Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Today the whole of the town centre was ground to a halt by a bunch of scaffolders in a truck blocking the road who not only refused to move as they were not doing anything in particular as they were just standing around.They seemed to find the whole absurd spectacle very very funny.This was at 5pm in the evening.

I wasnt there .I was just told about it.You would think that amongst that chaos someone could have got them to move ?A member of the public ? [on second thoughts scrap that idea].

You get the craziest shit happening with people these days.Its like there is some sort of collective insanity that i seem to be immune to .I am sure it never used to be like this.

Anyway i had a situation with the same company some time back.I hired scaffolding off them.They are a bunch of yobs and behave disgracefully and unprofessionally.

I had their scaffolding up on a building on the seafront .The scaffolding had a corrugated roof on it that was tied down to the roof.

It was 4.30pm in the afternoon and all of a sudden out of nowhere came gale force winds up to 90 mph for a short period of time.The roof of the scaffolding started to be lifted up and was flapping about in the wind and was unstable and in danger of blowing away down the street probably taking out 2 dozen parked cars and god knows what else.

So i had to call the police and get the whole seafront road closed to traffic as it was that bad and a hazard to traffic.Then i called the scaffolders who were all in the pub drinking to get out here fast and fix the roof or do whatever.

So the yob of a scaffolder who owns the company shows up not very happy.Would you believe it he starts shouting at me as if its my fault and i am responsible.

By this point the fire brigade were here and this twat in front of them accuses me of tampering with the scaffolding .Not true.The fire brigade saw right through this of course.

Once they had finished securing the roof and back on the ground the guy i was just talking about starts shouting Oi !!!! Oi!!!! at me from across the road and saying "Get over here !!!" and generally being aggressive.

I could see what was going to happen and i said to the guy who i was working with who was there "He is going to start getting aggressive now . Watch this ! "

So i went over to ignorant dickhead listened to his verbal garbage .By this point i was starting to lose patience.

"You know fucking well i didnt interfere with that scaffolding !"

More threatening language and behaviour.

"Listen to me you Fucking Cunt!!....I SAID LISTEN !!!! ..If you ever try to drop me in it like that again then i am going to get fucking nasty.I dont like being accused of things i havent done.I dont like being shouted at like i am some fucking Dog.I dont like being threatened and i dont like someone like you taking advantage .So if you want to take this further and have a fight about it then fine .I enjoy it because i am fucking crazy.So dont ever fuck with me like that again !!"


"I refuse to have anything to do with your company again ever and i am going to tell everyone else to do the same and last of all start taking this pile of fucking Shit down on Monday when i will Fucking pay you off then Fuck OFF !!"

Police were here by then.

The stupid thing was he is insured anyway for this sort of thing.

Time to put this idiot back in his place i thought.

Why ?

Why does my housemate always have to turn the light on to go up the stairs during daylight ? I dont even use a light at night when there are no lights on as i can see alright in the dark.It seems a bit lame to me almost like an involuntary action.Also people are obsessed with artificial light at night.I just find it unnecessary and a waste.Also you always get someone who says "Do you want more light".Its not their fault as they are trying to be helpful but very often i dont need more light as i can see just fine without it.

And dont even get me started on light pollution.

There is a street just over the road that is so excessivly lit at night that i couldnt live there as there is this awful orangy yellow diffused light that is everywhere.Horrible.If its necessary to have steet lighting then why is it necessary to light up the sky as well ? Why not just point the light source in a downward direction ?

The old fashioned lamposts are better in this respect.

I simply cannot stand bright light in the home from overhead lightbulbs at night as they just do my head in.Halogen mini spotlights are much better.

Vast amounts of electricity are wasted every day by lighting at night .A lot of it could just be turned off .

Get rid of it all.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

complaining neighbours update :

I had to make it clear to them that a certain amount of flexibility is required at weekends if i have visitors or whatever or if i just dont feel like being quiet.I dont see why there should be a blanket ban on noise everyday of the year including weekends>

No can do

and anyway its not my problem that they are all extremely straight laced Christians who are always up with the lark because they see it as sinful to stay in bed after 8.00pm.

Luckily they are reasonable enough to understand this and so am i.

Friday, 22 February 2008

MI6/Diana Inquest:

Ex Head of MI6 admits that they have a licence to kill but it has never been used in 38 years !!!


