Sunday, 27 November 2011

Depressing boot fair:

There is nothing worse than going to a depressing boot fair that is full of complete trash for sale.I can walk all the way round a whole field full of cars and stalls and find absolutely nothing worth buying whatsoever and not only is it dperessing but its unfulfilling and there is this air of desperation about the stallholders which i dont enjoy.why else would someone be going to the effort of stalling out with horrible clothes and household tat that is cheap and tacky and why else would someone have a box of records for sale by recording artists as diverse as Barry Manilow and Manotavani and horrible eighties pop ??

Stalls and stalls of plastic toys and baby clothes.

I like hunting through boxes of records but you never ever ever get anything except for rare occasions and quite often when i do find something interesting it is scratched to fuck and completely useless to anyone.

The desperation is like you would find in an Eastern Bloc country except that here you casn buy a sack of potatoes or vegetables wrapped in that horrible shrink wrap and today there was someone giving away bunches of spinach.

The worst example of this was a large bootfair just outside Leeds that my mother insisted on stopping at just because she saw it going on as we drove past it.I really wish that she hadnt noticed it as it was depressing and i bought nothing and my mother was thrilled to have bought a multiple pack of those crisps that are from up North somewhere that i cant recall the name of so that was 1.5 hours i would have preferred to have wasted doing something else.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Suitable for vegetarians:

Sometimes the labelling of food as being suitable for vegetarians is absurd and pointless.

Is it really necessary to label a jar of M+S Tomato and Herb pasta sauce with that label when its self explanatory that it is suitable for vegetarians ?

Of course its suitable for vegetarians as it doesnt have meat in it stupid.Does not eating meat lower the IQ ?

[the only plausable explanation is a tomato sauce can contain meat stock]

If so then it explains why meat products are labelled as not suitable for vegetarians as if that is not obvious enough ?[if that is incorrect then its sarcasm]

Why would buy and eat meat if you are vegetarian without checking the label that confirms its not suitable for vegetarians ?

Would you eat some meat by mistake and not realise its meat unless you checked the label ?

If i buy a burger do i need to check that it contains beef ?

Do i require a label on a packet of minced beef that says "suitable for carnivores"?

If i buy a packet of GM peanuts i dont need to be told that they are suitable for vegetarians as you wouldnt expect to find any meat in a packet of peanuts and also the label tells you that "this product may contain traces of nuts" or "This packet contains nuts"|.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Proof Govt plans to privatise NHS ??

"No government minister was available for interview, but a Department of Health spokesman told Channel 4 News that it was wrong to claim the NHS was to be privatised. He said this document was quite simply about back office functions."

There is never a govt minister available for comment when you want one and they always present one of their minions to talk to you on their behalf as they are so very busy doing nothing or wrecking the UK to be available for comment or perhaps it could be read as contempt for the voting public.

Here we have a typical example of their newspeak reverse logic where privatisation is not privatisation even though it is.

So its not wholesale privatisation of the NHS as its a privatisation of its directorship which will be wholesale so its the private sector in control of the NHS while the Doctors etc are the management.The private sector directorship is described as "support" as if to make it sound like something that is benevolent and in a sense it is because the private sector directorship will be very happy to provide as much support as it can and i am certain that there will not be a conflict of interest between the needs of the private sector and the needs of the patients and i am altogether certain that private sector lobbyists were in no way involved with the NHS reforms although i may wrong about that.

What is very noticeable about the statement above is how it completely trivialises the introduction of the private sector directorship as in "back office functions".

You have to wonder what the point of this type of assinine contradictory comment is other than it being a complete denial of what privatisation is but there is a lot of this type of thing around on the part of govt and i really do have better things to do than waste time deconstructing absurd pointless official govt statements.

We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] - We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] -

"There is something wrong - [repeat] - There is something wrong - with the system - [repeat] - with the system"

"We are - [repeat] - We are - The Nineeynine Percent - [repeat] - The Nineeynine Percent"

"Mike check -[repeat] - Mic check - [Mic check]

They are also desperate to be heard instead of being ignored so they have to repeat everything twice - so they have to repeat everything twice.

I am not sure what 99 percent they are talking about here either as i dont want to be part of this particular 99 percent as they are a complete embarressment.

99 percent of city parks have 72.5 percent of the trees and open spaces in each city so occupy your nearest city park.

The Federal Reserve has a 99 percent share of the issuance of currency that is created out of nothing and charged to the taxpayer with interest payable so ignore that and Occupy Wall St instead.

38 degree zombie-like emails:

"Organisations like 38 degwees who are fwightening people and getting them to send emails......"

I am so disinterested in my elected non-representative representatives that i didnt even know who this Simon Burns monkey is until i was notified of this video by 38 degrees so i have to thank them for the introduction.

"38 degwees are a terrible organisation who weally should be compwetely banned and they are doing themselves a disservice with these disorganised zombielike wrants"

"How can 38 Degwees object to pwivateising the NHS ??"

Do you ever get the impression that you are treated with utter contempt by your elected non-representative representatives ??

Its a corporate/economic fascist system just like i have been saying for years now and i think finally it is beginning to sink in to everyone finally so go ahead and sign the letter like i have but it wont make any difference as they are all to continue to forward their agenda regardless of what you say about it.Everyone keeps voting for them all so the cycle just continues..........

I wouldnt even accept an apology from this corporate sellout POS muppet whore who is a complete buffoon.

I will be sure to vote Labour next time round as they will be sure to fix the problem so Labour need to get rid of Millerband as Labour need a strong charismatic party leader like Caroline Flint or EDs Balls who have the right kind of leadership qualities to reverse the decline of the Liebour party so they really need to get their act together with a whole new agenda of election promises before their next conference.The election promises need to broken once elected as a multitude of broken election pledges are guaranteed to keep the voters coming back for more again and again again.........

By all means complain and register your disapproval but be sure that you dont learn from your experience so that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.

Suspect pepper sprayed protestors:

There is something suspect and not right about what is going on in this picture which has taken on a life of its own and its being compared with the photo of Tianeman Square which i totally disgree with as there is no comparison but people have their own ideas that are usually wrong but its incredible that this is compared with someone who was squashed by a tank very shortly after the photo was taken.

The pig in the photo looks to be just as casual about spraying the protestors as he would be at home if he was watering the flowers.

What is clearly very suspect is how these protestors were able to not be visibly affected by being sprayed with pepper spray and its like it hasnt affected them at all.This happened to them twice and still it had no apparent effect on them as there were none of the symptoms of pepper spray showing whatsoever and the various effects of pepper spray are very unpleasent even in very low concentrations.

Pepper spray is oily and sticky and very difficult to wash off and remove and even after it has been washed off the symptoms take a long time to wear off.washing it off with water makes it worse and the only thing that alleviates the effects of it is milk so i find it very very unusual and exceptional that these protestors were able to be apparently resistant to it.In one of the videos i have watched of this event i clearly saw one of the protestors fiddling with his glasses in between being sprayed while being visibly unaffected by the spray so that is just a little bit suspect.

