Sunday, 16 November 2008

Busy Bees :

Link to interesting article about Bees and an antidote to "OMG !! all the Bees are dying man and soon there wont be any left and we are like all going to die man !!" and other alarmist inaccurate bullshit.

Its interesting actually how everyone gets worked up into hysteria by bullshit alarmist nonsense that is usually TOTALLY unfounded [all the Bees arent dying] yet you tell them information that they should be alarmed about and they take not the blindest bit of notice.

What can you do ?

What peculiar creatures people are and just like Gurdjieff was saying everything with them is arse about face and they wont wake up to the terror of the situation.

As an aside i am still waiting for my computer to crash nearly 9 years later.

What an absolute load of bollox the " millenium bug " was.

The calendar just measures time and the year etc is completely arbitary and meaningless.

"Blah blah blah the year 2012 blah blah the mayan calendar ends blah blah blah the beginning of a change of consciousness blah blah blah the sun is going to expand into a red giant in 5 years blah blah blah the universe is going to turn in on itself in a negative reality inversion blah blah blah the hadron collider is going to open up access to any number of alternative realities [I wish it fucking would quite honestly] blah blah blah planet Niburu is going to travel through the solar system and end the world blah blah blah...New York will be destroyed by a nucleur device in a suitcase blah blah blah ...Within 5 years we will be in the middle of runaway climate change and the UK will be a series of islands and vast amounts of the US , Europe will be deserts ....blah blah blah...I will just stay in bed until its over.

I am still waiting for the Mediterranean climate i was promised 10 to 15 years ago.

Anyone else bored with hype and scaremongering and alarmism ?

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