its somewhat cowardly behaviour which attempts to distract from the case in point.Ultimately they do not want to have to payout £££££££££££££££££££££££££ when you cannot automatically assume that £££££££££££££££££££ is the motivating factor in clearing ones own name unless the case against them involves loss of earnings and business etc plus various other factors which does not appear to be the case with Morrissey as it does not appear to have harmed his career in any significant way.I have no idea wether or not Morrissey is seeking a financial settlement or wether its simply about clearing his name but in any case the judge may rule that the NME have to pay compensation in which case Morrissey has no control over that decision and if he isnt seeking cash and gets awarded cash then he may give it to animal rights causes or whatever so who knows........

"...his fans still love him.." - Evans.

Of course his fans still love him so WTF would you expect otherwise ???

Its not just about fans of Morrissey as they are not going to change their minds as they are well known for being loyal as fans of whatever usually are but its about the publics wider perception of you and wether or not their opinion of you has changed as a result of and wether or not that perception has been altered due to an editorial policy and baseless allegations and insinuations etc etc.

Evans[NME] is a dipshit as the comments from Morrissey concerning the Chinese and their treatment of animals which is what Morrissey was talking about when he described them as a "Sub-species" and Morrissey is also irresponsible for saying it when he should have articulated himself a bit better by stating that the Chinese treatment of animals is subhuman or inhumane* for example.Describing them as "sub-species" was shooting himself in the foot.Knowing that Morrissey is passionate about the treatment of animals and vegetarianism and against meat eaters then its seems to be the case that Evans is deliberately misinterpreting what Morrissey meant by a "subspecies" given that Morrisseys opinions and causes are very well publicised its a shame that Evans didnt take this into consideration rather than reacting in a knee-jerk fashion to make her own case stronger.

Evans is the weak link in this case judging by her comments and strawman arguments in this article and if i was a judge i would dismiss them out of hand and i would make a very strong point while doing so.

Morrissey is and always has been a commenter on English culture and an enthusiast of it which is clear from lyrics and videos.It is in no way racist to comment on the decline of English culture if it is a natural evolution of UK culture or if its because of open borders and mass immigration as either way it is a valid criticism and in no way does it imply that one race is superior to another which is the core meaning of racism anyway.The issue concerns racism but it not an exclusively racist issue by any means as its a cultural issue.

How dare you complain about or critique loss of culture and immigration !!!!

How dare you then presume that someone is a racist and do so without an adequate basis !!.

Morrissey complained about multiculturalism in London and while that may or may not be a valid criticism London is and always has been a multicultural city so either accept it or move on although its fair to say that there are plenty of areas of London that are pretty much exclusively/predominantly white.Knightsbridge/Kensington is multicultural as its full of the rich of all nationalities and from my own experience it was and i doubt that it has changed since then.Morrissey commented that while walking along the main street in Knightsbridge he complained that he didnt hear an English accent all the while but there is nothing like a little exaggeration to make your point better.

As for the 1992 example concerning the flag then that again is open to interpretation but wrapping a flag around yourself does not mean that you are a member of the BNP for example.besides that Morrissey has always flirted with imagery and Skinhead culture simply because it is/was part of English culture and The Smiths have always had a skinhead/lad culture following unless i am mistaken*.Morrissey has always been a fan of and celebrated White English Working Class culture and that obviously involves the Union Jack.His own background is White Working Class so why shouldnt he celebrate it ??

Evans also seems critical of Morrisseys right to express himself freely using that as a means to undermine the case against the NME which is sort of a strawman argument to vindicate the NME who instead of simply questioning the comments by Morrissey they chose instead to publish a series of allegations against Morrissey which was irresponsible on their part with no thought given to the consequences of their actions as they were convinced of their own self-righteousness.PC types generally do get carried away with themselves just a little bit and having been the victim of it myself i talk from personal experience although like Morrissey i was somewhat irresponsible and stupid and after the event it was perfectly clear that my comments were misconstrued partly deliberatly and partly because it was not an unfair conclusion to reach having not explained myself properly at the time.

The FACT is if you are accused of racism for whatever reason without an adequate basis for the accusations then those accusations will follow you around unless you do what you have to do to clear your name and make it abundantly clear that you are not a racist then those that may or may not have a grudge against you no longer have a case and have to cease and desist.

*That is an opinion that i agree with 100 percent as in inhumane treatment.

To sum up what i think about this i will say that McNicholas was sloppy and unprofessional for various reasons and there are question marks as to why Morrissey didnt act at the time instead of threatening action and no more.

At some point you have to take responsibility for what you type and say or face the consequences of it and think before typing or speaking.