If this is some kind of theatre/staged event and the orange liquid is not pepper spray and the apparent protestors are not protestors then this does raise a lot of questions and i havent given it any thoughts as to why and what the objective of the exercise is and the psychology involved as there has to be a motive involved here.Its really weird to say the least.If it was staged then the obvious fact that the event has created a backlash that is counterproductive to The Pigs That Be so it seems perverse.

Everytime i read an article about this the articles never go into detail about who the protestors are and neither is there any mention of the protestors being affected in any way by the pepper spray.

This is a perfectly reasonable line of inquiry and if you dont think so then you really ought to try some pepper spray for yourself and see if you can completely ignore the effects of it.

These corporate fascist paramilitary pigs that are appearing and multiplying at an alarming rate all over the US like a Tsunami in recent weeks all seem to have the same kind of identikit look about them as if to suggest that they are the result of some kind of selective breeding program like faceless identikit drones.They are all on steroids and are the product of mind control and behaviour manipulation programs and psychological profiling.They are also always of the same height and build and more often than not they are overweight with this kind of dead look in their eyes like they have no souls and very little mental activity.They wouldnt last long in a real fight as they are unfit slobs who cant think independently and they are only trained to use certain tactics only so they would be a pushover.When they are threatened they always bunch up together for security which makes it very easy to surround them as they do the work for you and if you cut off their communications from the Pig command centre then they would be completely lost.

They are bullies and there is only one way to deal with them and from my own experience i have only ever engaged them once which was at a protest in Hyde Park that was against the Criminal Justice Act and when it all degenerated into a riot there was this bizarre situation that i found myself in where i was on the park side of the railings that run alongside Hyde Park in Park Lane and a squad of riot police were on the other and they kept on forming a line behind their shields and charging at the railings which was bizarre and pointless so along with a couple of others we lifted a park bench that was made up of three seperate large pieces of concrete with wooden planks and waited until the Pigs were right up against the railings and then lifted up and dropped the bench on top of them which was very enjoyable.

Whatever they are they are Filth and Pigs arent known as Filth for nothing.

I usually only attend protests in an observational capacity rather than being directly involved although by being there i am directly involved in a sense if that makes any sense which it probably doesnt.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


"Smoking in cars should be banned : Doctors"

"Because of the small enclosed space inside a car, smoking creates 23 times more toxins than found in a smoky bar, it was claimed."

Absolute nonsense.How can 23 additional toxins be created out of the existing number of toxins present in a cigarette ?

How does that happen ??

Is this more of this absurd pseudoscience that you get more and more of these days ??

It doesnt create 23 additional toxins as all that happens it the toxins in cigerette smoke are contained in a much smaller space which is hermetically sealed unlike a bar that is well ventilated and obviously a much larger space so the effect is one of concentration rather than magically creating 23 additional toxins out of thin air.

Alternatively its claiming that the toxins are multiplied 23 times which means the existing toxins but again it makes no sense at all how those toxins can multiply to that extent simply because they are in an enclosed space.

"It was claimed"

Then the claim needs to be 100 percent verified before its a scientific fact as a claim in itself is not enough but they claim that C02 is bad for the planet which is completly absurd if you know anything about real science rather than quackery.

Blind them all with pseudo science that is "peer reviewed" and they wont question as the majority have no clue what "peer reviewed" actually means and how it is subject to a bias.

Its just junk that is thrown out there that insults your intelligence to create the pretext for them to do what they want to do.

These control freaks are obsessed with banning things and actink like they are my superiors who know whats good for me better than i do and while i could get very irritated by it i usually completely disregard it if its something i dont feel is necessary and this is one of those instances where they can just go and fuck themselves as i will continue to do what i want and make my own decisions as i am quite capable.

If i am in a car with children then i wouldnt ever light up and the same with someone elderly or if there was someone else in the car who doesnt smoke or if it was someone who is ill for whatever reason as its just simple common sense and decency.

Other than that if i am in my own car or in someone elses car who smokes and its fine to smoke as its not affecting anyone else then its none of their fucking business what goes on in a private vehicle so keep the fuck out of my private business and fucking stay out permanently as i dont need your childish control freak authoritarianism in my life and dont try any of that operant conditioning shit with me as it wont have any effect whatsoever.

I also will refuse to comply with unreasonable control freakism because of others stupidity as i am sick of that attitude as well .They do it so you all have to suffer.

I will use my own common sense and decency and discretion if thats ok thank you very fucking much and i wont be compelled to do anything i dont want to do.

Why not refine it a bit so that smnoking in cars with children results in penalties rather than a blanket outright ban ??

A ban with penalties like a fine or whatever is operant conditioning as its fear of consequences that is meant as a deterrent and is the same thing that you do when bringing up children or training a dog.

Legislation = encouragement = operant conditioning which is really coercion.

They will be trying to tell you what to do in your own home next and in any case a ban wont stop anything as there will always be those who choose not to comply like myself.

The problem with control freaks is they dont recognise limits and perameters unlike the normally adjusted who do.

I fully cooperate with not smoking on trains or in pubs or in public buildings etc etc although i do still smoke on train platforms if its open to the elements like most are as it makes no fucking difference but if they start getting into my car or home then they will have a problem.

I never have liked being told what to do and as far as the govt are concerned then they need to get their own house in order and focus on their duties as public servants but its typical of these types as they always want to control others but are incapable of controlling themselves.

I am getting sick and tired of this fucking country which is becoming more and more like an open prison w3here personal choice is being phased out.I plan on moving out into the sticks somewhere away from it all.

There are all these radioactive isotopes and particles etc trapped in the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere in unprecedented amounts due to recent events but that doesnt matter as now it is good for you all of a sudden as if by magic and all they care about is cigarette smoke.

There are a lot of people like myself who are fucking sick of all this and who dont really give a flying fuck about these petty control freak directives.

There is also an argument that says you should not multi-task while driving but smoking is hardly that much of a distraction unlike making or answering calls on a mobile as that is a ban that actually makes sense for once but having said that if you have to take a call then you have to and the police take calls while driving so if they can everyone can in theory.

If there are cars on the road then shit is going to happen no matter what and no amount of control freakery will change anything.

These type of articles never explain anything about how they arrive at these conclusions as its always "the scientists claim" or "according to experts" and all that type of crap as if they are talking down to you while you slavishly accept their every word on everything as if you dont know any better.They always present only one side of the argument which supports themselves while opposition is always excluded of course as they have to have the final word on everything so they can forward their agenda.

Kerbstone inscriptions:

I started noticing these in the last few months particularly in central London and here where large granite kerbstones are used that date to the turn of the 19th century and victorian times.The antique/period kerbstones are usually worn to a smooth surface and were cut after quarrying to a reasonably smooth surface rather than rough cut.They often have letters like an upper case A or W or a govt issue arrow or a fire hydrant mark except no fire hydrants are present as you dont really get them in the UK.I have seen a lot of other more interesting symbols that look to be esoteric and i have also seen crucifies.All of these inscriptions were done at the time they were cut or laid in position.The odd esoteric symbols were spooted around the aqrea of the Masonic hall in Gt Queen St London.

