Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Brezinski-Kissinger Global Chessboard agenda :

Syria is next.....


What do Syria,Libya,Egypt,Iraq,Iran,Venzuela, all have in common ?

None of them have a Rothschild central bank and they are all rich in resources like oil.Iraq/Afghanistan may already have Rothschild central banks by now but its interesting to note that it has involved a permanent occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to set up a Rothschild central bank as the situation we have is its the most problematic countries to take over have been left till last or that its simply a process of elimination and its just the way it worked out but its clear that occupations are the worst way to takeover a country as its much easier to do it by stealth or with a staged revolution like what happened in Russia that resulted in the creation of the USSR.

I nearly forgot about North Korea which prints its own debt free currency.

Not sure about Egypt as it may already have a RCB as the recent problem was a problematic stooge dictator who was simply past his sell by date and no longer of any use.They throw their own under the bus the whole time as and when.

Makes sense doesnt it that they are all being targetted/villified by the NWO/Rothschilds etc etc to assimilate them into the other 100 countries that all have Rothschild Parasitic central banks.

This means that 100 countries so far are prohibited from printing their own debt free currency at no cost to themselves.

The upshot of all the staged events and UN humanitarian missions and occupations and regime changes is control of the money supply and control of the resources and control of the region and the planet.

Palestine doesnt have a Rothschild central bank but i guess it would be pointless setting one up since the long term plan is the non-existance of Palestine since there is virtually nothing left of it anyway.

Ever wondered why Israel is a law unto itself ??

The answer is Rothschilds.

All of the Rothschild central banks are controlled by and answerable to the Bank Of International Settlements in Basle Switzerland.

There are others involved who have shared ownership to a greater or lesser extent but to keep it simple i call them Rothschild central banks as its effectively a company name anyway and this has been going on for 200 years.

No imaginary secret bogeymen here as it is all widely documented and historical fact and verifiable.


Problem :

Reaction :


Further loss of Liberty and heightened security measures/reflex oppressive legislation.

Easy really as thats how it works and its easy to stage as you have provocateurs and infiltration of "Anarchist/Communist" groups by the police/CID/MI5 and the groups themselves running amok in the streets every time there is a protest while the police seemingly are either unable to control it OR they just simply let it all happen around them meanwhile legitimate peaceful protestors are corralled and kettled for no good reason which means the police are busy with them to avoid cracking down on the "Anarchist/Communist/Anti-Capitalist" groups seemingly outwitted by them.

The CCTV cameras in the area amount to thousands and further to that the police could listen in on their mobiles as they are communicating the whole time.

It appears to be like the Keystone Cops for a very good reason and that is the police were able to effectively crack down on the mindless mob who are responsible for mindless violence and criminal damage there would be no need for reflex action draconian security measures that remove your right to peacefully protest.

Dont tell me the Police didnt know there was going to be a protest inside Fortnum and Mason for example as they know exactly what is going on as we live in a sophisticated police state surveillance system but events are allowed to happen for a very specific reason.

Notice how there is NEVER any emphasis on the tactics of the Police to end kettling of peaceful protestors for example.The emphasis is always on the protestors.

Notice how this happens time and time and time and time again and every time there is a review of the police it amounts to nothing.

Has ANYONE ever heard of any of these so called Anarchist/Anti-Capitalist morons actually being charged and sentenced for disorder and criminal damage etc etc as i certainly havent.when its all over they disperse back to where they came from to be wheeled out again next time there is an official peaceful protest.They are literally a hired Rent-A-Mob.

NO KETTLING for Anarchist/Anti-Capitalist protestors.It never ever ever happens.

Video of possible agent Provocateur being protected/assissted by MetPolice :


Obviously if it is a provocateur then there has to be communication going on between the two or some kind of recognition going on because all that happened very quickly and spontaneously in a chaotic fluid situation so it would have been very interesting to search the individual in question.Look at the situation and see if anything else makes sense where the individual is selected from the crowd after running towards the police.The individual was not hurt in any way nor did it appear that he was arrested and he did not show his face at any time which was to make sure he wasnt identified by the crowd and the whole thing was over with in a few seconds so as to not draw attention to what was going on.

More often than not the provocateurs are subject to a fake arrest and bundled into a police van and returned to the police HQ which partly explains why you never hear of criminal charges or even when you do it doesnt mean anything as you have no way of knowing if its genuine or not.

This is all standard operational procedure.

Definately very suspicious.

The protestors in Fortnum and Mason are nothing more than ill-educated Useful Idiots who dont realise they are being used even if they have legitimate concerns over cuts and theiur protest gets hijacked to provide the pretext for more oppressive reflex legislation.

Useful Idiots serve a purpose that works against them either knowingly or unknowingly.



Poly - Ticks

Poly = Many

Ticks = A parasitic bloodsucking insect/s.

Monday, 28 March 2011

NHS efficiency/Private sector efficiency:

"The Government is currently considering whether to allow private companies to take over parts of the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, such as the testing, processing and transport of blood.
Some say that this will make the NHS Blood and Transplant Service more cost effective and will save money for the rest of the NHS.

YOUGOV questionaire text.

Heres a radical idea - Why not troubleshoot the NHS so that it is far more efficient therefore negating the need to privatise the NHS by stealth using the false pretext that only the private sector can be more efficient than the NHS [Public Sector] ??

BAD idea !

That will never do though simply because it negates the need for a PFI initiative/NHS selloff.

What is the main criteria for a private company taking over an NHS dept ?

Yes thats right Cheapness.

What happens when a private company runs a company as cheaply as possible so it can profit from it ?

Things go wrong and corners are cut and the blood will probably get mixed up or whatever so its a bad idea in principle.

I have an idea for you stupid ShitForBrains @YouGov dumbfucks :


There is NO Exit Strategy from Libya which means ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ will be simply flushed away which in turn means the UK taxpayer will have to foot the bill to the extent of

££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ and probably a bit more than that.

That really makes sound economic sense doesnt it ?

Stupid fuckers and in any case they are not my Govt as i am not represented by them and i didnt vote for them and i see them as nothing more than illigitimate traitors and cowards and sellouts so they can shove their @YouGuv questionaire.

"Others say that as those who donate their blood do not get paid it would be wrong for a private company to make money from this service."

Fucking load of ill thought out contradictory Bollox that is.I bet they have been ill and used Pharmaceutical drugs therefore allowing the drug companies to profit from their illness as its not like they paid to be ill.The NHS uses Pharmaceutical drugs and surely the motivation for giving blood does not depend on a company profiting form providing a service as i thought it was an altruistic act ?

Bicarbonate Of Soda :

If you have concerns about contamination from carcinogenic radioactive particulates then take Bicarbonate Of Soda.The US military recommend it in situations where nuclear fallout is present.

Look it up yourself and do research on it.

Its a common misconception that Baking soda contains Aluminium which it doesnt or else it wouldnt be Bicarbonate Of Soda when it is actually Baking Powder that contains Aluminium as thereis a difference between the two.

Rip off artists will tell you their Bicarbonate Of Soda is "Natural" and doesnt contain Aluminium and will charge you up to 4 times as much as ordinary Bicarbonate of Soda when none of it contains Aluminium.

Its as cheap as anything and you can get it anywhere.Its good for increasing energy levels as well as athletes use it to increase performance levels.

United Nations Coalition Action Plan for Japan :


That seems to be the extent of the UN response to the Humanitarian/Enviromental crisis in Japan.The silence from our great world leaders [sellout NWO Maggot Filth] in response to the radiation spill and the starving population of Japan who are left to fend for themselves with irradiated glowing drinking water is deafening.

The UN are like the Police.Always there when they are not needed and never there when they are needed.

"Its your world" say the UN.I didnt realise that at all as i thought it was the UN/NWOs world and i just lived in it.How wrong i was on that score but its an easy mistake to make considering that the UN dont recognise Natural Rights/Natural Law or Property Rights for example.How can it be my world when the UN deny Property Rights ??

Everything is perverse and back to front in the wonderful wacko world of the UN.

A websearch for "UN action plan to contain Fukushima reactors" didnt produce anything at all.