*I saw The Smiths in 1984 [Meat Is Murder tour] and it was by far the roughest live concerts i have ever been to before and since due to the geezer element present.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Hilary Clinton = Psychopath:

Here is absolute concrete irrefutable proof that Hilary Clinton is a dangerous psychopath:

Hilarys staged reaction and announcement of the capture of Gadaffi:

There is some more footage that was shot at the same time that i cant find where Hilary in reaction to the staged unconfirmed report leans back in her chair and clasps her hands together and raises them and smiles and looks upwards to the sky as she was ecstatic but she behaves like a high school girl who has just found out that she has been allowed to go to a party or the high school proms.

Have a think about what goes on and what is said behind the scenes as this video is an indication of that.

The sooner this filth are cleared out the better everything will be and i mean all of them not just Clinton or Obama and all of that shadow govt CFR/TC/Bilderberg filth as well.

Then it will be time for the banking filth to be dealt with.

All of them are just pure filth that are evil.


That was unbelievable.

@Huggles who is named after a make of disposable diapers would never ever be described as having a sharp intellect and i laughed so much at that reply but i didnt want to openly laugh at him and ridicule him where that comment was posted as he is being given a very hard time continually by another member of the comments sections who is very prominent and i feel a bit sorry for him but it was such an absurd comment that i had to say something about it here as that is THE most absurd comment i have read this year.

Its too easy for me to laugh at and ridicule others and sometimes it feels a bit harsh and cruel although ususally i simply correct them without ridiculing them and this time i didnt want to do either.I am trying not to reaqct to those kinds of comments as i have been doing it for 4 years and it just gets tiresome in the end.I could start taking screenshots of them like the above and collect them and grade them in the same anally retentive way that others obsess over stamps but i am not that way inclined.

However even if that nonsense was true i wouldnt object as i dont mind who sabotages the Eurozone but the Eurozone has already been sabotaged through derivatives based debt but @Huggles thinks that since Farage is the only member of the EU Politburo that regularly speaks out against it he must be CIA.If you have any kind of understanding of this subject then that statement is as absurd as thinking that the moon is made of cheese or that CO2 is bad for the planet and climate.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem:

It isnt wrong to support a leader of a country who resists this happening to their country and people but in doing so it caused it to happen but that doesnt negate in any way the fact that it shouldnt be happening in the first place.Its a shame that so many arent mentally equipped to understand this fact.

Is it right to burn down your neighbours house and shoot them as they tried to escape after you tried various methods to make them submit to your way of living after you had lied about them and demonised them just because you dont like them and the fact they have different ways of doing things than yourself ??

I am sure that the answer would be No so why is it in any way acceptable to do that to an entire nation and its people ??

These fucking assholes who think its alright to do this to spread democracy which is the fake panacea to the problems in other nations that are populated by Africans or Arabs who support this kind of action and are too stupid for words unless the words are a series of sexually explicit insults and other strong language.

The so called liberation of Libya means that Libya has lost all of its wealth and assets that were already stolen anyway and now they are in debt and will have to pay for all of the death and destruction and inhumanity that has been imposed them.

The new UN sanctioned Humanitarianism is all about indiscriminate bombing camapaigns and streets and hospitals littered with dead children with arms and legs and heads missing and much worse than that who either died of shock and bled out on the spot where they fell or in hospitals that have no resources to save them so they all die of shock as well and have no understanding of why it is happening to them.

This is something to think about while you all peruse your copies of the Neo-liberal Guardian propaganda papers that promote this horrible situation as being moral and liberal and humanitarian especially if the Guardian are featuring Belhadj as a guest writer.I dislike all of the newsprint media to a greater or lesser extent but i really detest the Guardian but i do enjoy reading the comment section where a lot of the commenters object to all this just as much as i do which is heartwarming.The Guardian is out of touch with its readership but they have no choice but to continue promoting their agenda in the same fashion as flogging a dead horse.

I just dont know where to start with this debacle.

Apparently NATO forces operating on behalf of the United Nazions dropped so much DU ordnance on Libya that they ran out of DU munitions and had to source some more DU from Germany.

If you think that things cant get any worse than this then you will be disappointed.This is the criminal filth who run everything going to the next level and the same with the MSM with their slavish reporting of it that is wholly supportive of this kind of barbaric depraved behaviour.One more chapter in the absurd and tragic and sick history of humanity.

The military forces of NATO and the US are nothing more than dumb useful idiot drones.


That is a quote from your illigitimate fraudulent mentally ill politically correct POTUS.

What an absurd statement that is and of course to get the true meaning and intent of that statement you have to reverse it as there is no other logical reason why the liar in chief would make such an absurd and offensive statement as its clearly insane and delusional.