Anyone who knows anything knows that is an absolute lie.

I know for sure it is.

Isnt that Perjury or attempting to pervert the course of Justice to say that at an inquiry ?

The Manchurian Candidate:

Yes thats right in the spirit of life imitating art here is the Manchurian Candidate coming to a cinema im sorry i mean a Democrats election rally.

This guy is beginning to iiritate me already as when you listen to what he says its easy to miss it as he doesnt *say* anything and also he nicks others speeches and verbally regurgitates them as if they are his own.Also he has a sort of blankness about him as if the lights are on but no one is home if you know what i mean.|Somewhat under the influence of something or other.

He is a terrible vocal Orator as well if you listen.Just as bad as Bush in some ways.The same but different.

No one knows what he actually stands for apart from defending the rights of the super rich who are financing his campaign.

Doesnt matter the Sheep will still vote for him no matter what.Look at them all in the background .They will believe anything.

I have a feeling he may win this election as he is probably more easy to manipulate than HC.

Vote for O-BAAAAAA -MA !


Its like the second coming.The messiah has taken the world stage.It is a bit weird what is going on with the scenes of mass hysteria that are happening.I wonder if he heals the sick and can do that trick with the bread and the water into wine ? do you get the house red or can you choose a particular vintage?

Its actually dangerous stuff as the election is being played out on an emotional level rather than pol,itical.People are genuinly wanting change ,and all the speeches are playing on that and to a large extent exploiting it.Its a bit like the donkey following the carrot on a stick.He keeps going towards it but the carrot is always just out of reach where eventually it will cruelly be snatched away at the last minute.I do actually feel sorry for the US electorate in this situation because a change isnt gonna come or it will but not the change that they want.Its a bit like the rise of Hitler in the 30s in Germany.They are dependant on economic factors/disillusionment in politics/ not to mention the perceived threat to national security and loads of other things.The electorate rally behind their new "leader" who supposedly has the answer to all their problems and mass hysteria takes hold.I am sure he will be healing the sick shortly and feeding the 5000 or whatever.

I really dont see a change for the good happening but i would like to be proved wrong.What i see happening is disturbing to say the least.

Oh and by the way Kennedy was assasinated because he was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve.The Rothschilds own 10% of every US Dollar in circulation even though the majority of the value of the dollar is backed by nothing.Almost not worth the paper they are printed on as the Federal Reserve is backed by nothing.

Now you know.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Privatised utilities :

Business as usual for privatised utilities.Record record profits after fleecing the entire country.Pensioners [i hate that description] have to make a choice between eating and heating.It really is an absolute fucking disgrace yet it goes on every year in year out.No one does anything about it."but they are regulated" no one does anything about it.Dont give me all that "but they are regulated " shit as its nonsense.About as inneffective as the FSA.Another government sponsored official body that does sweet FA as they are in the pockets of the rich.The government are in the pockets of the rich.

In a civilised society you wouldnt have privatised companies and their parasitic shareholders feeding off the misery inflicted on others.Fuck off and die all of you and contribute something useful to society just once by ridding the planet of your useless selves.

Why cant they give concessions to those in poverty if they make that much money ?

Why dont *the government" do anything about this ?

They are a sham and a disgrace to the nth degree and notwithstanding the odd decent decent politician i wouldnt piss on any of them if they were on fire if anything i would add more fuel to the fire instead and let them burn.

By the way the only way to be disconnected is by the utilities digging a hole in the road which they very rarely do and its illegal if a house is in occupation to cut off water.

People are full of wrong.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jesus h its the Kaiser Chiefs :

I have just witnessed the most awful plodding pedestrian amateurish sad excuse for a band i have ever seen courtesy of the Brits.Terrible ,terrible terrible godawful shite of the Nth degree.

How they sell records i will never understand but they are a symptom of the musical climate that i am unfortunate enough to exist in.

And how can a singer afford to look so smug and self satisfied when his band are so obviously shit?

No looks [ok you cant help how you all look and i could tolerate your ugly faces if your music was worth listening to] ,no charisma ,lack of musical abilities equivalent to an amateur battle of the bands contest ,poor tempo/timekeeping,that god awful guitar effect whatever it is,i cant be bothered to continue.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

just saw something on the stairs -could have been a ghost:

I looked out of the window earlier to look at the Moon.Cat was waiting outside back from the days adventures.