A websearch for "UN response to Japan Crisis" produced nothing relevant except for these two articles:

"UN urges better emergency response to Japans Nuclear crisis"


"UN atomic watchdog says Japan crisis will be overcome"


Not an awful lot of activity on the part of UN regarding Japan then.

"UN urges better emergency response to Japans Nuclear crisis"

I guess that doing something rather than doing nothing other than writing reports will be an improvement.

"UN atomic watchdog says Japan crisis will be overcome"

So despite the fact that the Japanese govt cant really do anything about what is going on with the reactors as its too late other than lie to the Japanese population over the radiation levels.Apparently increasing the safe exposure levels of Radiation means that the Japanese are now less likely to suffer radiation sickness.

Also pretending everything is alright is also a sure way to not suffer negative health effects from exposure to radiation.

Spanki Moon say no cause for concern as Japan overcome their crisis as crisis will be overcome by Japan.Japan radiation levels not dangerous to Japanese people and water safe to drink with plenty food safe to eat.It still safe to eat seafood off coast of Japan.

Japanese Fukushima not serious enviromental crisises to Japanese people or international community and Agenda 21 not applicable to radioactive fallout and radioactive contamination of the Pacific ocean but Agenda 21 UN agenda to save planet and enviroment still on course for major success internationally and radiation is effective medium for world depopulation strategy.UN presently dealing with Humanitarian Libyan crisis.UN doing nothing to help Japanese crisis make certain that Japan will overcome Fukushima earthquake radiation crisis.

UN model for OneWorld Global Governance.

Idiot waste of space Korean.

A websearch for "UN international coalition to initiate Fusion reactor development program" didnt produce any relevant search results either.

No surprises there.............

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Inflation is the expansion of the money supply caused by printing paper money.The more paper money in circulation -the less the pound or dollar is worth which is why when the FEDRES or the BOE inject paper money into the economy by QE* it devalues it and the devalueation is relative to the amount of cash that comes off the printing press.

Banks are also responsible for inflating the money supply by through the practice of Fractional Reserve Lending which means simply that if you deposit 100GBP into your bank account the bank is allowed to lend out 6-8 times that amount which means 800 GBP on top of the initial 100GBP deposit which means the banks has Leverage of 8 times 100GBP.

Nothing else is Inflation.

BBC article on Inflation which does not explain what i have just explained so i am not sure what they are talking about.


There is no other way to cause inflation in principle and what the BBC are talking about is something else entirely although to be fair price hikes effectively take cash out of circulation and your pocket by definition therefore decreasing the money supply which is what happens in a recession as the money supply shrinks.So in reality there is actual deflation in terms of cash in circulation and a recession is a shrinkage of the economy by definition yet we have Inflation which is true in terms of expanding the money supply through QE yet the BBC is dishonestly trying to attribute rising Inflation to something which is a symptom of/related to Inflation rather than the cause of.

If there were not any QE programs going on in a recession with the mass printing of BOE funny money then the pound would go up in value - Deflation - and while there would be less cash in circulation it would buy you more which would mitigate the economic effects to an extent.

The Bankster Mafioso would rather inflate/devalue the money supply during a recession to financially cripple you and to Fuck you over twice as hard ans twice as much.

"What is inflation ?"

Inflation is the expansion of the money supply.

What do you think has happened in Zimbabwe for example ?

The price of a loaf of bread hasnt gone up by 10,000,000 times because of "Inflation"[hypothetical figure for effect] like the BBC would have you believe [which would mean the cost of Wheat and Yeast has gone up in price by 10,000,000 times !!] as it means the Zimbabwean currency has decreased in value 10,000,000 times therefore costing you 10,000,000 times more because of QE which is the mass injection of cash into an economy.

The price of bananas goes up because of inflation ???

The price of bananas has gone up because of inflation because your dollar is worth LESS so it costs MORE to buy a bunch of bananas.

The price of bananas can go up because all the banana boats might sink which means LESS bananas which means they will cost MORE but that is NOTHING to do with Inflation and thats just one example.

Is the cost of services that use Diesel for example since Diesel has gone up in price lately therefore resulting in those services costing MORE ANYTHING to do with expanding the money supply ??

NO it is NOT.

Simple really.

Prices for things are inflated or deflated sure enough but its incredible how a supposedly informative article by the BBC fails to point out what i am pointing out as if it does not exist so it would be less misleading if it was called Price-linked/indexed Inflation*

The price of commodities can go UP or DOWN.

If the price of oil went up by 50 percent then the BOE would increase interest rates to offset the price rise ??

It doesnt make sense ??

But then the cost of everything is going up anyway like Diesel for example YET the pitiful rates of interest from banks NEVER seems to go up yet they dont mind using your cash as leverage for lending.

The cost of living goes UP and Down because of.

NOT to be confused with the expansion of the money supply which is known as INFLATION.The BBC article is deceptive and dishonest and it attempts to remove the issuance of currency out of the equation as the BBC dont want the Proles to know about actual inflation and why their Dollar or Pound is worth less because its obvious that if the Dollar is worth less then goods are going to cost more to produce which in turn costs you more which partly explains why goods and services are costing you more.This is beside the multitude of factors that causes price rises of commodities.

Bankrupt economies print Fiat currency like its a get out of jail free card .[see below]

The BBC article is didingenuous.Typical BBC Disinfo.

Fucking Idiots.

The reason that the BOE/Govt want a low RPI - Retail Price Index [what the BBC call inflation]/Inflation at 2 percent is to keep expenditure down because pensions etc etc are linked to it.

Low interest rates always mean more borrowing because its cheap which means more debt and it also means banks pay out less in interest to those who have surplus cash in the bank so less interest means less spending and more debt means less spending.

*QE doesnt actually inject cash into the economy as it injects cash into the pockets of the Bankster Mafioso so the cash does not go into the economy and into circulation but by default it inflates the money supply because its not as if you the taxpayer is not going to pay interest on it but thats another story.

Trickle Down Economics = you only get the scraps if you are lucky.

QE actually takes more cash out of the economy than it injects into it in the long term because it generates debt as the taxpayer pays interest that is cumulative upon the paper money that is printed by the privately owned Rothschild BOE that is lent to the Govt.

Its easy to see that the only winners are the BOE.

Fucking scamming shit.

Monday, 21 March 2011

UN ultimatum to Libya:

If libya doesnt accept a UN/Nato/US Humanitarian force [an invading foreign military ground force] in Libya then Libya will be invaded by a foreign military ground force.

Spankee Moon say International Community [NWO controlled former independent sovereign nation states - G20] ignore Japan Humanitarian/Enviromental crisis and focus on Humanitarian Libyan crisis.Libyan crisis most urgent crisis require unified international UN response.Japan crisis not as extreme urgency as Libya crisis.

Gadaffi throws UN Charter at Spanky Moon:


Thats the main reason that Gadaffi/Libya is being bombed.The preceeding 100 minute speech or parts of it were highly critical of the West and the UN so Gadaffi was a dictator that was becoming very diificult ot control and manipulate so he had to go.

What is curious is there has been no recent civil unrest in Iran because exactly the same situation could be manipulated by the West and the CIa etc etc but it did happen a couple of years ago but the CIA backed/hijacked protest movement didnt really amount to very much but there was that faked incident of an Iranian woman who was shot with the video which was meant to incite anti-Iranian feeling in the West but again it failed to have any significant impact.

If a popular uprising happens again in Iran in the near future and the Iranian govt attempts to contain it then you will know what to expect.

Syria is another possibility as any country in that region that doesnt already have a Western/Globalist/NWO friendly political regime with one of their own selected Globalist friendly "Leaders" is marked and its days are numbered.

Iran is the big one but i think the UN are going to mop up all of the smaller independent non-NWO countries like Libya and Syria which means those countries wont side with Iran when it is attacked which means less resistance but that still leaves China and Russia.

The problem for the UN/Nato/US is that now there has been a very serious backlash against the offensive against Libya and they have completely lost all credibility within the G20 and much more so outside of the G20.

The G20 countries are all countries that have been taken over to a greater or lesser extent by the NWO/Globalists which means they have all had their banking system taken over to a greater or lesser extent by the international banking elites[the NWO].