War is Peace in the Obamination and in the EUSSR.

Shame on all those that support this and shame on all that support the iligitimate globalist fake POTUS of the once free world.Shame on all of those who choose to support the criminal unrepresentative NWO system in Europe and the UK and the US and Ireland and Canada and any other nation that is a member of the G20 and the UN.


If you frequent Twitter it means that you are either skiving while being paid or not doing what you should be doing or its Gods way of telling you that you have way too much time on your hands.

I will soon have way too much time on my hands not to mention my appalling concentration levels when working from home and i feel that i am going to sign up to it and be sucked into it resulting in being distacted from what i should be doing or that Twitter will be an easy way to be distracted from what i should be doing as in it will justify and legitimise too much wasted time.

Whatever but there is only one way to find out but i am not quite ready to sign up just yet andf join in as i am presently just reading comments but its too good an opportunity to miss out on and being a member of it is going to be like a fox being let loose in a henhouse.

I used to thbink it was just trite nonsense which i was above but that was a one sided view of it as i didnt realise the potential.It was somewhat narrow minded in that respect.

Dog is God backwards:

"Dog is God backwards !!"

I was thinking about this when i was doing the washing up as i started thinking about the amount of times that i have heard this said or been told about it personally.Its ridiculous as its said in the sense that its some kind of revelation or that it is somehow significant as in it implies a connection with God and Dogs when its simply rearranging letters to form another adjective.Absurd but whatever turns them on i guess or small things please small minds which was/is one of my mothers favorite sayings.

Another thing that i just thought about is how if you say "there is nowt as queer as folk" then it is not politically correct and all that shit when the word queer has changed its meaning to describe man-love but that does not mean that its previous meaning has become completely redundant and so therefore those of a particular sexual persuasion do not have exclusive use of the word and they do not determine its common usage.The reason that they think that they do is because they suffer from the very common condition that is not exclusive to them by any means which is thinking that everything revolves around themselves and their entitlement to be self important.

A certain section of the gay community are horribly self important and self absorbed anyway.

The deciding factor between free expression and offensiveness should be commonsense which is sadly lacking in todays society and in any case i am sick of feeling like i am walking on eggshells the whole time with all of these precious oversensitive pathetic people.FFS toughen yourselves up and get a thick skin instead of being pathetic little emasculated bedwetting cry baby wimps the whole time with your pathetic victim/persecution complexes on your own behalf or someone elses.

Adults talk straight and get to the point.

How many times do these Liberal types have to change their bedsheets ?

Once a day.

They tend to drink too much coffee as well but thats another story....

Thank fuck my work is running out as i am sick of working and i need to rest and focus on other more important things instead of work stealing all my time and energy.Too busy working to get anything else done.I havent had enougbh time to focus on the failed OWS color revolution either but thats another story.....

"If it feels good then do it"

There is the downfall of civilised behaviour and civilisation in one sentence.I disagree with its sentiment almost completely on so many levels.

I disagree as just because something feels good or might feel good doesnt mean that you should do it.

For example just because taking drugs feels good it doesnt mean that you should take drugs on a regular basis or in the case of particular substances you really should not take them at all.I have taken the majority of recreational drugs at some point except Crack Cocaine but it doesnt mean that i should keep taking recreational drugs because they feel good.I took a large amount of Cocaine/Ketamine/Ecstacy mixed together once and it felt very very very good although i nearly lost the plot in the process but it doesnt mean that i would ever do that again under any circumstance.

I would like to play music at high volume as it feels very good but i cant do it as it will piss the neighbours off.

I would like to drink 3-4 bottles of organic cider every night as it feels very good but i dont do it every night.

I would like to eat 4 half pounders with all the trimmings every night but i dont do it.

Every time i walk past the local take out pizza joint i can smell pizza and so i want to eat a pizza as it would feel very good but i just walk past although the fact they are overpriced and only stop me feeling hungry for about half an hour to an hour is beside the point.

Driving at top speed on the road feels very good but it doesnt mean that its alright to do it.

I would like to sign up to the Huffington Post or Democracy Now/MoveOn.Org and MSM comment sections to say what i think and upset the appplecart because it would feel very very good but so far i have resisted the temptation.

The point is it doesnt encourage responsible behaviour or restraint and self discipline etc as its all about giving in to self gratification/indulgence to the detriment of everything else.

Its just degenerate Hippy shit that was promoted and advocated in the 60s and early 70s as part of a social experiment.

Drumming practice:

I might as well blow my own trumpet as noone else is going to.