Went downstairs to let Cat in.

On the way downstairs as i didnt bother with a light i could distinctly see a small black shape on the stairs about the size of a small cat.I thought thats odd ,what was that ? stepped over it and thought nothing of it.Went downstairs,let in cat,gave him some Smoked Salmon trimmings and went back upstairs.Cat followed and all of a sudden he was watching something on the landing.All his fur bristled up after going onto his chair/bed and backing up slowly against the wall. and i felt my back go up a bit but this time i couldnt see anything.I can still feel something though.I get the same feeling everytime something happens.Its a weird cold feeling that goes all down my back.Its difficult to describe.Sort of tingling inside and all over and a coldness in the air that washes over you.

I think i may have seen it a second time going down the stairs in a different place.

Anyway i turned on the light in the hallway.Cat wasnt impressed and has gone back out again.

I used to see sort of Shadows that werent there but that stopped years ago but this was a bit like that.

I am not impressed either as i feel on edge and feel as if i am being watched a bit as i keep looking over my shoulder to the door to see whats there.

I feel on edge and i wish it would just stop.

Its not much fun being hypersensitive but you just have to live with it.


This is still my favourite eating establishment in Brighton.I have been going there spradically whenever my Ma and Pa visit since 1978.It was my birthday and i went to Brighton for the day.

We had to have lunch so "Where do you want to eat then ? , choose somewhere "

so it was a toss up between Browns and the Great American Disaster which was round the corner and long since gone.It was a burger resteraunt where you got all the different pickles.Lovely stuff.I love American Food as much as Italian.Or Vegetarian Wholefoods that Mum was seriously into.Lovely stuff.You dont get veggie Wholefood resteraunts any more as they arent fashionable.We always went to Cranks next to Carnaby St plus you got Ceres and Natures Way shop/cafe.Hastings had one of these so we went to it a lot.A friends Mum who was a lefty in the traditional sense used to cook there inbetween protesting at Greenham common.This was mid 80s.We went to food Thought in Covent Garden that was packed out and its tiny and there was a queue going out into the street which shows its still popular.Went for lunch there after trailing round shops inbetween getting half an hour to myself were i got lost in Forbidden Planet.

Thats more like it ! especially after numerous clothes shops etc and the effing Cath Kitson shop.

Anyway you used to get food on wooden plates back then and that day i still remember hearing Silly Thing by The Sex Pistols playing when i was eating.

Last time i went there i ordered 3 Burgers and chips.The Waitress didnt believe i would eat all that in one go.Just watch i said and i will eat the lot.My record is 7 half pounders with short breaks inbetween.

The Great american Disaster eateries were predecessors to The Hard Rock Cafe.

Also pictured is Sticky Fingers in London which was opened by Bill Wyman of the Rahlling Stahnes or the Railing Staones or The Rolling Stones.I used to go there a lot at one point back whenever.

Amazing house:

I found this on another blog by chance.I would love to build and live in something like that.

The second pic is inside looking out of the picture window.Beautiful.We had windows like that in Hastings.

It looks like a successful drug dealers pad in the other pic like something you would find in Beverley Hills LA.Without the Snow of course.

Its Mount Hotham House by Giovanni D'Ambrosio.I think its in south america somewhere.

Noisy housemate:

My housemate has become a bit noisy in the early hours of the morning with selfish inconsiderate behaviour.This has annoyed me and as i have found out has been seriously annoying the neighbours resulting in an email being sent to their Landlord resulting in a letter being sent to myself outlining the problems and grievences that it has caused and possible courses of action to be taken if the noise does not stop.

I must admit i have been careless about this as i have been going to bed late etc while not being personally responsible for the noise as i am mostly upstairs.

I have resolved this by replying to the letter by email and chatting to the neighbours who are aware of the situation.They realise i dont make the noise but housemate does.These are my neighbours of 4 yrs and have been perfect in every way.

Now every so often noise is unavoidable but this has to stop.

So i will be vigorously policing the noise levels in this house in a kind of all noise levels to be very low after midnight without exception unless the odd party or whatever.I will be operating a non negotiable curfew on noise after midnight that is absolutly non negotiable no matter who is making it.Anyone who argues with this will be dealt with swiftly and very harshly if they choose to contradict my directive.