What did anyone think a No-Fly zone meant ??

Politely requesting that Libya ground their airforce ??

Anyway this is a taste of what Global Govt[NWO] is all about.

The UN assumes superiority over everything else which measns ultimate authority which is Totalitarianism.

The way that the MSM are all salivating over Libya with their sickening propaganda is very predictable.

How does "Hope" and "Change" working out for you all ?

Is it the kind of "Change" that you were waiting for ?

Fucking disgraceful but i was right 2 years ago and i am right now and depressingly i expect to be right in the future.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

the UK Census Toytown Bus :

The bus has hexagonal wheels which means that i am even more convinced that people are getting more and more stupid.

It looks like the wheel has to be reinvented for them.

"If you dont fill it then future generations will be deprived of services"

It doesnt really matter in the long term as you are all Fucked anyway so what difference does it make ?

Its just that the majority of you dont realise it yet.

Very very dangerous situation/Lawless UN :


I dont know who that bitch of a woman representing the US is who makes the announcement but its obviously some Globalist POS from the Obama administration who has been placed there through affirmative action but pointing out that she is more than likely to be a Lesbian with an axe to grind like Kagan or Sutermeyer is totally unneccessary.Her eyes look kind of dead and i dont like the look of her with her severe looking pulled back hair.

"Colonel Gadaffi and those who still stand by him..."

"and those who still stand by him"

In their own words the UN has declared war on anyone in Libya who supports Gadaffi which by default means civilians/non-combatants] so this is the first time UN/Nato/US have declared war against civilians/non-combatants that i know of.

Where is the line drawn ?

It isnt.

The lack of distinction is deliberate.

So how does this figure in terms of International Law ??

If i say that i stand by Gadaffi then i could be bombed or classed as an enemy of the international community.

It actually doesnt matter as these MFs will do what they like anyway but claims that this action is "legal" instead of "illegal"[incorrect terms anyway as it should be Lawful/Unlawful] are totally wrong since civilians/non combatants who still support Gadaffi as is their right to do so are now in a new category since the distinction has been made by the UN between supporters of Gadaffi and "civilians" who presumably are either politically neutral or are anti-Gadaffi/Pro-West or whatever.

The UN has deliberately not made the distinction between those who are in the Libyan military and Govt etc and civilians/non-combatants who support Gadaffi.

This is very very very dangerous but i dont see anyone else pointing this out anywhere.

Of course there will be armed civilians who support Gadaffi but this resolution declares open season on the Libyan people who are citizens of a sovereign nation and who have the right to defend themselves from foreign occupiers/aggressors.

So what is going on here is the UN are pre-empting the potentially massive civilian casualties and that civilians who are defending themselves will be classed as "insurgents" so that eliminating them is justified under this resolution.

The ultimatum issued by the UN is simply surrender or be wiped out.Not that it will be very easy to tell the difference between anti-Gadaffi/pro-Gadaffi Libyans when it comes to non-military personel.

Its that simple.

Watch how quickly a "Humanitarian" operation will evolve into an anti-terrorism operation as it is now inevitable.It gets more and more ridiculous as the anti-Gadaffi protestors/freedom fighters have now evolved into members of AlCIAda all of a sudden when AlQaeda is a codename for CIA/western intelligence operatives and their followers.

Of course now announcing that it was Alqaeda is a way for the CIA and the UK and the US to distance themselves from the revolutionaries that they were arming and funding and controlling so now the claim that AlCIAda are now present in Libya thats a whole new spin on things.

The NWO arent going to install an Al CIAda regime in Libya as has been suggested.It just isnt going to happen but the fact they are allegedly active in Libya is something that will be capitalised on particularly if an NWO selected political leader is placed in power as this will create more internal conflict within Libya which will create the pretext for an ongoing occupation by the NWO and will in turn provide the pretext for more AlCIAda attacks on the US which in turn will inject fresh blood into the ongoing fake WarOnTerror.

Thats the way i see it.

The fact there are now AlCIAda operatives in Libya creates the pretext for a ground based occupation.

Gadaffi did warn a short while ago that AlCIAda operatives were stirring up a revolution but it fell on deaf ears which is no surprise since it was AlCIAda who were preparing the ground for Operation Odyssey Dawn.

Oddysey Dawn must mean the beginning of a long and convoluted military operation.

This is not good which ever way you look at it.

Whatever happened to the Barak H Obama policy of negotiations before the use of force was used as a last resort ??

Its gone along with all of the other pre-elction pledges which is a great shame because this was one aspect of Obama that i supported as it was a positive direction and it would have improved the image of the US no end if the US had negotiated with Gadaffi but instead the US [figuratively speaking] chose to stir things up and go straight in using military force.

The fact is though i could bash Obama day and night over this but the fact is the buck stops a LOT higher up than Barak H Obama and even though i am guilty of it myself Obama is nothing more than a convenient scapegoat and scapegoating isnt something i go along with which is why i constantly namecheck who is really responsible and who calls the shots and in reality Obama is powerless but he could still do the right thing and no go along with it but thats not what i expect from Obama unfortunately so its not quite scapegoating as a certain amount of criticism is deserved.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Propaganda deception:

As another matter of interest opinions seem to be divided on the fighter plane shot down in Libya as officially in the first instance it was unknown who it belonged to but its more politically expedient if it is claimed to be belonging to rebel forces in Libya which provides the perfect pretext for the fake Humanitarian US/Nato operation that was temporarily stalled by Gadaffi announcing a cease fire.

The US/Nato werent having any of that but its interesting how a rebel force of approx 50,000 civilians[not including CIA operatives and provocateurs etc etc etc] had themselves what looks like a Russian Mig 23 which fits the inventory of the Gadaffi military.Their only fighter plane if you please....

Alternatively it may well have been part of the Libyan Air Force but i am curious how rebel forces were able to shoot it down but of course how it was shot down isnt talked about in the MSM but it looks to me like it wasnt hit by a SAM or else it would have exploded which it didnt although there is an explosion visible in the video.It was flying in a very unusual way and its unknown exactly why but in any case it provided the pretext to get straight on with the bombing campaign.Unless of course it was flying in that way to avoid the SAM that had locked onto it.

There is no reason why a SAM could not have hit the plane but the end result does not look like the damage that would have been caused by a SAM as they usually blow the plane to bits which is partly explosive and partly fuel but that explosion was more like a flash than an explosive impact so it could easy have been a mechanical fault which would mean loss of control which would explain the way it was being flown.Mechanical failure is all the more likely as the plane had probably not been properly maintained and serviced while on the ground.

The incident was very likely to have been staged.



The Fake Humanitarianism loving Guardian [The Leading Liberal voice] spins this incident as being a Libyan rebel force plane as a means of selling Libyan fake humanitarian interventionism to their readership as after all if its an occupation dressed up as a Humanitarian mission they wont object to it but unfortunately their was not a comments section with the article which provides some idea of what the readership think of all this.


@Sky News reports the incident as a Gadaffi/Libyan Air Force plane shot down by rebel forces which is also politically expedient and the @Sky News report claims with some authority that it was on its way to bomb rebel positions.


There is a trend now for the MSM to remove the comments sections as more often than not the comments are from those who see through it all and object which indicates that people are not buying into this crap anymore.

FYI as an aside Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Council Of Foreign Relations.

The CFR is a Globalist NWO organisation which decides policy which means that it has authority over your Govt if you are living in a G20 country and they decide your Foreign Policy.

This is pointed out because there are an awful lot of stupid donkeys that think its their own govt who decides these things like the same stupid Donkeys that think their Govt plans everything themselves as if to say GWBush planned 9/11.

Fake humanitarianism :

“Left unchecked, we have every reason to believe that Gadhafi would commit atrocities against his people. Many thousands could die. A humanitarian crisis would ensue. The entire region could be destabilized, endangering many of our allies and partners,”

Barak H Obama - 18/03/11

[20th March is 8 years to the day when GWBush invaded Iraq - 20th March 1993 as a matter of interest.Spring solstice/Ostara]

Amended version:

Left unchecked we have every reason to believe that we will miss a very valueable opportunity to expand our empire into Libya and seize and control the assets and resources of Libya which provides the explanation why we have every reason to believe that Ghadaffi would commit further atrocities against his people when in reality this is the responsibility of the US and Nato.A Humanitarian crisis will ensue due to our unrestrained use of force against the Libyan people of all descriptions due to our inability to differentiate between our own Western funded rebel forces and the remaining people of libya particularly civilians including women and children.