I am really curious about it now and the more i start looking the more of them i see wheras before i never really took any notice of them.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

David Icke conspiracy:

I dont really want to go on a bash David Icke trip[although i no longer read his books or listen to his videos] as up to a point he is correct but when he goes off on these kind of far out trips then its a bit of a problem however i do have the choice not to read it or listen to it but this kind of thing makes it very difficult sometimes.

"Chemtrailing may be terraforming by an alien species"

"This is exactly what is happening"

That is a contradiction as how can you have a maybe then be absolutely sure that its the reason that is happening ??

That is unsatisfactory and it comes across as someone who wants to believe in something when belief is out of the question where chemtrailing/geoengineering is concerned as it is not only obviously apparent but also officially confirmed if you are inclined to believe official confirmations but in this case i can as there is no doubt that this filth is being dumped into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

I have seen it myself 3 times only this year in the spring/summer.This was in the UK and i always watch the sky and its unmistakeable but for some reason its an infrequent occurance rather than the US where you see it on a daily basis.For some reason the US is being targetted much more aggressively than other countries but it is an international problem.

Anyway my point is that David Icke has no business claiming an alien species is responsible for it when its clearly a govt program that is documented and admitted so David is getting carried away with himself or/and trying to feed you a line of bullshit that is either his own or someone elses but when he does this he discredits cant be expected to take the govt seriously and believe what they say yet you should accept this as fact without question because David Icke says its all true as its all in his books ??

What is in a book is not proof and neither are various claims made by individuals as it all needs to corraborated so Jesse Ventura is clearly in the right to ask for absolute proof.I want to see someone shapeshift into a Reptilian before i believe any of it and that isnt unreasonable except it is as i have to suspend disbelief or else i am stupid and uninformed even when the claims are somewhat delusional.I say delusional because that is exactly what it is as you cannot claim absolutes and aggeressively defend the claims when you dont have any absolute proof as its more like a belief system.

If you demand proof then you are told to go away and do your research and homework which is a typical response.

"I know its true as i have done my research!!!"

Doing your research is fine when its govts and Bilderbergers and Bankers and DU etc etc etc but when its aliens and lizards then i want to see them myself as absolute proof.Further to that i have seen UFOs that were not explainable in any plausable way but i am no more convinced of the existence of aliens as a result.

If the lizard people or aliens appear and take over then i will change my opinion but not until and very recently David threw a hissy fit and wrote a hit piece on Jesse Ventura who called him out over it on TV and i dont see why its a problem asking for absolute irrefutable proof of your claims but clearly it is but i find this kind of behaviour from Icke to be rather juvenile and uncalled for.Uploading pictures of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura as part of the hit piece simply because they share the same name is very childish and stupid.Its a juvenile pissing contest.

David Icke is a hypocrite as he complains about being the victim of hit pieces yet he does the same thing ??

If you dispute that Geo-engineering is going on then you need to have a rethink because you are wrong as i know what blue skies look like and contrails and there is no comparison unless you wish to disprove known facts about the atmosphere and its constituents and how clouds and ice crystals and spent fuel behaves in the atmosphere and how the flight paths of planes creating chemtrails do not follow the normal designated flight paths of commercial aircraft to the point that they appear where no flight paths are present.Explain why and how the atmosphere has changed so radically in the last 2 decades.

David Icke/Jesse Ventura:

Cyclist collision:

I was partly responsible for a collision with another cyclist today.I was looking at the road as i was looking to leave the cycle path and didnt notice another cyclist who was incoming and luckily i slammed my brakes on and i have very quick reactions.the stupid thing was the other cyclist made no effrort at all to avoid the potential collision and continued on the same trajectory regardless so if i hadnt stopped then a collision was guaranteed as the idiot cyclist was going way too fast.

Its rather like if i was driving along the road and saw someone in the road or a car that had stopped in the road waiting to turn i continued on my trajectory while honking the horn and shouting at them to get out of the way while making no effort to avoid the ciollision.

Never mind though as its par for the course and i am quite used to not only thinking for myself but for others as well as routine as its incredible how dumb people are.

When the SHTF the majority of people wont survive as they lack the intelligence and mental resourcefulness to survive.

Monday, 14 November 2011

That is one of the latest advertisers on Youtube.

It has to be one of the least effective advertising campaigns i have ever seen as who would want to click on that site if the photo of what appears to be a transexual is meant to be aselling point or indicative of the type of clientelle who are members of the site ??

Attrocious.The furniture and decor is terrible as well and bad taste with the faux french sytle chimneypiece and the horrible wallpaper that looks like that type that you can peel off leaving paper on the wall as its that squishy vinyl type paper.Also notice the cheap china figures on top of the fireplace.

Its the kind of look that you have in a room if you have no taste and trying to be classy but it looks like the set of a pornographic film.

Also why would you have a mirror in the room if you look like that ??

"Find the one today on Mature Dating UK"

Its not exactly encouraging so i will give it a miss thanks.

Unfortunately i will have to look at that picture for as long as the ad campaign lasts but Youtube must be desperate for advertising clients by the looks of things or they have substantially reduced their rates as Mature Dating UK looks like its a third rate low end deadbeat website.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Frank Millar/Al Quaeda/Al CIADA:

The stupid monkey still buys into the AL Quaeda propaganda and thinks that there are wicked Islamisist Fundamentalists plotting the destruction of the US from hidden caves and that there are terrorist cells active everywhere.

All i can say is that either the propaganda he has been fed is either very effective or that Frank Millar is clueless so to prove my point and to provide the context i have quoted the following text from the article/statement i have linked above:

"Wake up, pond scum. America is at war against a ruthless enemy.

Maybe, between bouts of self-pity and all the other tasty tidbits of narcissism you’ve been served up in your sheltered, comfy little worlds, you’ve heard terms like al-Qaeda and Islamicism.

And this enemy of mine — not of yours, apparently - must be getting a dark chuckle, if not an outright horselaugh - out of your vain, childish, self-destructive spectacle."

Never mind Frank and since you bought into the lies and propaganda and you bought into the fake War On Terror so obviously you dont object to the unconstitutional Patriot Act and presumably you dont object to the trillions that have been spent on the fictitious War On Terror and presumably you feel that the dead military personel and the DU and the dead Iraqis/Afghanis was all for the right reasons so that you could presumably sleep better at night after not having to worry about Muslims bombing you.These were the Islamicist Fundamentalists that you were told hated you and your country for your freedoms and those being the freedoms that have been taken away from you in reaction to the alleged terrorist threat and it probably doesnt matter to you that the Patriot Act was drafted years before 9/11 in preparation for the 9/11 incident.

I am sure that you feel that this is all in the name of the fake patriotism that you bought into so you must think its all worth the price you have paid for it through your ignorance.

I find it particularly stupid how you still think the US is at war with Islamicists when criminals have hijacked the US and set about degenerating it into a third rate collapsed Fascist state courtesy of Globalist NWO banking and corporate interests while you still think the enemy is Islamic Alquaeda fundamentalists but if you dont get it now then maybe you never will.