My word is the law>

I am Not i say again Not going to have the neighbours upset by noise and i am Not i say again Not going to have this address being reported to the Councils nuisance Neighbours list as if its some chav house on an estate.

I was shocked to find this out TBH as ihave never been a nuisance to anyone since i have lived in Brighton.I never had neighbours on the other side of the wall before as in Hastings and before that i had always lived in detached houses with neighbours a fair distance a way.I take this very seriously indeed and i have reassured the neighbours that this wont happen.They understand but its up to me to take some responsibility for things which i should have done a long time ago TBH.Thats like being dragged through the mud [being reported].We have the odd party 2 to 3 times a year.Thats normal.

I did upset the neighbours in Hastings once when i was cleaning the cars and played Cars By Gary Numan very very loud repeatedly in the car stereo.This was when it was no 1 in the charts so thats going back a bit now.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Strewth !!!!!!!!!.....................

Listen you have had 5 to 10 minutes to prepare yourself to pay for the goods that you have had to wait 5 to 10 minutes to pay for.

Why the fuck do you have to stand there at the till fucking about looking for change and fucking fiddling and being a fucking pain as if its some sort of surprise that you have to find money to pay for things at a till ?

"That will be 7.63p please"

[suprise ,shock,general bewilderment] What was that again?"

"that will be 7.63 p please"

"UUUURRRR here somewhere...i am sure its here somewhere...ummmmmm..wallet....pocket.... bag... AAAh yes its here ........fumble around to find money among countless bits of plastic No Status Super Platinum I have got no money thats why i have all these cards...yes here is some money.......

Well THANK FUCK for that !!!!!!!!!!

Another 10 minutes of my life lost courtesy of FuckwitMonkeyBrain.

I must remember to bring a book next time or read one of the magazines on the shelf.

Change you Cant believe in :

[The bullshit Detector seems to be going off every 5 seconds these days]

This is someone [8th cousin of Dick Cheney] promising No Change or change you can believe in. Believing in change doesnt make sense.If there was visible change then you wouldnt believe in it as you would see it for yourself.Usually beliefs concern things that cannot be quantified into anything that is plain to see like God or Fairy Tales or ETs or Greys or Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or a a candidate for the white house that promises real change[apart from JFK ].There is no physical evidence for any of these things [although Ets are debatable]

You can believe in change if you are going to or know how to change things yourself but you cant expect a presidential candidate to change anything if they have clearly stated they are not going to change anything.

"I am black/mixed race ,Vote for me.I must be alright as i am black/mixed race ! You can trust me Honest!"

And there are Fairies at the end of my garden that live there.

Business as usual then.

It wont stand up !

Broken pointed end lemonade bottle C1860 - 1870.


Shame this was broken as its very very very rare indeed C1858 >The fineness of the throw of the pot and the colour of the glaze and the pottery makes me think its doulton Lambeth pottery.I can even see fingerprints in it.

Todays dig came to nothing.It was just as load of hardcore laid to make a pathway.Everything is broken.Never mind i had a nice 10 minutes dig and i was very very very lucky to find the 2 items pictured considering this was broken up hardcore.That was my talent for sniffing things out if they are buried.[i think]

Someone somewhere has boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of bottles out of the tip in a garage somewhere.[thousands i am told but i have told them a million times please dont exaggerate]One of the builders from the site.I just need to find out who it was.They havent been ebayed. [yet]

Government stupidity - whats new?

Lets ban smoking in *all* pubs.

Lets cut down on carbon Emissions.

Lets all use low Energy Lightbulbs [I would rather live by candlelight or Low Wattage Halogen bulbs thank you][I dont do low energy lightbulbs]

Lets cancel out all that by Pubs insisting that they have to heat the Beer Gardens with Gas fueled Patio Heaters sending all that heat straight into the atmosphere.[because of a smoking ban because the poor things cant stand the cold here in the UK even though it isnt cold .Go and live in Canada and see what cold is.

You cannot heat the outside air with a heater without burning fossil fuels or burning something unless you use leccy so you cant win.

Its fucking insanely stupid.

Beam me up Scotty

Whoops wrong planet/species.

This planet is full of semi retarded Primates in positions of power.