It is our goal to destroy the relatively high standard of living of the Libyan people and to destroy their infrastructure and their way of life and a No-fly zone will provide us with the ability to initiate a comprehensive bombing campaign against the Libyan people and their infrastructure which in turn will enable the US/Nato to finance the rebuild of Libya with the help of the IMF.This will enable the Libyan people to have an unsound economic future and to be owned and controlled by the NWO/IMF.

We will install a Democratic political system which will enable the people of Libya the opportunity for the first time in 40 years to be ruled by a Western NWO/Globalist affiliated leader of their own choosing once we have set up a rigged election and voting system.

To further our Humanitarian aims in this theatre the UN has sanctioned the use of Depleted Uranium ordnance to maximise the Collateral damage that we will inflict upon the Libyan people during this operation.

The failure of our CIA controlled Western backed rebel forces and the Western/CIA sponsored fake revolution has left us with no other course of action other than Shock and Awe.

This operation also provides the US/NATO with an opportunity to establish a permanent military base in the area which in turn will in turn mean a permanent occupation.

If we dont the entire region could be destabilised therefore endangering the long term goals of our allies and partners namely the Council of Foreign Relations,The Trilateral Commision and the Bilderberg Group and lastly the global banking cartel.


End of speech.

F U C K the UN.

F U C K the treasonous Usurper POTUS Barry Soetero and F U C K treasonous Hitlary Clinton.

I am sick of these disgusting degenerate amoral creatures.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Your govt loves you:

Always Always Always listen closely to your govt and do what they say at all times.

Staying informed WILL protect you from the effects of carcinogenic radioactive fallout.

If their advice is wrong or misleading or criminally neglegent or is delusional and the product of minds that are socio/psychpathic or is just plain lies then that is NO reason for YOU - the dumbed down unquestioning mind/behaviour controlled Prole Sheeple to not do what your govt tells you to do under ANY circumstance as when you disobey it makes ripples in the water and upsets everyone else.

A smooth running control system requires YOU to conform to the edict at all times.

Heres an example of citizens who have the audacity to question the edict laid down by our great Global leader Barak H Obama and the Enviromental Poisoning Agency[EPA]* who have made it abundantly clear that the best way to prepare for contamination by Radioactive fallout is to not prepare for it in any way.


This kind of activity is unpatriotic and irresponsible and needs to be dealt with as a matter of extreme urgency.Questioning our great leader is unnacceptable.

*In conjunction with the Center For Disease Circulation and Promotion[CFDCP] and the Department of Public Ill-Health[DPIH] and the Department of Enviromental Active Degradation[DEAD] and the Center for Unilateral Nuclear Totalitarian States[CUNTS] and the Center For The Prevention Of Public Health Agencies[CPPHA].

Remember - Lack of preperation WILL save your life !!!

Shut up and take the damned vaccines !

Do not question your Govt

Conform at all times

Do not think for yourselves

Love your servitude and love your great Leader.

Allegience to your leader is mandatory.

Vitamins are bad for you.

Sunlight is bad for you

Water is bad for you


Fluoride is good for you

Radiation is good for you

Vaccines are good for you

Govt is God

Love your Govt

Govt is God

Love your Govt

- To be repeated out loud 4 times per day @ 8am - 12pm - 4pm - 8pm only.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Diminishing Radiation :

Why does everyone including official sources keep saying the Japanese Radiation will be less radioactive by the time it reaches the US ??

Why is there no distinction made clear between the volume of radioactive material present and the toxicity of the Plutonium 240 etc which even in tiny amounts is carcinogenic/lethal ?

Its as if they are all trying to suggest tha the material magically becomes less toxic just because it has been blown around in the Jet Stream for a bit.People seem to think that this is a get out of jail for free card.


The fact that it has travelled means nothing apart from its obviously dissipated by volume [spread out over a wider area] but the toxicity level of the Plutonium doesnt decrease in any way whatsoever.

Its magic disappearing radiation that is special magic radiation that is much less radioactive and toxic as its Japanese magic radiation.

Plutonium is present after nuclear testing but the majority of it is consumed in the blast which is completely different to having it leaking out the whole time.

Obama says "Dont worry as harmful levels wont reach the US"

Obama has the power to deflect the jetstream and the radioactivity away from the US.

The radiation will not hit the US after it already has hit the US

Thats a relief.....phew.....like the radiation that is not harmful even though it is harmful.

Who believes that after the BP fiasco when Obama tells you to eat the toxic seafood and swim in the toxic seawater as there are no health warnings up where children swim in it for example ?

That was because it was special magic disappearing oil and magic disappearing Corexit that is good for you.

Obama is aaparently going South to brazil to join in the carnival to escape the radiation and to probably get in with the Brazilians and then a few rounds of golf.

[A lot of elitists seem to be migrating to South America as they are trying to save themslves from the radiation which will apparently be mostly trapped in the northern hemisphere as its mostly locked in by the Jet Stream]

Obama goes to Brazil while the worst enviromental and economic and humanitarian disaster unfolds in Japan and the /us is about to be irradiated.

But there is a very important trade meeting that has been set up for months but as its coinciding with the radiation cloud then its better not to cancel the meeting as it was already set up.

Useless selfish Cunt.

Who cares what that compulsive lying Muppet says anymore ?

UN sanctions military action against Libya:


I love the smell of Hypocrisy and Opportunism and Exploitation and hidden agendas and selective fake Humanitarianism in the morning.

Isnt it interesting how Libya is somehow much more important than Japan and its fallout ??

Spanky Moon says never mind about Japan as we have to strike now while the Japanese disaster provides us with cover as its a convenient distraction.

And the fake revolution or the controlled opposition could not depose Gadaffi.

But WAIT !!!!!

There are all those innocent protestors and civilians being shot by the evil Gadaffi so we have to do something right now !!!!!

Its not as if they couldnt have taken out Gadaffi with an assasination but that simply will not do as they want to enforce and i mean enforce a no-fly zone which will be preceeded by airstrikes to military installations so that its not to hot in the air for the occupying NATO/US forces.

This time its the UK and france who are initiating it as it was too politically unpopular for the Obama adminstration so the Lapdogs are sent in instead but it all amounts to the same thing as all the G8/G20 countries are in it all together as they alll have the same agenda.

America will more than likely assist but Libya will be a pushover so the French and the UK will probably be able to handle it themselves but the way i see it is the US will send in its pilotless undefeatable drones anyway to clear the ground/airspace and then the French/UK airforces will patrol it.

[The US military hire all these geeky gaming kids and then train them in simulators to guide the pilotless drones from military control centres in the US]

Its cheaper and easier to do that than send in troops but thats not to say they wont be sent in.

Of course there will be the usual death and destruction and degradation and poverty which will present many new and exciting business/exploitation opportunities for no-bid rebuilding contracts and IMF loans and that type of thing when a signed up and paid for Muppet "Leader" to take over after Gadaffi [voted in after a sham "democratic" election in which the Libyans will be easily hoodwinked] and by that point Libya will become yet another NWO administrative vassal state.

Its also noticeable that all of the pro-western arab nation all support this action to keep in with the West or they are next unless its Saudi Arabia who because their relationship with the US is mutually beneficial are allowed to be relatively autonomous and besides i think Saudi Arabia know all about 9/11 and are withholding compromising info and are blackmailing the US over it which is why Saudi Arabia can tell NATO/US to fuck off as they dont need their help to quell the dissent in Saudi Arabia wheras Libya obviously couldnt.

BTW the Saudi "Day Of Rage" that didnt happen was an effort on the part of the Saudis to increase the price of a barrel of oil.

Of course it was obvious that the UN was going to sanction it so there will be no outcry against "Illegal" wars

Thank you very much David Cameron you sellout POS but i am certain you will be more than rewarded for it in the long term.

