Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cheeky guide to brighton :

I have been asked by the nice people at Cheeky guides [oddfellowscasino who have a connection to stereolab connection which i just found out about.I used to love Stereolab] to compile a list of unofficial outdoor places to piss in Brighton/Hove that dont involve going into pubs or cafes or Mcdonalds etc.

The things i get asked to do sometimes.The Cheeky Guide to Brighton:

"The Cheeky Guide to Brighton will take you on a factual but comic journey to the many corners of this celebrated town, taking in its famous nightlife, gay scene and exotic shops, as well as lesser-known features such as underground tunnels and places in which to contact the dead.

Expect a wealth of funny stories and bizarre characters, as the book dishes out such essential information as where to eat the best fish and chips, where to spot your favourite celebrity, and what to do in an emergency should you find yourself at Brighton Marina.

The latest fourth edition comes entirely updated, with hundreds of new photos and reviews, a slight style revamp, and a cut-out-and-keep poster of a Brighton celebrity.

Whether you are staying in Brighton for 3 days, 3 years or a lifetime, this book is a must."

Over 40,000 copies sold in Brighton alone!

"Captures the spirit of Brighton perfectly" - Skint Records

What to do in an emergency if you find yourself at Brighton marina :Local dialect: Go shop - piiing at As-Daaa.

[Affect that estuary english type accent/affectation that is prevalent among certain sectors of society in the south east.Say shopping as two words .Emphasise the last word by talking downwards.The opposite if you like of the Student talking upwards affectation like Australians.

"I sou - uund reA - lleey rea -lleey stu - piid when i ta - aaalk ."

"I have aa neuw ring -toone for my mo - biiiile "

"I am wai - tiiing at the bus stooop to get the bus to Beven - daaain "

You have to say things quickly not slowly to get the correct effect.No gaps between words .

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