Monday, 11 February 2008

photo of aforementioned landfill site:

Will ya just look at that !

Read this :35 feet of rubbish.Thats 35ft deep and probably as much if not more wide.

We are trying to get an organised dig going and perhaps Time Team special on CH4.Its a pointless exercise infiltrating the site as its full of thuggish looking builders and the rubbish in question is covered over but is accessible for the future.The tip dates back to 1810.

I have been tipped [ha ha] off about another area next to the railway adjacent to the main tip site behind an industrial estate.Thats to be explored on Saturday.

The 2 bottles pictured is the end result of 10 mins digging with a small hand fork.back for more on Saturday afternoon /sunday afternoon as digging is too conspicous otherwise what with a tyre/exhaust fitting place opposite.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

News just in:

I have received unconfirmed reports that US soldiers are involved in training exercises that are to prepare them for Martial Law in the US.This involves round ups , confiscation of weaponry ,and the shooting of US citzens including friends and family.

This paints a picture of a very unpleasent scenario indeed but within the realms the realms of possibility unfortunately.This situation will most probably coincide with the crash of the dollar if the dollar crashes.This is just one possible scenario.

I dont know if the military personnel sign up for this voluntarily or if they are forced/coerced into it.I dont know but it begs the question of what will it take for the military to say No ? You have to question the intellect of anyone that chooses to do this or even follow an order like that and have a conscience ?

It would make me question those that i am under if i was in the military or even start a mutiny within it and turn the loaded gun on the oppressor .That being whoever is in the white house and has declared an irreversible state of martial law.I say irreversible under normal procedure but the answer is to reverse it by force and take it back and the same goes for the UK if it happens but its a different kettle of fish here for lots of reasons.At least you in the US have the luxury of the 5th ammendment and the right to bear arms.We dont have that here.I know the US has high rates of gun crime but Canada doesnt and they have the right to bear arms.A smaller population perhaps is one reason but it doesnt stand up to scrutiny.

Anyway you guys in the US have over 600 FEMA fully manned and operational Detainment/concentration camps all over the US waiting to be filled.Fill them up with your elite Nazi political and right wing christian funda - Mental - ists .

Anyway we will see what happens but i cant see how they are going to pull this one off successfully as your MR Bush etc seem to have been very incompitent so far to the extreme.I have been over this before but once more how can an already overstretched and demoralised pro army hope to oppress a country of your size successfully ?

Cant see it somehow and anyway only a psychopath would shoot citzens withouyt question? Thankfully psychopaths are in a minority as post traumatic stress syndrome will tell you.

So anyway if i was in the US now [I have lived there for short periods ] i would now be considering leaving permanently as i couldnt reconcile myself with your travesty of a political system not to mention your population of zombie Sheeple.That doesnt mean all of you by any means, just a very large majority who are too lazy and stupid to realise that you have been had simply because you lack the ability to think critically and deconstruct and analyse things instead of at face CNN/ FOX News value.

Anyway you have another election coming up and you still believe that your vote means something and that you can change things by paricipating in elections.Its hopelessly naive and laughable.Collectivly you can change things if only you would wake up and realise what is going on under your own noses.Same goes for the UK too.Exactly the same.

Peoples apathy and stupidity are their own worst enemy.But it seems to be how you all like it to be simply because you cant or wont grow up and take responsibility for what is happening.

Personally i just try to tell others what is happening even if it upsets their own view of reality but as you all know burying your head in the sand doesnt make a problem go away.The problem just gets bigger that way.I find its much more effective to attack a problem head on but i am in a minority and thats why everything is in a mess.

You all go off to Iraq and Afghanistan because you are told to .You send your kids off to join the army without question.None of you will change anything until you stop doing what you are told and start saying No.Only then will this awful mess end.

But we have Iran waiting in the wings and your governments willful unreasonable reasoning that Iran must be attacked.There is already a build up of Russians in the middle east waiting.The reason for this is simple:Saudi Arabia has recently been coerced into continuing to trade with the US in dollars.Also Iran has said it is going to refuse to trade with the US in Dollars so that is really why the US is throwing a tantrum over the Iran situation while all intelligences says that they are not a threat to world peace and stability.

But guess who is ?

This ends.

By the way things are not much better here politically either but thats another story.