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Cognitive Dissonance in action :

Whats the official definition of a Timewaster ?

Answer:A cognitive dissonance sufferer. *
Quoted comment by nrdesieyes: I'm a tin foil cap wearing addict on a 14-day methamphetamine bender, and even I can see this conspiracy theory stuff makes sense only to the craziest dummies.

Its not conspiracy .

Look into the UN/ Agenda 21 and Communitarianism [reformed communism] and Globalism.You are already seeing the EU centralised government take over Europe and you are already seeing Nafta .

Also have a look at the agenda 21 map of the US.[google it]

Take the tin foil hat off and face up to reality.

People like yourself always make flippant comments about things that they know nothing about.

Welcome to the post democratic era of Transnational Progressivism/collectivism.

Wake up.

CD sufferer :

Dude... Dude.[Alarm bells already ringing !! Does he wear a baseball cap as well ? ] Here's a quote from this ridiculous video (3:20 to 3:33):

"...Only approved churches, adhering strictly to government dictates regarding religion, will be tolerated. All churches desiring to remain independent of government compliance will be disbanded, their houses converted to other uses, or simply burned to the ground."

If you don't laugh at that quote, then perhaps it's your tin foil cap that needs to come off once in a while. Find me one official document where the UN threatens to burn churches and I'll donate $500 to the John Birch Society, buy a massive automatic weapon, post a bunch of silly, borderline-gay photos of myself with it all over the internet, build a cabin in the woods right next to yours, and we'll hole up together until Obama and his liberal media come to take our money and our guns.

Sorry, I know that was a dickhead thing to write, but I got going and couldn't stop.

Just looking at Agenda 21 (, what exactly in there has to do with any this video?

[The video is about the UN and Agenda 21 and about the US getting out of the UN FFS !!]

From the UN website: "Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment." It's about terrible things like sustainability, environmental stewardship, human rights, and fighting poverty. Tell me where in Agenda 21 it refers to restricting firearm ownership, religious freedom, or property rights? Here's the table of contents.

[as if i am not already aware of this ??]

It sounds nice on the surface but read the articles and quotes on this page to find out more :
when you get to that page click on "additional proposed monuments.

Interesting video:

Also look up freedom 21.

and finally Agenda 21 is an agenda which is a list of things to do or a plan that may be in the case of agenda 21 a long term plan.It does not in itself legislate as to how agenda 21 is implemented.That is at the disgression of the US government[for example] as to how far it intends to fulfil the articles and recommendations within agenda 21.If the US is committed to Agenda 21 then it may choose to do so aggressively through legislation.How this will happen at present is an unknown as agenda 21 is long term so really we are talking about a hypothetical plan or programme that has yet to be fully implemented and myself and Ron Paul are presenting an endgame or a worst case scenario .

And remember that Agenda 21 may prove to be unworkable in practice.I hope so anyway.

If a country has signed up to agenda 21 then it is obliged to fulfill the requirements of Agenda 21.

I dont know anything about the Church thing in the video and i wasnt talking about that anyway.

The UN doesnt legislate anything itself.Your country will do the legislating.

Educate yourself.

CD sufferer.

Let me get this straight: you tell me to "educate myself" and send me to a website called ""?

That video you sent me to is pure nonsense propaganda, bro.

Perhaps you're thinking has been clouded by the websites you're visiting? I'm all for education, but sources matter. Reading Goldilocks doesn't make you an expert on bear behavior, you know what I'm saying?

Until next time, my tin foil cap will remain firmly on my noggin, protecting my soul from alien intervention.

Myself :

Ok then theres no such thing as Nafta.Theres no such thing as the wildlands project.

You are a waste of my time and probably a waste of your own time as well.

Fair enough if you want to dispute the authenticity of the sources.We can all pick and choose our sources of info but the fact remains is that Agenda 21 is very real indeed and theres no escaping that fact.

Go and find your own sources of info and use your own critical thinking to decide yourself wether those sources are correct or not.

I notice that you have disregarded my comments explaining what agenda 21 is and you have so little understanding of it that you claim that you have read the entire agenda 21 articles expecting to find legislation that allows land grabs to take place !!!

Agenda 21 does not cover firearm ownership because Agenda 21 is an enviromental programme so what do you expect to find in it that concerns firearms ??

Obama has talked about restricting gun ownership and thats as far as it has gone so far......


There is NO argument here because the subject matter has not happened yet .

I am presenting a worst case scenario that is agenda 21 and what COULD happen if the UN/Agenda 21 is taken to its logical conclusion.Its speculation to a certain extent or its what is implied by Agenda 21 if its fully implemented.

The agenda 21 map is real and official.

Any thoughts on the matter yourself ?

So far you havent presented any of your own thoughts on the matter.I am curious to hear your opinion on agenda 21 specifically.FORGET the guns and burning churches for now.

Also bear in mind that i am in favour of protecting the enviroment and i am in favour of sustainable development up to a point but i am not in favour of enviromental extremism at all .

Post some links to what you consider to be credible info.

This is like talking to a Liberal.Quick off the mark to say someone else is wrong yet failing to add anything to a debate other than one or 2 sentence comments saying i am wrong etc etc.

In this case i want to be wrong but i am waiting for you to provide info that says categorically that i am wrong and do you really think that i am going to sit here typing about something i know nothing about ?

Tinfoil Hat This:

What do YOU think of the Agenda 21 US map ??

Where does the US Agenda map come from ? Is it officially a product of Agenda 21 or is it Fake ??

Which is it ??

Its either fake or it isnt and if its not Fake then you have some SERIOUS explaining to do but i wont sit here waiting for that to happen.

Go to: Amerikan Expose/agenda 21 and read the content within and then if you dont understyand it then read it again or get help from others who do OR post back another comment that says that its ALL Bullshit but DONT forget to provide info and links and sources that categorically say that the info contained within it is false info.

Or alternatively dont bother replying as i have taken this as far as i am prepared to go .Take the info and read it and study it or dump it into your trash.One individual isnt important in the great scheme of things .

Does your tinfoil hat help you with cognitive dissonance ?

Posted 53 mins ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)
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It doesnt really matter about this idiot as others will read and take note.

Its like hunting down prey and cornering them because i have closed off all means of escape although i have given him the option of not replying but not replying is an admission of failure so i win either way.


I bet this lazy useless waste of space Tosser doesnt spend hours researching this stuff like i do and their tired mantra of "tin foil hat" is childish and pathetic.

Go open a can of beer and watch a game or surf the web and watch or read garbage or go and jerk off to internet pornography or watch trash media.

People are so fucking stupid.

Its a disgrace how uneducated and uninformed people are but they seem to take pride in it .I dont think that they have the mental capacity to get their heads round Agenda 21 or the Lisbon treaty or anything else.

Does the word mandated mean anything to anyone ??

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