"But we have to help those poor innocent protestors who are poor and innocent!!!!!"

That could easily be done with a peacekeeping mission with peacekeepers on the ground.

[SSSSShhhhhhh !! - dont say anything about Rwanda!!!]

WHERE are all of those useless Leftist StopTheWar/@MoveOn[George SoreA$$] Morons ????

Where are they all?

Where are you now Micheal Stipe/REM/RATM etc etc etc ??

Useless stupid DIPSHIT cunts but there is a very simple explanation for this which follows [unless they are all playing with their toys and coloring books and crayons/or/and watching TV]:


[GWBUSH was very very very bad !!]


Thats how it works kids !!

Interesting maths:

Dates :


September 11th 2001



March 10th 2011

[Japanese earthquake]



[allegedly apocalyptic date]

[this doesnt add up if you get the day and the month in the right order like i havent done but thats what happens when you miss the completely obvious or when you are too tired to notice at the time.I have problems with figures and i kept looking at the dates and thinking that there is something not right but i didnt notice what it was until now]

Interesting when you think about it but we will all find out on 21/12/12.

I was always inclined to think that all of the 21/12/12 stuff was all bullshit but when i see this kind of numerology going on it makes me think as its a calling card ........

The game is up if there is a seemingly natural or even generated incident on 21/12/12 especially if its something that is apparently natural.A natural event will be too much of a coincidence for my liking as nature doesnt plan events for arbitary gregorian calender dates as far as i know but if it is some kind of generated event like 9/11 then it will be blamed on Doomsday cults or terrorists but terrorists dont usually pay attention to dates on calenders because they are significant to New-Agers and Hippies and Planet X followers but thats Assuming that its genuine terrorists instead of state sponsored terrorism/govt/intelligence agencies as is usually the case

Its staggeringly stupid to imagine that its actual party politicians who plan and implement state sponsored terrorism eventsbut i guess thats what its like living in the land of make believe.

I am not saying anything will happen as i dont know but i am just covering some of the angles because i would much prefer to be able to say that its yet another one of these dates that are hyped up where nothing happens as there have plenty of those.

I was talking to someone else about this and they asked if i believed something will happen and i said i 50 percent believe it will but even if i 100 percent believed nothing will happen that does not mean something will not happen so it was a pointless question as beliefs have nothing to do with it but i guess it was a loaded question because if i said Yes then it automatically labels me as a nutcase or whatever.

Its as if they thought i wouldnt notice it was a loaded question.

Shameful comments :

First of all :

@Captain Dildo:

I am talking about @Citizen Dildo as if the name itself isnt enough of a clue.

For the first time ever i feel like signing out of that website as all i want to do is find out what is going on and instead i am confronted with garbage ??

All of those comments should have been subject to moderation because that is unnacceptable and reading them just makes me feel angry.I would like to introduce @Captain Dildos head to my baseball bat.

I simply detest these filthy degenerate Trolls as they ruin everything with their dysfunctional attention seeking disruptive behaviour.


Its a real shame that some mother decided to give birth to these two and its enough to make me think that abortion is a good idea in specific instances.

Filthy mentally ill degenerates.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes :


I ink with little brushes so i bought some Series 7 brushes as i was struggling with inferior quality brushes which are not suitable for fine work with lots of detail.

The difference and improvement in my art is visible but thats not my point as i am talking about the brushes.Immediately i could tell the difference in the feel of it and it instantly made inking much more enjoyable and controlling the brush is a lot easier than before as it just does what i want it to with even the finest lines plus the sable hair is shorter and shaped like a narrow cone which is easy to controland just what i wanted.

These are the most expensive watercolor brushes you can buy and i was given a booklet type thing that explained all about how they are made as there is an art to making these brushes by hand and the Windsor and Newton workshop/factory shows you all these old ladies who make the brushes by hand so each brush is unique and they have all worked there making brushes for 20 or 30 years each.

Bless them.

I am blown away by the brushes and i have been trying very hard to pick up speed and failing miserably until i tried the Series 7 which are really going to help.

I like having the best quality things if i can which costs but these pay for themselves over and over and over and over in terms of being enjoyable to use and i what they can do for your artwork quality plus its good to keep traditional Craftspeople in work plus they are made in the UK by an established company and they just feel good as i can feel the quality so its win win win win win all the way.

Iodine rich food :

Cut and pasted from the internet:

List Of Foods High In Iodine
Cheddar cheese
Cheese cake
Condensed milk
Fish oils
Fresh fish
Iodized salt
Jaffa cakes
Malt bread
Naan Bread
Sea foods
Sea kelp
Sea salt
Yorkshire pudding

Jaffa cakes !!!

Trifle !!!

There is something funny about those being included in the list but its a shame that the strawberry version was only available for a short time.There is going to be a run on Jaffa Cakes and Trifle.

6 cheesecakes and 6 Trifles per day is enough for your 130 mg daily ioidine intake.

I Sea Food but i dont want to eat it as i went off fish a long time ago except for Plaice and Dover/Lemon Sole and those types of fish but it has to be in batter or even better breadcrumbs.

William and Kate:

I am already sick and tired of them and their peasent funded state wedding and i am sick of seeing pictures of Kate Middleton constantly grinning like a Cheshire Cat and if i was cynical i would be thinking she is an opportunistic money grabbing social climber as intuitively there is something i dont like about her and i sense she is untrustworthy.I dont like what i see of her parents either as they are money grabbing Lower Middle class snobs and her father is producing a line of cheap and tacky wedding paraphanelia just to cash in on it all and then denies that it was not cashing in.

"I am so lucky !!! Everyone look at me !!!! I am going to marry a prince !!!"

Anyway i hope she has fun marrying into the parasitic robber baron White Trash UK royal family and her blood sucking mother in law and her new Nazi sympathising hateful father in law and they can fuck off with their wedding as i am not interested.

Prince Williams odd looking toothy grin is annoying as well but not nearly so much as Kate Middleton is.

If anyone doesnt like this comment then i politely invite you to GFY .

I am curious if the wedding date is significant in any way.

She is marrying into one of the richest families on the planet yet the poor imoverished and exploited taxpayer pays for the wedding by the joint owner of the privately owned BOE and the UK corporation.

Its sick but people just accept it so they will all stand in lines sucking up to them like the dumb prole/peasent/slave sheeple that they are.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


The situation is under control - There is no cause for concern - Please stay in your homes.....

Does it seem idiotic to store spent fuel rods above a reactor rather in a totally seperate containment facility away from the reactor completely ??

Its obviously a costcutting exercise rather than the very expensive transporting and re-processing which the Japanese are not able to do themselves.Having said that spent nuclear fuel rods are commonly used to produce DU ordnance which the elite filth who run the US have a complete monopoly on so they have the advantage over every other military force by having DU ordnance at their disposal which is the most effective ordnance for penetrating armoured vehicles for example bar none so spent nuclear fuel creates a whole seperate industry which is available to them for next to nothing since they take it off the hands of all the countries that use enriched uranium as nuclear fuel.


Lost for words in reaction to this but this is v e r y serious as from what i understand the spent fuel rods were stored above the roof of the reactor in a seperate containment area so in the video you will see an explosion blow the top off the entire structure resulting in a cloud of radioactive material and particles in the dust.The cloud is a mixture of various Isotopes/radioactive material some of which is far more deadly than others.

Thats what a cloud of highly radioactive material and ignited Hydrogen looks like and there is something eerie about it especially that 1 second explosion in the R/H corner.

MOX fuel is mainly Plutonium which is far more deadly than enriched Uranium that is used in more up to date reactors.

"6.2.4 Accidents at MOX fabrication plants
Accidents at MOX fuel fabrication plants have occurred. In June 1991, the storage bunker of the MOX fuel fabrication plant in Hanau, Germany, was contaminated with MOX. It occurred after the rupture of a foil for container packaging in the course of an in-plant transportation process. Four workers were exposed to plutonium.29 This accident was the main reason the fabrication plant at Hanau was shut down.