I practice daily so today is a quick exercise i chose Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads and within 3-4 soconds i had it down to a T.Its not a difficult time signiture but it is unusual so there was a certain amount of challenge to it but nowhere near enough.

I dont play professionaly although in theory i could as i do it for my own enjoyment and its one of the most enjoyable things i can think of.Its a natural thing because i was always tapping on things since i was as young as i can remember and i was always tapping on the desk at school.

An old friend of mine who was my best friend as it were who i am not entirely sure is still my friend was into drumming at the same time back then and he is now a professional drummer so i was inspired by him to get into drumming but its curious that were both into drumming and apparently drummers are quite often bonkers so work it out for yourself.

I cant play anything else at all apart from a few tracks that i taught myself on a bass guitar which was realitively easy but again bass guitar is rythmn rather than music although it is musical as well but its rhythmn based.

Practice practice practice practice practice.

For the life of me i can never ever get Dancing In The Moonlight correct.

Its not how shit you are at something or how difficult you find it when you are learning as its all about how good you really want to be and if you want to be really good at something you have to really want it badly so that you are driven by it and when you are really good it becomes effortless.A lot of people are not driven and dont want to go therough the pain and frustration of the learning curve and then claim they arent getting any better or that it is difficult which puts them off continuing so they are their own worst enemies.You have to have a set goal which you work towards which means you have to focus which is what i did with drawing and inking.

Drumming is a lot about feeling as you have to feel the the music and rythmn inside you and it does depend on lot on having a natural metronome inside you.You cant learn to have a natural metronome as you either have it or you dont but you dont choose your brain so you make the most of what you were given.

There is a lot to be said for having an idea of what you have a natural feel for and what your abilities are but at the same time trying something completly different like i did with drawing can produce some surprising results where you find that you are good at something having previously had no idea about your hidden talent.

I think people underestimate themselves and never discover their various hidden talents so its all a massive waste of potential not to mention laziness but then if you dont want to be good at anything then why bother ??

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sickeningly gratuitious MSM Gadaffi spectacle:

Today marks a new all time low in a continuous series of all time lows courtesy of the mainstream media as they were all at it from tabloids to broadsheets so really now i dont differentiate between the tabloid gutter press and the broadsheets as they are really not that much different to each other if they all have the exact same editorial policy.

Extremely distasteful and by this i mean the front covers.Sickening filthy propaganda that only serves to support an agenda and they were actively revelling in that sickening display of one-sided bullshit propaganda supporting a cause that is utterly abhorrent and inhumane and criminal.

I am offended and turned off by their disgusting propaganda and i am insulted by it.

I do not want to be confronted and assaulted by that absurd distasteful spectacle when i am paying for something in a shop but unfortunately its a sign of the times and there will be more of it and worse.

NOT ONE of those filthy corporate shitrags came anywhere close to balanced and objective journalism as it was all about selling the death of Gadaffi and the offensive against libya and its people.

Shameless journalistic agenda driven whores pushing their agenda driven shit fucking rags.If they support it and promote and publicise it then they support the needless deaths of innocents and the destruction and everything else.I dont know anyone who works in the MSM personally right now but if i did they would get a piece of my mind thats for sure.


The MSM dont speak for me or represent my views and i do not buy newspapers and when i read MSM matewrial i do it for free online.Those filthy fuckers arent getting any of my my cash and its bad enough that this level of lies and propaganda exists but paying for it is out of the question.

If you still havent got any clue as to where all this is heading then you are absolutely beyond help and an absolute utter waste of space and the same goes if you support the actions of Nato and the US/UN then you truly are absolutely lost.......

Its a psychological exercise to encourage the readership to become the same as the criminal filth who are responsible for it all to encourage you to fight for their cause and support their agenda so end up the same as the filthy mob who apparently butchered Gadaffi except that you are a spectator of it where you read about it.The MSM sanitises and launders gratuitious senseless violence.The media encouraged everyone to hate Gadaffi right from the start so today was your payback that would satisfy your bloodlust.They want you to support the criminal globalist NWO agenda.
You support it because its somewhere very far away from where you are and its just more disposable North African/Middle Eastern/Arabic/African/Muslim people but if it was happening here then i am sure that you would have a very different opinion of it all.

It was packaged and sold as a humanitarian exercise which made it easy to sell to the mass of Liberal types who turn a lind eye to violence and death and destruction when it is authorised by Obama or the center left of Blair/Brown/Cameron instead of GWBush and Neocons or Conservatives.This demonstrates how stupid people are and how easy it is to manipulate them as all you need to do is change the packaging and the ideology and it all becomes acceptable.Leftist liberal type politics are seen as something that is inherently good but the fact that the same policies were shared by neo-conservatives seems to be lost on them all and they all conveniently choose to ignore that fact.I seriously think those that have this type of outlook and mindset are suffering from a mental condition.