Presumably you dont object to all of the Globalist imperialism going on right now under the fake pretext of the War On Terror and presumably you dont object to all of the defence spending while your country is being raped and gutted and bankrupted by design and i guess you dont object to be groped by the TSA or the rest of the police state that is being rolled out to keep you nice and safe and secure from those wicked Islamisists plotting against you.

I dont like a lot of the OWS protestors for various reasons but i find it funny how Frank Millar can be so wrongheaded while berating others for protesting against the gangster banksters etc.Utterly stupid.

Perhaps Frank Millar should "get out of his mommas basement" more often and get a reality check over what exactly is going down in the US of A rather than being a stupid propagandised blowhard Moron.

"These clowns do nothing but harm America"

Other clowns like Frank Millar harm the US while being too ignorant and full of their own shit to realise it.

"Or better yet, enlist for the real thing. Maybe our military could whip some of you into shape."

Yes be a man and a real fake patriotic American and sign up to do your bit for Globalist/NWO Bankster imperialism that does nothing positive for the interests of the US and who use the US military as their own taxpayer funded private army and then you can be exposed to DU and treated like dirt when you leave and have your military pensions stolen from you to pay off GangsterBanksters and if you dont make it back to the US alive then if you are lucky you will end up in the wrong bodybag and if you are luckier than that you could be thrown into a landfill site.

"Our military"

The terrorists dont need to hate the US any more as you have lost all of your freedoms or had them circumvented and disregarded by the Patriot Act.

No wonder the US is such a mess.

These type of blowhard morons always say that others are "spewing" their opinions if they dont agree with them but personally i really dislike the term "spewing" and i never ever use it."Mommas basement" is also a horrible overused cliche that doesnt create a good impression of the writer either as the use of cliches demonstrates a lack of eloquance and originality.

I am very glad that i have never paid for or read any of this ignorant pricks comic material.

Friday, 11 November 2011

VICE magazine:

I picked up a copy of this POS magazine recently against my better judgement and it managed to exceed my expectations of it which was that it would be mindless style conscious garbage with no substance whatsoever.

A complete waste of paper and resources and the standard of literacy and vocubulary on offer was substandard and sloppy and one of the most irritating aspects of the various articles was the casual use of the word fuck and various other aspects that i have now forgotten about and i have no wish to remind myself of them again for the purposes of this article so that will have to suffice.

There is nothing of any substance in it at all and i was just turning the pages and nothing registered as it seemed to be just aadvertising and photos of meterosexual males and trendy fashion victim shallow women.Fine if you like that sort of thing but its not my thing and i am sick of seeing feminised meterosexual males who all seem to be of uniform height and build with no body body mass or muscle.Fucking wimps.

That shallow and dumbed down idiot in the picture probably got his teeth knocked out for being an annoying prick.

That moron in the photo with the sunglasses and oversized mouth and deranged look wants his/her head to be pounded into the ground face down and i would be very happy to do it.

As for the mental case who appears to be drowning in a goldfish bowl i really dont know what to say about that at all but it speaks for itself.

Strip magazine:

It seems like you are not allowed to criticise the design elements of the cover to this new comagazine as its just not in the spirit of supporting the publication and if you do then others will not be too happy about it at all.

However it does help to present some plus points as well if there are any so that its balanced.Personally i cant say anything positive at all about the layout of the cover and that is being as objective as i can about it.I also should point out that i am talking layout which is a seperate thing to the artwork on display on the cover and i am not commenting on the art not because i dont want to say what i think about it but its off topic as my topic is the layout of the cover.

The worst aspect of the cover is the military style stencil font that lists the contents on the left hand side of the cover.I wont go into any more detail but the whole cover layout looks very amateurish and thrown together.

On a much more positive note the other six covers on display are 100 times better so i am pleased that the design team responsible not only improved on it but improved on it so well.The design element that i like the most about the improved covers is the typeface that is used for the script logo which reminds me a lot of the typefaces/balloon script used on old UK comics from the 1930s/40s and those hardback books/annuals that always had beautifully designed colorful covers with beautiful typefaces and layout.I cant recall the titles of those books but i have 2 or 3 of them around somewhere [1950s LION annuals possibly] and i often see them at the boot fair and i often browse through them but never buy them but they are lovely things and worthy of appreciation.

The "Magazine" typeface reminds me a bit of Comic Sans but it also has a look of 1950s Brush Script look about it although it bears no actual similarity to it at all.It sort of reminds me of the Walt Disney signature for some reason.

The point of my digression is that when i did an image search for STRIP i saw that image of 6 covers of STRIP pictured above and in the first instance i thought they were images from an old 30s/40s comic and that STRIP magazine shared its name with an old comic but that was before clicking on the image when it became apparent that they are future covers.

So from a design point of view its extremes of very bad and then very very good.

Design is all about first impressions and impact and thats what i think about it all.

Since i havent paid for a copy and havent read the content inside i cant comment on it unless i decide to judge a book by its cover which i wont.

As an aside i very frequently do judge a book by its cover and its the same with LP covers as well.Of course i am not always right in my judgement but i would be lying if i said that i didnt do it but in doing so you might be missing out on something very good if you judge things wrongly so really the only way is to look inside or listen to the can be over judgemental and dismissive or you can be too accomodating of poor design so i dont know for sure but do what you feel is right for you.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I found out this evening while in conversation while asking what happened to someone who i met a few times years ago who was a friend of who i was in conversation with that his father who was a successful designer designed the KFC logo.

Its a bit weird knowing that the designer of a world famous logo is the father of someone that i knew who was an aquaintence.I can very proudly say that i have never eaten any KFC.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My sisters freaky ghost story:

First of all my sister isnt into this sort of thing and when i was telling her my stories she was laughing at mine and not taking it at all seriously.

My sister was in car[i cant recall if she said she was the driver] with others at about 2am in Cheshire that was somewhere in the Knutsford/Northwich area and the car was going towards a bridge and my sister spotted this figure by the side of the road up ahead that was wearing a long black coat or cloak with a tricorn hat like a highwayman and as the car drove past the figure my sister said the figure had the head of a horse.Noone else in the car saw this for whatever reason but at the exact point when the car went past the horse headed figure they all felt the car drive over something or hit something.

Some kind of bizarre supernatural fusion of a highwayman and his horse.

Thats just the freakiest thing i have ever heard and i would love to have seen it myself and i dont get why she would make this up and i dont think she is or she had better not be or else.

Savoy American Bar:

Definately the best place i have ever enjoyed a few drinks and definately the most expensive as it was £10 for a single shot of Jack Daniels and considerably more than that for cocktails and various spirits and whiskies but it was well worth it if i dont do it very often and definately preferable to Wetherspoons or Pitcher and Piano or the Nags Head or the Pig and Whistle.

Pitcher and Piano is for people who either think that they are sophisticated and wealthy or/and for people that cant afford anything better.

OWS = anti-capitalists ?

