Friday, 14 November 2008

The Marie Curie shop :

There is a marie curie shop in the village here that is a godsend.Its a focal point for the community here.

Its also the cheapest charity shop for secondhand books and records and CDs in Brighton with a fast turnover.The CD and records section is amazing.Cds £1 vinyl 50p regardless of what it is.I have bought a huge amount of it over the years and its incredible what turns up in there sometimes.I like the complete randomness of what turns up in there as its like a lucky dip.I bought 4 cds today alone and at a £1 its no great loss if its no good as you can take it back or just give it back anyway and the books i have got from there are incredible.At 50p the vinyl is a bargain too and to make up for it i gave them a load of old bottles that i dug which flew off the shelves in there and its normally the sort of thing i wouldnt take home but i did and i washed and cleaned the whole lot and donated them as even though i am a misanthropist altruism is good for the soul and it runs in the family.My sister volunteered in a Cat sanctuary for years as an example.I dont know if i could do that as i would want to adopt them all.

A friend who lives round the corner is a record dealer who sells a lot on Ebay also goes in there to pick out all the good stuff as well but we are not in competition with each other and i pass stuff on at cost price if its of interest or valuable if i am not interested in it.We each have a copy of the record collectors price guide close to hand.he reallyought to write them a cheque with a percentage of his profits from it.I dont sell so it doesnt matter.

Anyway its a bloody excellent shop and the community would be lost without it and it really is a village community here that is seperate from the rest of Brighton which ii find to be impersonal like London.

I cant deal with that kind of impersonality with places.Here it is possible to know all of the shopkeepers and i get credit in 3 shops here and there is even an independant bookshop and in some ways i will miss it when i leave apart from the shit pubs but there are still 3 good pubs including one microbrewery which is long established.Not bad and the microbrewery is good for a cheap and very good pint of beer.Good variety of alright females who work in a lot of the shops.and a video shop and a newsagent that stock both 2000ad titles.

2 Delies, Co -Op , Off licence,Greengrocer etc etc etc everything is here and no need to go into town.

What more could you ask for ?

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