In November 1992, a fuel rod was broken through a handling error, and MOX dust was released during the mounting of MOX fuel rods to fuel assemblies in the fuel fabrication facility adjoining the MOX facility in Dessel, Belgium. In the event of such accidents, if the ICRP recommendations for general public exposure were adhered to, only about one mg of plutonium may be released from a MOX facility to the environment. As a comparison, in uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000mg) of uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure. A one mg release of plutonium can easily happen during various smaller incidents.30"

There is a LOT more than 1mg of Plutonium that has leaked out but at present i do not know what the weight of a spent fuel rod is and how much Plutonium is contained in each spent fuel rod but from what i understand there is a total of 600 spent fuel rods stored in all of the reactor buildings so that is 300 spent fuel rods that have been compromised or blown into the sky.I read another figure of 600,000 spent fuel rods but no idea if that figure is accurate.

Plutonium 240 [MOX] has a half life of 6563 years.

Reactor 4 storage facility is now on fire.

5 and 6 are decaying..........

Of course it doesnt take long before the conspiracy theories to start and i have now heard the theory that the explosion was the result of a missile strike when its very clear it wasnt as that explosion was not caused by an explosive object moving at very very high speed.Pause the video at the beginning @2 seconds in to see the cause of the explosion and see there was no impact.

Is the missile invisible before it impacted ?


That was no missile strike as its the result of very high pressure and the material overheating and burning up berfore finally exploding before the mushroom cloud type explosion that was the result of a high pressure explosion [ignited hydrogen] rather than explosive ordnance and even the sound of it did not sound like exploding ordnance.

What you see in the video is exploding fuel rods as the explosion originated in the top half of the building just below the roof.

Let that sink in for a few seconds..........

Each of the 6 reactors stores its own spent fuel above the reactor.3 of those reactors have blown their roofs which means all 3 reactors have leaked radiation but the two previous explosions did not show an explosion similar to the video

This situation is not going to be able to be brought under control unfortunately at least not the way i see it as its a foregone conclusion and Japan is basically in a word F U C K E D and this is the consequence of still running 40 yr old outdated junk and unsafe nuclear technology and i dont mean that as a condemnation but it is fact.

The US military who were assisting [to what capacity i dont know] have apparently left the scene as it was getting too hot at the LZ and are keeping a safe distance before leaving the area completely as it will be a no go area and the people there will be beyond help as i do not think for a second that there is a plan to deal with this kind of event on the part of govt and if there was its now too late plus its unfolding so quickly that there is very little that can be done about it as the logistics involved in evacuating on that scale in a very short space of time is just impossible.

Your govt will tell you there is no cause for concern which is about the only thing they can do as downplaying it is damage limitation and the media will downplay it so you really have to presume the worst but you have all the evidence you need in the video.

A very large percentage if not all Japanese or anyone else present will potentially be hopelessly irradiated.

Thats what it looks like from here and does this look like a situation under control to you ?? as its not as its unfolding and it will get worse as it cannot be contained.

Who thought they would ever watch the footage in the video ?

Its the prevailing wind and underlying lighter winds which will determine exactly what is going to happen but presently there is snow expected over the N/W of Japan and on Saturday a large low pressure system will hit Japan and then continue eastwards over the Pacific which will dampen down the fallout to a certain extent which will help to contain it rather than spread it but a low level southerly wind was/is blowing the fallout towards Tokyo.

Then of course the rainfall in Japan will evaporate taking with it all of that radiation with it but i could be wrong about that as i dont know if radiation is spread through precipitation.

Safe distance for the Evac zone should be about 15 clicks [1 click = 200km] [3,000 Km minimum depending on location and wind/weather conditions] and obviously upwind is a safer bet which means the North Pole would be your safest bet apart from leaving the planet or going underground.

Thats completely wrong as a click is 10 Km/6.2 miles so a recalculation is needed here which means safe distance is 483,087 clicks.I am glad there are such things as calculators.

BTW Turmeric is known to cure cancer as it triggers a reaction in cancer cells that causes them to turn on themselves and commit suicide as it were so it wont do any harm at all to have some of that stored away.Fresh or ground but ground is better as it will keep for a very long time if its in an airtight container and its very very cheap so what is there to lose ??

[I am pretty certain that i have cured myself of skin cancer [Melanoma] by taking a small amount of Turmeric daily for 3 months.I have spent time in hot countries so i am now prone to it being fair skinned.A mole appeared out of nowhere which grew in size and was slightly itchy with a constant scabby surface and after taking Turmeric it has now almost totally disappeared leaving a faint reddish mark in place of the mole.I took Turmeric to detox and only found out about its cancer curing properties later on.It was misdiagnosed by a GP while i felt it was something nasty]

I havent talked to my Father about his yet but he was involved in the design of Nuclear power stations as his field was civil engineering/design engineering/architecture but how much of that involved the reactors i really dont know but he was top level i know that much.He was involved in Dungeness B and Sizewell B which are totally different kinds of reactors to the MOX reactors in Fukushima but he did say they are antiquated junk.

Fareed Zakaria :

Heres a heartwarming picture of Fareed Zakaria and Henry Kissinger.


I dont normally comment on Youtube as a rule.

On the subject of Fareed Zakaria who is a diehard Globalist who thinks there is something "funny" about Natural Rights/Natural Law.

Personally i dont find the concept of or actual Natural Rights funny in the slightest as its deadly serious but unfortunately @Voice Of Reason[stupidity] claims "there are no natural rights".It takes all sorts i guess......

How can someone not believe in and uphold the concept of self evident inalienable rights ??

This Moron above would rather go along with the idea of legal rights which are granted to you by a legislative/adminstrative body like Govt or the UN for example who may in their graciousness determine that i have the right to this or that which by default means that they claim superiority and have the right to determine what my rights are which is the concept that Fareed Zakaria is advocating and which i oppose 100 percent.Rights granted to you by the institution of Govt can just as easily be revoked for whatever reason they like which cannot be a satisfactory arrangement in my mind.

Fuck the smooth talking deceitful slimy Maggot Globalist suck up/Useful Idiot Zakaria.A lot of people which include myself are not buying into this crap and are not tolerating it and will refuse to submit.

I reject the concept of legal rights having superiority over or nullifying Natural Rights and i will vehemently oppose anyone who is opposite to that like @Voice Of Stupidity however i wont oppose legislation that does not contradict or that mirrors Natural Rights but it is surprising how some can oppose Natural Rights so if they dont like Natural rights then i may as well suggest that they fuck off and go and live in a shithole country that does not recognise Natural Rights which they will probably enjoy.

Actually i think i am already living in a country like that which is the UK.

Stupid Cunts.

Natural Rights explained :


Fareed Zackaria videos :



Monday, 14 March 2011

WTO sides with Chinese state Capitalism against the US:

Never a minutes peace......

This isnt suprising at all especially as its our friends the WTO who are an extension of our friends the UN and the WTO organisation side with fucking over the Third World amongst others so i have every confidence that the WTO are not acting in the best of interests of the people on the ground in the middle of it all rather than the interests of Globalism and the planned economic destruction of the US and the West to be replaced by China while the Western political and economical system is remodelled on China as after all this is an attack on the US.

The WTO being a UN/globalist operation is inherently anti-American and they have a history of it.

Name any globalist organisation which is pro-American but dont bother as it cant be done.

Its all to do with trade andf tariffs and imports/exports and being able to compete with China to manufacture and export and its criminal that the US and for any country to be dictated to by the likes of the WTO who in reality have no right to do so but countries are signed up to these kind of centralised Globalist organisations with an agenda that are trojan horses and are ultimately destructive just like NAFTA was destructive tio the US and to Mexico but the US was signed over to NAFTA and the WTO by Globalist traitors like Bill Clinton.

However if these organisations were politically impartial and balanced without agendas they would not be a bad thing as a certain amount of regulation is necessary even in a hypothetical free market which we dont have anyway.

The UN wouldnt be a bad organisation or idea in principle up to a point but sadly thats in principle instead of reality.
BTW western companies are subsidising the Chinese as China takes a cut of the revenue of every foreign company based in China in return for allowing those companies to exploit their massive disposable/expendable cheap workforce as their revenue is derived mostly from exports which are earned offshore from China andthis is on top of taxes so this has the effect of driving down labour costs in China which means more exploitation to offset the cost of China taking their cut of revenue.