Apparently its a problem that OWS are continually referred to as anti-capitalists.

Apart from the OWS protestors that are anti-capitalist which is rather a lot of them the reason for this is because the MSM are trying to create a consensus that presumes that every OWS protestor is anti-capitalist which has been their game all along.This is meant to perpetuate the popular misconception that capitalism is the cause of the problem to further demonise or talk down capitalism so that the system can promote its solution of more taxes and more collectivism as the solution.

Very very few OWS protestors are shouting down with corporatism and even if they were the MSM and the BBC would never describe the OWS protestors as anti-corporatist.The majority of them are clueless politically naive monkeys and postive proof of that is the complete lack of focus on corporatism and privately owned central banks which has so far eluded them or their intellects dont stretch that far which is why you continually hear and see them shouting down with capitalism and tax the rich.

They talk about the 1 percent yet they fail to identify the 1 percent and they think that the 1 percent are Wall St traders and Micheal Moore so you end up with nothing more than class envy and no more capitalism because its so unfair that some have more cash than others so we should "tax the rich" [tax the middle class] to raise tax revenue so that "they pay their fair share" to pay off fraudulent debt and interest that is unrepayable that isnt your debt to pay off so paying more taxes to the banking filth who created the problem is a solution ???

Stupid stupid monkeys.

G20 2011 Cannes Filth festival :

Salute the gang-raping loan sharking banksterfilths G20 representatives !!!

Look how this filth flaunt their own egotism and the way that they openly celebrate themselves and look how they all congragulate each other over how they financially rape you all and start wars and spend your taxes and steal your taxes and get away with it as you let them and look how for them its Xmas everyday and look how they choose Cannes as a way of flaunting themselves as if they are film stars as if they expect everyone to be in awe of them and suck up to them and look how they think that they are gods gift to everyone.

Gosh !!! They are all so important!!!

Its THE event of the year !!!

How much did all this cost ??? and how many courses were there at their banquets!!!

They all look so happy as they enjoy screwing you over.

Sarkozy is so big headed and full of himself that if you look at him closely his head is actually too big for his body.It also looks like Sarkozy and Merkel are in love at first sight.

In the 2nd photo Obama looks a bit lost and clueless due to the lack of a teleprompter.

They all think they are so tough as they launch war after war after war yet its a fact that they are weak cowards who are themselves incapable of fighting anything and they are such cowards that they cant appear in public without massive amounts of security and bulletproof/bombproof motorcades and an massive entourage of hired security with earpieces yet its easy to imagine that if a firecracker went off they would be running for cover and cowering behind their security.

What they are saying to you by way of this event is they enjoy turning you into impoverished slaves while they flaunt their wealth and influence over your lives and they say "Let them eat cake and eat shit !!|"

So i say Off with their fucking heads.GGGRRRRRRRR

"Obama says G20 priority is to solve European crisis"

More reverse speak or the solving of the crisis is a solution that suits the problem that they created so its about as idiotic as leaving your children in the care of child murdering psychopaths and peadophiles and as idiotic as leaving your house in the care of thieves and housebreakers while you are away.

It makes perfect sense to do that doesnt it ??

Friday, 4 November 2011

Copied belardinelli/Meltdown Man panels:

I have pencilled and inked lots and lots of these and i will probably do lots and lots more of them until i am fed up with it.

I had to have it:

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The best house in Brighton:

Fife house is by far the best house in Brighton.I have been in it a few times but i dont like a lot of the decor.Generally i dont like fussy ornamentation and garish color schemes as its not my taste but i admire the craftsmenship involved and its part of my work to paint it and repair it but i couldnt live with it although i could if it was all blocked out in white or cream or whatever.I have spent weeks just painting celings like these and weeks stripping paint from plaster mouldings.

The other property seems to be vastly overpriced compared to Fife House and i have been inside that house as well as i know the owner and i have just finished redecorating and repairing the facade which was ongoing through summer and early autumn.There is no comparison between the two whatsoever and either one of them is overpriced or one of them is underpriced.

The curious thing is these types of properties always change ownership on a regular basis for some reason as i have known quite a few people who have lived in these kinds of houses and they always seem to move on from them.


Whoops !!

Horrible cover.

The inhouse design team @ Rebellion must have been having an off day when this cover design was approved as it is absolutely attrocious.I will buy this reprint as i have waited years for it and i used to constantly go on about reprinting it on the forum and i might have been listened to as it is now in print mostly because Matt Smith [Tharg] has impeccable taste in strips which explains why Meltdown Man was very recently reprinted and i used to constantly request a reprint of that as well.

Personally i found the Tornado material in this reprint unreadable mostly because of the artwork but this reprint is stuffed full of gorgeous Belardinelli artwork.

Shocking allegations concerning Jimmy Saville

I have no idea what to make of this at all and i reserve judgement simply because i have no basis on which to pass judgement but its rather unfortunate if there is any truth in it.The interesting aspect of this article is it was published immediately after Jimmy saville died which was to avoid libel obcviously since the dead cannot refute what they are accused of.

You dont expect the presenter of JimLFixIt to have that kind of background.

I find it a little bit cowardly that the article was published when it was rather than previously and i have no clue about the website or its reputation.

I have no idea if there is other info available on the web and quite honestly i dont want to find out as what i read was enough.The negative aspect of this is that i would rather not have known about it but it was too late for that as soon as i read the link to the article which was completely unexpected.

Another article:

I am fully aware of the perversion and satanism etc etc that goes on within the establishment and i am very aware of child abuse in childrens homes and i am aware of a lot of other things as well but i never expected this.Everyone knows about Gary Glitter the paedophile tourist but there is a whole lot more going on than that.One example is Edward Heath who was a very sick and depraved and maladjusted individual and i recall that my grandmother on my mothers side was a friend of Edward Heath or had some kind of connection as i recall seeing loads of pictures of her and Edward Heath that were taken in her garden in the 70s.I might ask my mother what the connection was and what was going on but the reason i point this out is because what i found out about Edward Heath you dont know about so it was weird seeing the photos etc with that in mind.I guess it was something to do with the Conservative Party as my grandmother was a die hard Conservative who loved to have a go at the Left/Labour and call them "Fascists" and "Fascist Pigs" which was funny :D and she was well known for being very outspoken/verbally aggressive and so is my mother and its where i get it from as well.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Libya war: RAF squadron back home after five months:

"DELIGHTED pilots return home to their relieved families after five months of sorties over Libya.
Advertisement >>

Senior Aircraftman Adam Ritchie was greeted by beaming daughter Megan, seven, when the heroes from 2 (AC) Squadron touched down at RAF Marham in Norfolk.

Sgt Tristram was welcomed home by son Owen, 18 months, and wife Kelly. The squadron was based in Italy as part of Operation Ellamy."

I dont know exactly what this particular squadron got up to in Libya so i cant attack them personally [but i will use them to make my point] but i wonder how the RAF pilots feel when they get home after all the bombing of civilian areas and the bombing of children ??