Do you ever stop to imagine what life would be like if NATO started bombing the UK for example ??

It may not actually happen but think about what it would be like if it did happen and then try to justify NATO bombing campaigns.

The distance between you and them makes it very easy to detach yourself from it and think that it is all justified and legitimate but i would ask anyone who does justify and advocate this kind of action to explain why and the chances are they would try to justify it with complete misinformed skewed bullcrap that wouldnt stand up to any scrutiny.

The object of the exercise is to normalise this type of thing like todays example by setting a precedent that makes it acceptable to the wider public but it doesnt stop there as next time there will be aniother example that is even more gratuitious and explicit and distasteful as that is the nature of the exercise in redefining what is and is not acceptable so ultimately what is unnaccdeptable becomes acceptable.

Its all an exercise in manipulation but if you were turned off by it like i was then that is a positive thing.

Its all dehumanisation and once you buy into it you lose a piece of yourself in the process that you wont ever get back.

I dont know what the response was to the pictures but i would imagine that hopefully it wasnt all positive.Papers rely on their readership so they need to be told that this kind of thing is unacceptable.

We werent allowed to see any pictures of Gadaffi yet its alright to see pictures of an apparently murdered ex-despot.The same tactic was used with Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden where you apparently had an ex-despot hiding down a hole/pleading for their lives before being captured by a mindless baying bloodthirsty mob of degenerate islamist thugs.Propaganda and there is no absolute proof that it even was Gadaffi.I have also noticed that whenever a death of a terrorist or a dictator its always blurred and out of focus pictures that are presented.another thing i have noticed is shaky video footage where the stupid prick filming forgets to even try to keep the camera still or point the lens at what they are supposed to be filming so i see footage that is substandard.Hold the camera still still and point it at the subject you are filming you stupid fucks.

They keep repeating how Gadaffi funded the IRA and was behind the killing of Yvonne Fletcher but they wont tell you who and what the UK/US govt support and fund in terms of terrorism and despotic regimes etc etc etc and they dont want you to know about all that kind of thing.

I could go on but i might as well stfu or i wont ever stop typing.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The ancient parish church of Ore [Hastings]:

This is a place that i used to visit a lot as it is about 1.5 miles from where i used to live at the top of the woods that i lived next to.I discovered it by chance on one of my walks through the woods when i was about 11/12.The day i discovered it there was thick fog.It has been ruined tio a certain extent as the field next to it that belonged to a farm was developed resulting in a faceless housing estate that ruined the atmoshere of the place and it was no longer secluded.Back in the day there was no fence around it and there was a colony of white doves living in the tower which still remain.

There were open graves and one day i visited the day after a night of satan worship and ritual sacrifice as there were black candles around or the remains of and several dead chickens that had been mutilated in various different ways.

Before it was ruined it was like something out of a horror film and it was accessed along a hidden footpath leading up to the entrance which had a set of very rusty ornate iron gates and it is still surrounded by mature beech trees and a couple of yew trees in the churchyard.

Next door to it is known as Ore Place which was a large red brick victorian hospital asylum type place which found a use for itself in later years as an office building occupied by the Ministry of Defence for war recordsand other civil service depts and it had a haunted reputation as civil servants who worked in the building reported poltergeist activity and other goings on.I sometimes used to go for walks up there in the evenings or go there on night walks witbh a friend who lived very close who was also into that sort of thing.It was a creepy place especially at night as i always had a strong feeling that i was being watched and followed around whenever i/we were in there.I was in there one time and the usual feeling of being followed and watched was very noticeable and i felt very uneasy and it got to the point where i was scared out of my wits so i ran out of there as fast as i could and i ran through a bramble hedge and got scratched to pieces as i was that desperate to get out of there.

One time poking around the grounds i saw what i thought was a load of silver foil milk bottle tops that were partly buried showing up through the undergrowth and it turned oput that the silver objects were WW2 dog tags with names and numbers of military personel presumably dead that had been buried.I dug up about 30 of these but i dont recall what happened to them.I took some of them to school and gave them away to kids in my class.There are probably more in the same areas and they had obviously been dumped there by the MOD presumably.

The building is now long since demolished and the grounds have been developed with half a dozen badly designed badly built executive homes.

Racton Tower:

I visited this place today and its the type of thing that i am very interested in exploring.Racton Tower has a somewhat spooky reputation and the photos speak for themselves in that respect.I was a bit tired [and a tiny bit stoned] when i visited it today so i cant say that i noticed anything untoward or any kind of weird atmosphere but it was daytime and lovely summer afternoon and there were others around who were some local kids so the situation wasnt conducive to noticing anything of that nature.Its a popular destination so its atmosphere is probably best sampled at night or during the late autumn/ winter when there are likely to be less visitors.