Before and After :


This is allegedly Bradley Manning before and after being subjected to torture and solitary confinement while being held by the US military for allegedly disclosing sensitive material to @Weakileaks.

I am not buying any of it as it sounded spurious to begin with and now this photo is presented as Bradley Manning when its clearly not the same individual in the other pictures.

Its plainly obvious yet Truth websites accept that it is without question as an indictment on the political system which is more convenient.

I havent seen any other comments or articles pointing this out anywhere and i only noticed it on the third time of reading about it and even then it was an afterthought that seems to be correct.

Look very carefully at these two and very carefully and then see if you can spot the differences as alleged sleep deprivation and torture aside they are not the same.

My guess is the whole Bradley Manning thing is a deception using a fall guy to make it look like the leaks were serious and while there was truth within the leaks the leaks were controlled leaks and so to make it convincing that the leaks were not staged or a deception there has to be a deception involved to distract from the deception.

Its also a psy-op specifically designed to set an example to anyone else who may be thinking of whistleblowing because what has happened to Bradley Manning could also happen to you as its all about control but its futile because if someone wanted to whistleblow anomymously they can as in Climategate which was genuine.

The big scary US Govt/military will lock you up in a big scary prison that is maximum security and very big and scary.


UK Gov 2011 Census :

"Its time to complete your Census questionaire"

Its time for you to STFU and stop the Babytalk as i am not an under 12yr old.

"Its time to go to school"

"Its time to go to bed"

"Its time for your breakfast"

"Its time for PlaySchool"

etc etc etc etc etc

I get fed up with that type of thing.

I dont want to fill the damn thing in anyway but i probably will rather than pettily protest against it as i have better things to do with my time.I might be an idea to use light blue ink/pencil to fill it in with which cannot be read by scanners or scrunch it up and fold it but i cant be bothered to be that petty.

Notice the petty coercion that threatens you with a 1000 GBP fine for non compliance and submittance of the census form.

I am sick and tired of this kind of bullying tactic especially when i didnt ask for the fucking thing in the first place and i dont comply with bullies usually as a rule as i dont have to.

They have an insatiable need for other peoples cash as usual.

What an enlightened society i live in which still resorts to financial penalisation as a form of Pavlovian/Operant conditioning.Pathetic.

Fuck You.

Fine me as i can afford it but having said that giving them a 1000 GBP is worse than filling in the form but i wish they would not do this as if there is no incentive not to fill it [other than objecting to Lockheed Martin who have the contract to process the info on the forms thanks to Political Cronyism/Corporatism] then why the need for the coercion ?

It just reinforces the idea that they are our bosses when the opposite should be true.I wouldnt mind using some of the same on them which is the way it should be.

Commonsense report on agriculture submitted to the UN :

A UN/Agenda21 Trojan Horse:

[Not sure why there is a Zionism symbol featured on it as as far as i know there isnt any connection or affiliation with Agenda21 and Zionism and as much as i dont mind bashing Zionism or seeing it being bashed unless i dont know what i am talking about i see featuring Zionism in this piece of art as being unnecessary and misleading]

A picture of a splendid looking Hen from the article to emphasise the need for small scale agriculture[Agroceology]/Organic farming to feed the poor and starving and everyone else.

Article :


Lets see how far this gets within the UN as they are certainly not promoting/advocating Agroceology at present or else this welcome and long overdue report would not have been needed.

Lets see wether this agricultural philosophy [if that is the right word] clashes with their Agenda21 Sustainable Development Trojan Horse because this report advocates empowering the worst off so they can become self sufficient instead of being held to ransom by GM Monsanto FILTH and it clashes with the Agenda21 population reduction program because this report projects a 9 billion worldwide population by 2050 which is an increase while Agenda21/UN want a significant population decrease by 2050.

Yes lets see how far this report gets and wether its philosophy will be re-adopted wholesale especially in the Third World as this is how it always was before the likes of Monsanto etc and corporate agriculture encroached into their lives causing untold misery and personally i would abolish GM food wholesale since it is inherently unsafe and unhealthy and its long term effects are simply not known.

In India an interesting experiment took place where non-GM and GM food was left lying around in the Jungle in various places and the rresult was that Anomals living in the jungle ate all of the non-GM food while the GM was left completely uneaten so that proves that Animals are a hell of a lot smarter than people generally are.

There is not one reason that the UN should not be promoting Agroceology on a worldwide basis yet they are not doing it so if it doesnt after the fact this report has been presented then it proves everything i say about the UN and its Agenda is correct.

Does anyone think that the likes of Monsanto are going to tolerate this ?

Can anyone present just one solid argument for not promoting Agroceology ?

Can anyone just present one solid argument that argues against Agroceology being able to increase food production and help the starving ?

I dont think so..............

But we have here a confict of interest or several on the part of the UN and its incredible and also a damining indictment on the part of the UN that there has to be a conflict of interest between saving and improving the lives of people and wildlife and the ecosystem and the planet but there you go.

Its the same idiocy that you get with Vaccines and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who seem to think that vaccines are the answer to every problem in the Third World rather than talking about having access to clean drinking water which generally prevents the spread of disease etc etc but as long as their initiatives involve the abortion of Black babies for example then thats a good thing in their mind.

A commentor on a comment section i post comments on called children born in the Third World/Africa "useless ignorant human Trash" so i attacked him/her aggressively and another used the term "Third Worlders" while being a statement of fact the intent was derogatory.

In an insane system something that is basic and commonsense becomes something radical and revolutionary.

In an insane world the sane are labelled as insane by the insane and the Moronic.

In an insane world those who simply want the truth-the whole truth-and nothing but the truth and who dare to question official versions of events are labelled as "internet nuts" and the suchlike by braindead pseudo-intellectual Moron groupthinkers and its typical that the aforementioned Groupthinkers nearly always resort to namecalling and anger when they are faced with facts that contradict their own opinion and worldview.I could really nail someone i know here and quote their comments and name them but i will resist the temptation but frankly i was appalled at his attitude but it did confirm my suspicions as being correct and its the same idiot that was looking to pick an argument when i recommended that someone who was recovering from Flu should get some vitamins and specifically Vit D.

"Not scientifically proven" apparently so lets not take something that could improve the immune system just because "It has not been scientifically proven" because taking a harmless vitamin might be bad for your health.

[You know who i am and i know who you are and frankly i think you are pathetic and you have sadly sunk so low in my estimation that there is no way out].You make me want to vomit especially the way that you claim that wanting to know the truth and calling out various criminals and much more over 9/11 is an insult to those who died on 9/11.]

I have to vomit again.

None of that was nearly as bad as that stupid POS CUNT TRoll on the same forum telling everyone that Radiation is good for you.That has been unbeaten so far and i have not anywhere else seen or heard anyone talking the same rubbish as that.Its was "Radiophobia" IIRC.

He should go over and visit Japan but in any event he is going to be irradiated anyway with fallout from Fukushima.

[I have to admit that while the situation in japan is horrendous i thought of Hiroshima and then noticed the "shima" at the end of Fukushima and then thought of FuckYouShima and laughed which was awful in a way.Gallows humor i guess and another instance of that was when the Challenger disaster happened i was watching the news in the kitchen with my Mum who commented on it so said that someone onboard should not have lit up a fag]

Thats the kind of stupidity i walked away from as i cannot tolerate it.Plus the CUNT who repeatedly labelled myself as a "Racist" online.He wouldnt do this in person because i would take his fucking head off if he did.

I like it when people know which side their bread is buttered.

Any objections to promoting Agroceology and Agroceology in practice ??

Its funny how i end up as the bad guy as usual.

Everything is weird and arse about face these days.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The return of Flesh in 2000ad comic:

Since i am a long term reader of 2000ad who was there when Flesh appeared in Prog 1 and the subsequent superior Flesh Book 2 i feel compelled to add my thoughts on the return of Flesh that was published this week in 2000ad 34 years after the original.