It cant escape their minds that their bombing campaigns have consequences to those on the ground despite the fact they are completely detached from it so surely they think about this aspect of their job from time to time ??

Also i do find it sickening how the article sucks up to them and their families while completely ignoring the families in Libya whos lives have been torn apart or ended by NATO bombing campaigns and US pilotless drones as if their lives are worthless.

If i was in their position i would be thinking about this a lot.

Such as it is though i no longer have any respect for the military and havent done so for some time because of their actions.Everyone is judged by their actions so why should the military be exempt ??

I think they are worthless cowards in this instance.

I am always told to support the troops as it were but the troops as it were make this very very difficult indeed.

Imagine being one of the RAF pilots who bombed Dresden resulting in a firestorm which was made worse by the prevailing winds at the time which is why the bombing campaign went ahead at that particular time.Dresden was a sanctuary city for German children during WW2 which was supposed to be off limits to the RAF etc due to the very high population density of relocated children and when it was bombed 500,000 ++ children were incinerated alive.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We Are Wall St:

"We are Wall St.Its our job to steal your cash.Wether its a commodity or stock or bond or some hypothetical piece of fake paper like a Federal Reserve Note or a US Treasury Bond or a Derivative like the forged deeds to a property it really doesnt matter.We would trade anything if its profitable.I didnt hear America complaining when the market was roaring to 14,000 and everyones 401K doubled every 3 years but that was before we fucked up and were bailed out by Americans.Now Americans are pissed at us due to our monumental fraud and deception and greed and now americans are pissed at us as they have had their retirement funds reduced to half their value or less while we get bailed out by them and offer nothing of any value in return.No wonder they are angry and if i was an ordinary American instead of a Wall ST trader or hedge fund manager or investment banker i would be angry as hell about it.Just like gambling its not a problem until you lose which is fair as no one wants to lose right ?? but when you lose its tough shit as you have to take it but when its Wall St its different and when we lose you have to pay for it and pay for our mistakes and our fraud as that is the way it is so what is the problem ??

I have never heard of anyone going to Gamblers anonymous because they won too much in Vegas in the same way that you will never hear anyone in Wall ST complaining when they make too much money but when Wall St loses we go and get free money off the taxpayer to pay for our losses and our greed and stupidity because we are so important and too big to fail.

Well now the market kind of crapped out which was partly our fault and although it has comeback somewhat and despite our market manipulation and despite the fact that banks that were bailed have hoarded the cash simply because it is more profitable and because we were told to and all the rest of it the average Joes that have lost their homes and businesses and saving etc are still looking for a scapegoat !!

Like you know what exactly is their problem ???

God knows there has to be one for everything ..well here we are except it really was partly our fault so we are not really scapegoats unless everyone forgets that it was also the fault of govt who changed the regulations and removed the restrictions that were there to stop this kind of problem from happening and the FEDRES.Why should we get all the blame for it ??

Go ahead and continue to take us down but youre only going to hurt yourselves but you cant hurt us as we are special and untouchable and above it all and above the law and if you try to protest about it in the financial district then we will cower inside and call in the special govt paramilitaries to beat you all up and clear you off the streets.Whats going to happen when we cant find jobs on the street anymore ? Guess what were going to take your jobs as we are special and important and too big to fail but we could all just retire and live off the cash that we have stolen from all of you instead but we are going to take your jobs anyway because we are entitled to it.Were used to not getting up to pee when we have a position as we just wet ourselves instead and the same when we want to crap as well as we just shit ourselves and think nothing of it.We get up at 5am and work till 10pm or later and we dont even bother going to the washroom when we want to snort cocaine as just we snort cocaine when we are working as we dont have time to stop.We dont take an hour or more for a lunch break even though we could if we wanted to and we dont demand a union and the reason i say all this is to prove just how much better Wall St is than you are as we are better and more hardworking than you are so just get over it !!.

we are going to take your jobs because we are better at landscaping gardens and teaching children than you are

We dont retire at 50 with a pension although we do and we do have pensions as well which is why we aim to make as much cash as possible so we can keep some back for our retirement but that different.We eat what we kill and steal and when the only thing left to eat is your dinner plates we will eat those after we have stolen and eaten your dinner after we demanded it from you and if it was their last bit of food they would gladly give it to us as we are more important and special and too big to fail so we cant go without and our self importance and greed and rapaciousness is more important than you are.

We might as well steal your homes as well which is what we are doing already anyway so tough shit Americans so stop complaining and protesting as we need you a lot more than you need us.

Dont ever ask for your cash back as you are not going to get it back because we have it and you cant have it back because we said so and because we have stolen it and spent it or lent it out to a foreign bank and its your fault as you shouldnt have given us your cash but it was so easy because the Obama Adminstration and Democratic National Committee that we are whining about bailed us all out when we went to them with our begging bowls after listening to our hard luck stories but we might as well whine about them as well.

No more free rides from the taxpayer off their backs anymore.We are going to have to pay for everything ourselves like washing our cars and cleaning the pool.

Our money was your money.You invested and we stole it and spent it.When your money dries up so does ours.When we cant steal from you what are we supposed to then ???


We could all start a charity to help bankers when they fall on hard times.If everyone gave just 1 USD there would be over 300 million USD and a lot of bankers could be helped with 300 million dollars and they might have to change their lifestyle a bit but it would stop them going without completely.

That shit cant b 4 real as it must be a spoof as in what is in the photo as i cant believe anyone would seriously write that for any other reason.

Are there going to be We Are Wall St protestors protesting aginst the OWS protestors ??

One flew over the cuckoos nest:

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rhasmussen.

The Fogh of war.


Not in any way deranged/psychotic/psychopathic/unbalanced etc etc.

Why would anyone think he is ??

Its all in the eyes not to mention the rest of it.

Who let this whackjob leave/escape the asylum ??

Monday, 31 October 2011


Later but in the meantime there is an amusing picture of CaMoron and a funny headline for your personal enjoyment and amusement/annoyance/irritation.

Ready To Have No Spare Change !!

Do yourselves a favor just this once by avoiding any future election candidate who promises "Change".

The headline to the video is amusing as well.

It must be the BIG SOCIETY that doesnt have political representation and a say on its future or its taxation or its banking system or the NHS or anything else and since that is the case then CaMORONS BIG SOCIETY is nothing but a meaningless and trite election soundbite and a BIG fuck up.The BIG SOCIETY has no say on the Yourapeon Union and in reality its like being treated like a child.

The BIG SOCIETY that CaMoron decrees isnt BIG enough to be able to protest and assemble peacefully.

We have such a BIG SOCIETY that it is used to bail out too big too fails and deliberately sabotaged economies of other nations leaving very little for the so called BIG PEASENT SLAVE SOCIETY of the UK.

Happy days !!!

GOSH !!! Labour really must get their act together in time for the next election !!! as they will fix it all* !!! but in the meantime we will bash the Tories !!!


