Sunday, 23 November 2008


These people were good .They were called spacegoats and did a lot of protesting at Twyford Down and i used to know them well back in the early to mid 90s but they have disbandednow IIRC and a couple of them are still around in Brighton who i see sometimes plus a third member that i last saw 2 years ago at a new years eve party.

They were a convergence of wandering minstrels.

Their music is still available on Pond Life records and i was asked to do artwork for their sleeves once but didnt quite get it together man.

I was sort of involved in all that culture of squatting in the 90s although i never squatted i used to go the Cooltan place in Brixton and there was a Church in Kentish Town IIRC and there was of course Squatland Yard which was a massive block of derelict flats near Scotland Yard which was taken over and squatted and absolutly full of Pigeon shit before it was cleaned out.I never went in for the look that went with it though like dreadlocks etc.I was an outsider of that scene as well as always and i was working.

All good fun though.

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