Sunday, 2 November 2008

UFOS/US elections :

Reports are in that Aliens/UFOs are to appear over the White House on Nov 4th which is election day.

The Aliens will be invisible and undetectable due to their cloaking technology and this follows their previous Oct 14th appearence which generated a lot of interest and publicity from the UFO community.

Sceptics claimed that no UFOs appeared previously and it was a hoax.Not true say the UFO community who say that the Aliens hads to remain invisible so as not to repeat the scenario of Independence day.This time they may be visible and bring the message of hope and change to everyone.

Polls amongst Extra Terrestials show Obama has a massive lead over Republicans to win.

Aliens have been drawn to Earth to witness the announcement of the Messiah as the winner in the elections.Their own highly sensitive antenae have been picking up transmissions from Earth and messages of change from all over the universe and wish to help humanity during the transition between No Change and Change.




Above is a message from the aliens that i received this morning at home on my own listening equipment .Its one of many others that i have received and i am working hard to get the message out to as many as possible between now and Nov 4th.



This is an important time of change and is the beginning of a great transition for planet earth.

PLEASE LISTEN and tell EVERYONE about this.


PLEASE VOTE OBAMA !! or the aliens will destroy earth with their nasty death ray thing.

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