If you object to banker bailouts then FUCK YOU

If you object to the EU then FUCK YOU

If you object to the NHS being privatised then FUCK YOU

If you object to increases in student loans then FUCK YOU

If you object to not having a referendum on EU memebership then FUCK YOU

If you object to austerity cutbacks then FUCK YOU

If you object to anything then FUCK YOU

FUCK YOU as we will do it anyway.

*I simply do not understand why people still just dont get it.People have this infantile perception that Tories are evil while Labour are inherently good which is a complete misconception and its hardly a bias on my part as Labour wont solve any economic problems so since Labour have betrayed the people they supposedly represent and they enrich the 1 percent then why are they a solution ??

They will probably all blame the Tories for the general failure of the new Left since 1997.Labour stopped being Labour when John Smith had a heart attack in the bath and i dont recognise Labour anymore and i dont recognise Conservatives either as they all have the same agenda.

It was a shame about Robin Cook as well but thats another story as to what happened to him.Lots of murky goings on on the part of the establishment regarding Robin Cook and i am not alluding to there being anything dodgy about Robin Cook either....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Govt on behalf of banksters declare war on citizens:

A taste of things to come here in the West.

Obviously excessive force on the part of the govt goon squad with the objective of clamping down on protestors is completely different to the same thing that has gone on in Egypt and Syria and allegedly Libya and its rather curious that the West is quick to condemn this type of action when its elsewhere but here it is the perpe-traitor of it.

Can you work out why ??

These are not law enforcement officers as they are militarised police/ paramilitaries who are not answerable to the rule of law but the govt and banksters etc etc.

The only difference is non-lethal rounds were used unless if this situation continues on the part of govt then it will be live rounds that are used when things are not going so well for the govt and banksters as they wont hesitate if they feel threatened.what is happeneing here is heavy tactics are being as a deterrent but it will have the opposite effect.

When things get unpleasent in the US then that is the time when the freelance private security firms will be called in:

1. Blackwater (XE)
2. Infragard
4. ACS Defense
AD Consultancy (UK)
Aegis Defence Services Ltd
AKE Limited (UK)
AirScan (US)
Alpha Five (Hong Kong)
AMA Associates Ltd [UK]
ArmorGroup (UK)
Beni Tal [Israel]
Blackwater Security Company (US)
Combat Force (South Africa)
Combat Support Associates
Control Risks Group
Corporate Trading Intl (Hong Kong)
Cubic Defense Applications
Custer Battles (US)
Defence Systems Ltd. (UK)
Diligence Middle East (US)
DynCorp International(US)
Erinys Iraq Limited
Executive Outcomes (South Africa) defunct
Genric (UK)
Global Development Four
Global Marine Security Systems Company
Global Risk International
Global Risk Strategies (UK)
Group 4 Falck A/S (India)
Gurkha Security Guards (Isle of Man, UK)
Halliburton [KBR Engineering & Construction]
Hill and Associates, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Honey Badger Arms and Ammo (South Africa)
ICI of Oregon
ICP Group Ltd (UK)
ISI Group
Investments Surveys (South Africa)
Jardine Securicor Gurkha Services (Hong Kong)
Joseph Patrick International
Kas Enterprises (South Africa)
Longreach Security (South Africa)
Main Street Supply
Meteoric Tactical Solutions (South Africa)
Meyer & Associates (US)
Military Professional Resources Inc. (US)
Northbridge Services Group Ltd.
Olive Security Ltd (UK)
Omega Support Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Optimal Solution Services (Australia)
O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt
Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc (US)
Parasec Strategic Concept (Hong Kong)
RamOPS Risk Management Group (US)
Sandline (UK)
Saracen International (South Africa)
Securicor Hong Kong
Shield Security (South Africa)
Special Project Service Ltd. (UK)
Strategic Consulting International (SCI)
Sumer International Security Iraq [DynCorp]
The Steele Foundation
Triple Canopy Inc.[US]
Vinnell Corporation (US) : A Northrop Grumman Company
Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

They provide consultancy and logistics and manpower if needed so when a job is too big for law enforcement and the national guard then the mercenaries will be called in and they dont care who or what or why as long as they are paid as they are contracters.

The protestors in Denver are mostly clueless idiots who dont have anything to say other than repeat Marxist talking points and who dont know the difference between Capitalism and Corporatism and shout down with Capitalism when it should be down with Corporatism.

Nick Clegg is a fucking stupid prick:

There is always always always some terrible outcome for you that is threatened if you dont go along with these cocksuckers agenda and then when you go along with it figuratively speaking you get the terrible outcome that you were threatened with and it doesnt fix the problem so it makes sense to stop going along with their agenda rather than going along with it all as you dont know any better or because you are chickenshit and believe that the sky will fall in if you dont give them another 75 trillion to bail out these useless bums and banking filth paid for by yourself and your children and so on....

Its perfectly obvious that Clegg etc are not the solution and simply giving them more cash and bankrupting yourselves is obviously NOT a solution because they will be back for more and more and more as they try to bail themselves out of the disaster that they have created that they cant get out of because thats what it amounts to.




I would rather take the pain and consequences of dealing with the situation in the appropriate way to solve the problem once and once only and reset the money system than have more and more of this absurd shit forevermore that solves nothing and stores up a problem for later.........

Its economic suicide staying in the EU you useless stupid prick.

Staying in the EU is a sure fire way to hurt businesses and jobs.Nick Clegg is idealogically driven rather than someone who supports what is good for the UK.

What exactly is the EU doing to help businesses in the UK and in Europe ??

What exactly is the EU doing to create jobs exactly ???

I hadnt noticed them doing anything to create jobs and economic prosperity as all they do is steal cash to bail out their stupid single currency and the banks of the nations who they signed onto derivatives which is the cause of the debt crisis.All the EU has done is generate huge amounts of debt that is unrepayable.

Being a memeber of the EU simply results in wasted ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

Look at Turkey.Turkey wanted to sign up to the EU while times were good and now Turkey is thriving economically as its not a member of the EU.

Regardless of what you think of the City Of London and i dont think very highly of the financial sector the fact is the setting up of the EU financial dictatorship is driving out the financial sector out of the City due to impending EU regulation and it will potentially end the UK stock exchange as it will all be centralised in Europe.Financial firms are all wanting to relocate to Switzerland as Switzerland is not in the EU but there is not enough space there for them and there is a very long waiting list and criteria to relocate to Switzerland.

So you might think that this is a good thing and good riddance to the banking sector but once the money leaves London and it doesnt attract money anymore then that will have a massive negative effect on London property prices which are inflated simply because London attracts capital and investment so the property market will collapse in London and the SE.

Maybe it needs to happen as house prices in London and the SE are really only worth half of their present value at least as its all a bubble.

"We spent years fighting to bring down the walls that divided Europe - it would be damaging to let new ones spring up now."

We spent years fighting to bring down the sovereignty that divided Europe - it would be damaging to let nations become sovereign nations again.

"From the economy, to climate change, to defence and crime, co-operation between European countries has delivered untold benefits for every single person in the UK."

"to climate change"

WTF have you done about "climate change" ??

Changed the fucking climate and fixed it or something ??

They havent even come up with any of the fucking Green jobs that they kept banging on about.NO Green jobs!!