One of the photos shows lots of orb activity.

The photo at the top taken at the beginning of the last century shows up the deterioration in the other present day photos.The outer face of lime plaster over Bungaroush* in the top photo on the tower has pretty much disappeared since that photo was taken exposing the underlying red brick construction with only a small section on the sheltered part of the tower remaining with a clearly visible scratch coat still clinging to the remaining bungaroush.

*Rough cut flint or flint cobbles in a mortar of hydraulic lime and coarse sharp sand or pea beach gravel both of flint composition.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Baaaaah - baaaaaah - baaaaah - baaah......


The latest from planet Absurd and stupid.

No it is not a protest.It is a queue of sorts of little sheeple desperate to get their hands on the lastest Apple slave goods believe it or not.They certainly are very enthusiastic what with their childlike fixation over the latest toy and they dont want to have to wait for it as they all want it right now all at once.It really is very very sad that they dont lack enthusuasm to get their toys but completely lack enthusiasm for anything worthwhile and meaningful.

Everything is going to hell in a handbasket and all they care about is their new plastic fucking toys and chinese made slave goods.

They all want their toys RIGHT NOW !!!




Look at those fucking emptyhead juvenile fucking chimps in the pictures.I would be embarressed to know them if i knew them and the sad fact is that these types are the majority.

Its fucking pricks like these that would happily line up to be microchipped/RFID chipped if microchipping was sold and promoted with a massive advertising campaign and a logo and its probably not that far off especially if the chips were Apple chips.Make microchipping cool and trendy and make them pay for it as well and they will all line up and be chipped.

"I am excited about using it - once i have had some sleep"

Its not like these cretins are going to lose sleep about anything meaningful rather than self gratification.

People are generally pathetic juvenile monkeys and a constant embarressment to themselves.Its at times like this when i stop and think about why the fuck i bother when i look at those dickheads in the picture.they must have empty unfulfilled lives to get that excited about a fucking glorified mobile fucking telephone.

They are all so happy and smiley and shallow

Good God give me fucking strength.

Its NO SURPRISE that everything is FUCKED.

Think different - think the same - think lets do everything at the same time - think Apple.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Its fortunate that i am pretty much desensitised to horrific and shocking video footage especially after what i watched this morning which was some video footage that was fresh in from Sirte in Libya of a child was a victim of the NATO bombing campaign against pro-Gadaffi forces holed up in Sirte alongside civilians who are prevented from leaving who are presumably Gadaffi supporters.

I am not desensitised in the sense that i cant empathise with the child in the video and in a sense i could weep for that child and about the humanitarian disaster and tragedy unfolding in Libya but what i mean is i can handle the gore and blood but having said that i had to not hink about it too much afterwards.

No child should ever have to go through what that child was going through and go through the circumstances that made it possible to cause such suffering and death as it is completely unacceptable and cannot be justified.

The military who are responsible for it should all watch that video to bring it home to them what the result of dropping bombs on residential areas packed with civilians is.

David Cameron wanted a report on the activities of Liam Fox his desk by last monday morning but i would like to present the video that i watched this morning to the personal secretary of David Cameron so that it is on his desk at the earliest opportunity and i would like a reaction to it in the form of an open letter to the public at large or even better than that a press conference but i very much doubt that the MSM will even be interested in covering the incident since this is the side to NATO and the UN and Humanitarianism that NATO and the UN and the MSM and David Cameron etc really dont want you to know about.

All the while everyone tolerates this kind of senseless violence and death and destruction the longer it will continue.........

NATO and the UN and the US and our elected non-representative representatives are all guilty of multiple multiple multiple charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last of all this applies to military personel of all ranks who make it all possible as well.I dont know how those responsible can live with themselves.

There is always someone with an attitude who thinks they are tough:

Every so often life presents me with one of these types to test my patience.

The rudeness and sarcasm and unwarranted confrontational attitude i tolerated from a member of staff in a shop the other day was quite something else.Luckily i remained calm throughout apart from having to raise my voice to be heard when the offending idiot wouldnt hear me out.

This offensive rude prick was deluded enough to think that himself with his pot belly and spindly weak tattooed arms and ugly face with crooked heavily tobacco stained teeth and bad breath were meant to be intimidating but the reaction that i had was one of disgust and contempt.He was like a small irritating yapping dog that just wont STFU.