In short i was utterly dismayed at the standard of the art in the strip by the newcomer James McKay.

James McKays blog:


Here is some hyperbole about Flesh/James Mckay

"James has done the impossible. He's brought Flesh back to life with a Vengeance. After Ramon Sola's brilliant interpretation of Flesh in Book One, I never thought I'd find another artist who could do justice to its varied themes - cowboys, time travel, science fiction and dinosaurs. James has achieved this and more." - Pat Mills, Author of Slaine and Requiem - Vampire Knight

"James is the embodiment of that new generation of British graphic novel artists who approach their work with a fresh look. It isn’t surprising that his work has already won over the French public." - Olivier Cadic, Director, Cinebook Ltd

"Working at Com.X with James was great fun. I remember clearly the afternoon he displayed his ability to stand on his head. But my overriding memory is of a hugely talented young artist whose passion for the natural world coupled with his capacity for hard work would surely lead him to great things." - Mick McMahon, Illustrator, Judge Dredd, The Last American

"James is an artist of rare talent, with an amazing eye for detail, composition, colour and character - everything you could ask for in comics and a whole lot more." - Paul Duffield, Illustrator, Freak Angels

There are samples of James McKays art for Flesh in the "Comics" section of the blog which will enlarge when clicked upon.Now going by these illustrations i have no problem with his art whatsover and these were the samples i looked at before i saw the art in the comic.I like his style in the samples and was very much looking forward to more as its beautifully drawn...

A sample is shown second from the top.

There is a clear and distinct difference in the art at the top of the page and the art in the blog so what went wrong ???

I opened the comic and i literally said "OMFG !!".

As far as i can tell the art in the comic has been inked with a brush but its not only the inking as its the general style of it which is very sloppy along with substandard composition and a lack of a sense of scale in the double page spread within the strip.There is quite a lot of ink spatter that is used throughout in addition to the brush work.

In short its a godawful mess that i find unreadable and it seems like Pat Mills has lost the plot in terms of artwork but art is subjective so Pat Mills has the right to love it and i have the right to hate it and criticise it.

There also seems to be a very strong Robert Crumb influence going on in this style which is not present in the Flesh samples in the blog and while i quite like Robert Crumb i dont want a Robert Crumb style Flesh strip.

I draw and ink with a brush and i could and have done better myself and its clear that inked brushwork is not the artists strong point but its not clear why the artist went for this style so did he fall or was he pushed ??

What was wrong with the style in the Flesh samples ??

I didnt think much of the script either and it was hard to tell exactly what was going because of the art and the script.

A sloppy horrible mess.

Proof of mass stupidity:

Apparently the Japanese earthquake is payback for Pearl Harbor according to these American @Twitterers.

Disgraceful partly because they seem to be clearly enjoying it all.

Proof that there are a lot of hateful and ignorant stupid self important Cunts around.

That is just so stupid when they they are simply too brainless to understand that their own govt at that time and the usual Rothschild/Rockefellers etc etc who funded Hitler and the Nazi Party and their military and initiated WW2 also knew very well that Pearl Harbour was imminent but kept it very quiet so that the US would be dragged into WW2 as retaliation for it.

So their own elected govt were in part responsible for Pearl Harbour.

Lied to and manipulated all along without realising it.

I might have to go onto twitter to break the news to them with multiple comments or elsei might not bother but i think they need to be told and i will enjoy telling them in the same way that i enjoyed telling a load of neo-Nazis/Jew haters that Hitler was part AshkeNazi Jew [an illigitemate offspring of the Rothschilds] and was funded by Ashkenazi Jew banksters like Rothchilds and Bronfmans and Rockefellers [Sephardic Jew heritage] etc etc etc because when i did it shut them up completely when they were trolling a well known comments section and i did then what i always do which is to relentlessly beat them down with truth until they give up and leave as i never give up until that happens.

There were plenty of non-Jews that were complicit in it like the Bush [Schiff] families amongst others.

Its because of this kind of stupidity on the part of Americans that it is in the mess it is in.

Karma.Dont talk to me about fucking Karma as it does not exist as there is no proof for it at all.Degenerate criminal Filth and Scum run this planet yet they never die unpleasent deaths and they continue to prosper and they continue to inflict misery on the rest of the planets inhabitants yet noting ever happens to them and they go on and on and on so dont talk to me about Karma as Karma is another man made construct to control the behabviour of people unless the Filth and Scum are reincarnated as Maggots but then they are already Maggots in this life.

It is deplorable how people can drag up Pearl Harbor in such an opportunistic and exploitative fashion and to enjoy watching others suffer through no fault of their own.

I think i have to vomit.

This is why i avoid @Twitter like the plague as there are far too many stupid people who use it plus i dont see the point in why there needs to be 10 million identical @Twitter comments.

I just dont get @Twitter at all and i prefer to filter stupidity out of my life as much as possible rather than encouraging more of it into my life.

The Vietnamese have largely forgiven the US for their part in the Vietnam War and look what they tolerated and had thrown at them by the US .

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Micheal Moore:

I am sick of this ugly fake hypocritcal publicity seeking obese limousine Liberal Hog.

Someone needs to stuff an apple into his mouth which would stop him talking lies qnd garbage.

I bet he stinks of stale sweat.A hypocrite who cultivates an image that he is one of the people while he accumulates millions and millions of USD and while he was outspoken about the US in Iraq and condemning GWBush while at the exact same time he holds a large amount of shares in Halliburton who are a company who supply the US military and who are based offshore so they dont have to pay taxes on the cash they make out of war.

Always with the same stupid baseball cap glued to his head .Moron.

Micheal Moore wrote a book about the state of the US and Neocons called Stupid White Men and a follow up called Dude Wheres My Country? which again was polemic about GWBush etc etc yet now i dont hear him saying very much about the state of his country now it is under the Obama administration because its all alright now the US is under his beloved Democrat Party.

Micheal Moore doesnt have quite so much to say now about his hometown of Flint Michigan and Detroit which are ghost towns thanks to Globalism which Micheal Moore supports BTW.

I have absolutely no idea how someone can be this hypocritical and live with themselves but i guess its easy if you are a greedy amoral POS Scumbag like Micheal Moore.

Hopefully he will soon die of health problems linked to chronic obesity so do me a favor and keep stuffing all that food down your gullet as you make me sick.

Lets see if i can find his film Capitalism - A Love Story on Youtube which is basically a Communist manifesto which you can see by its cover but it doesnt seem to be available as Micheal Moore asserts his copyright but its not like Micheal Moore would want to lose out on revenue while telling everyone else that their cash is not their own while Micheal Moore keeps his cash offshore to avoid taxation in true limousine Liberal/Communist style while he attacks and condemns the Middle Class/the Producers which means anyone who earns upwards of 50-100,000 USD a year while avoiding talking about the super rich like himself and the mega rich who own and control the system like the bankers who steal 80 percent of the tax revenue that was meant to be used to stimulate the US economy out of recession again in true Communist style.

A hypocrite who doesnt agree with copyright law while asserting his own copyright

He is unwilling to understand that its corruption and criminality and cronyism that has sunk the West rather than capitalism per se as it is one model of capitalism that was designed to fail and transfer the wealth and assets of US to the Mega rich.Its far better to ignore all that while claiming you are one of the people but it must be the theft of wealth and property that he identifies when touting Communism

I want to watch Capitalism - A Love Story so i can rip it to pieces but i am not paying to watch his POS film and lining his pockets as its garbage that is for people who dont know any better.Its all part of the plan to discredit Capitalism as a failed ideology while promioting Marxism/Communism as the solution but as i have already pointed out Micheal Moore doesnt want to redistribute any of his wealth.

Fuck Off you hypocrite.

Bankrupt the Middle Class who actually work for their cash while perpetuating Communist class envy while deliberately ignoring the Mega rich who dont even pay any taxes.

These types selfishly claim its unfair that some have more than others yet they claim that those who have more than others are selfish.Life is unfair.Kill yourself or get over it.

I could go on but i am already tired of thinking and writing about this obese hypocritical elitist Cunt who think that he is in the 1-2 percent club who think they have the right to tell others how they should live.