Fucking stupid CUNT

What a load of utter garbage.What untold benefits are these ??

Are there too many of them to count and list ??

Or arent there any ??

The only advantage is being able to live and work freely within the EU but apart from that i cant think of any actual benefits as this nation has been flushed away down the pan along with every other nation that was sold out to the EU.

Major was always portrayed as being gray and Clegg has this kind of brown look about him.

What is the EU solution to the debt problem and deliberately bankrupted economies ??

Borrowing more cash to pay off next months debt payment that you couldnt pay off this month that you cant afford to pay off next month so what happens then ??

You borrow more cash to pay off the next months debt repayment that you cant afford and on and on it goes so you dont have to be a genius to see where this is going and why it is unsustainable.

What other magic solution are you expecting from the EU and your respective sellout govts ??

Jimmy Saville dies:

What a shame.I am genuinely sad about this whereas a lot of the time someone well known dies and i think very little of it.

It had to happen sooner or later but at the same time i thought it would never happen as he always seemed to just go on and on and on and you get so used to someone being around that somehow you dont expect it to happen.

Jimmy Saville is someone i always had a lot of time for as he was genuinely a kind and generous and selfless individual and who had a wonderful eccentric persona that i always liked and the type who didnt really care what others thought about him.I read in an interview that others thought it was odd that he was a volunteer member of staff in a hospital and didnt mind some of the unpleasent duties that it involved whereas Jimmy thought nothing of it.

Jimmy saville was one of the first who was into wearing loads of gold jewellry as well as one of his many tradmarks along with the garish shellsuits.

Bless him.

I used to love doing impersonations of him ewith all that "Now then - now then - now then - what have we here guys and girls - hows about that then - as it happens etc etc".I had it exactly right to a T.

" Welcome to Top - Of - The - Pops !! Now then Now then we start with Dont - Leave - Me - This - Way from the one and only Thelma Houston !!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A sickening spectacle:

I couldnt stand watching the video and stopped it after 30 seconds as that was my limit.


How could a nation[and the wider society] and its people degenerate to this level ??

Pure sickness and offensiveness and mental ilness and mental reterdation.

In what way is it acceptable for the situation in Libya to be used and reduced to the level of fodder for TV light entertainment for the sake of morons and for the purposes of pure propaganda ???

Its just sick and a symptom of a fallen and corrupted nation in severe decline and as the US declines economically so does everything else and as the economy collapses the police state increases as govt jobs and the police state is a subsidary business sector that thrives in this kind of political and economic climate.

I feel pity for the members of the audience who are too stupid for words and have no idea how fucked they are.Look at them salivating over the baby and child killing fake POTUS.

How can the POTUS smile and laugh and smirk under these kind of circumstances not to mention that he shouldnt be guesting on a fucking chatshow anyway ???

Where is the dignity and shame ???

There isnt any.

It is good for the ego of the slick excessively narcissisitic fake lying POTUS and for the members of the personality cult.


A sickening distasteful offensive spectacle of the worst kind.

The United States is FUCKED as well as everywhere else and we all have front row seats to watch the show so make sure that you have lots and lots of popcorn. FYI There will be a short interval every 4 years at election time.

Welfare monkeys* + mindless Democrat/Republican supporters + economic collapse/debt + rampant corruption = Disaster

*Not really a fair description nowadays given the situation but anyway.......

Harold Campings end of world/rapture sweepstakes:

Oh well that will have to wait as i was distracted and have lost the thread of what i was going to it will have to wait....

OWS question:

Here we go again :

No they are not right to do so at all and they have no right to protest either.They should not protest as they should love and trust their govts and kneel before their corporate fascist overlords and be grateful for whatever they get and they should be content with being corporate chattel and slaves.They should be cleared off the streets and rounded up and sent to govt re-education camps and agitators and ringleaders should be permantly detained and disappeared by the system.If the police used =more aggressive tactics against the protestors then we wouldnt be having this problem in the first place.I am both saddened and shocked in equal measure that in a modern democratic system we still allow protests and demonstrations to go on.

The Chinese authorities squash protests so why dont we do the same here ??

[That was my say on the matter]

David Cameron:

Yes what a cute adorable little puppy but what about all of the dead and maimed children and civilians and all the rest of it that you are partly responsible for ??

What say you about that ???

How can you go home at night to your own family and play with your children and read them bedtime stories when children in Libya are being bombed with DU munitions that you authorised ??

Have you ever watched any of the video footage of it uploaded online ???

I strongly suggest that you do watch the videos.

[I will warn others not to watch any of the footage if they are of a sensitive nature and are not prepared for what you will see as once you have watched the footage you will not forget it and you will be affected by it like i was although i was prepared for it and i have seen similar footage plenty of times before]

History will bear this out by the time that your children have reached adulthood and then they might stop and ask you why ?? presuming that your children dont become what you are now.

Anyway nice puppy........

I am sick of this fake Tory prick traitor already and i cant stand his archetypal Eton public schoolboy looks and mannerisms and speech.Fucking silver spoon fake tory child and baby killer.

Alex Jones/Infowars/Prison Planet irregularity :

Why wont these websites ever discuss and promote what is known as Lawful Rebellion/Freeman Of The Land and why wont they cover the fact that the US and the UK and the EU are corporate entities ??

Why is this ???

I have my suspicions and i have called them out directly over this irregularity on the website but i get no response whatsoever.I will in time send AJ an email regarding this but no doubt i will be ignored and i will be ignored because the subject is strictly off limits as a policy so therefore contributing writers and guests NEVER EVER discuss the subject.

If i wrote an article explaining it or presented someone elses article it would be rejected.

I have posted numerous comments in the comment sections which are not removed but are ignored by the website and the vast majority of commenters whio seem to be ignorant of it and no i dont spam comment sections with it as i only post comments on the topic as and when it is appropriate.Its like various comments sections linked to articles are quickly replaced by new articles and they drop off the page never to be looked at again.

I listened to AJ take a call about this and very quickly the call was ended with virtually no acknowledgement from AJ apart from "Yes i was aware that the US is a corporation blah di blah.." then that was that and it was time to swiftly change the subject and onto the next caller.....

How can you rail against the FEDRES and unrepresentative govt and all the rest of it without covering what i am talking about here ???

How can you be pro-Constitutional and protest against unconstitutional legislation and not discuss or promote Lawful rebellion ???

Paul Joseph Watson made one reference to Lawful Rebellion when highlighting a video of a protest in Birkenhead that involved a protest and the arrest of a corrupt judge that was supposedly removed by Youtube and that was it so what about it PJW ???

Did the editorial not notice that little faux pas ???

Phew !!!!! Looks like you got away with it that time !!!!!

Careful how you go in future.........

I am virtually the only commentor who talks of this subject and explains it apart from one other so if nothing else potentially millions view and read the comments so the message must be getting out there.....

I smell a rat here but in the meantime the more this topic is ignored the more glaringly suspicious it looks...

[If PP is controlled opposition then i will describe my points as the silver bullet]