Pointing his finger in my face was meant to be intimidating but it wasnt but it was annoying along with "If you think you are going to start something in here then you have picked the worst place !!!"

If there is going to be any intimidating going on then i am going to be doing it not the other way round.

I asked what else he thought he was going to do apart from pointing his finger and got no answer and i asked the question 3 more times and still didnt get an answer.It wasnt my intention to start anything but he was thinking that the other 3 members of staff would be of assistence which would have been a mistake.He eventually backed down as it was all bluff and bluster and realised that he was onto a loser which meant that i made my point and the situation didnt escalate.

What these types need is to be slapped upside of their heads very very hard with no warning to give them a short sharp shock to shut them up but unfortunately circumstances conspired against me this time.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Esoteric symbolism:

Esoteric/masonic symbolism is all over the place if you are able to recognise it and look in the right places.

The above photos are of Canada Tower @ Canary Wharf @ the Isle Of Dogs in London.

The other picture is the well known "illuminati" all seeing eye pyramid capstone.

The architect of Canada Tower was hired to design a building within a very strict remit reulting in the finished design which speaks for itself.Of course the light at the top also serves as an aircraft warning light and it either pulses on and off or is lit up and when the light pulses it is an individual LED at the tip of the pyramid.

The design of the tower uses the principle of Phi/the Golden Section in its design and dimensions which originated in Egypt during the era of pyramid construction.Its design is a central column ending in a pyramid design and if the sides of pyramid were extended downwards to the ground then obviously it would form a pyramid.

This is the most blatant example i can think of right now before others that are just as blatant spring to mind and if you are versed in the subject of sybolism then it is easy to recognise and as i have an interest in archeticture and architectural detailing particularly historic buildings i notice it a lot more particularly in the architecture of buildings particularly those in the City of London for example that are loaded with symbolism and were all built during 17th - 19th century where symbolism was featured in the detailing both internally and externally much more than any other period of architecture.

I could write pages and pages and pages on this subject but i am not finding writing particularly easy at the time of typing this and its not flowing like it usually does which is fortunate as i wont have to bore anyone shitless with details and text and images that hardly anyone is interested in.

I first got into the subject back in the early 90s when i read Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd and used to go on walks around London at night just taking in the atmosphere and the architecture which lead to an interest in Geomancy which led to an interest in Psychogeography partly thanks to the London Psychogeographical society who i discovered through a copy of Festival Eye magazine.During that time i had a strong interest in Ley Lines as well as all 3 subjects are connected with each other.

Being aware of this type of thing opened up a whole new world.I also have an interest in the Occult which is purely academic.

I would visit different places like Canada Tower/One Canada Square,The Tower Of London,The Monument,The Masonic Hall in Gt Queen St,The Bank Of England,Cleopatras Needle to see what kind of psychic impression i got from the location.

For example when i visited Canada Tower i could feel this very strong energy that was being channeled up from below the ground the building stands where it was channeled up through the centre of the building up to the tip of the pyramid and it felt like negative energy and at the same time i started to get an unpleasent pounding headache and felt slightly sick which didnt wear off until sometime later after leaving the area.

When i visited the Monument i got this very strong impression of history and of the events that took place there that was mostly concentrated on the Fire Of London as that was what i was tuning into mostly and i could feel the sort of psychic residue of it under my feet and all around in the air.It was a strange sensation that is very difficult to articulate.I am trying to describe a sense that is very difficult to describe.

Once when i visited Cleopatras Needle i had a very odd experience.I was with a friend who has the same interest and we visited it at about 11.30pm and we seperated for a short while.The Thames was at low tide and there is a set of granite steps going down to the water that are only exposed at low tide for the purpose of getting on and off boats.As the steps are constantly submerged underwater they were covered in a thick gooey greeny brown slime.For some reason i felt like i had to walk down the steps to the water and as i started to go down the steps i slipped on the slime that was covering them and i tried to keep my balance and not fall into the water and i slipped down each step on one foot like i was hopping down them staying upright the whole time and when i got down to the final step right by the water somehow i managed to stop.Then i had to go back up them to get back onto the embankment which was dodgy to say the least.

The odd thing is i cant explain why i went down the steps in the first place or why i was drawn to the water as it was like an involuntary action and it was like i was under the influence of something external as i didnt think about doing it as i just did it.Under normal circumstances its not something i would have chosen to do and the Thames isnt somewhere i would want to swim or go near if there was a risk of falling in.I know someone who claims he used to swim from one side to the other but either that is BS or he is braver than i am.There are very strong currents in the Thames even at low tide so its not a good idea swimming in it.

Tube stations and the Underground in general can be quite a creepy place late at night particularly the stations that havent been subjected to a makeover and they still have that 1930s/1950s tiling amd fittings and lighting that to me always had this utilitarian kind of Orwellian/1984 1940s look to it.I immediately date myself by being able to remember going on the old fashioned red tube trains along with the escalators that had wooden slatted treads that trundled their way up and down in rhythmic clunking kind of way.

To get back to the point i was in a tube station that i forget the name of when i went and explored this side tunnel that noone else was using as i was curious where it went as it was indicating where it went to as in no signs.Anyway after walking a third of the way through it i heard running footsteps that were moving in my direction which were amplified as you get an echo in the tunnels if they are empty.Then i heard whoever it was running behind shouting "YOU CANT GO DOWN THERE !!!" and then something else that i cant recall.I kept walking and didnt look round and i thought "OH FFS!!" and i was slightly irritated that my exploring was going to come to an end by someone who works down there so the footsteps got closer so i looked round to see who it was and there was noone there at all yet i felt that there was.

This was a bit creepy so i went back up the tunnel to where i started from and i was somewhat relieved to back to normality.The curious thing was that i was all alone athe point of hearing the footsteps and the voice and i had the strong impression that i was in the tunnel and the tube station during WW2.I cant rationalise that at all as it makes no sense but that was the impression that i got when i was down there.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Herman cain:

You had better hope that this horroble creature doesnt get elected in 2012.

Herman Cain is next best thing for the GOP voting bases.

Listen :


Complete ignorance.

That is all wrong.Everyone would like to be rich and successful but not everyone can be rich and successful and yes they can blame themselves for not being a success if they like but the fact is you cant be a success and you cant be non-dependent on handouts/welfare if there are no job opportunities and if you live under a criminal system and in this instance you can clearly blame the system and the Herman Cains who are part of the problem as i dont hear Herman Cain speaking out about the collapse of the US manufacturing base and its economy as there is a conflict of interest as Cain was formerly on the board of a Federal Reserve bank.

Herman Cain types are always duplicitious and narcissistic and change their tune and tell you what you want to hear because its expedient to do so but if you trust this creature as the next POTUS then you will deserve everything you get.I will say exactly the same about Mitt Romney btw.

You find this attitude with the spoiled rich and the middle classes who sneer at those who are less well off or fortunate than themselves and they are often full of themselves as they have been successful or have had it handed to them on a plate or had good fortune.They are always full of glib comments and i have always found this with rich and middle class types/self made types to a certain extent from direct experience.

Types like Cain have had to whore themselves and suck bankster cock to make it in life.What has Cain ever produced that generates wealth ??

You forget where you came from if you live a certain way for too long and you become out of touch with reality.

Nothing as all he has done is be appointed to well paid positions on boards of companies and had it handed to him on a plate.Cain has actively enabled/assisted political corruption in his professional life.

I wonder what the African-American community make of this nonsense from Cain ??

If you are poor then stop being poor !!

If there are no jobs then its your fault that you cant get a job !!

If there arent any jobs then dont blame banks and politicians as its your fault !!

If you were born into poverty then its your fault so stop complaining !!

Dirty poor people !!

Its their own fault !!!

Yes you can blame a lack of personal responsibility but the lack of responsibility doesnt stop with the little person as it also extends to political corporate whores like Cain who are entirely irresponsible and forget why they were voted into positions of responsibility by voters who naively trusted in them that they would represent them.How irresponsible was it to sit on the boards of companies and be involved in Ken Lay type fraud and schemes ??

This is just perpetuating the Left/right political paradigm or the Left/right political merry go round where each of the bought off whores like Cain blame the Obama adminstration or the Obama adminstration blaming GW Bush and what they inherited from them.Anyone who is intelligent can see right through this.

"We are not in 2008 - We are in two thousand and eleven !!"

Correct but what has happened since 2008 ??

More of the same ??

Its interesting how Cain talks about it in past tense like the problem began and ended in 2008 and look how he skillfully he diverts the topic away from the banks and obfuscates the facts and switches to the protestors and in this instance Cain is correct about the stupid dupes who are protesting against Capitalism instead of the cause of the problem.

How much of a hypocrite do you have to be to talk up amnd defend Capitalism while working for and benefiting from fake corporate crony capitalism ??

Cain just doesnt want his free ride to ever end.

Cain thinks he is for real simply because he is Black and talks in a certain kind of accent but its not good enough.There is plenty of muck that will be raked regarding Herman Cain.

On the other hand there are those who dont want jobs or who want to spend their lives in further education for as long as possible and there are dirty hippie layabouts and welfare bums who choose it but if you asked those that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own they would much rather be in employment or self reliant than poor and on welfare.